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WHY RocketHub?

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Get More Exposure

Get more sales by listing your product on RocketHub and get additional brand exposure and get your product in front of RocketHub's customer base.

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Customer Feedback & Reviews

RocketHub's platform attracts a passionate user base that provides constructive feedback to help your business grow. Warning: They're extremely vocal.

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Access to Target Customers

RocketHub provides you instant access to real buyers actively seeking reliable yet affordable software solutions. Our community includes fellow entrepreneurs, marketers, agency owners, sales teams, growth hackers, designers, and developers.

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Get More Exposure

Go to market faster while making money and generating buzz around your product. Whether it be to get your product market fit, demonstrate customer demand, or to prepare for a fund raising round, thousands of businesses and customers will recognize your brand.

What's the Difference between an Exclusive Deal vs. Marketplace Deal?

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Our Platform, Your SaaS

RocketHub is a founder first platform helping you to list your SaaS and make it visible for the world to buy and use.
  • Transparent Split of Revenue
  • Visibility of your SaaS to 1000’s of monthly visitors and Potential buyers
  • Vendor Dashboard for you analyse and have an eagle’s point of view about your campaign
  • Receive mentions and eyeballs with RocketHub’s Facebook Community and Email Newsletters.
  • What can you sell at RocketHub Marketplace?

    You can sell software, digital products, or info products. Below are some examples of the types of products you can list on RocketHub Marketplace.
    Saas icons

    SaaS Products

    Download icon

    Downloadable Software

    online courses

    Online Courses


    eBooks & PDFs


    Browser Extensions

    wp pligin

    WordPress Plugins / Add-on


    SOPs & Reference Docs


    eBooks & PDFs

    Easy to List, Simple to Get Started

    Listing your SaaS or a downloadable product is very simple
    • Know how to get started with RocketHub
    • Have questions before you submit your product ? We got the answers.
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