20 Best Micro-tasking Platforms

micro-tasking platforms

As we’ve seen in the past 2 years, our world has changed significantly. The way we view work and side hustles has changed a lot, especially for those who master digital skills and can work from a computer. So if you have some extra time on your hands and you want to make some money, without committing to another job or learning new skills, micro-tasking platforms are your best friend.

What is a Micro-tasking Platform?

Essentially, micro-tasking platforms ask you to complete various tasks ranging from photography, small errands, or assistant-like jobs. Each one plays differently, so you can leverage certain skills or get the most out of your advantage of living in a big city.

Some of these tasks can be done on the weekend as well, so you can view them as a way of making extra money. Since there are so many online businesses, we’re going to dig a little deeper into micro tasking platforms that focus on online tasks.

Can You Make Money Using Micro-tasking Platforms?

The short answer is “Yes”, and there are a plethora of tasks you can do from your computer to earn some quick dollars. Online surveys, testing websites, data entry, and other tasks that don’t need special tools or skills. Not all of them pay well, and some tasks will have to be performed multiple times to get more money.

It all depends on the tasks, the complexity, and the time it takes to finish them. Some platforms will have better-paying tasks than others, so it’s all about choosing what suits your needs best. Nevertheless, around 50-100 dollars per week is the average amount people who use these platforms can make. And since the sign-up is usually quite simple, the entire process from step one to receiving money is something anyone can do.

List of 20 Micro-tasking Platforms

Since there are so many micro-tasking platforms out there, we’ve researched for you so that you can choose the best out of the best, and start making money without worrying that you might get scammed.

1. Appen

micro-tasking platforms

Appen is one of the largest and most popular micro-tasking platforms out there. Their main selling point is that one can do projects and jobs that will help others and therefore change the world for the better. This is enforced through the type of jobs posted there, such as surveys, translations, or data labeling.

This means that through Appen, a lot of people can find a task or project to work on, short-term or long-term. The average hourly pay ranges from $9 to $30, making it a really good side gig for anyone looking to make extra money.

2. Mechanical Turk

micro-tasking platforms

Another very popular micro-tasking platform is Mechanical Turk, created by the giant Amazon. Although it doesn’t pay that much, once you get approved to do certain tasks nothing is stopping you from making as many requests as you want.

The tasks are quite simple, they call them Human Intelligence Tasks. These tasks can include image processing, information gathering, data verification, and data processing. Keep in mind that each task will be approved by the requestor, meaning that if you don’t have the skills to do it properly you won’t get paid.

3. Swagbucks

micro-tasking platforms

If you want to make a quick buck then Swagbucks can be the place to spend a few minutes or hours, filling out surveys or reviewing products among others, while also making some money. Their system is based on points that can be redeemed as cash later.

The points can be redeemed as gift cards on Amazon or Google Play too, and they currently offer bonus points for new users. The variety of tasks one can do on Swagbucks is huge, making it one of the most popular and fun-to-use micro-tasking platforms.

4. Survey Junkie

image 39

For those looking to fill up surveys only, there is a special place where you can do that. Survey Junkie pays you to take online surveys from anywhere in the world. You can even take them from your phone or tablet.

The surveys typically pay between $0.20 to $3.50 and can take up to 30 minutes to complete. The longer the survey, the more money you’ll be offered. Just like Swagbucks, they have a point system. Once you’ve reached a certain number of points you can cash them in via PayPal.

5. Microworkers

image 40

Another micro-tasking platform where you can complete online surveys, monitor online ads, or do data entry jobs is Microworkers. There are millions of jobs listed on the platform and is one of the most active websites of such in the world.

Once you’ve registered on the platform, you’ll receive a start rate and then will increase as you take on more and more jobs. You can cash out after you’ve made $9 via PayPal or other payment processors.

6. FancyHands

image 41

For those who can do a little more than just complete surveys, there is FancyHands, an online micro-tasking platform suited for virtual assistants. Here you can help others with scheduling appointments, data entry, emails, booking travel trips, or making calls.

Working as a virtual assistant can pay significantly better than other tasks, and can quickly turn into a full-time well-paid job. The main advantage is that it can be done 100% online and remotely, and one can have more than 1 client.

7. TaskRabbit

image 42

Unlike the other microtask platforms listed here, Task rabbit focuses on local jobs in a certain area. It can range from delivering packages, running errands, gardening, walking dogs, or helping people with manual labor.

These types of jobs don’t pay a lot of money, but you can register to receive email alerts once a job in your area is posted. Taskrabbit is suited for those who want to work on demand and are more flexible.

8. Trymata

image 43

A more specialized micro-tasking platform is Trymata. Just as the name suggests, the jobs posted here are all about testing websites. It’s a great resource for those who want to get feedback from users without spending too much money, and for those who want to test websites and make a quick buck out of them.

They have a flat rate of $10 per task, and each task takes around 20 minutes to complete. There is a certain procedure you have to follow when testing a website and you’ll need a microphone to narrate each step. Only approved tests will get paid.

9. Humanatic

image 45

Another specialized micro-tasking platform is Humanatic. They help companies manage phone calls by listening, reviewing, and sorting them for further quality control. Your task on the platform is to listen and then sort the calls into the correct category. The type of category you decide to sort will also decide the rate of your pay, and it can increase as you take on more complicated tasks.

10. Star Clicks

image 46

Star Clicks is a micro-tasking platform that is only available for those who reside in the US. That is their only condition. The jobs offered there are mainly about testing websites, Google searches, and clicking on various ads or pages.

Each task pays a certain fee and since they’re easy to do by anyone who has a computer and internet connection, it can quickly turn into a good-paying side hustle.

