Top 100 Startup Directories to Submit Your Business


If you’ve recently built an organization or started your own business, you likely need to do some extra promotion or get some recognition on the web to get the early adopters. That’s why we decided to gather a rundown of Startup Directories where you can present your product website to kick things off for starters.

Keep reading to find out why you need startup registries in the first place.

What is a Startup Directory?

Startup directories are websites that allow you to submit your product or service and get early adopters, criticism, and press inclusion. The majority of these directories get exceptionally significant niche-based traffic that can help expand your initial interaction with your audience.

Directory submission has various advantages. They’re a type of off-page SEO and can create quality do-follow or no-follow backlinks from sites having high domain authority. Your page will rank better, prompting more traffic thus, more business.

Why Do You Need to Submit Your Startup to Directories?

Startup directories help you to gain validation in the market by providing a platform for your product/service where you can attract as many customers as possible. Assuming you’re similar to most startup originators, directory submission will be a pocket-accommodating way to gain initial traffic and prominence in your target market.

Top 100 Startup Directories to Submit Your Business in 2022

Promoting your startup is a difficult task. In this era where everything is at our fingertips, it is a need for you to build your presence on the web even if you work offline.

We’re here to assist you with taking your first big step which is getting your Startup listed on the internet because we understand that gaining early user traction is often the hardest part of the startup life cycle. But the good news is that hundreds of such platforms or websites could help you promote your startup for a very low cost. Remember, small steps make a big difference.

Let’s take a look at the top 100 startup directories to assist you with prevailing in your startup.

Product Hunt


Product Hunt is now at the forefront when it comes to showcasing your product to the startup directory world. The advantages of Product Hunt are that if something circulates the web, it can develop your startup rapidly. If you’re hoping to draw in clients who are generally looking for fresher items, then Product Hunt is one of the primary sites you should search for, which has more than 90k supporters. The best part about this startup directory si that its membership is free!



Hacker News is your guy if you have a technology-based business and you’re looking for a startup directory. It’s a great service and if want to target the tech people, and a good community to promote your offering to hackers and entrepreneurs. It currently has 150k plus subscribers and they offer a free subscription! 

Index Co


IndexCo’s purpose is to be a business intelligence tool that tracks thousands of tech companies around the world. Their main aim is to make tools for gathering information on tech companies. will help you create your customizable stream of companies, locations, and markets to track. You can sign up for your company profile to get updated easily for no fee for a platform, though they charge a fee of $25 for their premium package. 

Reddit – Side Projects


Reddit is extremely helpful when it comes to getting feedback and having discussions on any topic around the Web. Reddit-Side projects is a great subreddit for new startups to get feedback on ideas for businesses and small side projects. Being engaged with a community of 9k subscribers will help you sell your idea, that too for no fee at all.

Reddit – Entrepreneur


Though it is not a place to submit your startup, you can tell stories for free about your product to 100k+ subscribers. There is a high chance of you getting featured on the front page due to more discussion around your startup story or entrepreneurial concept. The only limitation is that you need over 10 karma points, but if you’re an avid Reddit user, this is perfect to launch your startup in a startup directory.

AngelList Venture


Angellist is a great platform to build a community that will help you get seed funding if you need funds to raise funding for your startup. it’s one of the best directories for exhibiting startups globally in the startup directory world. It has become a social network, which means now you can also connect with investors and high-net-worth professionals to help receive funding for your startup.

Designer News


DesignerNews helps you to share your product design and collect feedback. It can be a great place to promote your product as you will be able to target designers on a platform of 17k subscribers for free! 

Beta Bound


When launching a startup to market on BetaBound, you will often not only get feedback on your product, but also feedback on bugs and other technical issues that your users will find. If you have apps that need to be tested, then this platform with over 90,000 beta testers and subscribers is a great place to test your apps. It helps in providing a valuable first-time user experience, which then leads to a positive onboarding experience and referrals.

