25 Best Facebook Messenger Bots You Can Use in 2022

facebook messenger bots tools

Facebook Messenger bots can help you increase communication in your business, which is critical for every industry’s optimal operation. It is crucial for a company to have an open line of contact with its current and potential customers. While it may not be practical to be available at all times to respond to your customers’ questions, you can utilize Bots to bridge the gap. We’ll deliver the best Facebook Messenger bots tools to your doorstep in this article, so you can increase communication in your business.

What are Facebook Messenger Bots?

It is messaging software that uses artificial intelligence to converse with people automatically on Facebook messenger. These chatbots are programmed in such a way that they can help you execute tasks, understand questions and provide answers to them using some information integrated into them during setup.

What Can Facebook Messenger Bots Do?

Chatbots allow business owners to automate some low-level customer care jobs. Customers can talk with a bot to answer some pre-purchase questions they may have instead of waiting on hold to speak with a customer support rep.

With a chatbot deployed to your Facebook messenger, your customers just have to click the “Message” button on your Facebook page (or website), and a messenger session opens up, allowing them to enter a query and start a conversation with your chatbot.

Note: For a Facebook chatbot to work, it must be integrated into the Facebook messenger application.

Important Considerations Before Choosing a Facebook Messenger Bots

Before you make use of chatbot software on your Facebook messenger to optimize sales or services in your business, here are important things you need to consider:

  • Business objectives
  • Chatbot platform
  • Language use
  • User experience
  • Multiple channels
  • Speech support and language processing
  • Bot analytics
  • Approved API Permissions: With API permissions, your Facebook Messenger chatbot can get access to data from Facebook. To achieve this, you have to choose the permissions that your app will need to function as planned.

You must submit your app to Facebook for review for them to confirm that the app uses the data it gets from them for the intended purpose, and also safeguards its user’s privacy. When users log into your app, they will also be asked to grant the permissions that your app requested, but it’s left for them to either accept or deny the requests. To get your app reviewed easily by Facebook, it’s vital that you only ask for the permissions your app truly needs. Asking for irrelevant permissions might lead to your app being rejected.

Finding the Right Feature Sets

Here are some AI Facebook messenger bot features that are mandatory so you can connect with your audience:


Customize the chatbot in such a way to make sure it engages in conversations naturally and actively.

Emotional Intelligence

Since chatbots are primarily the bridge through which your customers get across to your business, make sure to build a relationship between your customers and the chatbots for ease of business. You can do this using the sentiment analysis feature.


Your Facebook messenger bot should be able to make your customer experience stress-free and easy.

Seamless Transfer to Live Agents

Integrating this seamless transfer feature into your chatbot should help the bot to handle the majority of your customer inquiries and questions without human help, but it should also be easy for human agents to come in and take over when complex issues come up.

Sophisticated API

A good chatbot API will help your business by making sure that your customers have the free will to scroll around and find what they’re searching for. The feature will keep the conversations intact while giving your customers great satisfaction.

Understanding Real AI Capabilities

With Facebook messenger’s API, you are sure of your customers’ inquiries being replied to at the right time through texts, images, videos, etc. With the AI features of chatbots, your conversations with your customers will be straightforward and satisfactory as the bot will also predict what a customer might need next based on old conversations, and provide solutions where necessary.

Additionally, AI built into it will enable it to respond in multiple languages when the need arises.

Best Facebook Messenger Bots

Now that we know what essentially needs to be there in a messenger chatbot, let’s get to the gist of this article which is the list of the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot Tools.

1. MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger Bots

It helps to integrate your SMS Text Messaging, Facebook Messaging, Webchat, and Instagram for more sales leads and enhanced customer experience. MobileMonkey is known for its “OmniChat platform” that allows various businesses to connect with customers in real-time via Messenger, SMS, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Webchat.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost (Pro Plan) – $19 per feature, per month.

2. Liveperson

Liveperson Facebook Messenger Bots

Liveperson AI-powered Conversational Cloud helps a lot of businesses to converse with their customers and clients. It’s a platform that enables consumers to ask questions and make purchases anytime using different messaging channels. Liveperson is known for its SaaS AI-powered conversational platform that enables clients and customers to create automated and brilliant response flows through conversations in various voice platforms and messaging channels.

