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For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs. We help deal partners scale their business by launching amazing deals to our community. For startups and community members, we provide valuable content that helps you go from zero to hero. 

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What We're About

We help startups launch and care about their long-term success. 

At RocketHub, we aim to be an instrumental resource and partner for startups by providing hands-on guidance and benefits that equip them throughout the entire startup journey. 

To help startups achieve success, we strive to be a launch incubator that focused on quality products, valuable education, and meaningful connections.

Our Team and Founder

At RocketHub, we believe that no startup is an island. You’re only as successful as the team that supports you.

You can trust that RocketHub’s Team of executors are here to support you through your launch. Our team consists of experienced and passionate individuals in the SaaS and Tech space and was founded by Charlie Patel, a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful SaaS products and marketing agencies. 

With his team and 20 years of experience, he has designed, developed, and continues to operate profitable SaaS companies. A big part of his success is knowing how to choose the right team and understanding the nuances of SaaS marketing.

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“The biggest benefit for me has been making connections with new customers, understanding how they use our products, and having their feedback shape the products that we plan to create next.”


Founder of Thrive Anywhere

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