Marketplace FAQs

RocketHub Marketplace is built to help SaaS founders like you to list on our platform with ease and without any hassles along with support at any step of the process. If you don’t find your question listed here, do email or reach out at [email protected]


RocketHub is THE marketplace for startups and businesses to list and sell their digital products directly on RocketHub

Anyone who wants to offer their product in the Marketplace should submit their product to our Marketplace team, after which they will review and approve your product. The product will then be created as a listing for sale inside of our RocketHub Marketplace section. When a Rocketeer purchases your product, RocketHub will deliver it either:

  • As an instant download.
  • A redemption code that customers will use to redeem the product on your product’s site.
  • RocketHub will only take a commission of the sale if you sell products on our site and will pay you your share of the sales on a regular basis.

It is simple. Fill out the Marketplace Submission form here. You can apply completely for free. Once we receive your application, our team lists and sends you a draft page fpr your review. Once approved, we hit live and Voila! You are now officially live on RocketHub Marketplace.

You can sell software, digital products, or info products such as courses, plugins, browser extensions, SaaS, Downloadable products, SOP’s and reference docs, Template Packs and Libraries.

Get more exposure

Get more sales by listing your product on RocketHub and get additional brand exposure and get your product in front of RocketHub's customer base.

Access to Target Customers

RocketHub provides you instant access to real buyers actively seeking reliable yet affordable software solutions.

Customer Feedback & Reviews

RocketHub's platform attracts a passionate user base that provides constructive feedback to help your business grow. Warning: They're extremely vocal.

he Marketplace Listings are self-serve unlike our Exclusive Deals where it is managed and ran by a growth marketing team and have limited codes to sell. You will definitely receive mentions in our highly engaged growth newsletters, Facebook Communities and a lot more. We have dedicated a whole page with 12 Growth Strategies you can use to promote your marketplace listing on RocketHub. Do read them here and let’s make your campaign a success 🙂

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Yes, you must list your product for a minimum of 90 days.

You can start with a single plan or tier and have 100 codes to begin with. We will notify you in advance if we require more codes to be added to the inventory.

Currently we don’t support code stacking. Alternatively, you can send us your codes according to the different plans you are listing on RocketHub.

We offer the same 30 day refund period to our customers for both Exclusive Deals and Marketplace Deals. During this 30 day period after purchase, customers can request a refund for their purchase, no questions asked.

On average, it takes around 2 working days to draft a listing and send it to you for approval. You can then suggest/recommend changes and we will implement the same accordingly.

Yes, we do offer discounts only post consulting with you on the same. Once the percentage amount is decided, we put the deal on a discount for a certain period of time to analyse the performance and you can track the progress from your vendor dashboard as well.

Yes, we do provide a vendor dashboard for you to view the sales and your progress at RocketHub Marketplace. Although, being the new kid on the block, we are upgrading your dashboard experience by adding multiple analytical sources such as traffic stats, clicks and a lot more. To view the current view of how the dashboard looks, hop on to this page.

Didn’t find your question here?

Do let us know at [email protected]


As the listing product owner, you will get 70% of all net sales of your product (sales after refunds and other discounts).

We pay deal partners on a quarterly basis for all net sales that occurred in the previous 3 months after the 30 day refund window has passed for each purchase.

Refunds at RocketHub are processed as soon as possible once we verify the refund request received by a customer which includes the date software which purchased along with the plan details etc.

Yes, we can either pay you via PayPal or wire your share, whichever you feel is the right place for you to receive your amount. Hope this helps 🙂