30 Best Headlines Examples to Rally Your New Customers

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Did you know that all you need to make your prospect click on your link or website is the best headlines? Yes. You heard it right. An effective headline can be the ultimate gamechanger and the only difference to making your brand go viral! 

However, creating good headlines can sometimes be infuriating. Especially, when content curation is a long-term strategy. Hence, we have accumulated and shared 30 exciting and engaging examples of the best headlines that have proven to grab attention in every industry!

Why Great Headlines are Important?

Be it blog posts, social media posts, invitations to sign up for an email newsletter to your landing page, a strong and compelling headline can make the ultimate difference to your business in no time. 

If your headline is not catchy enough for your readers, they will simply exit your website in a mere fraction of seconds, resulting in a higher bounce rate. The headlines essentially make the first pitch to the customers. Hence, it is important to create headlines that convince customers to act accordingly and invest in your online business!

The Best Headlines and Examples

Writing headlines isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a few tricks that work better for businesses, and we will discover them with the help of a few examples of the best headlines of all time to understand the implementation. Let’s get started already.

Try______ and Get ___________

These headlines are similar to challenges or invitations. Here you ask the audience to try out the challenge and get something even more beneficial in return. Such headlines are great for persuading readers into taking action by simply luring them with the results beforehand.


  • Can’t Sleep? Try These Tips to Get a Better Night’s Rest – an example from Discover Magazine above.
  • Try Keto to Lose More Weight
  • Want to Get Rid of Hair Fall? Try This Home Remedy and Get Stronger Hair

__________ vs. ________ : Which is _______?

Such headlines can actively bring curiosity to the readers. This is also a great choice for tech pages since it compares two different products, which can help customers’ purchasing decisions. 


  • IOS vs. Android: Which is better?
  • Cardio vs. weight lifting: Which is more effective?
  • iPhone 12 Pro vs. iPhone 13: Which is better?

Are You Still Doing _________? You Might Regret It

This headline has the potential to drive fear and curiosity within readers. They will be more curious to read more and click on the link with such headlines. You can easily change a few words and implement them for both serious and light-hearted topics.


  • Still Consuming Junk Food? You Might Regret It if You Still Do
  • Are You Still in a Toxic Relationship? Read This Otherwise You Might Regret It
  • Still Skipping Meals to Lose Weight? You Will End up Gaining Even More

Here’s What You Do Not Know About _______ That Could ______

Add a very controversial result at the end of the headline, and you can easily build more engagement by striking the reader’s curiosity. Here you are letting your audience know that they are doing a blender by not clicking on the link and educating themselves on the topic, which is a very smart move to attract more readers.


  • Here’s What You Don’t Know about Paranormal Investigations That Could Blow Your Mind
  • Marketers, Here’s What You Didn’t Know About SEO That Can Drive Away Your Customers
  • Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Feeding Your Dog More Treats 

How To (Accomplish a goal) In (Short span of time)

Believe it or not. Consumers tend to rely more on quick fixes nowadays. They search for quicker results on the internet instead of long-term outcomes. Even though this may not be the ideal choice, you can always leverage such headlines to strike their needs and give them a solution for quicker achievements!


  • How to Gain Healthy Wight in One Month with Wise Food Choices – an example from Muscle & Fitness.
  • Eat These 18 Healthy Foods: How to Back in Shape in 7 Days!
  • How To Build a Skill In Less Than 30 Minutes?

How to (Gain benefit) Without (Less Investment)

Just like short-term outcomes, people love to spend little to no effort and still get things done. This is true in almost every niche. In such cases, you can attract more audiences by mentioning how they need not spend or invest much for the outcome.


  • How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle
  • Best Free Online Master’s Degree: How To Get a Degree Without Taking a Loan
  • How To Land Your Dream Job Without Networking?

The Unbelievably Easy Way To (Accomplish the goal)

As we said, readers tend to search for the easiest and the quickest ways to reach their goals. Think of an appealing accomplishment under your niche and use it with this headline to attract a massive chunk of the audience in no time!


