Ethan Perlstein

Ethan Perlstein

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A Little About Me

I'm an evolutionary pharmacologist and independent research fellow at Princeton. Since September 2007, I've run a small academic lab that developed and validated a new evolutionary, yeast-based approach to studying how drugs work. Before arriving at Princeton, I earned my Ph.D. at Harvard in the chemical biology lab of Prof. Stuart Schreiber, and I received my B.A. in sociology from Columbia College. I would like to thank my awesome wife for putting up with this "side project." And, I confess to all those wondering out there: yes, I'm a huge fan of Breaking Bad!

My collaborator David Sulzer is a Professor in the Departments of Neurology and Psychiatry at Columbia Medical School. His lab has studied amphetamines for over two decades, and he has published dozens of scholarly articles in this area. Dave got interested in psychopharmacology and addiction research thanks in part to the writer William Burroughs.

Daniel Korostyshevsky is the project’s main experimentalist. Danny speaks three languages, got his Master's in Biotechnology at Hunter College, and joined my lab at Princeton way back in the summer of ’08. He started his journey on the road to resident electron microscopist in 2009. He's also a proud skeptic! Ask him about it sometime on Twitter.