Feed My App


Feedmyapp is a platform to feature new apps concerning major startup directories that already exist For instance, if you have a new product that integrates with the Twitter API, and helps users identify who their top followers are, then this platform cannot be missed to feature your product. Submission can be done free but with a fee starting from $9, the probability of getting featured highly increases in a community of 5k users.

Beta List


If you want to provide fie details about your startup, then Beta List is for you! This startup directory is one of the pioneers of its kind as it once sent hundreds of visitors to startups and their signup rate was up to 30%.

Launching Next


This one’s close to BetaList, as Launching Next is an impressive platform that features the most promising startups daily. It also has good content concerning launching startups to gain early user traction and successful case studies of entrepreneurs launching startups at a low cost. 



Springwise covers all facets of startup ideas and innovations including health and education, life hacks, fashion, retail, entertainment, housing, etc. They only feature 3-5 daily new ideas/products to their social reach of over 400,000 users. If you have a compelling product that is truly innovative and want to gain significant exposure, getting featured on Springwise should be your preference.



Though it may look spammy, their feed is often circulated on the web so it is worth submitting to KillerStartups, because listing pages do rank well in search engines through them. What drives most subscribers away from them is the fact that their free submissions take 3-6 months for approval and quick listing, you need to pay $197.

The Startup Pitch


The Startup Pitch is another great startup directory, but it has a twist, You have to send them to a pitch to be featured, just like what you would send to journalists to have your startup being featured in a major publication. The platform has a community of subscribers of 30k who give you feedback on your pitch and even share what your startup is all about. It has no subscription fee! 



It mostly covers consumer-based startups directories or anything which is of interest to its users, which makes it worth submitting to. If you want to get covered by Mashable, make sure to send them something newsworthy rather than just telling them the features of the startup.

SaaS Hub


SaaS Hub helps you find the best software and alternatives. Their goal is to be objective and helpful towards building a world full of entrepreneurs and startup owners. And the best part about this website is that they feature startups on their website without charging any fee.

Remote Tools


Remote Tools has the largest remote work community and features remote-first products. There’s a voting system where top products each week are featured in the newsletter to 5000+ subscribers. They also have an active social media presence. The listing is free. Even if you don’t have a remote-focused product, you can feature it in their ‘startup resources’ category.

Submit Juice


Submit Juice allows you to submit your startup to 152+ directories and websites, which helps you save hours of work and hassle. They help you in getting discovered by early adopters and journalists. All of this is offered for £199.



MakeUseOf is a technology website. It is entirely focused on bridging the connection between users, computers, devices, and the Internet through education. Its mission is to help users deconstruct the world of technology and gadgets. It features new products which are extremely useful for consumers.



As a subscriber to Netted’s daily email, you’ll be the first to hear about indispensable new apps, products, and services that make life easier. They are determined to boost the presence of new applications in the market by posting a new product/app daily. You can submit your startup on Netted for free. 

Next Big What


NextBigWhat is a digital platform that publishes news and investment activity content related to Technology startups with a focus on Online/Digital startups, Consumer tech, the Internet of Things (IoT), and news from the world of Tech life and design. It promotes startups by providing a platform to showcase them. 

Startup Wizz


StartupWizz was founded in 2009 as a place for entrepreneurs and investors to stay informed about startups on the web. Their goal is to find some of the most disruptive, niche-based, and interesting startups that our peers and investors want to know about. So, if you have a startup, go ahead and submit it to this Startup Directory.



It is a global community that helps hundreds of businesses every day to grow. It is the world’s largest platform for founders. F6S enables founders to interact with Investors, Accelerators/Incubators, Products/tools, or talent on the platform to grow together. The F6S name comes shortening the six letters between F and S to FOUNDERS.



Gust claims to support you at every point along your entrepreneurial journey so when it’s time to raise money, you have the best shot at investment. With over 800,000 founders and 85,000 investment professionals on their platform, they connect you to the whole startup ecosystem and help you to put your best foot forward with a subscription fee of $300. 



Appvita is a resource to locate the finest browser-based web applications and share them with the world. Since 2006 they have carefully selected and reviewed over 1,600 apps and counting. They also have a technology blog that focuses on the latest web application-related content. You can submit your application to them for free!

