35 Best Chrome Extensions for SaaS Marketers

Best Chrome Extensions

As marketers, Chrome extensions can reduce the time and effort spent on repetitive tasks and increase productivity. The biggest advantage of Google Chrome is its huge web store filled with all kinds of different extensions that can make marketers more productive with just a single click.

Although other browsers also have a library of extensions, there is no match to the number of extensions Chrome possesses. In this article, we have shared a curated list of the best Chrome extensions that can be useful for marketers in 2022 and beyond.

The Best Chrome Extensions for SaaS Marketers in 2022

It is challenging to find the best extensions in the Google Web Store since there are many to choose from. Find out which Chrome extensions can give a boost to productivity by reading below.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 114851

Evaboot saves time hours of boring work every week by cleaning and qualifying your lead. This extension will automatically retrieve the session cookies of the websites you’re connected to. it also makes a great alternative for the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 125445

Are you disturbed by all the noises around you? Then, install the Noisli extension where you can listen to your favorite music which will help you to focus on your assigned tasks. There are several options available; you can adjust the background noise according to your preference, or let the extension do it for you.

J2TEAM Security

Screenshot 2022 03 29 125301

J2TEAM Security protects your browser from any virus attack, and it also prevents you from visiting any unsecured websites which might harm your computer. It also provides some additional Facebook-specific privacy settings, including blocking the “seen” option after you read the messages and hiding your last seen.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 125528

ScriptSafe is a Google Chrome extension that not only provides a secure browsing experience but also increases the loading speed of the websites as it does not allow any unwanted script to load. Some other features of ScriptSafe include protection against fingerprinting, WebRTC leaks, content blocking, and many more.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 125748

FlowCrypt Chrome extension allows you to send and receive emails in encrypted form. It ensures that the emails are secure while transit to the receiver. It uses the PGP standard of encryption which is considered highly secure. The extension easily integrates with Gmail, others.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 125857

Bitly extension allows you to shorten the links so that you easily share them with others directly from your browser. It is beneficial for digital marketers as they mostly share links on social media sites.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 125948

BuzzSumo is one of the best tools for social media marketers who want to know how their content is performing. It shows different metrics such as the total number of shares, backlinks, engagement, and many more. You can also do a competitor analysis to find new techniques and strategies that might help your online business.

Pinterest Save Button

Screenshot 2022 03 29 130047

The Pinterest extension is used to save the posts in your boards directly from the browser. It shows multiple items so that you can pin more than one item at a time. This helps in saving a lot of time in gathering pins for your board.

Save to Facebook

Screenshot 2022 03 17 164939

Save to Facebook is an extension that helps to save all the links, photos, videos, of Facebook in one place in your account. It allows you to make Facebook a centralized place so that you can visit exciting content later.

Instagram for Chrome

Screenshot 2022 03 17 165259

Are you an Instagram user who likes to check the notifications on their mobile phones? With the help of Instagram for Chrome extension, you can check what’s happening in your Instagram account directly from the browser without having to look at your phone.

Invideo for Youtube

Screenshot 2022 03 29 130137

Invideo is a Chrome extension that enhances your YouTube viewing experience. It helps you to skip the video to your favorite part. With the help of the subtitles, it makes the whole video searchable. It is handy if you are watching some tutorial online and want to skip to the part you are interested in.

Turn Off the Lights

Screenshot 2022 03 17 165620

Turn Off the Lights is an extension that is very helpful to those who watch a lot of videos online. It fades the webpage leaving the video you are watching which gives a better viewing experience. It works on most of the video streaming sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Youku, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and others.

Dark Reader

Screenshot 2022 03 29 130255

Dark Reader is a chrome extension that switches the entire web page in a dark theme. While surfing a website in the night, you need to click on the Dark Reader extension, and the site will become dark. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, font settings, and many more. If you like keeping the webpage dark, then do use this extension.


