Top 10 Link-Building Case Studies

link-building case study

Did you know 58% of SEO marketers believe backlinks have a significant impact on the rankings of a website? The first ranking page on Google has an average of 3.8x more backlinks from the websites in the second and third positions.

Search engine optimization is a blend of different elements that cover link building, keyword research, and more. If you are only stuck to keyword research and are not working towards creating good backlinks for your website, there is no way your website will rank high in the SERPs.

You can try countless strategies that fetch the best backlinks for your website when it comes to link building, such as HARO, etc. This is why we have curated a quick guide of the top 10 link-building case studies on the web that will inspire you on different strategies available to create good backlinks for your website. Let’s get started.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring multiple hyperlinks from different websites and attaching them to your website. These hyperlinks are a common way for users to navigate between pages on the internet.

Search engines like Google, Bing, etc., use these hyperlinks to crawl the web and rank your website on the SERPs. Once the search engine has crawled the pages on the web, it can now extract the contents of those pages and add them to its indexes.

After indexing the page, google can adequately assess whether the website is of sufficient quality to be ranked well in the SERPs or not.

This is why search engines look for the contents and the keywords of the website and the number of hyperlinks pointing to that exact page from other external websites.

The more high-quality websites that link back to yours, the more likely your website will be ranking well on the SERPs.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building helps to discover many new web pages that are authoritative and worth ranking higher in the SERPs. There are tons of benefits to quality link building, such as:

Improves Credibility

The hyperlinks directed to your website act as third-party indicators of your domain’s authoritative strength. As we already shared, google and other search engines aim to offer users the most relevant search results.

The higher the number of quality links your web pages gain, the higher your website’s credibility, and the more its chances to be on the top ranks of the SERPs.

Aim to acquire quality backlinks from different authoritative domains instead of simply focusing on any website. Remember. Five good links to your website always outweigh 50 poor ones.

Improve Website Traffic

The more links you attain from other websites, the more are your chances of attracting users from their websites to yours. When you attract relevant viewers from other websites, you can witness a surge in traffic from external sources, which is precisely what most website owners aim for, right?

Higher SEO Scores

If you are looking to optimize SEO, terms like Domain Authority(DA), Domain Rating(DR), Page Rank(PR), Alexa Rank, and others matter significantly. By building quality backlinks, you can increase these SEO metrics, resulting in a more SEO-optimized website that ranks high in the SERPs, attracting more traffic to the website.

More Sales and Revenue

Are you a business owner always struggling to generate leads for your business? Well, quality backlinks are the best thing that can offer you more opportunities for sales in your business.

When your website has more quality backlinks, it ranks higher in the SERPs and attracts quality traffic to your website which could be your potential customers.

This means that you can make more sales and boost your revenue by just acquiring a few quality backlinks on your website!

Stand out as an Authoritative voice

If you want your business to always be at the forefront of your competitors, you need to acquire quality backlinks. When your potential customers find your website quoted on other websites and at the top of the search results, your business eventually becomes a more substantial authority dominating the conversations in your field.

Good Backlinks vs. Bad Backlinks

One crucial thing about link building you should consider is that not all backlinks are good. If you want to achieve results from efficient link building, you need to focus on attaining high-quality links from websites with high domain authority and not just only on gaining links from random websites. Let’s analyze the difference between a good backlink vs a bad backlink.

Good Backlinks

A good backlink is a relevant outbound link to any trusted and authoritative website viewed as trustworthy. The content on such websites is well-sourced and regularly updated.

The website is used to source the backlinks to offer a quality user experience to the users. Simply building links from websites that only focus on loading content with no meaningful information is a waste.

For example, for blogs in an environmental niche, if you attain backlinks from authoritative websites such as, Environmental Protection Agency website, and other such websites, you can be assured of gaining quality backlinks.

Next, focus on the anchor links of the website. A specific, clear anchor text is a win-win for both the viewer and the search engines. Include hyperlinks where the anchor text is more specific and directive to your website.

Bad Backlinks

While there are no fixed rules on choosing which backlinks are bad and of poor quality, here are a few common clues you can look for when choosing websites to attain backlinks from:

It may look spammy if a website has backlinks that are only sourced from a single site. The key is to actively strategize to build strong backlinks from multiple authoritative websites.

