10 Most Reliable Email List Cleaning Service


Regardless of the industry, email marketing brings significant ROI when done correctly. A high inbox placement ratio and validated emails are crucial for email marketing and this is where email list cleaning services can do wonders to maintain email hygiene and efficiency.

In these tough times, email list cleaning is a necessity for almost every business. Email list cleaning can enhance email marketing strategies and maximize deliverability rates and ROI.

Let’s dive right in and learn more about the most reliable email list cleaning service providers and how they can benefit your business.

What is Email List Cleaning?

If you’ve been doing email marketing for quite a while, you’ll have tons of emails stored in your database for months or years. Cleaning your email list simply involves eliminating any inaccurate or inactive contacts from your database. By regularly cleaning your email list, you can ensure the IP reputation of your website is not damaged by sending bulk emails to invalid addresses. This would result in high bounce rates and spam accounts. Cleaning your email list includes removing inaccurate information such as typos, outdated email addresses, and fake email addresses.

We should also identify a few basic terms about email marketing before moving forward, just to refresh our memory and make following along easier.

Email Sanitation or Email Hygiene

Email hygiene, or proper email sanitation, is part of the process of maintaining an email list regularly. By doing so, you will be able to manage your email list better and have a standardized, comprehensible, and trusted email list for your email marketing campaigns. By maintaining good email hygiene, you can be assured that your email marketing campaigns are going in the right direction.

List Scrubbing

List scrubbing is a marketing term for the process of removing any unengaged subscribers from your email list so that you can target only prospects who are interested in receiving your email newsletters and engaging with them. Scrubbing your email list ensures that it only contains valid and accurate addresses that are interested in your business.

Email Bounce Rates

Email bounce rates determine the percentage of subscribers in your list who did not receive emails from you because their email server rejected them. It’s either they unsubscribed from your email newsletter service or they reported your emails as spam. Keeping your email list clean can reduce bounce rates and improve deliverability, resulting in more successful email marketing campaigns.

Domain Reputation

Domain reputation is the health of your branded domain, which is determined by your email marketing metrics. Email reputation is determined by metrics such as engagement spam complaint rates, spam traps, and also bounce rates. A domain reputation built through effective email practices and an accurate email list translates into more effective email marketing campaigns. Having low open rates and high bounce rates can negatively affect your domain reputation. As a result of having a poor domain reputation, you will experience problems such as increased throttling of emails, blocks from mailbox providers, and more. This will prevent you from conducting email marketing campaigns.

Reason to Clean Your Email Lists

When you do not take care of your email list the way you should, it becomes unhealthy. An email list filled with unengaged subscribers means you waste your time, efforts, and revenue on people who aren’t interested in your business. Let’s look at some key reasons why you should clean your email list regularly. Let’s look at the benefits of cleaning your email lists regularly.

1. Improved Click and Open Rates

Your email click and open rates are crucial metrics to determine the success of your email marketing campaigns. When you have too many email addresses in your email lists who do not open your emails or mark them as spam, the rates will shrink, resulting in efficient email marketing campaigns.

Removing the number of non-openers and non-clickers during the email list cleaning procedure will help you to improve the email click and open rates. Search engines like google, yahoo, etc., keep track of the spam complaints, and if you get too many, your emails will be sent directly to the spam folder, which we have already discussed above in the concept of domain reputation. Thus, upon cleaning your email list, you reduce the chance of spam complaints and gain a higher email open rate and click rates for your business.

2. Reduced Bounce Rates

Bounced emails are as bad as a poor domain reputation. A bounced email can hamper your email marketing metrics significantly. Eliminating email addresses from your email lists that do not receive your emails will help you reduce this number and improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

3. Cost Reduction

When you clear your email lists, you can easily declutter the irrelevant and useless email addresses from your email lists. These email addresses were previously used for sending your email newsletters. Most email marketing providers charge according to tot the number of emails you spend. Thus, reducing your email list to only the highly qualified leads can bring you a significant ROI on lesser investments.

In the absence of clean email lists, you will see low open rates, high bounce rates, and recipients marking your email as spam. Consequently, if you unknowingly keep sending emails to the spam traps, it will negatively impact your domain reputation and automatically send your emails to the spam folders. It will lead to a loss of profits and a zero return on investment from your email marketing campaigns.

10 Most Reliable Email List Cleaning Service and Tools

Now that we have understood every nitty-gritty aspect of email list cleaning services and their importance, let’s directly jump to the list of the top 10 best email list cleaning tools and services that are tried and tested by the best brands globally.

1. LeadBites


One of the top-rated email list cleaning services providers is LeadBites. Trusted by some of the most reputed brands, like Ampfluence, Coworkify, and 99 robots, their on-demand email list cleaning team helps businesses get their email hygiene in check. Their email list cleaning services ensure that your email list data sets are adequately formatted, validated, and accurate, which can help your business get the maximum profits from email marketing campaigns.

They aim to reduce high email bounce rates and eliminate any incorrect or outdated email data from your email lists. It analyses your existing email list and validates the email addresses manually. Next, they remove the ones that are no longer accurate or beneficial for your business. Additionally, they will also fill in the gaps in your email list with the most highly qualified leads with extensive research and analysis. This ensures that whenever you use their email list cleaning services, your email lists get filled with new and fresh leads that will be interested in investing in your business. Their email list cleaning and subscribing services are fully AI-driven. Thus, you can have your updated email list ready in no time to make your email marketing campaigns a success.

