5 Ways to Improve SaaS Customer Service Experience


Does your company offer the best SaaS customer service experience? There is a finding that 71% of consumers highly recommend companies when they have a positive experience with the company’s customer service. SaaS products whose customers regularly pay, use daily, and learn new features on a continuous basis require customer support that reduces their cash burn rate.

In some ways, the challenges that come with SaaS support can actually be an opportunity as well, especially if the team is small. Customer support offers a chance to build a relationship with a customer over time, or to glean insights that will benefit the entire business in a business where customers use your product regularly over time. Plus, they’re literally the life-blood of startups-as a rule, it’s best to retain as many clients as possible. This often means providing real-time support 24/7.

A good strategy and a few best practices will help your customers to become raving fans. Check out the tips below for ways to improve your SaaS customer service experience.

Excellent, Human-touched Agents

SaaS support is a crucial investment. Make sure you hire the right people. The best SaaS support agents should be curious and willing to learn.

Agents who are good at what they do will know your product inside out—but usually, no one from the start knows your product that well. That’s why investigative skills and a knack for solving problems are vital in filling a SaaS support position; these qualities are crucial to ensuring the employee learns quickly. If your product is complex, technical skills are important too, so that they can handle more in-depth questions that come up. 

Additionally, they should be both personable and professional. Thus, every interaction with customers will be human-touched. Customers will grow trust in you when they know they are not talking to bots, and they will know they can rely on you.

Timely Manners and Supportive Team Members

Although every company has limited resources, social customer support must be timely if it is offered. People expect quick responses from you when they reach out, so be clear on your profile about that. Set a clear expectation of when they will hear from you so they don’t wonder for too long.

Knowing your customer better will help you support them more timely. If you pay attention to the most frequently asked questions and challenges your audience faces, you can pass these questions and asking frequency along to the marketing department or a designated support team member to develop helpful customer resources. Support teams make the best teams, right?

In the future, when a customer asks the FAQ, you could reply, “Here’s an article that explains how to do that.” Feel free to let me know if that helps.” instead of explaining everything in great detail. This approach can not only save time but also show the customer where to find answers in the future. 

Proactive Customer Support

Let your audience know if you are experiencing an outage or have discovered a bug in your software. Get in touch with them as soon as you can and let them know you’re actively working to resolve the issue.

Never wait until there’s a problem to reach out. With this strategy, you can save time, while ensuring your customers that you are staying on top of things.

You can also monitor brand mentions and join conversations that you need to be part of to remain proactive. Be responsive to complaints and for the good things people say about you, be involved in the conversations your audience is having about you, and always be seeking new ways to delight them and increase brand loyalty.

Invest in the Right Tools

In SaaS, you know how important it is to have the right technology at your disposal, and the same applies when it comes to customer support. Real-time support software lets your agents perform at their optimal level. 

As your agents interact with customers, your support software will be the most important resource. Make sure your team can easily manage all requests with one platform, regardless of where they are coming from.

Delight Customers with Success Stories

Success stories shouldn’t be kept a secret. Remember that people love being featured! Make your followers aware of happy customers and issues that are resolved. Make sure you show them how much you care as often as you can, and you’ll create a loyal fan base for your brand.

In fact, if you take a customer-centric approach, it is the customers who will elevate you.

The Best SaaS Customer Service Experiences Examples

After you’ve learned how to improve your customer service experience, let’s look at some examples of great SaaS customer service experiences.

All of these examples are real SaaS companies, so there are no excuses for not implementing the strategy we discussed earlier.


HubSpot provides Twitter support – both through @HubSpot and @HubSpotSupport in quick, helpful, and casual tweets—exactly as you would expect on that platform. 

They may not dig as deeply as they could via email, but they don’t cut any personalization. Think carefully about how you can tailor your support language so it’s consistent, but still appropriate for the platform you’re using. 

It won’t just look better to keep it brief instead of tweeting multiple times, but your customer will get a response in a format they’re used to. As a result, if they reach out to support via a certain platform, that’s probably the way they feel most comfortable communicating.


In terms of social media, be aware that different demographics have different preferences. 

Twitter and Instagram offer more comfortable communication methods for the younger audience with slang, emojis, and jokes. However, on sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn, a polished response will go over better with people who are older or more professional.

Customer interaction should always have a human touch. In that case, make sure to personally respond with their name and any information you know about them or their business.

A smart support agent can adapt your standard scripts to the needs of your specific customers by modifying them to their platform and platform configuration.


Canva has a unique approach to customer service. They know that educating their customers on how to use their product is a crucial part of building loyalty to its brand. They also provide free access to Canva Design School, which contains hundreds of free video tutorials and courses covering the basics of graphic design, best design principles, and much more. 


This example shows what a Canva user shared after watching Canva’s one-minute video on how to edit a video. Within an hour, the support team responded – which is quite fast.

A lesson from Canva: Do more than provide knowledge-based content to your users. Your SaaS solution will reduce their likelihood of switching to a competitor if they learn the best practices.


DepositFix is a company that offers payment solutions for HubSpot forms. A video welcomes you immediately after clicking the icon to a HubSpot integration expert. If you want to comment on this video, you can record a video, audio, or text message of your own.

As shown below, a customer praises their responsiveness even on weekends. This surely is what every customer hopes for!


The company also hosts regular webinars to explain how its system works and what benefits businesses can gain from using it. There is a Facebook group where they share useful information and a private one where users can ask questions.

Not all users prefer text-based communication. For some of them, recording a video or audio message is easier. Take the time to consider all possible user groups. As part of your SaaS support, consider social media as a touchpoint.


For SaaS companies, excellent customer support is essential. Now that you have some SaaS support best practices, it’s time to implement them. With the right combination of excellent agents, tools, self-service options, and also supportive entire team members you can build a top-notch support team. Combine those steps with a whole company operation, and you’re on your way to success.

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