If these backlinks are not visible to the users, you will not direct the traffic to your websites. Often backlinks are hidden by different manipulation techniques such as text font changes, background colors, and more. This strategy is called the “black hat SEO strategy, ” defying Google’s Best Practices in Link Building.

If the links are sourced from spammy communities, which have too many off-topic discussions or are not relevant to the industry, it can also be a bad backlink.

Top 10 Link-Building Case Studies on Link Building

Now that we know the importance of link building to rank your website, let’s jump right to the top strategies businesses use to acquire the best backlinks and drive ROI to their websites.

243% Increase in Organic Traffic Using Link-Building

link-building case studies

The Mattress Nerd is built to offer consumers a range of stress-free, durable, and fun mattresses designed to improve consumers’ quality of sleep. Their challenges included:

  • Low domain authority
  • Struggle with ranking higher in the SERPs
  • Low organic traffic on the website
  • Struggle with getting links from high-domain websites

The agency associated with Mattress Nerd for the link-building venture was Sure Oak. They started with creating a comprehensive link-building strategy designed to boost the domain authority and contextual links of the website.

The strategy also included some on-page SEO elements to boost the organic traffic of the keywords stated on the web pages. This case study is worth reading as it helps a business from scratch and low domain authority build its rapport over time and gain backlinks from high domain authority websites.

The Mattress nerd witnessed a hike of 243% in their organic traffic from November 1 to April. They also managed to attain over 10 links within the first 6 months, which resulted in a traffic rise of a whopping 243%.

Read the full Case Study here

2000% Increase in Organic Traffic (Why Link Building Still Works)

link-building case studies

Keyword optimization is the first thing most people think of when we talk about ranking higher on Google. Getting higher ranks on Google is a blend of multiple aspects, and link building has an essential contribution to it.

This case study of David Farkas discusses the importance of link building and how his website received a vast hike in organic traffic and rankings on google only within the first six months of link building.

He also mentions how he started with only keyword optimization and content creation, but there wasn’t much luck, and his website did not rank well in the SERPs. However, it is the link-building strategy that built links from the most reputed sources that have helped his website rank high on the SERPs.

Read the full Case Study here

11X Traffic in 4 Months with Strategic Link-Building

link-building case studies

In this case study, Chris Tzitzis, the co-founder of an SEO, demonstrates how an efficient link-building strategy helped gain an 11x hike in the site’s traffic within just 4 months. The website’s main keyword ranked from #7 to #1 overnight, with a rise of 2,000% increase in website traffic.

According to his case study, linking back to the homepage made the ultimate difference in the rise of the website’s metrics. His link-building strategy also aims for a backlink and anchor diversity which has helped the website grow as most of the links were linked from renowned sources.

Read the full Case Study here.

Skyscraper Technique in Link-Building That Increases Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days

link-building case studies

Link building isn’t the same for all. Some strategies may work for your website, while some don’t. This is one such strategy that has proven to work for a blog on Backlinko. The blog was posted in 2013, and since then, the traffic has been decent.

However, recently, when the blog’s author started with the skyscraper technique that helps build quality links, the search traffic of the entire website shot up by doubled in just 14 days! Furthermore, that single post received more than 2 million referral visits.

His main goal was to create link-worthy quality content, upgrade it to the latest information and reach out to the right people. Out of 160 emails that he wrote to build links to his website, he received about 17 links, an 11% success rate. Needless to say, the links were from websites with high DA, and the benefits were inexplicable!

To get a detailed analysis of this straightforward yet effective strategy, you need to check out this case study right here. Who knows, this might be the ideal link-building strategy that can work for your website.

Read the full Case Study here

Viral Research Paper Earns 170 Links with DA 80+

link-building case studies

Shorr Packaging Corp. offers various design and packaging services for its customers. They approached a digital marketing agency for building links from high DA websites right from scratch.

With a $10,000 budget split between content creation, media outreach, and research, the website gained about 170 backlinks from reputed websites such as Forbes, Inc., CNBC, Entrepreneur, and others.

Their return on investment for the entire campaign was 11,324%. Crazy, right? 46% of their keywords ranked within the top 3 searches on google, and their outreach efforts resulted in placements in 66 national publications, which significantly contributed to their growth in search results.