  • The Unbelievably Easy Way To Get Your Degree Without Getting Into Debt
  • Lose Weight without A Diet? Here is The Unbelievably Easy Way to Do That!
  • The Unbelievably Easy Way To Pass by Studying The Last Day Before The Exam

The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding(Common mistake)

Just like achieving quick and easy results in a short time, people also look for guaranteed solutions. Nobody likes uncertainties and the unknown. Hence, striking the pain points and offering a solution can be a great move to attract the audience.


  • The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding Student Debt
  • Stop Procrastinating! Here is The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding It
  • The Guaranteed Method For Avoiding Work Stress And Burnout

10 Things (Something interesting under your niche) Says About You

People love to know more and discover more about themselves. You can find such people taking quizzes just to know more about themselves. You can command their attraction by sharing your insights about their choices with this headline.


  • 10 Things Your SunSign Says About You
  • This Is What Your Zodiac Element Says About You
  • 10 Things Your First Job Says About You

10 Little Known Ways To (Accomplish a goal)

This headline is another way to grab more attention of readers by mentioning their goals and objectives. Here you are mentioning the rare ways to reach the objective by subtly focussing on the trigger.


  • 10 Little-Known Ways To Reach 6 figure Salary This Month
  • 11 Little-Known Ways to Make Money in Your Off-Hours
  • 10 Little-Known Ways To Get 6 Pack Abs

The Scientifically Proven Formula For (Accomplish a goal)

This headline also avoids an actionable way to reach the desired outcomes but with scientific proof. Hence, if your copy has scientific statistics and reports, this headline can be the ideal choice for you.


  • 15 Scientifically-Proven Things That Will Make You Happier
  • The Scientifically Proven Formula To Land On Your Dream Job in 30 Days
  • The Scientifically Proven Formula to Get Your First High Paying Client

X Lessons I learned From ________________

Most people prefer to trust others who have already walked down the same lane and tried out the tips. In simple terms, People love to know about experiences before investing in something uncertain. Such headlines can help in demonstrating lessons you learned and are willing to share with your readers.


best headlines example 08
  • 3 Lessons I Learned From Buying My Instagram Followers
  • I’m Not Eating Enough Calories: 7 Lessons I Learned
  • 3 Lessons Learned from Our Marketing Automation

9 Out of 10 (members of a group) Can’t/Don’t ________. Are You One of Them?

Numbers can easily grab the attention of readers. Hence, headlines with numbers and such controversial statements can easily attract audiences!


  • 9 in 10 People Can’t Pass This English Quiz. Can You?
  • 9 out of 10 People Are Willing to Earn Less Money to Do More-Meaningful Work
  • 9 out of 10 Scholars Don’t Get a Scholarship. Are You One of Them?

Are You Still Wasting Money on ____________(Anything that is already a hype)

Such headlines easily grab attention since it focuses on a common problem that most people do. It can be used for different industries and imply a serious threat to the reader, resulting in more click-through rates.


  • Are You Still Wasting Money on Lifetime Software?
  • Still Wasting Money on Cardio?
  • Are You Still Wasting Money on Fixed Deposits?

People Regularly Pay Me (Amount) For this – But You Can Have it for FREE.

People love free stuff, and this headline triggers audiences to lure them into attending a webinar signing up for your business’s email newsletters, etc. Such headlines are also well suited for landing pages of businesses.


  • People Regularly Pay Me $50 For this – But You Can Have it for FREE
  • You Can Have it for FREE! – While People Regularly Pay Me $1000 For This
  • People Regularly Pay Me $100 For this – But You Can Have it for FREE

How to Make (amount) With Your ________. Step By Step

Step-by-step procedures, especially with such headlines, can help businesses gain more readers since it focuses on earning money, one of the most searched topics on the internet.


  • How to Make $1000 With Your Freelancing. Step By Step.
  • Step by Step on How to Make $500 With Your Computer
  • How to Make $10,000 With Your Artwork. Step By Step

Is (subject) a Potential Scam? Find Out If You Are Putting Your ________________ at Risk!

