Facebook Groups: Top Paid Growth Strategies (Coaches Edition)

A complete guide to help you increase your Facebook Group members using proven paid ads strategies!

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Facebook Groups are a great way to build up your audiences. Whether you’re an online coach or a company, community building is vital.

Increase sales through your Facebook Group!

In this guide, you will learn all the tricks and tips on how to grow these groups and target ideal audiences that are like to be your customer in the future!

Facebook Groups are one of the oldest features on Facebook, yet still the best way to reach a large audience without ads or other “pay to play” options

The go-to comprehensive guide learning how to increase your Facebook Group! Facebook is a powerful source to tap into to find more customers.

Key Features

Page Likes Campaign

If someone likes your page, there is a higher chance the will interact with it.

Lead Magnets

Learn to use Lead Magnets to not old build a retargeting audience but grow your Facebook Group.

Messenger Bot Marketing

Learn to leverage this hot and popular marketing tool.

Testing Ad Sets

How to structure your Ad-sets testing different interests.

What's Included In "Top Paid Ads Strategies to Grow Your Facebook Group (Special Edition for Online Coaches)" Guide

Top Growth Strategies – Learn the proven campaigns directed at growing your group members.

Lead Magnet Campaign For Group Growth – Step-by-step directions on how to launch a lead magnet campaign and tailor it for group growth.

Messenger Bot Marketing Campaign For Group Growth – Learn how you can launch a messenger bot sequence and make audiences join your group.

Audience Targeting Secrets – How to target your ideal audience by using Facebook ads.

Done For You Bonuses! – Plug and play list of proven targeting options and a many chat sequence!

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This guide was created by one of the leading digital marketing agencies, 99 Robots. As an Facebook Marketing Partner, the marketing gurus at 99 Robots have put together their years of experience managing Facebook ads and groups into this comprehensive guide.

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