14 Powerful Leadpages Alternatives


It only takes a few seconds for your landing page to make an impact on visitors. Creating the perfect landing page for a SaaS business is inexplicably critical. A landing page optimization is mandatory to maximize clicks and conversions. That’s where landing page builders come to the rescue. While Leadpages is one of the top choices for SaaS businesses worldwide, it may not be ideal for every business. They have features that may not be right for every business.

In any case, if Leadpages does not work for your business, we have the right set of Leadpages alternatives that are created to cater to the needs of different types of businesses. We will discuss every important aspect of LeadPages alternatives, including the features and starting price so that you can make an informed decision. 

How to Choose a Page Builder

Choosing a good landing page builder can be a daunting task, especially when the service providers bombard you with multiple features. We have listed down all the crucial factors you should consider while looking for a landing page builder for your SaaS. Use this as a checklist to make the most accurate decision for your business.

#1 Professionally Built Templates

Utilizing a landing page builder is a great way to eliminate the costs of hiring a web developer, but still create a highly converting landing page yourself. The best landing page builder will have professionally optimized templates and an easy-to-use customization tool. The most effective page builders will give you an array of options that allow you to experiment and see what works for your business website.

#2 Mobile Optimization

As a SaaS company, your entire website should ideally be mobile optimized. While mobile optimization contributes significantly to SEO and website rankings, it is also essential to consider that most of your visitors could be scrolling your landing page on their smartphones. Thus, choose a landing page builder with mobile-optimized landing pages to offer the best user experience to the visitors when they eventually visit your website. 

#3 Integrated A/B Testing

There is no one size fits all design for landing pages. What works for other SaaS businesses may not work well for yours. This is the reason why your landing page builder should have integrated A/B testing to find what elements in your landing page bring the best conversions for your business. When you test your campaigns frequently, you can regularly optimize them to get the maximum ROI for your business. 

#4 Additional Integrations

Choosing a landing page builder that offers quick integrations with different systems such as a customer relationship management system or a lead nurturing software can help your business function seamlessly. Having integrations with other applications in the landing page builder will help maximize your business’s efficiency. For example, lead nurturing software, when combined with your page builder, can help in optimum funnel optimization to turn more leads into customers.

#5 Multiple User Accounts

Your team should be able to work with the page builder from any geographic location. A landing page builder that offers multiple user accounts can be an excellent benefit for your marketing team since they can build landing pages on the tool without any restriction at their own convenience.

#6 Seamless Usage

Landing page builders are meant to simplify your page building process. Your landing page builder should be completely beginner-friendly with additional features such as the drag and drop editor and more. Such features help the process of building and customizing quickly for beginners. 

#7 Unlimited Landing Pages

Choose a landing page builder that allows you to build unlimited landing pages under affordable plans. The hassle of paying as per each landing page or web page every time can be a massive hassle, especially when you are in SaaS and website optimizations are quite regular in your business.

List of LeadPages Alternatives

Now that we have understood the factors you should look for while choosing landing page builders, let’s check out the complete list of the best leadpages alternatives for your SaaS business. For each Leadpage alternative, we have considered only the ones that have all the features a beginner will need to create a fully functional and responsive landing page. 

1. GetResponse


Leadpages were only limited to building landing pages. However, with GetResponse, you get a hub of the best marketing and selling features. You can find multiple tools such as landing page builder, email marketing, sales funnel optimization, running webinars, managing paid social ads management, and so much more. 

GetResponse has a directory of more than 150+ landing pages with a drag and drops editor that makes customizations easy. Next, they allow customers to create conversion-ready sales and lead magnet funnels to match the theme with the landing page, resulting in a fantastic combination that attracts only the best leads and successfully converts them.

Starting price: $10.50/month

2. ClickFunnels


The next popular leadpages alternatives, which is tried and tested by the most reputed SaaS companies, is ClickFunnels. Since they are basically a sales funnel builder, you can expect your landing page to sync with your funnel. This ensures that your landing pages will be highly optimized to capture the best leads and guide them right to the end of the funnel. They also offer many additional services such as sales page creation, email autoresponders, lead generation forms, affiliate management, and more.

