Marketplace Giveaway

Amplify Your Reach via Giveaways and Discounts Organised with RocketHub

As a Marketplace listing, you can bring in more eyeballs to your product by letting more people use and refer it or mutually agree to give discounts and boost sales

RocketHub conducts 1 giveaway of your product in our Facebook Group by choosing 3 winners.

Here is how it works:
  • We announce the giveaway in the community.
  • All the members are asked to invite 2 more members to the community and comment ‘YOUR DEAL NAME’ so the post gets more reach and eventually more people discover the marketplace listing.
  • We eventually pick 3 winners from the comments (plus who invited more than 2 people to the community) and giveaway 3 codes of your product to each.
  • Only those who have followed all the rules of the giveaway will be chosen as contenders.
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How does a giveaway benefit your marketplace listing?


More Awareness to Your Product

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More Traffic to Your Marketplace Listing

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More Product Usage

So, Ready to get started and create some buzz around your product with creative giveaways?
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How about surprising your potential customers with a limited-period discount?

  • You and Team RocketHub mutually agree upon a certain percentage of discount which can be provided (we recommend not going above 15%) The discount runs for a week as a limited-time offer and gets you more customers, fast.
  • RocketHub creates a unique coupon code which you can share with your network/groups/wall or any social network relevant to your customer base.
  • This creates some momentum around your listing and eventually gives you the visibility and sales you were looking for.


Is it compulsory to offer both giveaways and discounts?
Nope, we can follow either one of the strategies. Although, having both can give us more marketing boost than having a single strategy working in silos.
Who will co-ordinate with the winners of the giveaway?
We at RocketHub take care of the whole giveaway from A-Z. We choose them, pick the codes and send an email with redemption instructions so it is easy for them to start using the product quickly.
What Portion of Sales will I receive?
As the listing product owner, you will get 70% of all net sales of your product (sales after refunds and other discounts).
When Will I receive payment for sales of my product?
We pay deal partners on a quarterly basis for all net sales that occurred in the previous 3 months after the 30 day refund window has passed for each purchase.