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Get Access to 2,000+ Recently Funded Startups Every Month. A never-before-seen offer!

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We send a lot of emails but you know what the most annoying, time-consuming, and costly aspect of our cold email outreach is – creating LISTS!

LeadBites knows this better than anyone as they’re the leading provider of custom data lists for B2B outreach. One of the most common requests they get is to find recently funded startups and now you can get your hands on that list every month at a one-time, lifetime price.

Sure, you can hire a VA or two to do this work but you’d spend more in 1 month than you would on this deal.

Sure, you can buy all the software subscriptions, database access, and monitoring services to create such a list, but you’d spend more within the first month.

Sure, you can buy from anonymous sources who claim they’ve done all the research meticulously, but you’d be nuts to believe that.

That’s why you need LeadBites Funded Startups List, packed with valuable data points. If you’ve got a solid product, service, or offer, then get it in front of this list. Do it every month and close deals with prospective buyers with funds to deploy.

I’m talking to you… agency owners, service providers, saas marketers, and freelancers. This is the monthly list just for you!

Key Features

Hundreds of Hours of Research

We spend hundreds of hours every month manually identifying and gathering contact information of leads that have the funds to buy your service or product.

Verified Data Sources

We aggregate data from multiple sources and costly databases to bring you verified data on recently funded startups.

30+ Data Fields Available

Our lists are the most comprehensive in the market containing 30+ data fields such as contact emails, company info, funding details, social media, & more.

Save Time and Money

Our manual effort and curation of these lists results in extremely valuable prospects delivered to your inbox each month saving you time and money.


2,000+ leads per month. Every month. With contact info. Fully verified.

The money’s in the list! We swear. This is true and such targeted lists are time-consuming and expensive to gather. You don’t have the time to create such a list but you absolutely need fresh leads. So for a one-time cost, you could be receiving thousands of new leads directly in your inbox. Or you could continue to procrastinate while other competitors close these leads.

For obvious reasons, this is a limited quantity offer so once it’s gone, it’s gone. Get lifetime access to this list before it sells out.

Why Choose The Funded Startups List?

RH LP LeadBites Startup Funded List 02 Why

For the past three and half years, our team has been using these lists internally for lead generation. We’ve sold it to our clients for their use. After streamlining our process over the years, we’re now offering it to a wider audience. While there are other providers who may claim to offer a similar list, here’s why LeadBites is the better choice:

  1. LeadBites is the leading provider of custom data lists to B2B companies. Companies like Uber, large financial institutions, insurance firms, and well-known SaaS use their services. 
  2. LeadBites has serviced over a thousand brands, businesses, and agencies seeking:
    • Lead lists
    • Targeting Lists
    • Influencers List
    • Lookalike Audiences
    • Affiliate Lists
  3. LeadBites team consists of data miners, programmers, and marketers. People who actually know how to gather data and determine its quality. 
  4. LeadBites team built data-focused SaaS platforms that rival some of today’s popular tools. Data is something they know inside/out.

Who Needs The Funded Startups List?

RH LP LeadBites Startup Funded List 03 Who Needs

Some of the specific groups that can benefit from the Funded Startups List include:

  1. Agency owners / Service providers
  2. SaaS owners
  3. Marketers
  4. Investors
  5. E-commerce brand owners
  6. Job Seekers

Funded Startups List Use Cases

Funded Startup Lists can benefit anyone looking for clients or partnership opportunities.

  • Email Marketers: Find the right prospect to pitch your service or product.
  • SEOs: Reach out directly to startups that require SEO.
  • Advertising Agencies / Freelancers: Offer PPC ads management to funded startups that now have to grow their user base.
  • SaaS Marketers: Generate more registrations or demos of your SaaS product from targeted companies.
  • Sales Representatives: Reach out to highly targeted prospects and convert them into bookings or customers.
  • Marketers: Contact decision makers directly to offer your service or product.
  • Affiliates: Find startups that can benefit from your audience or reach.
  • Investors: Source new pipeline of validated startups before their next funding round.
  • E-commerce Brand Owners: Explore targeted prospects that need branded collateral and products.

Get lifetime access to the Funded Startups List today!