Even though they have about 30 landing page templates to choose from, you can customize your landing pages for different marketing objectives, one of the significant advantages of using Clickfunnels over leadpages.

Starting price: $97/month

3. Unbounce


Unbounce is a good alternative for leadpages considering their affordable pricing plans. You get hundreds of simple and customizable templates to choose from and start your landing page building process. Apart from landing page building, you can also try out additional services like A/B testing, in-depth reporting, easy integration with other software, drag, and drop editor, and more.

They offer everything you need to create a highly responsive and mobile-optimized landing page tailored to your business strategy. Apart from this, you can easily collaborate with your other team members within the same platform while creating the landing pages for your business.

Starting price: $90/month

4. Instapage


Instapage is an intuitive landing page builder that helps create the best lead magnets for your business. Their landing page designs are highly responsive and make the entire process of customization easy for beginners. Their template library has over 500+ excellent landing page templates and 1000+ Insta blocks which are block templates for testimonials, headers, footers, etc. on the other hand, leadpages had just 160+ templates which is another great advantage of choosing Instapage over Leadpages. 

Instapage offers a preview before your landing page goes live and allows you to make edits and changes if required. You can also integrate third-party tools like analytic tools to get more information about your landing pages. Even if you do not want to incorporate any additional tool, the Instapage dashboard does a good job of displaying the lead numbers, heatmaps, and other performance indicators. 

Lastly, the visual on-page collaboration and the dedicated server split testing is a cherry on the top since here you streamline collaboration and test out your landing pages frequently, which comes down to one of the most potent combinations in this list of leadpages alternatives. The only downside to choosing Instapage is their high pricing plans. However, when the ROI gets way higher than the investment, you are indeed going to thank their expensive services.

Starting price: $299/month

5. Elementor


Elementor is a good choice if you are looking for a page builder with all the required features to build a responsive landing page yet simple and minimalist. Elementor doesn’t offer a long list of features like the other options in our list, but it has everything you are going to need to build your web pages.

Being one of the top choices to be used with WordPress, it offers a drag and drops real-time editor, WYSIWYG editor, 100+ pre-built templates, and more. They also offer services like post-management, SEO management, data import/export, and more that can benefit SaaS businesses. Not just a landing page, but you can also build your complete website with Elementor under an affordable range.

Starting price: $49/year

6. Thrive Themes


There are many advantages of choosing Thrive Themes over leadpages. One of the significant ones is their lifetime availability of themes even when you cancel their subscription. With leadpages, you lose all your content and digital assets once you unsubscribe. Since Thrive Themes is a WordPress plugin, all the content is saved on WordPress without any risk. It offers way better customization options compared to Leadpages.

You can customize even the most minute elements in your web page or landing page if you’re looking to make every part of your landing page perfect. Lastly, their customer support is exceptional. You can get unlimited support via multiple channels irrespective of your pricing plan, which was not the case with leadpages. Leadpages offered multi-channel support to only the customers who purchased the higher pricing plans.

Starting price: $19/month

7. DIVI Elegant Themes


The DIVI Elegant Themes allows users to work on both the backend and the front end of the web page. Suppose you are someone who knows everything about building landing pages and want to take control of the front end and backend of your landing pages and customize it as per your interests. In that case, Divi Elegant Themes is an incredible option.

With over 140 intuitive layouts, they have templates suitable for different web pages apart from the landing page for your business. Here you also get the Live Preview Customizer, wherein you can customize during the live preview of your web pages. You can also integrate it with any third-party applications to make your business processes smooth.

Starting price: $67/year

8. Beaver Builder


Another popular choice for WordPress users is Beaver Builder. This popular plugin is a highly flexible tool that facilitates landing page building for beginners. Apart from the landing pages, you can also create other web pages and make them more intuitive for your business. Also, it works with every WordPress theme.

You can simply switch the theme anytime you want without losing your page elements. The drag and drop builder makes customizations easy, and the 100+ premade layout templates offer ample choices to the users. 

