Helping elephants and people coexist

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  • Ended 12/16/11

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  • Vembar K Ranganathan
  • Gerard J van den Broek
  • Chandani Ginigalgodage
  • Fund $10 and more

    Elephant bookmark.

    7 Funders

  • Fund $20 and more

    Stack of 10 elephant postcards with photos taken by the research team. Let your friends know you supported our work!

    9 Funders

  • Fund $30 and more

    Elephant DUNG PAPER stationary product manufactured in Sri Lanka!!

    9 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more

    8x10 Fine art Asian elephant photograph suitable for framing!

    8 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more

    One gorgeous full-color 11" x 8.5" Asian elephant 2012 calendar!

    9 Funders

  • Fund $150 and more

    Any of the rewards above OR 5"x10" print of a super cute elephant-themed original artwork by Marion Bricaud, drawn especially for our project!

    1 Funders

  • Fund $250 and more

    Small hand-drawn ink elephant artwork by me!

    1 Funders

  • Fund $500 and more

    One LARGE full-color *spectacular* 13.5" x 19" Asian elephant 2012 calendar!

    1 Funders

  • Fund $1,000 and more

    Opportunity to arrange a guided tour of Uda Walawe National Park in Sri Lanka with one of the researchers (possibly Tharanga himself!) on your next vacation (travel costs and accommodations not included); OR arrange a live webinar to hear more about our work and ask questions in person. This is great for groups or clubs who would like to support our work by doing their own fundraiser!

  • Fund $1,500 and more

    Same options as for $1000 plus any of the rewards above and a hand-written note from Tharanga.