Startup Benchmarks


Startup Benchmarks lets you easily measure your startup’s performance and growth metrics while helping others do the same. It aims to take a critical step in a movement towards openness, transparency, and collaboration in the startup community by enabling startups to share and learn from each other’s analytics data. 

Tech Pluto


As startup owners, you must be aware that the target audience of any startup or business would always look for credible opinions to bank upon. An In-depth review enhances visibility as well as credibility. Tech Pluto provides a platform that enhances the visibility of startups while charging nothing in return. 

Startup Lift


StartUpLift aims to help you grow your business, they offer various tools and services that help in your growth hacking process. They claim to provide services that act as the basic building blocks of today’s businesses. You can submit your startup on their site by filling up a simple and easy form for free. 

Startup Inc.


Startup Inc. is the best place to promote your business. Their startup listing website helps you attract investors & customers. They are one of the fastest-growing Startup directories that can help any startup skyrocket within a short period. 

All Top Startups


AllTopStartups is a startup-oriented blog with over 60,000 monthly visitors and over 100k followers. The website offers a premium startup listing option that lets you feature your startup on the home page and get it boosted on its social platforms.

Startup Ranking


Startup Ranking is a startup directory that helps its users to discover, rank, and prospect startups and companies worldwide. You can find new startups every day, rank them and analyze their data with Startup Ranking, that too for free! 

Startup Buzz

startup-buzz is an online platform for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. It is driven by a motto to cover and deliver the latest news, updates, and information about Startup World concisely. Led by professionals, they own a vision to create a collective library of Startup relative content through their website.



JCount is one of the biggest platforms for tech. They help you to overcome difficult situations that are faced by startup owners. JCount offers you an opportunity to discuss the details of your startup through blogs about startups. It is a personalized platform where you can provide the minutest details about your venture to a global audience.

Tech Faster


TechFaster is an online platform that offers the latest news, information, and reviews on innovation and high-growth technology. Targeting technology enthusiasts, influencers, innovators, and investors across apps, mobile, technology, it is an emerging platform that helps startups submit their businesses where they can be noticed by customers around the globe. 

My Startup Tool


Register for the free plan of My Startup Tool and get access to more than 250 free, freemium and premium websites and platforms to submit your startup. You can also opt for their paid plans and let them do the submissions for you.



If you are a new startup or have a SaaS product, you can submit your details on Paggu. Submitting your startup is free. In case you want to jump the line and get your startup reviewed immediately, they might charge a small fee. Also, If you have a story about a startup and would like to share it, you can send them the details in a few paragraphs. Once reviewed and approved, they will publish it on their website.



Inc42 is the leading Indian media platform, known for its end-to-end coverage of Indian startups and entrepreneurs through news, reports & interviews. It is a great platform that allows startup owners to showcase their businesses. They do not charge any subscription fee at all. 

Startup Tabs


Startuptabs is a startup discovery engine and a browser extension that allows you to discover new startups with every tab you open. It does not charge you any fee for its services, you can also submit your startup on their website without any subscription charges. 

Superb Crew


SuperbCrew is a tech news website covering innovative tech and internet companies. It delivers the latest insights and interviews from the startup community. It is a great platform to submit your startup if you’re looking forward to attracting a massive audience without paying any fee! 

Startup Inspire


Startup Inspire is a startup inspiration gallery with more than 3000 Startups submitted. It allows you to submit and promote your Startup like a Pro and improve your SEO. You can visit their website and submit your Startup now for free.

Startup Tank


Startup Tank is an online platform that connects startups/entrepreneurs, investors/advisors, and business service providers. They facilitate the development of partnerships and other business opportunities between their members and provide them with exciting updates within the startup community. You can join the Startup Tank community without paying a subscription fee. 

Web Apprater


WebAppRater is a platform that always has an eye for new and fantastic web apps / mobile apps to review on its site. They carry out a guaranteed review that provides your app with a genuine rating and review from them. Reviews are then posted on their site. Featured Reviews are marked as “Sticky Posts” and are visible on their homepage for at least 30 days.