Starting price: $99/month

9. Ontraport


Originally, Ontraport was only limited to creating landing pages for business. However, currently, it is a full-fledged form and page builder with tonnes of features that can be highly fruitful for your SaaS business. They offer many marketing features for businesses, such as sales and marketing automation, direct mail marketing, and many more. It also has an inbuilt CRM.

You can simply cut down on the costs of using an external CRM and choose this with the landing page builder. With over 60+ integrations, you can have the best business experience with Ontraport. They have hundreds of pre-made templates to choose from with a standard drag and drop builder.

Starting price: $79/month

10. Swipe Pages


Swipe Pages is another commendable drag and drop builder specializing in creating only the highest converting landing pages for businesses without typing a single line of code. Their easy-to-use software has over 40+ landing page pre-built templates that you can customize as per your business and make the most out of it. Next, it also offers A/B testing to ensure that your landing pages are adequately tested before the launch.

You can integrate the best applications with Swipe Pages for automating your marketing campaigns. Also, the landing page built with Swipe Pages is designed to improve your SEO score. Thus, you may witness a hike in the rankings of your landing pages after creating your first landing page with Swipe Pages. 

Starting price: $39/month

11. Hubspot Landing Page Builder


If you want a completely free landing page builder with all the necessary features, Hubspot Landing Page Builder is a great alternative to Leadpages. It has plenty of modules to include in your landing pages, such as forms modules, rich text modules, meeting modules, video modules, and more. Their drag and drop setup comes with hundreds of pre-made templates which are easy to customize.

Apart from building your landing page, you can also integrate Hubspot CRM, the #1 CRM for SaaS businesses. Since it uses machine learning to create your landing pages, you can expect it to be way more advanced than Leadpages. You can also check out the popular Hubspot academy to get more insights into optimizing your landing pages since it regularly gets updated with the best resources for businesses. 

Starting price: $0

12. Landingi


Landingi offers countless pre-made templates to kickstart your landing page procedure. While the library is filled with the best options for businesses, the drag and drop builder can make the entire process seamless. You can finish creating a responsive landing page typically in just a few minutes which is one of their top advantages. Their powerful A/B testing tool takes care of the testing.

You can also create your template and use it for the other landing pages. This saves a significant amount of time if you want to build multiple landing pages for different campaigns. The only downside to using Landingi is the unavailability of integrating with third-party applications.

Starting price: $35/month

13. Convertri


Convertri claims to be the world’s fastest funnel and landing page builder ever. This Leadpages alternative accelerates the process by using page building and loading technology. Thus, you can expect 0% downtime on their pages. With a simplistic user interface, it is easy to create landing pages even with the most complex elements.

After publishing your landing pages, you also get the A/B testing to analyze the performance. They also claim to reduce your bounce rates which is another great benefit since bounce rates are one of the potential reasons your landing page may not work. 

Starting price: $99/month

14. Mailchimp


Being one of the top-rated email marketing service providers, Mailchimp also offers a professional landing page builder for businesses. This Leadpages alternative comes with many marketing features that can cover your entire marketing team within a single platform.

With Mailchimp, creating landing pages is easy due to the drag and drop features. Next, you can also integrate other tools to maximize your marketing and sales campaigns. They have over 100+ pre-built templates that you can customize and work with. Lastly, the A/B testing allows you to curate the highest converting landing pages for your business. Apart from landing pages, you can also design your email marketing campaigns with the help of Mailchimp.

Starting price: $10/month


The number of conversions and sales your SaaS business makes depends a lot on your landing pages. Choosing the right landing page builder is crucial to your success in this competitive market. Check the factors mentioned above to narrow down your options among the best leadpages alternatives and witness your sales skyrocket!

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  1. Great article. Got a lot of information. But I am finding these tools a little expensive now for my budget. I am looking for a pocket-friendly tool. In fact, I am having my eye on CloudFunnels. Not only it is affordable but has all the features to build landing pages and websites. Apart from that it also has features like major autoresponder support, A/B testing, Zapier support, and many more. What’s your thought on this?

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