Screenshot 2022 03 17 170009

This plugin as its name suggests helps you to style the internet. You can install different themes on different websites including Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more through Stylish. If you like to add color or make your browser more stylish, then this extension is perfect for you.

Save to Pocket

Screenshot 2022 03 17 170234

Save to Pocket is a Chrome extension that allows you to save web pages to read later. Along with a browser extension, it is also available on Android and iOS. If you like reading a lot of articles online, then you can use it to bookmark them so that you can read them later.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 130415

Instapaper is a similar extension to Save to Pocket which you can use to save web pages to read later. It has a minimalistic, and eye-pleasing UI which provides a better reading experience than the other extensions. It is available on Android, iOS, Kindle, and others.

Evernote Web Clipper

Screenshot 2022 03 29 130535

Evernote Web Clipper is a very helpful extension if you are already using the Evernote service. It not only helps to bookmark a particular webpage but also saves the entire page offline to view later. It is one of the best extensions for taking notes, saving articles, and screenshots.


Screenshot 2022 03 17 170945

HoverZoom is a useful Chrome extension that is used to preview thumbnails, videos, photos, and others. When you move your cursor over a particular thing on the webpage, it will show its preview. It is very helpful in viewing images without opening them, or for watching video previews. Once you start using it, the extension will save a lot of your time.

Magic Actions for Youtube

Screenshot 2022 03 17 171124

If you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos, then this extension Magic Actions will be beneficial for you. It has a ton of features such as Auto HD, volume control though mouse, screenshot, day/night switch, and many more. You will like this extension a lot if you watch YouTube videos regularly.

Google Scholar Button

Screenshot 2022 03 17 171620

Google Scholar Button is helpful for students who search only scholarly articles. It allows students to find the source of a scholarly article without opening a new tab. All you need to search in the search box of the extension, and you’ll get all the results directly there.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 130639

MailTrack provides the feature of double-tick similar to WhatsApp. The double-green checkmark ensures that the receiver has read the mail you have sent. The best thing about MailTrack is that it is free to download and use.

Checker Plus

Screenshot 2022 03 21 223314

Checker Plus is a great extension that allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts directly from the Chrome browser. It also shows how many emails are left to be read. With the help of this extension, you can switch between Gmail accounts without opening a new tab. It also works in the background when the browser is closed.

Schedule Email by Cloud HQ

Screenshot 2022 03 22 144116

Schedule Email Chrome extension allows you to schedule the emails on Gmail. Once you have installed the extension, you will see a schedule button beside the “send” button. All you need to do is set the time and date when you want to send the email.

Mailbutler for Gmail

Screenshot 2022 03 29 130744

MailButler For Gmail acts as an assistant to Gmail. It has several amazing features such as email templates, send later options, signatures, notes, tracker, and many more. It also provides an opt-out button which is very useful if you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter. It also has a feature of snooze which hides an email from the front for some time.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 144525

SuperTabs is a very helpful Chrome extension if you have the habit of using too many tabs at once. It allows you to list and switch tabs quickly. You can also search the tabs based on the titles. There are also keyboard shortcuts available that you can use to manage the tabs.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 144757

OneTab is a beneficial Chrome extension that you can use to put the different URLs in the same place. If too many tabs are open, then it is complicated to navigate between them, but with OneTab puts them in a single tab which is great if you are looking for a reference.

Infinity New Tab

Screenshot 2022 03 22 152432

Infinity New Tab is a Chrome extension that has a feature known as a speed dial in which it has massive icon-based shortcuts of the most visited websites of yours. The icons can be customized according to your requirements, and you can also add some of the productivity widgets such as to-do lists, and others.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 130839

With the help of the Start.me extension, you can convert each tab into your dashboard. You can organize the dashboard with bookmarks, widgets, news feeds, images, videos, and many more. You can also use this extension to maintain your daily schedule online.

