Landing Page Optimization: Best Practices, Tips, Tools


Are your conversion rates reducing every day irrespective of every marketing strategy you use for your landing page? It’s probably time to optimize your landing page now. Businesses should regularly monitor their metrics and optimize their landing pages to gain the highest conversion rates.

However, optimizing landing pages is never an easy task if you do not know the right tips and best practices. Hence, here is a complete guide on the best practices, tips, and tools for landing page optimization to increase the ROI for your businesses. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

What Exactly is Landing Page Optimization?

Landing page optimization is a simple process of optimizing and enhancing different elements on the landing page for the PPC visitors. Instead of redesigning the entire page, you adjust a few elements based on data and metrics to maximize the number of visitors and conversions on your landing page. 

Landing page optimization is solely used for generating more conversions and ROI from your PPC campaigns. Furthermore, optimizing your landing page will also help generate higher quality lead scores. This is because the visitors attracted to your landing page will be relevant to your business. Most of the time they are willing to invest in your business if the landing page and other factors of your website are compelling enough. 

Before Optimizing Landing Pages, Identify Potential Problems

The first step to start with landing page optimization is to identify the problems in your landing page that contribute to the low conversion rates to your business. One of the best ways to understand such potential problems is by using a heat map. 

Heat maps are visual data reports that show different metrics about your landing page. Starting from their choice with the call to action or their entire experience on the landing page. It can help you identify elements in your landing page that could be the sole reason your visitors click away from your landing page and not make the purchase. 

You can also try analyzing a scroll map, confetti map, overlay report, and other such analytics that offer great insights about the landing page of a website. It can help you identify how a potential customer scrolls through the landing page, the elements they closely look into, and many more. 

14 Landing Page Best Practices to Improve Your Conversions

The best possible way to optimize your landing page is to follow the best practices and strong data about your target audience and business. With this combination, you can easily optimize and redesign your landing page to its full potential and attract the most qualified leads to your business.

Let’s check out the best practices for optimizing your landing page to improve your conversions.

#1 Have a Customer-Centric Goal

If you want your landing page to bring more conversions, you need to start by helping customers feel positive about your brand. If they do not trust your business or rely on it, there is no way you can score a customer for your business. 

The key here is to make your customers feel smart, appreciated, inspired, and excited to try out your business equally. Once you start valuing your customers, the outcome is 10x the ROI. 

Start by considering your customer’s goal and expectations upon investing in your business. Next, turn them into a compelling headline.,

For example, check out the landing page of Elegant Themes. Here they have used words like powerful, most popular, etc., which are strong words that encourage users to invest in their platform. Similarly, their headline talks about the Most Powerful WordPress Themes in the world, which is something their prospective customers would look for while they search. Such statements can help them feel confident and positive about their decisions. 


#2 Go Minimalist

If your landing page is going overboard with elements, your visitor may get overwhelmed and confused with the long list of options. Having a cluttered landing page can easily drive them away. 

You need to convey your message with your landing page in a minimalistic manner. It also helps enhance the user experience of your landing page since the more organized and simple your landing page is, the easier it is to navigate through the complete page.

Dropbox is one of the best examples that convey their brand details while having the right balance of CTAs and other elements. 


#3 Try Contrasting Colors

As basic as it may sound, the potential of colors is priceless. If you manage to utilize the right contrasting colors to your landing page, you can find a visible difference in your conversion rates. 

When you check the landing page of dropbox in the previous example, you can find them using two different contrasting colors for their CTAs: Try it for free. This can help emphasize more on the CTA buttons while making them pop and encouraging them to click on them. 

#4 Keep the Important Part Above the Fold

You may have observed the most exciting and latest stories were always placed on the first page of any newspaper with prominent headlines. Do you know why? To encourage customers to buy the newspaper even without reading the whole news! The headline on the first page made all the difference. 

Similarly, with your landing page, focus on keeping the elements at the point, persuading the user to scroll down to get more important info about it. Use a scroll map to find the average fold of your landing page and place the elements strategically. You can also try to add some discounts or offers running on the fold to make your visitors scroll further and learn more about it.

#5 Use Scarcity Phrases

Scarcity or urgency phrases are some of the best marketing bets used by different businesses. Terms like “limited time,” “limited quantity,” etc., make a great impact in minds to compel them to act quickly as per the CTA. 

For example, here’s an offer with a scarcity phrase on the landing page of Elegant Themes wherein the offer of a 10% discount on the membership is available only for 24 hours. They have also set a timer as a visual element right along with it to emphasize more on urgency and compel the visitors to act accordingly.