How does the Funded Startups List compare to other similar services?

The value is clear. Simply compare what you’d be paying MONTHLY equating to THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS over 2 years vs. just a ONE-TIME investment for this sales-generating, time-consuming service. Invest in your business and outreach process. You won’t find a better deal because no one has ever offered this service as a lifetime deal. See comparison below.

RH LP LeadBites Startup Funded List 04 Comparison 2 plans

Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to the LeadBites Funded Startups List
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • No Refunds for this Deal as it is a monthly service. All details can be verified BEFORE purchase. Again, this deal is non-refundable.

Features Included in All Plans

  • A New List Delivered Every Month
  • Verified Company Information
  • Verified Decision Maker Email Addresses
  • Verified Social Media Profiles
  • 30+ Data Fields
  • 100+ Hours of Monthly Research
  • Leads Delivered in Excel Format
🚨 NOTE: This product is NON-REFUNDABLE as it's a data offering. All sales are final. See SAMPLE of exactly what you'd get monthly & read all FAQs before purchasing.

License Tier 1

1K Plan
$ 299 One Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • Approx. 1000 Leads / month
  • Previous 1 Month's List on Signup
  • Non-Refundable

License Tier 2

2K Plan
$ 499 One Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • Approx. 2000 Leads / month
  • Previous 3 Month's Lists on Signup
  • Non-Refundable
🚨 NOTE: This product is NON-REFUNDABLE as it's a data offering. All sales are final. See SAMPLE of exactly what you'd get monthly & read all FAQs before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Due to the nature of this deal being monthly service that delivers a data list, and the fact that anything you need to know about its offering is visible BEFORE purchasing, this deal is NOT refundable. No exceptions.

As this is a manually intensive service – not a SaaS – we will offer a 2-year minimum guarantee. This is something no other platform offers.

The most similar service charges $297/month. Compare that to the highest tier of the lifetime deal available here (only $499 one-time). Therefore it is reasonable to claim that buyers will get their break-even ROI within only 1.5 months

Compare for 2 years vs the competitor:

COMPETITOR: $297/month x 24 months = $7,128


$299 or $499 one-time.

Math is simple.

See Comparison Chart.

If 2 years of someone else doing all the work and incurring all the time, energy, resources, verification, software, and subscription costs required to produce such a lead list is worth it to you for at least that time period, then buy. If not, then skip.

Yes, you can find the sample list here of 100 records: https://leadbites.com/funded-startups-sample-list/ (please wait for it to load the data)

You will receive data in that format – downloadable to CSV – each month. The email you use on LeadBites when redeeming your redemption code is where you’ll be notified when a new month’s list is ready.

Our expert data analysts spend hundreds of hours collecting, enriching & verifying leads from various sources including lead databases, startup directories, news sites, aggregators, and paid data sets.

These will primarily be startups, nonprofit organizations, and some enterprises. Because of their recent funding events, they have the budget to procure your service or product.

The companies are primarily USA-based companies that are recently funded with a smaller percentage being other startup hotspots like the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. We cannot guarantee X amount of startups from any specific country for obvious reasons. If you are seeking a large list of startups from a non-prominent country – or have such expectation – we ask that you do NOT buy this deal and instead engage LeadBites team in a custom monthly recurring service.

There are no refunds, no exceptions for this lifetime deal – ask questions, do your research, talk to the team, review the sample beforehand, and make a decision based on what’s clearly outlined on this deal page. We will not accept any excuse from buyers such as a claim that it’s “not the data I was looking for” or “bought by mistake” or “I need my money back for surgery” or whatever else. There are at least 5 mentions on this deal page related to the policy – no refunds, no exceptions. And the product, it’s format, and expected quality can all be reviewed beforehand. 

No. There are certain cases where our team’s efforts do not result in finding a valid email address for a business. We include these businesses in the list because many researchers, investors, and service providers have uses for the lead info (ex: reviewing LI profiles, funding events, or outreach via social profiles).