Earth View

Screenshot 2022 03 22 152719

The Earth View Chrome extension makes your browser prettier. Whenever you open a new tab, you would get a satellite image of some popular travel destination. It makes your tab beautiful and broadens your geographic skills every time you surf the internet.

The Great Suspender

Screenshot 2022 03 22 152926

If you have opened too many tabs, then your browser eats up your system memory. The Great Suspender extension allows you to use as many tabs as you need without taking up much system memory. The extension suspends the tabs after a while of non-usage. It also provides the option to suspend the tabs manually. It also prevents the tabs from reloading when you open Chrome again.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 153128

The MozBar Chrome extension provides the details and insights of a website with just a single click. With its help, you can find the website’s search engine ranking, domain authority, page authority, backlink details, and many more. It is a very helpful tool for all SEO marketers who want to improve their website’s online presence.

Check My Links

28 of the Best SEO Tools for Auditing Monitoring Your Website in 2021 Nov 04 2021 09 24 04 92 PM

Check My Links Google Chrome extension allows you to scan the website and let you know which links are working and which are not. Marketers use this extension to ensure that the website is functioning correctly. You can also use this tool for checking other sites’ broken links to get more backlinks.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 160858

NoFollow Chrome extension allows you to index web pages that have a nofollow meta tag. The search engine does not crawl the NoFollow links; therefore it is really helpful to know whether the external sites are giving a NoFollow or a DoFollow link. You can also use the NoFollow links of the pages that you don’t want to crawl by the search engines such as the landing, and thank you page. The NoFollow links are highlighted in red as you can see in the above image.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 130953

SEOquake is a Chrome extension developed by SEMrush which shows important metrics of a website including Alexa rank, Google index, backlinks, Facebook likes, and many more. It provides several amazing features such as an SEO audit tool, keyword density checker, backlink analysis, and others.

Woorank – SEO & Website Analysis

Screenshot 2022 03 29 131126

Woorank is a Chrome extension provides an in-depth SEO report of the online websites. With just a single click you can check the traffic rank, estimations, paid traffic, and many more. It has several amazing functionalities such as meta description checker, internal, external links, anchor text, on-page, off-page details, etc.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 131303

Grammarly is one of the best and most popular Chrome extensions available to check the grammar, and spelling mistakes of your blog posts and articles. Whenever you type on the web, it highlights the words or sentences which have some grammatical errors. It also gives you suggestions and recommendations of the correct form of grammar which you can use in the articles. Grammarly makes sure that your articles, blog posts, are error-free.

Google Dictionary

Screenshot 2022 03 22 161615

You might have faced a situation when you didn’t know the meaning of certain words. Then, you might have Googled to know their exact meaning. The Google Dictionary Chrome extension allows you to know the meaning of the words without opening a new tab. All you need to do is highlight the word and click the extension; it will show you the most appropriate meaning of the word.

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Screenshot 2022 03 22 162207

Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides is an extension that is very helpful when you are working with someone from a different location, and want to edit a document live together. It allows you to send the MS Office files on Google Drive so that you can edit the document without installing the software.

Text Editor

Screenshot 2022 03 22 162423

It is very challenging to write online free of distractions. The Text Editor Chrome extension allows you to open a new tab where you can write clearly on a neutral text editor. It also has the function of autosave, so that you don’t lose the documents you were working on.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 162557

It is one of the best Chrome extensions to record your desktop screen. Loom allows you to record your screen with just a single click, and it also provides a link to share it with others. The best thing is that you don’t have to store or upload the media file anywhere, you can use the given link to view the recorded video.

Awesome Screenshots

Screenshot 2022 03 22 162714

It is a useful tool for capturing and sharing screenshots of your browser or desktop applications. Along with taking the screenshots, you can also record videos if you want. With the help of Awesome Screenshots, you can capture the entire webpage or just any part of it. You can also add texts, comments, blur some parts, use arrows, or color any part of the screenshot.

