10 Zapier Alternatives for 2022


With automation taking over the world at such a quick pace, more and more software and tools are rising every day to streamline companies’ workflow. Using technology for incorporating automation in an organization helps in eliminating the repetitive and time-consuming tasks from the employees. 

Finding the right automation platform can be slightly tricky. If you have incorporated automation in your organization or are on the verge of it, you may have heard of Zapier before. Zapier is an American web-based company that helps users to integrate different types of applications to automate their workflow.

However, Zapier may be very popular but not the ideal choice for every company. This is precisely why you may have to consider checking out some Zapier alternatives for your business. We will walk you through a complete list of the top 10 Zapier alternatives for 2022 which work just like Zapier or even better. Let’s check them out.

Reasons You May Need Zapier Alternatives

Before we check out the list of the Zapier alternatives, you may be wondering why else should you even look for alternatives when you already have Zapier as one of the best options? Well, there could be a lot of potential reasons why you might need a Zapier alternative for your business. A few of them include:

Inadequate Integrations

Sure, Zapier has over 2000 available pre-built integrations and actions dedicated to automating your workflow, but you may not find the suitable ones for your business. Not every automation is created equally. In case you do not get a specific integration with any of your favorite applications, you may have to switch to a Zapier alternative instead to achieve the functionality. 


Even though Zapier has many pricing options, it may not be under the budget of every company. While Zapier is already competitive compared to their alternatives, you may find better features and functionalities from its alternatives, which brings more value to your expenses. Also, Zapier may get costly when a business scales up, so alternatives are often the best rescue!


Zapier may not be the best when it comes to customer support since the Zapier customer support team is not always available to solve the issues. In such cases, you are left with no one and may suffer long hours of downtime in your organization. The Zapier alternatives we will mention below have a far better customer support facility which can be highly beneficial for your business during downtimes.

Excessive Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Zapier is exceptionally tricky and time-consuming, especially when you are a beginner and have multiple applications integrated. If you run into issues frequently and troubleshoot every time, you may end up wasting a significant time and effort in general. 

List of 10 Zapier Alternatives

With the above-given points in mind, we have put together this list of the 10 best Zapier alternatives for 2022 that you can use to automate your business and gain maximum results from your investment.

1. Workato


Workato is an open-source automation platform designed to create, test, and automate workflow over iOS and Android. It supports different workflow applications such as Xcode, Selenium, Google Material, Android Client SDK, OpenSuit, and many more. With Workato, you can automate your workflow right from the convenience of your smartphone. You can choose the in-built or even customize the appliances with the app integrations such as Workflow for Gmail, Workflow for Twitter, Google Maps, etc.


  • It allows users to customize the workflows for every app with just a few clicks. 
  • Integrating or automating workflow is simple with the Workato configuration wizard in the app, which assists throughout the procedure.
  • It offers a vast range of integrations to choose from
  • It is highly safe and secure for the organization since it offers access controls, encryption, and data privacy as a part of its plans.
  • The interface is easy to use, especially for beginners.
  • With over 225,000+ community guides, the process of automating workflows is simple and easy.


  • It can get slightly overwhelming to customize, especially when you have so many options of integrations available

Starting price: You can get a custom quote from their sales team

2. Automate.io


With Automate.io, you can easily integrate your cloud applications for your business. Starting from social media campaigns to sending automated emails and monitoring leads. You can automate your marketing, sales, and other business processes with Automate.io. You can easily customize your integrations with the drag and drop builder, making the entire customization process straightforward. You can even set up cross-functional workflows without the need for any coding skills to increase your business sales. 


  • It is easy to set up and customize with the drag and drop builder
  • You get a massive list of automated app integrations such as Facebook lead ads, Zendesk, Magneto, WooCommerce, etc.
  • You can schedule your workflow for the entire month and simplify the complex ones into shorter durations
  • You also get a free plan which allows you to try out a few of their integrations 


  • Since the number of integrations is enormous, it may get a bit confusing to choose the right ones for your business

Starting price: $9.99/month

3. Power Automate


Power Automate, formerly known as the Microsoft Flow, is a very popular automation tool that helps in integrating different services and programs together. Power Automate offers an easy to deploy and smooth framework, which helps deploy the cloud-based app integrations smoothly. The free version of Power Automate also allows you to automate workflows with pre-built connectors that help you integrate different third-party systems such as Asana, Jira, etc.


  • It has a great capacity to automate even the most complex business workflows. 
  • You can set up a series of rules or triggers and create deadlines accordingly to track and manage customer transactions.
  • It offers more than a thousand templates to help users automate their workflows
  • You can run about 750 workflow tasks smoothly without any inconvenience.


  • Some lags and glitches are often seen

Starting price: $15/month

4. LeadsBridge


If your business is mostly about marketing and sales, Leadsbridge can be a great Zapier alternative for you. LeadsBridge allows automating the cross-sell efforts by improving your omnichannel strategies. You can streamline the ad activities by integrating the social media marketing platforms accordingly. They also have comprehensive CRM solutions which benefit organizations in different aspects such as lead tracking, lead management, lead generation, sales execution, etc. You can integrate it with any third-party CRM solutions such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic GP, oracle, etc.