Regarding the count of records, there are certain months where there is less activity in the venture capital / investing world (example: December is slow month for fundraising or investment announcements). In those cases, there may not be at least 1,000 or 2,000 startups recently funded. For some months, there may be more than 1k or 2k. Other months, there may be less simply because not as many companies were funded that meet the list criteria. For example, there may be a month where 1,800 records are in the list. And there may be a month where there are 2,350 records. The 1k and 2k is an average.

Our research has shown there’s usually around that many which fit the criteria we look for. To avoid sending you unnecessary entries, we don’t inflate the list simply to hit the approximate target of 1k or 2k. 

We provide 30+ valuable data points that help you identify and personalize your outreach. Some fields are Company Name, Website, Category, Last Funding Date, Funding Amount, Website Traffic, Tech Stack & many more. To see the full list, visit this page:  https://leadbites.com/funded-startups-list-data-points

After you’ve redeemed your RocketHub purchase on LeadBites, you will get a link that contains the recently funded startups. The list will be updated each month (1st of the month) and you’ll be notified via email when a new list is available.

The list can be viewed online or downloaded as a CSV so that you can import into your preferred email provider. Please ensure you use a legitimate email address and whitelist the domain – leadbites.com – to avoid the list inadvertently going to spam.

Absolutely not. Anyone found to be reselling the list or sharing it with others will have their access removed with no refunds, no exceptions. Do not attempt this.

Yes. LeadBites also offers a done-for-you outreach service. Talk to them directly about that as this lifetime deal is strictly for the monthly Funded Startups List subscription.

At the time this deal was launched, RocketHub does not support changing or upgrading your plan after purchase.  LTD’s purchased via RocketHub also currently doesn’t support combining or stacking purchase codes.  We recommend purchasing the tier that your business can grow into.

After purchasing you will get a unique redemption code within your Order Confirmation email. It will also contains Redemption Instructions. Simply follow the instructions to redeem your purchase.

Founder Details

Sheel Image

Sheel Patel

Managing Partner

Quick Links

Letter From the Founder

Dear Rocketeers,

It’s Sheel, Managing Partner at LeadBites. As someone who has worked in marketing and data for over six years, I have had the opportunity to work with high-growth and early-stage companies to gather the data needed to fuel their sales pipelines and market their products worldwide. Firsthand, I have seen how quickly these companies require new tools and services to solve problems. Although they have funding, they lack the manpower or time for manual research.   

That’s why I wanted to find a solution that provides high-quality leads for your sales pipeline so you simply need to close deals. So I introduced the LeadBites Funded Startups List, a service providing hundreds of recently funded startups each month. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities without spending hours researching.

The Funded Startups List is more than just a list of companies. It also includes details like funding amounts, founder information, and contact data. This enables you to contact decision makers and start closing deals.

The LeadBites Funded Startups List includes:

  • Over 6,000 startups funded in the last 3 months  
  • Thousands of newly funded startups added on the 1st of each month
  • Verified email addresses and other funding details   

I’m thrilled to offer this community a lifetime subscription to the Funded Startups List at a steep discount. This is a rare opportunity to gain exclusive lifetime access to our service.   

Wishing you success!  

Sheel Patel  

Managing Partner, LeadBites

Lifetime Deal


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  • Avatar

    Ana Silva

    My outreach is now on point!

    LeadBites has been a game-changer for my sales and marketing efforts. The Funded Startups List provides a steady stream of high-quality, recently funded businesses ready for engagement. The extensive data fields, including verified decision-maker emails and social media profiles, ensure that my outreach is on point.

    October 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Luca Rossi

    It saves my time - fresh leads every single month!

    The challenge of creating targeted lists for cold emails is now a thing of the past. This service has not only saved me time but also provided a goldmine of prospects.

    October 27, 2023
    Verified Review
  • Avatar

    Ahmed Hassan

    It takes care of my headache

    LeadBites takes care of my headache by providing meticulously curated lists of over 2,000 recently funded startups every month at a one-time price. The key features of LeadBites, including 30+ data fields, verified decision-maker email addresses, and social media profiles, make it an invaluable asset. The hundreds of hours of research and manual data curation ensure that you receive high-quality prospects, saving you both time and money.

    October 27, 2023
    Verified Review

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Got a Question? Ask here.