Starting price: $399/month

2. MailGet


MailGet offers email list cleaning services that are suitable for different sizes of businesses. With their beginner-friendly email list validation functionality, you can quickly upload your email list in bulk and click on a single button to finally get the cleaning and scrubbing started. Their robust and secure technology verifies and validates your existing data through MX validator, domain validator, and DEA checker. It removes every useless and duplicate email address from your email list.

They also have a unique feature that offers you a suppression list cleaning service wherein you can find the list of the email addresses that have unsubscribed from your email newsletters. This will ensure that your next email campaigns are targeted to interested customers only. It claims to improve your email deliverability rates up to 99%, which is quite significant to gain a good ROI.

Starting price: $159 for 100,000 emails

3. Zero Bounce


Zero Bounce is another top-rated email verification service trusted by thousands of reputed companies. It has an integration with API that offers real-time email list verification services. Some of the additional features of their email list cleaning services include Abuse Email Checker, Disposable Email Checker, Spam Trap Checker, Email Bounce Rate Checker, and more, which can help determine the health of your email lists.

While they refine your email list, they also pull data out from the social profiles of the individuals and fill in the gaps with accurate information. You can either choose their Pay as you go plan or the monthly plan as per your email list cleaning requirements.

Starting price: $64/month for 10,000 emails

4. Xverify


Xverify is an intelligent email list cleaning and verification service provider that detects hard bounces, disposable emails, spam traps, emails linked to fraud, and much more. You will also get detailed reports and analytics about the performance of your email marketing campaigns. They validate your email data almost instantly, which makes it way more convenient.

They claim to have 98% accuracy in their email verification services across different email domains like yahoo, google, etc. The best feature of their email list cleaning services is their auto-correction feature. They find out the typos in your email lists and make them completely accurate.

Starting price: $0.0070 per email

5. Kickbox


Kickbox is another robust email list cleaning and verification service at affordable prices. Simply upload your bulk email file, and it takes about a few minutes to hours, depending on the file size, to verify your email list.

Suppose you use an email marketing service provider such as Mailchimp, Benchmark, GetResponse, etc., you can easily source the email list from that platform and upload it on Kickbox to verify it. Apart from their standard email list cleaning services, their customer support team is top-notch. In case you get stuck with their services, their support team is ready to help you with prompt resolutions.

Starting price: $5 for 500 emails

6. Bounceless


Bounceless promises a whopping 99% accuracy rate of their email verification services with about 10x improvement in your email marketing campaigns. Bounceless readily verifies and cleans your bulk emails with real-time analytics.

You can detect the DEA and check for the syntax, domain, and mailbox errors or spam traps for your emails. It also checks for any duplicate entries in your email lists to ensure your email list is fresh and clean by the end of its services.

Starting price: $59 for 10,000 emails

7. BriteVerify


BriteVerify, from Validity, offers a very secure email list cleaning service since you need to input your LinkedIn account for authentication purposes before using their services. They verify and clean out your email list with 98% accuracy. They detect the spam traps and remove duplication of emails if any. You can also integrate your current email marketing service provider for easy transfer of email lists.

Navigation is quick and easy with BriteVerify since their drag and drop builder makes the entire process very beginner-friendly. It also checks for any syntax, mailbox, or domain errors for your emails, resulting in improving your email deliverability rates by a significant amount.

Starting price: $80 for 10,000 emails

8. Pabbly


Pabbly has an incredible email list cleaning service that can help maximize your email marketing efforts. Even though the email list scrubbing services take more time than the others, it removes every hard bounce, verifies the email addresses thoroughly, and removes any inactive or fake accounts from the list. It offers a 98% deliverability and 10% reduced bounce rate claim. Their anti greylisting feature ensures that your ID is never blocked by any ISPs.

It also determines any high-risk email addresses that could be a potential threat to your business. They check for email duplication, domain verification and remove all the complaints received for your emails. Since they have a database of email addresses marked spam by users, if they find your email address within the database, they simply remove it for a better domain reputation.

Starting price: $25 for 10,000 emails

9. ListWise


ListWise is another beginner-friendly email list cleaning tool that verifies email addresses with intelligence technologies. It helps to get rid of any unwanted and risky emails. It categorizes the email list and divides it into four parts: clean, invalid, bounces, and duplicates. It also prevents the email sending servers from being blacklisted.

However, their sign-up processes can be a bit lengthy. They have validated over 380,000,000+ emails by now. Thus, you can trust their services without any issues.

Starting price: $45 for 10,000 emails.

10. Bouncify


Bouncify offers bulk email cleaning and scrubbing services aimed at improving your deliverability rates and brand reputation. It eliminates every fake and dead email from your email list and removes the invalid syntaxes and inactive subscribers. Next, it creates a completely new list with a fresh set of leads. Thus, you need not worry about getting your email lists empty after the cleaning process.

Their services are quick, and you can also verify your email lists on the convenience of your smartphone with their android and IOS apps. Even though their customer support facility is not the best, the accuracy with which they carry out the email list cleaning and verification services is commendable.

Starting price: $14 for 10,000 emails


Email list cleaning is a necessity for long-term success in email marketing campaigns. It removes invalid, out-of-date, and fake email addresses from your email list so that you can get fresh and highly qualified prospects for your next email marketing campaign. A higher ROI can be achieved from every campaign by improving email delivery and domain reputation. Pick the most reliable email list cleaning service from the above list and make sure to refine your email lists at least once or twice a month for successful email marketing campaigns.

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