  • If you choose the yearly plans of Leadsbridge, you can get 5 months completely free!
  • It offers multiple facilities under a single platform, such as mobile device integration, business intelligence tools, lead visualization. Web analytics, social networking tools, and many more cover up most of the standard business needs.
  • It offers access to real-time data and analytics of your leads. This saves you from spending on other analytic tools to monitor and track your business.
  • You can customize your workflow integrations to a great extent.
  • You can customize the CRM for your business.


  • You may witness some lag between the user response and lead magnet

Starting Price: $39/month



IFTTT is another top-rated Zapier alternative that is designed to help companies utilize distributed systems and services together. This web-based application allows users to create web applications that can be used across different devices, operating based on specific keywords and designing particular actions. For example, when you integrate different applications such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., With IFTTT, you get notified of a new mail, tweet, or post easily.


  • You get a free plan which you can later upgrade whenever you want to scale your business.
  • You can control even the basic appliances at your home, such as lights, video game consoles, heat settings, and so much more from your smartphone or tablet.
  • It offers over 600 exclusive services, including apps, business tools, email providers, cloud, etc.
  • The pricing plans are highly affordable, which is a significant benefit for startups.


  • In case you do not find an applet to integrate, you may have a tough time creating a new one 

Starting price: $5/month

6. Integromat


With Integromat, automating manual processes is a very easy task. This robust tool comes with tons of integrations that you can explore and choose according to your requirements. It offers a beginner-friendly editor that can help automate the workflows and monitor the results as well. 


  • You can integrate with more than 100 integrations with no hassles.
  • This visual editor is easy to customize. You can either choose the built-in templates or customize yours easily.
  • You can connect with any web service with the HTTP/SOAP JSON modules offered by Integromat.
  • You can carry out a plethora of activities under a single platform, such as scheduling, monitoring, error handling, and much more.
  • The free plan offers you a few features which can help you get started and get the hang of the processes initially.


  • A few integrations may cause the workflow to lag at times

Starting price: $9/month

7. CloudHQ


If your business communicates via Gmail regularly, CloudHQ offers a whole suite of productivity tools such as email tracker, templates, email sharing, and so much more. You can automate the complete process of sending, receiving emails, and storing data seamlessly. This tool can be beneficial for email marketing companies since such companies deal with email sharing continuously. Automating their entire process can save a massive amount of time and effort.


  • It offers a great cloud storage capacity for users.
  • You can easily integrate with different chrome integrations to bring other Google applications under a single platform with no additional software download requirement.
  • You can also sync emails from other accounts and bring them under a single platform for a better view.
  • It makes the entire process of email sharing and storing quick and easy.


  • If your email suite isn’t Gmail, CloudHQ is not the ideal choice
  • The free plan doesn’t offer many tools
  • Customization can get slightly tricker for beginners

Starting price: $39.20/month

8. Snaplogic


Snaplogic is another very intuitive automation tool that helps in integrating multiple cloud-based data and applications for beginners. This Zapier alternative helps break the complex workflows into smaller Snaps, which creates modular forms for making the workflow more organized and productive for organizations. You can integrate tons of tools with Snaplogic, such as Amazon Redshift, Tableau, etc.


  • It is very simple to use and customize with the drag and drop builder. You can also create snaps real quick to kickstart your day without getting burdened with complex works.
  • It offers automatic report creation and sharing for businesses.
  • The simple user interface is great for navigating throughout the platform.


  • The list of integrations may be slightly limited
  • Even though the navigation is beginner-friendly yet, they do not have many resources to guide the beginners
  • When the data volume gets large, the snap processes may slow down at times

Starting price: You can get a custom quote from the sales team

9. Elastic.io


Elastic.io is another platform that provides cloud integrations quickly and simply. It offers multiple predefined connectors which can be used to integrate and customize the cloud-based applications to streamline the workflow. With a massive integration list, you can always scale your business without any limitations.


  • The user interface is very straightforward which is easy to navigate.
  • It is great for startups since they can scale their business in the future easily without having to switch to other tools.
  • The latency level in Elastic.io is low. This ensures that you can experience an optimum speed in your business irrespective of the large data volumes.


  • Since it is a low code zapier alternative, you need to have basic coding skills
  • You get a limited number of connectors 

Starting price: $255.26/month

10. Wyzebulb


Similar to LeadsBridge, Wyzebulb is also designed mostly for marketing and sales businesses. It helps businesses integrate different applications to automate the marketing needs and synchronize them within different applications accordingly. With over 1,000 applications readily available to be integrated, starting from the basic ones such as Dropbox, Slack, Mailchimp, etc., you can easily explore and choose as per your business needs.


  • It makes sales and marketing much easier. 
  • You can sync multiple applications across different devices to track and monitor from any device without any restrictions.
  • You get almost every marketing application integrated with Wyzebulb.
  • The pricing plans are highly affordable. You can also try their free 7-day trial to explore their facilities.


  • Only designed for marketing and sales businesses. 

Starting price: $15/month


While Zapier is a great tool for automating workflows, it also has many limitations and downsides. By offering a wider range of integrations and lower prices, these Zapier alternatives provide better value for companies. Starting by analyzing the pain points of your business can help you determine the Zapier alternatives. Note down the applications you already use in your workflow and select alternatives accordingly. Analyze the UI and workflow builders. With these aspects into consideration, choose the best Zapier alternative today and automate your tedious workflow to maximize the productivity in your organization.

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