8 months 4 days ago

Sounds interesting, is it also a good choice for photographer based in Germany to get new customers? It would be interesting how many German startups are in the list.

Product Owner
Sheel Patel
8 months 4 days ago

Absolutely! If you’re a photographer based in Germany seeking new customers, this list is an excellent choice for you. It offers a valuable opportunity to connect with startups in need of professional photography services, potentially leading to collaborations for their PR events and projects.

Based on the previous 3 months’ lists, we have included over 200 German startups in our database. This ensures that there is a significant pool of potential clients specifically from the German market.

8 months 3 days ago

can you add linkedin company description for each funded startup?

Product Owner
Sheel Patel
8 months 3 days ago

Hi Alex – Thank you for your suggestion. We value your feedback and understand the importance of having LinkedIn company descriptions for each funded startup in our list. While we currently provide a long description and a short description that closely align with the LinkedIn company description, we will take your suggestion into consideration for future improvements.

8 months 3 days ago

Sheel Patel
Hi Alex – Thank you for your suggestion. We value your feedback and understand the importance of having LinkedIn company descriptions for each funded startup in our list. While we currently provide a long description and a short description that closely align with the LinkedIn company description, we will take your suggestion into consideration for future improvements.


I only see a ‘description’ column, there’s no long description and short description like you said in the sample list though.

But yes, Linkedin company description will be much better, hope this is added and I believe it won’t be hard too. I’ll purchase if this is added.

Product Owner
Sheel Patel
8 months 3 days ago

Currently in our sample, we have “description,” but we believe that adding a LinkedIn description based on your feedback would be valuable. Therefore, starting from next month’s list, we will include the LinkedIn description in our data list, and we will also enrich the current list with LinkedIn descriptions.

Looking forward to serve you as our valuable subscriber.

7 months 8 days ago

I checked the current list, it is still not enriched with the Linkedin company descriptions though?

Product Owner
Sheel Patel
7 months 2 days ago

Thank you for your feedback on our lead list in the review section. We truly appreciate your input as it helps us improve our services to better meet our customers’ needs. We have thoroughly reviewed your suggestions and will address each point accordingly:

Headquarters Location Formatting:
We apologize for the oversight in the formatting of the headquarters location data. You are absolutely right, and we understand the importance of having properly structured information. However, the Airtable export was eliminating the comma separation. Going forward, we will ensure that all the data, including “Headquarters location,” “Tech stack,” “Top 5 Investors,” “Industries,” and others, are correctly formatted with the appropriate commas. This improvement will ensure that the data is readily usable.

For the upcoming list, we have separated out the city, state, and country columns, which will allow you to use the data properly.

LinkedIn Company Description:
We completely understand the value of comprehensive company descriptions and agree that they play a crucial role in the lead research process. We will try to add LinkedIn company descriptions to our upcoming list in July. If it’s not possible, we have currently added additional fields: a description field named “Full Company Description” and “Company Keywords,” along with the previously published “Short Description.” This would help you save manual effort while aligning with the purpose of the list.

We look forward to serving you better in the future.

7 months 3 days ago

Since you said the list is manually prepared, please make sure there’s no weird / broken symbols that appears here and there in the list, which basically forces us to having to re-clean/re-vet the whole list’s all columns before using it..

Example of weird symbols: “L�der de Curr�culo e Avalia��o” under column; “Allen Rodr�guez Ricardo Hern�ndez Sergio ionele Povea S�ez” under column, just to list a few…

Also, the phone number data does not have universal formatting as well – some has +, some have (), some don’t, some even have minus sign at the start of the phone number. More importantly, some numbers have the country and area codes, some numbers are without either country or area codes or both.

If the list was really manually prepped, I think the person who prepares the list had made so many errors in cleaning the list properly, due to the weird/broken symbols issue, the missing comma issue (causing unformatted locations data, tech data, and also industry data..)