#6 Have a Straightforward Call to Action Button

Visitors do not want to get confused or stressed when they visit your landing page. Don’t use a call to action with tough jargon that everybody cannot read and understand. Ensure to keep your offer clear with the call to action and use the simplest phrases possible such as :

  • Join to Download
  • Join Now
  • Enroll from here
  • Click here
  • Try Dropbox for Free

#7 Provide Contact Information

You can expect a few doubts or queries from your customers when they visit your landing page. This is precisely why you should add your contact details right at the top of the landing page to ensure they can easily get prompt resolution with just a single click on the same page. You can also add resource centers with tutorials, guides, blogs, FAQs, etc., that offer relevant information about your services. 

Here‘s an example of a landing page from Hostgator. You can find the contact numbers prominently mentioned right at the top of the page, which is available 24*7 for any assistance with their services.


#8 Try a Variety of Headlines and Copies

There is no strict rule for creating a landing page. Not every headline and CTA may work for every business. What may work for their businesses may not work the same for yours. The way your customers perceive your landing page is way different than other companies.

Hence, you need to explore your options and unleash your creativity while creating your landing page. Try different text fonts for headlines, images, videos into your landing page, which resonate with your audience. Next, make two or more copies and try A/B testing to understand which one works best for your customers and how they engage with the different elements of the landing page. Doing this will help invest only in the high-performing landing page elements and bring the maximum ROI.

05 a b testing

#9 Stay Consistent

Not just your landing page, but this rule applies to almost every aspect of your brand. The most crucial factor in building a credible and authentic brand is to have a consistent brand voice. 

Ensure to maintain a visual and brand messaging consistency throughout your landing page that resonates with your brand well. Your landing page should look similar to your homepage and other web pages. Otherwise, your potential customers may get confused, resulting in clicking away from your landing page.

#10 Add testimonials to encourage your visitors

To convert your visitors into customers, you need to encourage them to choose your business. They need to be confident about your services and their investment before the purchase. This is why you should add a few testimonials or case studies from your previous customers to convey how your services work and how it has helped your previous customers achieve their goals. 

Suppose you have a startup and do not have many testimonials to display. In that case, you can invest more in the feedback mechanisms to encourage your previous customers to share their experience with your business. 

#11 Try Different Form Lengths

Short forms may work well for a few businesses, whereas long forms can be ideal for others. If your service or product is slightly more expensive than usual, long forms can be the ideal choice since they can help understand the target audiences more. 

For example, apart from asking the visitor’s email address, you can also ask for their budget to understand their expectations from your business and give them a possible solution for the same. 

#12 Optimize for SEO

One of the basic yet very often overlooked aspects of creating a landing page is optimizing it for SEO. You need your landing page to be visible to your prospects whenever they look for services that your business offers. 

Try implementing specific keywords into your headlines and other landing page areas to make it rank higher in the SERPs. You can try tools like UberSuggest and Google Keyword Planner to find such potential keywords for SEO.

For example, if you search with the email marketing tools keyword on Google, you can find a long list of platforms that offer email marketing services. They are on the first rank of the organic search results since they have done their SEO well. This applies to every industry.

06 email marketing tools example for SEO optimization

#13 Try an exit pop up

An exit pop-up appears on your landing page whenever the visitor is about to exit the page or switch to another tab. This is one of the ultimate ways to seal that conversion. Hence, it is highly important to keep it concise and attractive. 

Use a combination of a strong headline, CTA, and visuals to curate your exit pop-up and ensure it is profitable to your audience. 

Here’s an exit pop-up from Andyokay that displayed right when we tried to exit their website.

07 andyokay exit pop up example

#14 Keep A/B testing as the top priority in everything

Like we mentioned before, you need to test every element and version of your landing page multiple times to find the best-performing ones. With A/B testing, you can collect data and understand which elements have brought the most amount of impact to your landing page conversion. This will help you optimize your landing page properly to bring better results to your business.

What Landing Page Optimization Tools You Should Use

Now that we have discussed the best practices of optimizing your landing page for your business let’s check out a few landing page optimization tools that can help you with the complete landing page optimization process and bring you the best results. 

#1 Instapage


Instapage is one of the leading landing page optimization tools that offers a flexible and intuitive optimization experience with building blocks and their WYSIWYG editor. The entire interface and work are very beginner-friendly and don’t require any tech skills to optimize the landing pages. It offers different features which help in the complete process starting from research and identifying the flaws in the landing page to the final A/B testings. It also helps in optimizing the landing page for SEO for maximum discoverability.