These headlines discuss a potential risk. Why would anyone even scroll past it if they are already being associated with the topic? This headline can catch the attention in just a fraction of seconds. Use it for different products or procedures. It works for every industry just well!


  • Is Intermittent Fasting a Scam? Find Out If You’re Putting Your Health at Risk!
  • Is Mutual Funds a Scam? Find Out If You’re Putting YourFinances at Risk!
  • Is SIPs a Scam? Find Out If You’re Putting Your Money at Risk!

How Your __________ is Ripping You Off – What to Do Next?

These headlines also focus on a common task that your target audience follows. This headline focuses on adding more scientific or social proof while providing a solution to the issue. 


  • How Your Financial Planner is Ripping You Off – What to Do Next?
  • How Your Diet is Ripping You Off – What to Do Next?
  • How Your Anti Dandruff Shampoo is Ripping You Off – What to Do Next?

X Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your _________

Here you cover points that other articles do not cover, and you can easily bring a lot of traffic to your website. Apart from this, you can also build a better brand authority over time with such headlines.


  • 15 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Metabolism
  • 4 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Finances
  • 3 Little Known Factors That Could Affect Your Share profits

The X Best Ways To Get ______, Without ________

This headline is pretty much similar to the one we covered above about helping people reach their goals without investing. However, this pairs with numbers. Hence, it is much more effective. 


  • The 10 Best Ways To Get 6 Pack Abs Without Going to Gym
  • The 6 Best Ways To Get 6 Digital Salary Without Working For a 9-5 Job
  • The 5 Best Ways To Get Higher Loans Without Having High-Interest Rates.

You are Running Out of _______! Here’s How You Can Fix It!

This headline brings a sense of urgency amongst the readers, and they can get compelled to open the link and check the content irrespective of how busy they are if the point is irresistible enough!


  •  You are Running Out of Sleep! Here’s How You Can Fix It!
  •  You are Running Out of Energy! Here’s How You Can Fix It!
  •  You are Running Out of Years in Life! Here’s How You Can Fix It!

We Need To Talk About __________. It’s a ___________.

Here you are playing with words and focussing on something very specific. You are building more curiosity here by discussing aspects that most people follow.


  • We Need To Talk About News Channels. It’s a Necessary Evil.
  • We Need To Talk About The Latest News Stock Market. It’s a Game Changer.
  • We Need To Talk About Keto Diet. It’s a Fad.

You’ll be __________ if You Miss This Ultimate Guide to __________.

Here focus on how they will suffer if they do not click on your link and read the post. Make it striking and tap the curiosity points well with this headline. This headline has the potential of getting a good amount of traffic to your website.


  • You’ll be Heartbroken if You Miss This Guide to Self-love
  • You’ll be in Debt if You Miss This Guide to Getting Scholarships at Low-Interest Rates
  • You’ll be at a Massive Loss if You Miss Out on This Guide to Investing in the Stock Market.

Why __________?(surprising fact)

If you write something very controversial and exciting in space, you can strike curiosity in many individuals! Often when how-to guides and listicles don’t work, these headlines can do a great job bringing back the audience.


  • Why Your SEO is not DRiving Enough Traffic to Your Website
  • Why You’re Not Losing Weight With Dieting
  • Why Do You End up Failing even After Studying?

X Reasons Why ___________(surprising fact)

This formula is an advanced version of the one mentioned right above. It combines numbers with surprising facts to build more curiosity amongst your readers. This headline works well for even the vaguest topics out of all. Hence, if your topic isn’t very specific, just go ahead with this headline, and you will be good to go.


  • 8 Reasons Why you Should Invest in Bitcoins TODAY
  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business TODAY
  • 11 Reasons How Drinking Lemon Water Can Help to Lose Weight

X (Topic) Goofs/Errors/Mistakes That (Lead to Damage)

Words like errors, goofs, and mistakes are powerful words that can easily grab the reader’s attention. It can easily generate curiosity and encourage readers to click and read more about the topic to prevent damage.