GIPHY for Chrome

Screenshot 2022 03 22 162936

If you love using GIFs in your blog posts, emails, and other social media content, then this extension can be handy for you. With the help of GIPHY, you can get a GIF from the vast online database of GIPHY without opening a new tab or navigating away from the webpage.

5 Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity


Screenshot 2022 03 29 131439

Todoist is a highly efficient project management tool that allows you to create organized and visually appealing to-do lists. You can also share the list with your team members, and add projects and tasks without opening a new tab.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 163139

StayFocused helps you to eliminate distractions while you are working by allocating specific time to different websites. You can also customize according to your needs; for example, you can set 15 minutes for YouTube, 10 mins for Pinterest, and others. If you want to go back to the previous settings, you need to complete a challenge such as typing specific texts, answer some basic questions.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 131532

LastPass is a Chrome extension that saves all your passwords in one place and auto-fills whenever required. If you are using this, then you only have to remember just one password, the password for LastPass. It saves a lot of your time and lets you focus on more important tasks than remembering passwords.

Add to Trello

Screenshot 2022 03 22 163556

Add to Trello is a project management and collaboration tool in which you can create to-do lists, or use it as a content calendar. With its help, you can also add any links in the form of cards to the boards.

Extensions Manager

Screenshot 2022 03 22 163918

If you have too many extensions installed in your Chrome browser, then it’s better to install one more extension, i.e., an extension manager to efficiently manage all the other extensions. It shows the list of extensions working on your Google Chrome and provides an option to hide them so that your desktop browser looks organized.

Best Security Chrome Extensions

HTTPS Everywhere

Screenshot 2022 03 22 164018

If you are visiting a website, it is advised to look for the HTTPS in the URL which indicates that the site is secure. But, in some situations, you need to visit a website that is not using the HTTPS protocol. In such situations, the extension HTTPS Everywhere comes to the rescue. It switches the HTTP site to secure HTTPS. Hence, it protects your privacy, and you don’t have to worry about any hacking or security issues.

Click & Clean

Screenshot 2022 03 22 164116

If you use your computer every day for work, then it might have gathered a lot of caches, cookies, and browsing history. Not removing them might make your browser slow. Therefore, use the Click & Clean extension to clear your download history, URL searches, cookies, and other things automatically with just one click. It also scans your hard drive for viruses and removes them if it contains any which helps your computer to run faster.

Duck Duck Go

Screenshot 2022 03 29 131646

DuckDuckGo is a well-known search engine that does not track any data of the users. It also provides a privacy score to each site, and with the help of its encryption, it improves the overall privacy grade of a website. It also stops the ads from tracking while you are using the internet. The most important thing is that the website itself does not store any data from its users.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 131740

Ghostery is a popular extension that blocks unwanted ads from the site while you are viewing its content. It also helps you to surf the web privately without disclosing your personal information to ad-tracking tools. This function speeds up the loading time of the websites which improves the overall browsing experience.

Privacy Badger

Screenshot 2022 03 22 164519

Privacy Badger is a great extension that protects your privacy while you are surfing different online websites. It helps in blocking the trackers and spying advertisements to ensure that no one tracks your browsing without your consent. Most companies use invisible trackers to get personal information about you so that they can deliver targeted ads, and Privacy Badger successfully blocks them.

Best Chrome Extensions for Social Media


Screenshot 2022 03 22 164718

Momentum is the best Chrome extension for productivity. It steers your focus from idle to important by motivating you with quotes, encouraging positivity with mantras, and inspiring with serene photography. Features like Daily Focus, To-Do, Countdowns, Metrics, Event Reminder and Links help you browse the internet with intent.

Diigo Web Collector

Screenshot 2022 03 22 164836

Diigo is a research chrome extension that lets you highlight important phrases, bookmark and save pages, write notes, and collect references in a single place. It comes in handy for social media marketers, who generally invest hours in R&D for planning a campaign, learning trends, and comparing the competitor’s strategy.

