The 7 Best Email Warm Up Tools


It is inconceivable to believe that nearly half of all emails are spam. Multiple unsolicited emails a day decrease the delivery rate, which, in turn, decreases the performance of cold email marketing. Providers like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook have developed spam filters that only pass on high-quality emails to your inbox.

Who wants their cold emails sent to the recipient’s spam folder? Nobody. But what should be done to avoid it? Get the emails warmed up! In this article, you will learn the most effective email warm-up tools and why you should use them. Let’s begin!

What is an Email Warm Up?

When outbound marketers refer to warming up an email it means the email has likely never been used before or at scale. When using email to reach thousands of recipients ensuring the health of the email is essential otherwise:

  • Recipients will not receive the email
  • The email will end up in the spam
  • The email provider may impose harsh sending restrictions or prohibit email sending altogether

Warming up an email simply means the sender is preparing the email for campaign use. In this case of cold email marketing, the sender will send emails to recipients who are likely to open or reply to the email for a specific period. This helps build the email reputation and prevents abuse markers when mass email campaigns are live.

There are many different methods and tools that can be used to warm up emails for cold email marketing campaigns. Let’s discuss 7 critical tools to help you get the job done.

The 7 Best Email Warm-Up Tools

There are hundreds of email warm-up tools on the market and it’s mandatory to choose one that suits your business the most.


Clearout is an email warm-up tool for finding emails, both individually and in bulk, by using the API, domain, person’s name, company name, and company domain. They have an instant verification process for validating email addresses without waiting in a queue.


Their email tester lets you copy and paste email addresses directly from your list. Clearout has a bulk email verifier that allows users to upload email database files and clean up email lists with a single click.

They offer a one-time price and subscription price that can be chosen based on your business needs both monthly and annually.

Pricing: Start from $278.40/year


Mailshake is a sales engagement platform for modern sales teams with native integrations to Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and 3rd party integrations to thousands of apps. Mailshake will fit perfectly within your sales tech stack.


On one dashboard, you can send personalized cold emails at scale and create task lists for phone and social media outreach. Mailshake lets users identify their best and most engaged leads, allowing them to focus on the leads that will convert. Additionally, users can easily identify what’s working by testing multiple outreach emails, simplifying their workflow, and making a personal connection with the built-in phone dialer.

Pricing: $44/month/user annually for email outreach, $75/month/user annually for sales engagement, with 30 days guarantee and full refund if not satisfied.


Warmbox offers email warming services to 11 different inboxes with various features. They claim to be used by more than 2,000 companies and 10,000 private inboxes. They offer a wide range of options on their dashboard. Described as “everyday realistic emails,” which can be provided across three types of warm-ups.


Warmbox focuses on efficiency and customization rather than oversight like many other warm-up tools. Moreover, the service is branded as “the safest way to warm up your inbox.”

Pricing: Start from $19 for 50 emails a day. Commercial users can purchase other plans with a cap of 500 emails per day in six inboxes.


LeadBites offers a manual service that searches various web sources to find potential leads that meet your criteria. They offer the neat list validated in an XLS ready to use for outreach campaigns.


LeadBites manually source a list of people in the business target niche, compile a list of websites using a specific CMS platform, and also can help to source a list of high-profile influencers for your upcoming marketing campaigns.

LeadBites have a team of research analysts that will hand verify your list for accuracy, formatting, and completeness so you can start your email campaigns with a clean list of emails. In short, we can say that LeadBites is an email list cleaning service that you can use before starting your cold email campaign.

Pricing: Start from $399/month


Lemwarm was the first email warm-up tools to enter the market of email warming. The company has an integrated email platform that users can use to access both of these resources at once.


The tool offers highly customizable options for setting up the schedule of your emails, making it one of the best email warm-up tools. The warming up process also marks all emails received so that you can ignore them in your inbox. It is best suited for sales agencies and business enterprises looking to reach out to cold leads.

The tagging feature helps you ignore messages in your inbox, provides a great cold email warming environment, and it is super simple and functional. However, the team needs to add more versatility to its features; technical support needs to be more professional.

Pricing: $29 per inbox per month.


YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) provides a service where you can send mail merge campaigns directly from Gmail. All you need to do is to prepare your mailing list in Google Sheets.


Simply create your email template in Gmail and YAMM will track email open rates, clicks, replies, and bounces to know what to send next. YAMM makes it easy for recipients to get full context by replying in the same thread and also allows you to use email aliases and configure personalized or global cc and bcc addresses.

Pricing: They offer a free plan for all features except scheduling. The paid plan for the team is $150/year.


Folderly is one of the email warm-up tools powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The company uses algorithms and technical aspects to build your email reputation quickly. Folderly claims to allow for this with a single click.


The company aims for a 0% spam rate, an open rate of nearly 80%, and a reply rate of up to 15%. Folderly’s AI-exclusive warm-up platform is the key to these impressive statistics. Over 200 companies use this platform, including the University of California Berkeley, Texas Association of Businesses, Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, and more.

To make your experience more transparent and more impressive, Folderly uses statistics and tests. In addition to supporting over 50 email providers, having an upwards of 100% deliverability rate, and providing DNS support, Folderly serves as an all-in-one email warm-up platform.

Pricing: Start from $160 per month.


There are many powerful email warm-up tools available today. Keep in mind that these email warm-up tools will not solve every problem. Invest in building a high-quality prospect list, writing personalized and unique emails, and presenting a value proposition that the people you’re reaching out to care about and would be willing to engage with.

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