  • 8 Landing Page Mistakes That is Losing Your Customers
  • 10 Common Errors In your Marketing Strategy That is Losing Your Profits
  • 7 Deadly Mistakes That is Causing More Hair Fall

What ________(Celebrity) Can Teach You About ________ (Industry)

People prefer professional advice, especially from celebrities and renowned names, instead of hovering into random posts. If you think your listicles aren’t doing well, choosing such headlines can easily make an impeccable difference in the click-through rates. However, ensure to add only the correct statements made by the celebrities else; you may get into trouble later.


  • What Jeff Bezos Can Teach You About Ecommerce Marketplaces
  • What Steve Jobs Can Teach You About Digital Advertising
  • What Ryan Gosling Can Teach You About Fashion

Behind the Scenes of a _____________

This headline typically works best for blogs and video content since it explains behind-the-scenes, which is one of the most entertaining topics that people love to read in general.


  • Behind the Scenes of a building a Laboratory
  • Behind the Scenes of an Advertising Agency
  • Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Show.

The Ultimate Guide to ___________

Many people do not prefer reading multiple blogs or articles to get their job done. If your blog or article talks about the complete step-by-step process for a certain procedure, this headline can be great for people looking for full guides.


  • The Ultimate Guide To Having Soft Skin
  • The Ultimate Guide to Landing your First High paying Client
  • The Ultimate Guide to Attracting More Customers to your Business

How to Survive Your First ______________

Just like the one mentioned above, here you are again talking about your personal experiences and offering valuable lessons to your audience. Fear is a powerful motivator, and such headlines can make your audience fear about an outcome and click on your link to prevent it!


  • How to Survive Your First Anxiety Attack
  • How to Survive Your First Writer’s Block
  • How to Survive Your First Scholarship Test

How to Write an Effective Headline

Now that we have discussed so many headline examples, you may be wondering what is the right way to write an effective headline and how to adjust the above headline formulas? 

One of the prime factors to creating the best headlines is to strike curiosity within the readers and persuade them to somehow click on the specific link.

To get started, focus on the promise you made while writing the headline. If you promised to give them some little-known facts about anything, ensure to recheck whether other blogs have similar content or not. Focus on your promise and ensure your content delivers the same. 

Here’s a checklist to ensure that you are on the right direction while creating an effective headline:

  • Hit on the pain point or triggers as hard as you can!
  • Start with a promise and make it irresistible!
  • Ask questions or compare between different points. Strike the curiosity
  • Pick up controversial topics. Focus on knowing what’s trending and the current hype
  • Play with language and words. Don’t be too straightforward.

Why You Should Test Different Types of Headlines

There are multiple directions to take your headlines in, as we discussed in the examples stated above. You can either generate curiosity, compare, offer opinions, explain controversies, and so much more!

Since there is never any hard and fast rule in writing headlines, you need to start doing A/B tests to understand what type of headlines bring the maximum traction to your website. Such tests help narrow the options and focus on the best-performing ones instead of wasting time and effort on the others.

How to Test Headlines Step-by-Step

To test your headlines, you either need two or more headlines already ready! If you take two, one should be the control, and the other would be the variation. Once both the headlines are live on your website, wait for a few days to let it generate the traffic. Next, set up A/B testing on both and analyze the metrics. It can help you understand which version works better than the other. 

Similarly, you can test out multiple headlines together and understand which formula, language, or words can attract your audiences better. Likewise, start refining your choices and use only the best for your website in the long run.


Writing headlines can seem daunting. However, with this post of examples, you can easily master the art of writing the most engaging headlines. You can tweak these formulas according to your requirements every time. The key here is to strike the pain points and generate curiosity. You just have a few seconds to make the impression. Post which, they will scroll past your website and never look back. Thus, use the above examples to create the best and the most eye-catching headlines to seal the deal with your customers!

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