Google Analytics URL Building

Screenshot 2022 03 22 165052

This is a tracking extension that lets you build UTM parameters. With the help of this plugin, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of the UTM tags used in the campaigns. Google Analytics URL Builder also allows you to share templates with others, saves time when you have to generate URLs manually, and shares progress with clients.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 132031

Yet another efficient tracker extension that lets you peek into the competitor’s site data. Spyfu reveals extensive information, including where the competitor appeared on Google in the past nine years. The social media marketing (SMM) plugin also shows all keywords bought on AdWords, every ad variation, and every organic rank.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 132123

How social media advertising will perform relies a lot on visuals. Photo-driven platforms like Instagram and Pinterest yield better ROI than content-driven Twitter or Facebook. It is because photos get more engagement. To ensure you can make most of this social media trend, creating impressive and attention-grabbing posts become imperative. It is where Canva comes into the picture.

Best Chrome Extensions for SEO


Screenshot 2022 03 29 132217

Hunter is yet another email finder that helps you find email addresses associated with the websites you visit. In addition to email addresses, you can get the names, job titles, social networks, and phone numbers.

Serpstat Website SEO Checker

Screenshot 2022 03 29 132309

An all-in-one SEO platform for keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, site audit, and comprehensive competitor analysis. Serpstat also provides a free extension that makes website analysis accessible in one click. The extension has three sections: On-page SEO parameters, Page analysis, and Domain analysis. There you’ll find data on your domain visibility, traffic, top 10 keywords your site ranks for, meta tags, and even more. Some reports don’t require registration. All you need is to install the plugin in your browser and start the site analysis. With API token, free users can make up to 100 requests per day and 1 request every 5 seconds.

Ninja Outreach Lite

Screenshot 2022 03 29 132421

Ninja Outreach is powerful blogger outreach and prospecting tool and its Chrome extension is a ‘lite’ version of the tool which you can use to extract extremely useful website data. The information available through the tool includes full name, location, social media follower counts, email address, Alexa rank, backlinks, page authority, domain authority, and more. It also adds powerful prospecting and outreach capabilities to your web browser. The tool also displays links to key pages within a website such as a contact, about, resources, reviews, infographics, etc., and provides email outreach templates that you can use from the extension itself.


Screenshot 2022 03 29 132847

Broken link building is one of the most effective ways to build backlinks for your site. However, it’s also time-consuming and without the help of proper tools, it can be an unrewarding task. This is why you need to use a tool like LinkMiner to help you in this endeavor. LinkMiner scans webpages for broken links and pulls metrics on those links. It shows backlink info and social data for any link on a page and allows you to export those links from a page onto a CSV file. You can also use LinkMiner to find out how many total or external links are on the webpage you’re viewing.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 170200

Lighthouse is a free SEO Chrome extension by Google that audits your URLs and provides recommendations for improving the performance, accessibility, and SEO of your webpages on both desktop and mobile.

Best Chrome Extensions for Advertising


Screenshot 2022 03 22 170318

TubeBuddy is an essential tool in the arsenal of any video marketer. It pops up detailed analytics next to any YouTube video, showing the tags, the view counts, and how many best practices a specific video abides by. When you upload a video, TubeBuddy offers suggested tags and optimizations to the metadata to ensure you’re maximizing the potential reach of the video you’ve just updated.

Tag Assistant

Screenshot 2022 03 22 170419

Tag Assistant records which tags are being fired by Google tag manager, and then provide a list for you to observe or export. It’s a simple tool but can be very helpful when debugging tracking issues on your website.