Read the full Case Study here

Pet Insurance Company Increases Organic Traffic by 773% in Just 3 Months

pet insurance bivvy

Bivvy is a pet insurance company that offers insurance services to pet owners. Their main goal was to direct organic traffic to their key pages and backlinks from high-domain authority websites.

They started by working on generating more backlinks to the primary web pages of Bivvy with strategic link building and then worked on their blog posts to increase their traffic gradually.

The whole case study elaborates on the entire process of how within 14 months, Bivvy’s domain authority increased from 14 to 30, their organic traffic grew 773.58%, and their referring domains increased by 2,800%

Read the full Case Study here

How an e-learning Startup Received a 193% Increase in their Organic Traffic with Link-Building

linkdoctor case study muzigal

Muzigal is a global music platform that offers users to learn any form of music online through comprehensive training sessions. Their main objectives were to increase online subscriptions as most of their revenue was based on subscriptions and gain a competitive advantage over the peer websites.

Their strategy was highly diversified and aligned with the brand’s requirements. It was mainly dedicated to building efficient links for the website and enhancing its SEO. They focused on building good quality links and diversified the anchor texts based on their strategy.

They also worked on acquiring backlinks with outreach efforts. Their efforts resulted in a 600% increase in organic keyword volumes and a 193% increase in organic traffic in just a few months.

Read the full Case Study here

A Blend of Link-Building Strategy and Content Marketing that Helped in a 577% Increase in Organic Traffic and Quality Leads

One of the common challenges every business encounters is a lack of qualified leads from the traffic generated with organic and paid ads. If you face a similar problem, this case study can enlighten you on your next steps.

Industrial Defender is an OT and cybersecurity provider that deployed software and tools to some of the biggest companies in Australia, the Middle East, and Europe. However, they struggled with generating qualified leads, no keywords ranking on their website, and inefficient on-page SEO practices.

They approached a link-building agency that started from a website audit to analyze the website and carve out a personalized link-building strategy. The focus was on building backlinks from high DA websites and improving their content strategy. The results after a few months were spectacular!

They started with keywords ranking from positions 11 to 100, and after three months with this strategy, their website was on page 1 with an increase in the sales qualified leads for their business. Their organic traffic increased by more than 500% compared to their initial statistics.

Read the full Case Study here

A Massive 582% Organic Growth Rise with Link-Building and On-site Optimization

Responsify is an inbound marketing agency that helps B2B and software companies grow their revenue and metrics through content marketing and other inbound marketing services.
The focus was to use link building to increase the website’s DA and revamp its digital presence with a more optimized solution.

The SEO agency they were associated with started with a technical audit of the website to analyze the website’s requirements and went on with their link-building strategy.

Their main focus was to acquire links from three different sectors – healthcare marketing, ed-tech marketing, and inbound marketing. Multiple guest posts were written along with other strategies to increase the number of quality links for Responsify.

By the end of a few months, they managed to acquire 345 linking domains, a DA of 30, and a 582% increase in the monthly organic traffic for the website.

Read the full Case Study here.

How Link-Building Helps Targeted Keywords Rank 1 in the Google SERPs

Associations Online or AMO is an association management platform that offers a variety of services to companies for facilitating active memberships and administrative functionalities.

Their concern was poor organic traffic, no qualified leads that contributed to their revenue, and a lack of an efficient content strategy. They started working with a link-building company.

The action plan comprised a comprehensive SEO audit, content strategy, acquiring backlinks from reputed sources, and tweaking existing marketing processes wherever required.

Post this strategy, some of the keywords that ranked higher for their website include:

  • Association management software – From 33 to 3
  • Association membership software – From 42 to 4
  • Association management systems – Position 1

This website is currently receiving 4x more traffic than before and higher quality leads that contributed to their revenue.

Read the full Case Study here

Final Thoughts on Link Building

The best part about link building is that it works for every industry. The only goal is to be persistent with the link-building efforts, get an efficient link-building strategy, acquire good quality backlinks from reputed sources and be patient. Since the link-building results are not overnight, often website owners tend to give up.

A good link-building strategy can cover up to 10x your expenses on average marketing strategies. Since it promises long-term success, you can explore different strategies such as HARO (Help a Reporter Out), an efficient strategy for link building.

These are just a few link-building case studies that prove the efficiency of this strategy. It is now time to kickstart your link-building strategy by associating with a good link-building company and carving out a customized strategy for your requirements.

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