11. Lionbridge

image 47

A similar platform to Appen is Lionbridge. Here you can do all sorts of jobs that include website testing, search engine evaluation, quality rating, transcription, and even translation for as much as $10 per hour.

The only restriction you need to be aware of is that you cannot work on both platforms, you’ll need to choose one and work your way up there. And just like Appen and other platforms, the task consistency might vary.

12. Influenster

image 48

A very popular platform for those who want to make a side hustle out of reviewing products is Influenster. They mainly focus on social activity, shares, and product reviews, but you can also get paid for some jobs.

By signing up on the platform you’ll be getting all sorts of products for free and your job is to review them. The more active you are, the higher paying and better campaigns you’ll be getting.

13. Clickworker

image 49

Clickworker allows people to work from their computers but only via a special browser. You will be hired as an independent contractor, so it’s more like a freelance position. Keep in mind that the tasks are part of a larger group.

The project tasks can include processing data, text translations, web investigations, and tagging and they pay up to $9 per hour. More experienced workers can get more than that over time.

14. Spare5

image 50

Just as the name suggests, those who have 5 minutes to spare can make some money by completing simple tasks on Spare5. It can include but is not limited to assessing the tone, meaning, or attitude of audio files, annotating images, providing keywords, or others.

The main advantage of this platform is that it allows users to work whenever they have time. It’s flexible and pays weekly.

15. MyCrowd

image 51

Those who have a problem-solving mind and some testing skills can successfully work on My Crowd. The tasks here include website testing and finding bugs in apps or websites. No need to record or submit a certain process for approval.

Being the first one to report bugs and issues, will get you the pay. It’s a great way to practice your QA testing skills and maybe a gateway into a new job in the IT industry.

16. Ask Wonder

image 52

One of the highest-paying micro-tasking platforms is Ask Wonder. They focus on delivering high-quality research for their customers in a short period. As a researcher on the platforms, you’ll need to pass some tests and get validated.

After that, the hourly pay can be anywhere from 15 to 25 per hour which is extremely good and over the minimum wage in most states. As you get more experienced and land more jobs, your pay can increase.

17. Job Spotter

image 53

If you’re looking to help out your community and also make some money while doing it, then Job Spotter is the right place for you. As the name suggests, you’ll have to sport jobs in your community.

The more jobs you spot and submit, the more money you make. Of course, all jobs submitted must be approved before getting paid. They also have a point system where each job is assigned a certain amount of points, and you get paid accordingly.

18. Markedshot

image 58

A little different than the other platforms, Markedshot allows users to take photos and then sell them. The difference is that they have challenges in which you can participate. If you win the challenge, you get paid.

The challenges are quite specific, so you will know what type of picture to create. If you have a good eye, and a camera you can win a lot of challenges and make money out of your passion for photography.

19. Inbox Dollars

image 55

Another very famous micro-tasking platform that has been around for years is Inbox Dollars. They also focus on online surveys, watching videos, ads, and other small tasks that can get you some extra money.

They offer a $5 bonus for registering and you can start making money after submitting a quick questionnaire that will also get you a $0.5 bonus. By referring other people you can also get bonuses.

20. AppJobber

image 57

For those who are out and about a lot, appJobber can help them make some money by completing simple tasks. You will be collecting commercial data such as pictures of products, validating prices, and so on.

They pay around $1 per task, but you can easily make around $5 to $10 per day if you have some time to walk around shops in your local area. All you need is a phone, an internet connection, and some free time.

3 Advanced Tips for Using Micro tasking Platforms

Because there are so many platforms and apps out there, where people can work in their free time to make some extra money, we will tell you our advanced tips for using micro-tasking platforms so that you don’t waste your time and energy learning them on your own.

1. Do Your Research Before Signing-up

This advice goes for all jobs and projects that are out there, no matter the location or the position. Always be sure to do your research about the platform, app, or employer. You need to understand what you’re getting into, what are the rules, what the entire process looks like, and other important aspects such as taxes, privacy, and terms. This way you will be able to choose the best platform to start doing microtasks and earn money safely. You want to avoid shady apps and websites with a bad reputation.

For example, Appen and Inbox Dollars don’t allow users to have active accounts on both websites. One can only know this by reading the terms and doing research beforehand. It goes for almost all platforms, once you get banned, you won’t be able to make another account with the same bank details or email.

2. Set Your Expectations Accordingly

Because some of these websites pay very little and have certain rules, such as cashing out after certain points or amounts of money, you want to make sure that you’re fully aware of that so that you know what you’re getting into. All of these platforms are created to help people make some extra money and companies outsource certain tasks for a fraction of the cost.

When you’re fully aware that such platforms only offer tasks such as sources, data entry, or small errands you can decide if they’re worth your time or not. Also, make sure to always read the task description. For example, a lot of people don’t read the reviews before signing up and end up not knowing that the app doesn’t work very well or that you can only cash out vouchers.

3. Work Smart, Not Hard

Another great tip is to pick and choose the type of jobs you want to do so that you don’t spend too much time validating an address or completing a survey that pays only $0.50. If you have more skills, you can take on a job that pays more money.

For example, some platforms cater to specific skills such as bug reports or app testing, and they can pay more money if you’re good at testing and finding issues quickly. We’ve mentioned a few in this article, so make sure to check them out.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of trustworthy micro-tasking platforms out there that can pay really good money if you have some skills and enough time to do them. Each of these platforms should be considered a side hustle, a way to make extra money. For the right person, in the right situation can be a really fun way of making some money. Read more of our blogs here to understand the SaaS world better.

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