Similar Web

Screenshot 2022 03 29 132953

Clicking the SimilarWeb icon in the Chrome taskbar provides a dropdown that gives some insight into how a competing site is performing  – including estimates of absolute traffic and a relative breakdown of traffic sources and audience locations. This can be helpful for benchmarking yourself against others, as well as assessing the reach of a potential co-marketing partner.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 170705

Buffer adds icons onto Twitter posts, allowing you to schedule retweets or commented retweets, and add new posts into your social queue. You can also use the extension to quickly plan a social post that links to the URL you’re currently viewing, and share things across LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter simultaneously.

Page Analytics

Screenshot 2022 03 22 170808

The Page Analytics Chrome Extension from Google is a very handy tool to make Google Analytics data more actionable. When clicking the icon in the Chrome taskbar, a drop-down will appear, showing page-level visit data, alongside an overlay across the whole page which gives percentage figures on each of the internal links displayed, showing you where users typically travel to from any given page, thereby allowing you to better understand user journeys.

Best Chrome Extensions for Outreach


Screenshot 2022 03 29 133044

Lempod is the biggest marketplace of LinkedIn Engagement Pods where other LinkedIn content makers automatically support each other with mutual engagement. So, when you get hundreds of likes and comments, LinkedIn evaluates your content as awesome and boosts it to a bigger audience.

LinkedIn Extension

Screenshot 2022 03 29 133221

LinkedIn Extension lights up with a new notification count whenever you have new activity waiting for you at LinkedIn. Clicking on the extension’s icon is also an easy way to take you directly to the LinkedIn website to view your new activity.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 171106

Crystal LinkedIn Chrome extension analyzes the personality of your potential clients and partners, so you can easier build your negotiation strategy. Crystal uses Personality AI to accurately identify anyone’s behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, and other attributes. It then uses that information to facilitate more effective communication, stronger one-on-one relationships, and better decision-making.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 171222

They match the “Name” of the person + “Domain”. And using lots of databases find the most probable emails and phone numbers. This is what Lusha says about how they find contact info: “In order to provide you with this service and match the relevant information from our database with applicable profiles you view on supported sites, we need to read certain words (such as full name and company name) from such sites you view when you use our service.

Best Chrome Extensions for Email Marketing

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Screenshot 2022 03 22 171222 1

LinkedIn Sales Navigator (formally Rapportive), adds a sidebar to your Gmail account, showing details from the Linkedin profile associated with the email address you are writing to. You can, therefore, reverse engineer this, and use the tool to validate guesses for a specific email address.

Email Finder

Screenshot 2022 03 22 171546

Whether you’re carrying out sales outreach, seeking guest blogging opportunities, or looking for the owner of a small website, Email Finder will automatically give you a list of verified emails associated with that domain. It’s an absolutely brilliant tool for sales reps and marketers who want to save time when looking for potential contacts at a company.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 171705

It is a program for generating potential customers, developed with creativity and thoughtfulness to provide realistic techniques. AeroLeads helps in finding email addresses, phone numbers, and company data with the help of Chrome. The extension is considered the best software to find potential customers on the Internet. It also offers excellent support through chat, email, and phone.


Screenshot 2022 03 22 171815

NordPass is a password manager from the NordSecurity family that’s known for developing one of the leading VPN services NordVPN. NordPass is a cybersecurity software that helps manage passwords and allows having long, unique, and strong passwords for each service. It has a Chrome extension that makes logging into services and securing them easy and comfortable. It’s important for email marketing because it secures online data.

Cybercriminals are frequently looking for weak and reused passwords. If they gain access to Gmail or other email services, they might get confidential business correspondence, resulting in severe damages. Furthermore, NordPass has an autofill function, which will fill in the passwords without having to type them manually. This enhances the browsing experience and even saves time, so if there’s a need to login into different services multiple times per day, this manager will be of great use.


To be successful in any industry, it’s not enough just to have knowledge and skills, you need a set of tools that can bring your work to perfection and facilitate it at the same time. The work of an Internet marketer is no exception. Specially designed Chrome extensions will help you focus on the main marketing goals, find the best marketing strategies, and grow your business.

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