Startup Sea


You can discover the new and interesting web and mobile startups with Startup Sea. They allow you to submit a form to have a technology startup considered for publication and promotion at their website and associated networks. Publication minimally includes the name, description, and screenshot of the startup. 

Google My Business


Listing your startup on Google My Business will not only help you in local SEO (getting visibility when people in your area search for ‘guitar sellers near me’) but also create a rich card for your business on Google search results whenever the users search for your company name. Listing your startup on Google My Business is free and lets you share important information like operating hours and phone numbers to your customers right on the google search result page.

Startup Donut


Startup Donut helps you on key start-up topics such as business ideas, business planning, and sales and marketing. They aim to help startup owners showcase their business and learn as much as they can from this platform. 

New Startups


New Startups is an aggregated gallery of startups, startup news, and entrepreneurship information. They collect a wide range of bright new ideas from around the globe, keeping their customers up to date on incredible emerging businesses, offering their reviews, and providing a platform to engage in discussions. We also invite startup owners to submit their Startups for our publishing consideration, for a subscription fee of $50. 

Tech Crunch


TechCrunch offers startup owners an unsurpassed platform to reach passionate and sophisticated tech audiences. They are also known for hosting events that combine IRL activations with digital media and branded content, as well as many media-only specials centered on momentous tech events. You can get in touch with their team by visiting their website. 

Grow VC Group


Grow VC Group is a group of private holding companies for its private owners, not a traditional venture capital company. The company participates in creating and building new ventures with founders. They focus on long-term work to build new sustainable companies and make businesses work better. 



Starticorn features the world’s hottest startup unicorns, according to their website. They show all the startups submitted to them on their homepage. You can easily submit your startup to them without paying any subscription fee. 


EU-startups is the leading online publication with a focus on startups in Europe. The website was founded in October of 2010. They write about internet and tech startups out of Europe and provide their readers with data-driven analysis, interviews, and startup-related news. In addition to their focus on young technology companies, they also publish other kinds of news out of the tech space that has a commercial or cultural impact on startups in Europe.

Apps 400


You can submit your applications for review on Apps 400 by filling out a form. They focus only on Web 2.0 apps, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, and Facebook Apps. They charge a fee for reviewing applications on their website, the fee is disclosed once you get in touch with their team. 

Best Served Cold


Best Served Cold is a web consultancy that provides professional services for web designing and marketing. They claim to have a dedicated team that ensures you can always talk directly to the people responsible for your site. Their sites are built to high standards of accessibility and usability. They have advised on social media campaigns, PPC advertising, and online marketing as well. 



IdeaMensch is an interview platform for entrepreneurs, makers, and doers. Their goal is to make it easy for entrepreneurs to get some publicity for their idea. They aim to inspire action through the curation of their daily interviews and content. Real entrepreneurs provide all of their content through interviews. Since they don’t sell any data, it is 100% free to submit an interview for any entrepreneur on their website. 



Surges is a platform where you can reach ambitious marketers and future customers. If you’ve built something and it’s making a dent in the marketing world, they give you a chance to celebrate that. You can submit your startup story to them and your interview will be featured in their Meet-the-Maker series and shared across all their channels.



IndiStart is a leading startup and entrepreneurship portal in India. The site cover startup news, startup advice, tools, resources, VC, founder news and interviews, motivation, and everything related to startups and entrepreneurship. You can submit your startup to them for free. 



Laffaz is a digital tabloid that brings news and stories related to startups, entrepreneurship, entertainment, celebrities, and topics that matter to the masses. They aim to make their website a unified platform for a spectrum of audiences including entrepreneurs, startup founders, investors, corporates, and the general masses. They offer a couple of services to startup owners, which can be accessed through their website. 