It seems more like an automatically generated list than a manually prepped and cleaned list so far. But anyways, the most important thing that I hope you can really fix is to make sure the the list is cleaned properly for every column so that it is readily usable + having the LinkedIn Company Description column. Having these 2 done will make the list a lot better @Sheel Patel

7 months 1 day ago

@Sheel Patel please look at the reply above, meanwhile I’m contacting RocketHub for instructions/ a form to upgrade my previous review to reflect some of the changes you’ve made in terms of fixing the ‘comma’ formatting issue, and the description. Currently I think the issue left is the weird symbol issue (in multiple columns, including org.name, eg 1receipt®) and the non-universal formatting +,-,() in phone numbers

7 months 17 hours ago

@Sheel Patel Just noticed that the latest month’s data is actually just 1928 leads instead of 2000, will more be added soon since we’re promised 2k per month?

7 months 14 hours ago

Lastly, I noticed some leads have ’empty’ Organization name (aka company names), while some have fully lower case company names, and some with weird symbols, in this latest August release too. Can you please make sure the lists are properly cleaned?

Richard Butler
8 months 1 day ago

So one obvious question will these lists not get burnt as you if you have say 100 people sending emails to the same contact address etc and also what about gdpr

Product Owner
7 months 28 days ago

Hi Richard. Let me answer both questions:

1) There’s two points to consider.
A) Not everyone uses the lists for the same reasons. 1 person may be selling ads, another SEO, another content writing, another just using for market research, another for investment deal flow, another to invite to podcasts, another to sell branded mugs or t-shirts.

So the services offered may be different. The companies and niches they target may be different. The outreach method may be different (email, phone, social, etc.). And/or the use cases are definitely different from each other.

Similar to the fact that all businesses can run ads to the same target audience on Facebook or Google, that doesn’t mean there’s not enough business to go around for everyone. If not the Funded Startups List, customers will still be doing this manually so nothing’s different other than having it done-for-you to save time, money, and resources.

Furthermore, the quality of your outreach, messaging/copy, offer, case studies, brand credibility, and more play a role in whether or not a business will actually decide to work or partner with your firm.

B) This is a limited quantity deal only on RocketHub. Once the allocated licenses are sold out, that’s it. Everyone else will have to pay monthly just like they do at similar competing services.

2) re: GDPR – all this information comes from publicly available sources, databases, and news sites. Though, if someone wants their info removed from the FSL list, they can absolutely request it and it will be honored. However, in that case, their time will be more effective at getting it removed from larger sources on the net.

7 months 22 days ago

We are a small business and would only need a one off 1000 leads

Product Owner
Sheel Patel
7 months 2 days ago

We do have a monthly plans available for you to subscribe to here: https://leadbites.com/funded-startups-list/

If there is any custom requirements then please contact us via the contact form and we will look into possible options based on your needs.

7 months 21 days ago

How is your product similar/different from Prelo.io?

Product Owner
2 months 17 days ago

Here are major differences vs Prelo:

1) you get the full list each month. No restrictions or limits. It’s yours. Prelo only gives you 40 leads to download each week. So compare 2000 leads with all emails found vs 160 per month.

2) Prelo only allows 2 locations. All others are not available. This list is everything no matter the location.

3) Prelo is a SaaS. This list is delivered as a csv / airtable that you download. It’s a monthly service. Not a SaaS.

4) with any plan of this service, you get some historical data. With Prelo, you don’t; every download counts against your 40/week.

Prelo is not comparable and you’d get nowhere near the same amount of leads. There has never been a LTD of such a service and we know there are only 4 or 5 other services. The biggest one charges $297 PER MONTH. This is one-time, lifetime price.

6 months 6 days ago

@Rockethub, can you please advise me on how to amend my review star and content? Previously I recall contacting you guys to help with review amendment, and was told I’d get an update on how to do so. Been waiting for quite some weeks now but nothing yet, probably you’ve forgotten I guess. Can you please advise on how I can update my review to reflect of the changes the LeadBites team made?

Product Owner
2 months 17 days ago

Alex – We sent you an email from support. Can you please send support@rockethub.com an email to amend the review. I see it’s still there as a 2-star and since then the service added a bunch of stuff and got a lot better based on subscribers’ feedback.

Ranjith Kumar
15 days 6 hours ago

How do you obtain leads after inputting your targeted industry details or keywords? Will everyone receive the same data every month? For example, if I want to reach new founders, will the same list be shared with all users? Please let me know.