Free Plan Available – No (Demo available)

Starting Cost – $40 (Standard)
$90 (Premier)

3. Botsify

Botsify Facebook Messenger Bots

Botsify is a managed AI machine learning-based chatbot platform that provides chat automation for various businesses, to enable them to converse with customers with ease. Botsify is known for creating various types of chatbots that can perform different tasks, which helps business owners that leverage Facebook for customers to get tasks done quickly.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Demo & includes up to 100 users)

Starting Cost – $50 per month (Self Serviced Plan) and $300 per month (Fully Managed Plan)

4. Odus.ai

Odus.ai Facebook Messenger Bots

Odus.ai allows business owners to create chatbots that can act as automated customer support. Odus.ai is known for its AI technology that makes it possible for people to set up flexible conversation flows using visual Dialog Builder.

Free Plan Available – No

Starting Cost – $1 per month.

5. WP-Chatbot by QuantrumCloud


WP-Chatbot allows business owners to connect with their customers using Facebook messenger as the messaging platform. WP-Chatbot is known for using automated AI technology to make conversations between businesses and customers hassle-free and easier.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $39 per month.

6. Kustomer

Kustomer CRM

Kustomer allows businesses to develop an all-in-one AI platform that helps them to automate support, sales, and marketing conversations with customers using Facebook messenger. Kustomer is known for its advanced analytics that helps businesses to deliver fast customer experiences.

Free Plan Available – No (14-day Trial)

Starting Cost – $55 per month.

7. Automat


Automat.ai helps businesses to personalize an e-commerce website for customers’ specific needs, after taking note of what they want through conversations, and in turn, increases sales. Automat is known for its scalable website that makes it easier to customize a shopping e-commerce website for people.

Free Plan Available – No (Demo)

Starting Cost – Unknown

8. Kayako

kayako live chat software

Kayako uses its live chat software to help businesses provide live customer service support. Businesses can add Kayako’s live chat to their web or mobile apps help center to help them attend to their customers’ needs. Kayako is known for its cloud-based customer support system that embeds various support channels like phone calls, live chat, and e-mail, and also tracks them.

Free Plan available – Yes (14-days Trial)

Starting Cost – $30 per agent, per month

9. Pandorabots

pandorabots chatbots

With Pandorabots, businesses can develop and deploy chatbots that can help to make conversing with customers easy. Pandorabots is known for its integrated development interface that allows business owners to develop chatbots that contain tools and features that can help boost their business.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $19 per month
$199 per month

10. Dialogflow

Dialogflow Google integration

Dialogflow is a platform integrated into Google that allows you to easily design and embed a user interface that aids conversations into your bot, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, web application, mobile apps, etc. They are known for the two different virtual agent services that they provide: “Dialogflow CX” and “Dialogflow ES.” Each of these services has its user interface, API, documentation, and agent type.

Dialogflow CX provides large and complex businesses with an advanced agent type suitable for their type of business. Dialogflow ES provides small and simple businesses with a standard agent type suitable for their type of business.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Trial Edition)

Starting Cost (CX Edition) – $0.007 per request (Text) and $0.06 per min (Audio)

Starting Cost (ES Edition) – $0.002 per request (Text) and $0.0065 per 15 seconds (Audio)

11. Octane AI

Octane AI Platform

Octane AI provides a platform where businesses can automate their SMS and Facebook messenger replies to easily attend to their customers. Businesses can also recommend products and engage their customers in quizzes to meet their needs through Klaviyo using Octane AI. Octane AI is known primarily for supporting Shopify and Shopify Plus.

Free Plan Available – Yes (30-days Free Trial)

Starting Cost – $29 per month (STARTER), $199 per month (PRO), and $499 per month (PIONEER)

12. TARS

TARS Chatbot

TARS makes use of chatbots to assist customer care and marketing teams in automating customer support interactions, increasing sales funnels, and redefining the user experience. They are widely known for their possession of the world’s largest chatbot template library, with over 950+ chatbot templates spanning diverse use cases.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Trial Version)

Starting Cost – $99 per feature, per month

13. Conversed.AI (SmartSheet)


Conversed.AI is a workflow automation engine that allows business owners to develop and manage bots using a drag-and-drop interface without a need to write codes. They are known for their platform’s ability to go beyond regular chatbot solutions that just copy human interactions.

