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Scaling requires getting your product in front of buyers. Get instant access to our audience and support from a Launch Team with decades of marketing and growth experience in the SaaS industry and digital products space.

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Why Run An Exclusive Deal on RocketHub

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Generate Cash

Through our hands-on deal campaigns, we help generate funds that you can quickly deploy towards ongoing development, accelerated marketing, advertising, or team expansion. Go to market faster while making money.

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Access to Target Customers

RocketHub provides you instant access to real buyers actively seeking reliable yet affordable software solutions. These are fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, agency owners, sales teams, growth hackers, designers, and developers.

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Favorable Terms

We don’t ask you to give up ownership or take an absurd percentages of sales. After all, we're partners. And each campaign is treated like an actual partnership for mutual success.

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Customer Feedback & Reviews

RocketHub's platform attracts a passionate user base that provides constructive feedback to help your business grow. Warning: They're extremely vocal.

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Real Pathway to Scale

We help you develop the launch plan needed to scale. Besides generating a wave of new customers, our launch team executes a customized launch campaign that includes user testing, writing ad copy, designing creatives, running ads on our dime, and tons more. Your launch is our top priority (not thousands of other deals).

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Accelerate Growth

Go to market faster while making money and generating buzz around your product. Whether it be to get your product market fit, demonstrate customer demand, or to prepare for a fund raising round, thousands of businesses and customers will recognize your brand.

The RocketHub Process

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1. Application

Be selected from among the top products in your industry and enter into our marketing program.

2. Product Audit

We will perform a comprehensive audit of your product that includes a top to bottom product test and provide feedback and suggested changes to prepare your product for success.

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3. Campaign Prep

Our team of expert marketers will prepare your campaign for launch and produce all of the assets and materials needed to get your campaign to the next level.

4. Launch

We will launch your campaign to put your product in front of our network of customers as well as all marketing and advertising activities to drive traffic to your deal.

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5. Grow

Grow Use the new customers and sales acquired from your campaign to grow and scale your business.

The RocketHub Process

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Product Audit

The launch team will perform a comprehensive audit of your product that includes an extensive product test. We’ll provide feedback and suggest changes to prepare your product for success.

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The Launch Team will execute the launch plan to get your product in front of our audience as well as execute all marketing and advertising activities to drive traffic to your custom deal page.

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step process


Simply submit your SaaS or product details and our launch team will review to determine eligibility. If you’re a good fit, we’ll schedule a meeting. 

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Campaign Prep

Our team of expert marketers will prepare your campaign launch and ensure you’re ready to take on the expected traffic and customers. From design to advertising, we’ll have it covered and communicate with you throughout the process.

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Use the newly generated customers, feedback, reviews, and marketing buzz to from your RocketHub campaign to scale your business. And lean on our Launch Team for any advice you need along the journey. 

What Can I Sell?

You can sell any software, digital products, or info products on our platform, including:

saas product



WordPress Plugins / Add-on



downloadable software



Real Words from Startup Founders

Magai logo case studies

Transform the way you generate and refine content with Magai’s revolutionary AI tools and intuitive Chat interface powered by ChatGPT + GPT-4.

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Easily automate your cold email campaigns for better conversion. Drive revenue using Nureply’s AI powered automated cold emails. Save tons of time.

What Makes Us Different?

We’re not just a deal platform, we’re a product launch incubator operated by actual SaaS entrepreneurs and growth marketers

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SaaS Founders & Agency Owners

We are a team of experts who have designed, developed, operated, and exited multiple SaaS companies. Furthermore, we operate several agencies who provide services geared towards scaling SaaS companies and info products. You know… people who have actually been on the journey you’re embarking on. 

Favorable Deal Terms

As a multiple SaaS owners, we am to provide a more fair and balanced approach to our deal structure. Ask us about it. We believe the deal partner deserves better terms. Deal partnerships should be exactly that a ‘partnership‘ – not an extremely imbalanced equation in which the platform keeps 70 or 90%.

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A Real Partnership

We care deeply not only about the success of our campaign, but of the long-term success of your product. That’s why we assign a dedicated Launch Team to focus on the deal’s success, product feedback, and provide mentorship after the campaign. 

Top Companies We Have Worked with

These products have run exclusive lifetime deals on RocketHub. You should too!



We carefully select deal partners that have exceptional products and founders who are dedicated to the long-term growth of their product and team. For our selected partners into our Exclusive Deal program, we execute custom launch campaigns to promote their products to our audience and through our affiliate network.

You can send a message to our launch team at – – and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Fill out the application form by clicking on the “Apply Now” button on this page. It won’t take more than a minute of your time! If your product meets our criteria, we’ll follow up to schedule a meeting. 

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