Key features:

  • Data quantification
  • Heatmaps
  • A/B testing
  • Domain integration
  • Session replays
  • Monitoring
  • Segmentation
  • Seo

Pricing plans:

You can either get a custom quote based on your business requirements with the Converting plan or choose the Building plan, which costs $299/month.

#2 Hotjar

09 hotjar

Hotjar is another very popular landing page optimization tool that is perfect for startups. They offer landing page optimization services at very affordable rates, which is a big advantage for newly grown startups. Most of their features are similar to Instapage. However, the only downside of Hotjar is its visual reports. It is definitely not easy to read and comprehend the reports well by a beginner. Hence, you may need additional help here. Besides that, Hotjar is very user-friendly and makes the entire landing page optimization process simple and quick.

Key features:

  • Data quantification
  • Seo optimization
  • Surveys and feedbacks
  • Click tracking and mouse behavior for exit pop-ups

Pricing plans

  • Basic: Free
  • Plus: $39/month
  • Business: $99/month
  • Scale: $389/month

#3 Optimizely

10 optimizely

Optimizely offers a comprehensive set of digital experience optimization technologies suitable to optimize your landing page for your complete website to maximize the user experience. It also offers multiple testing services such as multivariate testing, A/B testing, AI-powered personalization, experimentation, server-side testing, and many more, ensuring that your landing page works the best for your business.

Key features:

  • Customer profile segmentation
  • Cart abandonment messages
  • AI personalization engine
  • Product recommendations
  • Comprehensive statistics using AI
  • Beginner-friendly visual editor

Pricing plans

You can get a custom quote from the Optimizely team based on your business requirements.

#4 LeadPages

11 leadpages

LeadPage is a leading page optimization tool that is preferable for small businesses and startups. Apart from landing pages, it helps build websites, pop-ups, alert bars, and many more. You can also analyze and measure the performance of your landing page via real-time analytics, split tests, and other intuitive features of LeadPages.

Key features:

  • Drag and drop builder for easier landing page building process
  • SEO optimization for landing pages
  • Web analytics
  • Customize the custom codes for the landing pages
  • Additional services like email marketing, domain integrations, etc.

Pricing plans

  • Standard: $37/month
  • Pro: $79/month

#5 Popupsmart

12 popupsmart

Popupsmart is an intuitive landing page optimization tool focused mainly on maximizing the lead generation rates for a business. This no-code popup builder tool helps businesses collect email leads, enhance engagement, increase sales via opt-in forms, popups, sticky bars, etc. If you feel the popups are the only thing lacking in your landing pages, Popupsmart is an ideal choice to create attractive popups for your landing pages.

Key features:

  • Video popup, image popup, etc
  • Mobile friendly
  • Advanced targeting for building landing pages such as geolocation, exit internet, URL browsing, etc
  • Readymade popup templates which can be easily customized
  • Autoresponder email to subscribers

Pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Basic: $29/month 
  • Pro: $79/month
  • Expert: $129/month

Why is My Landing Page Not Converting?

There could be multiple reasons why your landing page is failing to convert. However, one of the prime reasons could be a miscommunication with the prospects. Half of the businesses do not even know the specific needs and requirements for their target audience and create landing pages over a generalized view. 

If you want the landing page to convert, you need to anticipate your prospect’s needs, desires, expectations, and interests. 

Some more reasons why your landing page is not converting could be unintuitive designs, poor headlines, unrecognizable CTAs, cluttered pages, inconsistency in the landing page copy, and many more.

The best way to approach all of these flaws in your landing page is to follow the best practices we mentioned above and make it customer-centric.

What is a Good Conversion Rate for Landing Pages?

When it comes to measuring and judging the success of your landing page, you need to focus on the improvement of the metrics. The ideal conversion rate of the best landing pages is up to 27.4%. However, it varies across different industries. If your conversion rates stay consistent, your landing page isn’t bringing any results.

The more web traffic you gain from your landing pages, the better are your conversions from visitors to customers. Hence, the key is to focus on the relation between traffic and correlation while keeping the target audience into prime consideration while creating the landing pages for your business.


Landing page optimization is not an overnight process. It takes months of hard work and consistency to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of every element of your landing page and optimize it according to the customers. With the best practices, tips, and tools, you can easily optimize your landing page to its full potential. 

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