Free Plan Available – Not Stated

Starting Cost – Not Stated

14. ItsAlive

ItsAlive Chatbot

ItsAlive is one of the marketing chatbot services that assist businesses in creating chatbots that will captivate their clients and, perhaps, turn them into paying customers. They are known for building superb chatbots and services for different business brands.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $19 per month (Solo Plan)
$49 per month (Plus Plan)

15. Flow XO

Flow XO

Flow XO is a powerful tool for creating and deploying chatbots across different message channels on websites. With Flow XO, you can use a chat widget that can be integrated into your SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, and website. Flow XO platform is known for its ability to allow people to create bots for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Slack without having to know any code. These bots allow businesses to carry out surveys, share content, and attend to customers through chat interfaces.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $19 per month

16. Engati

Engati Chatbot

Engati helps people to create bots within a few minutes without having to code. Just create once and deploy to your website, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Telegram, Viber, or Slack. Engati supports private labeling, intelligent routes, analytics, training, and copy. It also allows users to develop chatbots using machine learning, natural language understanding, and natural language processing.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $79 per month
$249 per month

17. ActiveChat

ActiveChat Bot

ActiveChat allows businesses to talk to thousands of clients on different channels like Facebook Messenger, website chat, SMS, or Telegram. With ActiveChat, business owners can automate interactions to allow their human agents to attend to more complex issues. Activechat is known for its one-of-a-kind live chat, sophisticated AI chatbot software, and interactive analytics tool.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Free Trial)

Starting Cost – $0.001 per conversation (Usage Based)

18. Surveybot


Surveybot is a survey tool and chatbot that interacts with users to help them answer their questions and gather data/feedback for businesses. It is widely known for its customer feedback application that assists businesses in collecting feedback from customers. SurveyBot can assist you in developing surveys that will help you better understand your clients and expand your business.

Free Plan Available – Yes (First 50 Responses)

Starting Cost – According to Survey Responses Needed

19. Chatfuel


Chatfuel is a chatbot platform for Facebook messenger. It can help you build chatbots for your businesses without having to code. Chatfuel is a bot-building system that offers individuals and agencies a single platform where they can create AI conversational chatbots.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $15 per month (500 subscribers)

20. ZoConvert


ZoConvert lets you create a Facebook messenger bot for your business within a few minutes. ZoConvert boasts of an AI platform capable of allowing users to create a powerful Facebook messenger bot without having any programming knowledge.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Free Trial)

Starting Cost – $39 per month

21. ManyChat

ManyChat Bot

ManyChat service lets you create chatbots for your Facebook messenger which can be used for both customer support and marketing services. ManyChat service is known for its drag-and-drop bot builder that develops a chatbot as fast as possible, and without having to enter codes.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $15 (Pro)

22. Botkit

BotKit Messaging Bot

BotKit develops messaging bots for businesses thereby optimizing sales and enhancing (B2C) business-to-customer relationships. Botkit is well-known for its toolkit used for building messaging chatbots.

Free Plan Available – Yes (1 ChatBot ONLY)

Starting Cost – $10 per month

23. Botsociety.io


Botsociety is a chatbot tool that enables you to set up a chatbot even without prior technical experience. It is mostly known for its ability to create interactive interfaces for varying ranges of platforms.

Free Plan Available – Yes (Starter)

Starting Cost – $71 per month (Professional)

24. Botmywork

BotMyWork Chatbot Builder

Botmywork Chatbot Builder is a web-based software that allows small to large businesses to develop and configure Facebook Messenger chatbots. It is known for its ability to create, configure, and deploy chatbots, as well as integrate them into social media platforms like Facebook messenger and existing websites to boost customer engagement.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $9 per feature, per month

25. Botmock

BotMock Chatbot

Botmock allows you to use a drag-and-drop editor to develop conversation flows, share or test them and receive feedback all in one place. Botmock is known for its ability to design outstanding conversational interactions for chatbots, IVR, voice experiences, etc.

Free Plan Available – Yes

Starting Cost – $35 per month (Pro)

Reasons to Use Facebook Messenger Bots

Facebook Messenger chatbots are useful because they can help you interpret queries from customers or clients, respond to them, and do other activities. Using them saves time for both parties and gives the encounter a more personal feel.


With chatbots, you are assured of prompt and quality customer satisfaction which makes it almost unnecessary to look for additional resources for your Facebook messenger bots. But here are a few things you can also add while using chatbots. Always use customers’ feedback from surveys to improve the chatbot. Understand your customers’ needs and personalize user experiences to keep them glued to your business and ensure that there is no glitch in the bot to keep the conversations smooth. Hope this article helps! Until next time.

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