Redmond Pie


Redmond Pie is a site focused on technology news, views, and reviews about products/services from Apple, Google, and Microsoft. They cover almost all news and reviews from iPhone, Android, Windows, Macs, Xbox, PlayStation, jailbreaks and unlocks, social networks to the general World Wide Web. They also specialize in developing and reviewing new Internet or mobile-based software/services for iPhone, Android, Windows, Macs, Facebook, and more that could make an impact on the new webspace.



BWW (Business world wire) is a startup story and online news website with the sole purpose of trending news related to the media, entertainment, business, and inspiring stories. You can submit your startup story or event on their website for free. 



Startupanz is a crowdsourced platform where entrepreneurs can share their startup experiences. Whether you have launched a website, an app, or a tech product, if you wish to get it profiled you can submit it on their website for free and get profiled!



Snapmunk is a website dedicated to providing the latest news about the tech world, they have an easy startup submission procedure and they do not charge any subscription fee for submitting startups on their website. They have a funny/tacky description that says that SnapMunk is what startup and tech news could have been if It had cooler parents. 

Arkley Ventures


Arkley Ventures is a global platform empowering game-changers with acceleration, capital, and services. Their current portfolio includes 100+ startups, which enables them to provide the best manufacturing, sales, and distribution channels for startups. You can submit your startup on their website by filling out an easy form, for free! 

Fintech News  


Fintech News delivers fintech-centric content in various forms to an audience looking for updates on fintech events and webinars, as well as tech startups. Their motto is to help startup owners by featuring news about their startups on their websites. 

Story Today


Story Today is all about startup stories, blogs, digital marketing, technology, and lifestyle. It’s a platform for entrepreneurs around the globe. You can submit your startup to them for review by sending an email to their email address or by visiting their website.

Dutch Startup Jobs


Dutch Startup Jobs is the go-to place for fast-growing companies based in the Netherlands looking to find new talent. They provide a curated standard of submissions for companies that they promote, all you have to do is submit your startup on their website! 



Taalk offers curated business talks, insights & stories on startups and entrepreneurs, as well as research articles, interviews, & analysis to promote your business. Their goal is to enable small to medium and enterprise-level business owners and business startups the ability to share their content with a global audience. From business and motivational videos to startup stories and business news, Taalk has you covered!



Globivest is a private investment firm with a diversified portfolio of assets. Their primary focus is on innovative and scalable early-stage start-ups. They seek to establish long-term relationships with visionary entrepreneurs. You can submit your startup to them by filling out the form provided on their website.



BuddyBits is a media platform with 4 million followers and monthly outreach of 50 million people. They curate trending content from the internet for millennials and also startups for small business owners who are looking for a platform to promote their business. You can get in touch with their team by visiting their website, and having your startup reviewed!

The Startup Journal


The Startup Journal is a platform for startup stories, news, resources, entrepreneur interviews. This website claims to promote the startup ecosystem by letting startup owners submit their ventures for free. 



Startacus is a platform that has become a leading publication, and information source for a broad range of startups, and entrepreneurs. As well as this, they also organize events and create beneficial connections between startups, and those who wish to work with them. They do not charge their subscribers any fee for submitting their startups on their site. 

Tech to Market


Tech to Market a product and technology commercialization community where you can submit your startup for a review. If you are a startup that wants to be a part of their Tech to the Market community, you can submit your info for a review! Once that’s done, their team reviews your information and gets back with questions and details!

Startup Buffer


Since this directory was also created by an entrepreneur, they understand how difficult it is for startup owners to promote their business. That’s why Startup Buffer aims to help you get discovered through their website, mobile apps, and social networks. You can submit your startup on their website for free. 

Startup Rooster


Startup Rooster is a startup directory that allows you to submit your new business by simply filling out a form given on their website, that too for free! They also help entrepreneurs find crowdfunders for their newly found startup. All you gotta do is get in you with their team! 

Meet Your Cofounder


Meet Your Cofounder has provided a platform to business owners where they can showcase their business and unlock its true potential. You can find hundreds of startups in their startup directory. If you wish to become one of them, visit their website now and submit your startup for review. 

