9 Best Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics in Your SaaS

Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics

Are you interested in getting a better understanding of how your users interact with your SaaS product? Tracking user analytics can help you make informed decisions on improving your product, increasing conversions, and better serving your customers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best tools to track traffic and user analytics in your SaaS product. We’ll discuss why tracking user analytics is essential, and which tools are available to do that.

9 Best Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics in Your SaaS

With the right analytics, you’ll have the insight you need to create a better user experience and grow your SaaS business. Read on to learn more about the best tools to track and analyze traffic and user analytics in your SaaS.

1. Google Analytics – De Facto Standard

Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics

Google Analytics is a free online service to track data related to visitors’ activities on your site. Starting with Google Analytics Basics, you can improve can optimize your website, and boost revenue year-over-year.

Google Analytics will help in building a successful SEO campaign as it will help you track the performance of your initiatives. You can also measure the traffic against specific keywords, thus you have the opportunity to build your marketing plan around the most beneficial keywords.

2. Segment

Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics

Segment is a popular choice when it comes to customer data platforms (CDP). It helps simplify and streamline the data collection process while providing tools that make it easier for companies to transform, send, and archive the data they hold.

Segment saves developers time spent coding and connecting solutions and helps them focus more on the data itself. Data enrichment is possible by tying Segment into your other tools, like your data warehouse, and you can even monitor performance, use it to inform decisions, and create very personalized user experiences with the help of unified data, identity resolution tools, and more.

3. MixPanel

Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics

Mixpanel is an analytics platform that can be deployed for both mobile devices and the web. It takes an unconventional analytics approach by reviewing and measuring actions taken by individuals who have entered a user’s app or system. Mixpanel was specifically made to fully enable organizations, no matter how big or small, to effectively monitor and analyze customer behavior.

Thanks to the platform, tracking customer behavior is easier than ever for businesses, even if they’re on a limited time and budget. It runs on Mobile Analytics that allows users to write emails as opposed to making SQL commands in their app’s data. Users can now achieve the answers they want without prior technical experience. The software’s query visualization tool makes it simple to generate emails.

4. Heap

Tools to Track Traffic and User Analytics

Heap was founded in 2012 with a “capture everything” approach. Its analytics product was born out of the need to analyze data without having to write tracking code first. It does this by capturing all data up front, then allowing the user to analyze it later. It allows users to retroactively define events and conversions. This is a handy feature, especially in situations where deliverables are ever-evolving.

Heap has a low (zero) cost of tagging maintenance, as every user event is tracked out-of-the-box, thus no need for custom tagging. All reports are 100% real-time and are optimized for complicated web and mobile applications out of the box.

5. FullStory

image 58

FullStory records the live session of the user who uses the FullStory integrated web application, It records lots of other useful metrics which can be used for analysis these metrics can be customized. The integration of FullStory into the product is simple and easy due to the good documentation and good customer support. It provides some inbuilt analysis trends which are pretty useful. FullStory provides API for data extraction.

6. Amplitude

image 59

Amplitude is a top data analytics platform that allows various businesses to monitor visitors and their website interactions using behavioral reports to offer extensive insights. Unlike Google Analytics monitoring, Amplitude analytics tracking happens on a real-time basis.

Amplitude’s product list is split into several categories, including Behavioral Analytics Platform, Amplitude Engage, account-level analysis, taxonomy data governing, SQL access for custom queries, and much more.

7. Microsoft Clarity (Free)

image 60

Microsoft Clarity is a free analytics tool with a focus on user behavior to help you make sense of how users are interacting with your website features. The easy-to-use platform provides analysis on four main areas of your website – session playbacks, heatmaps, insights, and proven scalability in a clear, visual format to help you to improve your website’s performance.

Microsoft Clarity was created to make user analytics easy and give people the benefit of visual representations of user experience (UX) data to help to crystalize exactly why key metrics like ‘bounce rate’ and ‘time on page’ are currently the way they are and what you should look to refine them.

8. LiveSession

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LiveSession helps you analyze users’ behavior, improve UX, find bugs, and increase conversion rates using session replays, and event-based product analytics. It gives you full control of what part of the page and application is recorded. We are GDPR and CCPA-compliant.

You can also use LiveSession with your favorite apps to get the full potential of your software stack and take advantage of all the necessary tools LiveSession provides you with to enhance your website’s UI.

9. HotJar (Heat Mapping Tool)

image 62

Hotjar is a product experience insights tool that gives you behavior analytics and feedback data to help you empathize with and understand your customers through tools like Heatmaps, Session Recordings, Surveys, and a Feedback widget.

Hotjar complements the data and insights you get from traditional product and web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Mixpanel. It’s an industry-leading and easy-to-use service that combines product experience insights, user behavior analysis, and customer feedback to help you connect the dots between what’s happening on your site, and why it happens.

Wrapping Up

Tracking user analytics and traffic is essential for your SaaS business. The right tools can help you measure and analyze user data, understand the performance of your product, and optimize your marketing strategies. Whether you choose Google Analytics, Mixpanel, or any other analytics tool, make sure it offers the features you need and provides actionable insights.

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