Feed My Startup


As self-explanatory as their name is, FeedMyStartup provides the platform for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their unique and creative ideas. It was founded in 2017 with a focus on startups. On their website, they cover various startups and apps. If you have a startup or an app that you want to list, send them an email or fill out the form given on their website. 

Startup John


Startup John is a great website for entrepreneurs who want to submit their startups to get free visibility. They include your company profile data in their database so others can find you easily. Their website is simple where you can submit your startup and also go through other startups to get an idea about existing businesses.

Startup List


Startup List is an initiative to bring together all the information about startups. Submitting your startup on their website is easy, you just have to fill out the form given there and wait for them to review and approve it. Once approved, it goes live on their website within a week. 



Joinly is a community platform to collaborate on products, projects, brands, and organizations. You can share your ideas, give feedback, discuss issues and help companies to attract your target audience. You can submit your startup on their website for free. 

Lionesses of Africa


Lionesses of Africa Public Benefit Corporation is a social enterprise passionate about women’s entrepreneurship in Africa and works to empower the startup dreams of all women on the continent. If you’re a female entrepreneur from Africa and you want a startup directory to feature your startup, then Lionesses of Africa is it! 



ADM ventures is an advisory firm focused on digital and hi-tech companies. They provide advisory and investment ideas for startups. You can easily get in touch with their team by visiting their website. 

Startup Blink


Startup Blink is a comprehensive startup ecosystem map and research center, providing public sector ecosystem developers, innovative organizations, and researchers with the knowledge and tools to map, brand, and grow their startup ecosystems. They have an interesting plan called the “Ecosystem Partnership” which helps public sector ecosystem developers to attract entrepreneurs, reach investors and grow their ecosystem.

Startup 88


Startup 88 covers early-stage startups, they share your Kickstarter Project, Cloud, Mobile, Biotech, or Hardware story with their readers. They believe that a well-told story always beats advertising and frequently results in follow on articles from other publications as well investor interest and customer sign-ups. You can send them your startup pitch by visiting their website.

Promote Hour


Promote Hour is a platform that has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, indie-makers, and creators in bringing their startups in front of millions of potential customers. You can surf through their 4 different plans for startups and choose the one that you think will work best for your needs.

Startup Dope


Startup Dope is a leading source for news, information, and resources about technology and startups. They report on the latest innovations in technology, upcoming trends, and everything that is cutting edge to the present generation. If you have a kickass technology startup, feel free to submit it to them and they will feature the news on their website. 

Startup Guys


If you’ve started your business but need a way to build repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth, then submit your startup at Their goal is to help early-stage entrepreneurs with startup business ideas and plans, marketing, funding, scaling, and growth to help them build a profitable growing business.

Crazy for Startups


Crazy about Startups is an innovative platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Their ultimate goal is to build a community of entrepreneurs who eat, sleep, breathe, and dream about startups. If you want to be featured by them for free, you can submit your startup on their website very easily. 



Launched! helps you discover the latest products launched. If you have a startup website that is publicly accessible then all you have to do is submit it to Launched and they will publish it on their website within 24 hours of reviewing it. 

Startup Resources


Startup Resources is a directory that has curated lists of the best startup tools to help you build your business. Submit your startup to them today to get noticed by 2,500 entrepreneurs. 

10 words


10words is a platform that brings you new apps and startups weekly. You can submit your startup to them for free! Once approved, your project will be available in the discover section & browser extensions, and placed in the queue to be featured on their homepage and daily newsletter to 6000+ subscribers!



Saasified’s mission is to help you find exactly the SaaS you need to make your business succeed. They keep you updated on the most important news and trends, and the best part bout them is that they let you feature your product on their website for free!



Crozdesk features project management, CRM, marketing, and accounting software. Their product selection includes advice, expert reviews, vendor awards, user recommendations, and analyst-grade reports. They aim to provide a platform that will always remain free for users to take advantage of our reports, software rankings, and comparisons.



AlternativeTo helps you to find the right software for your computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Their focus is to give you alternatives to software you already know and want to replace. You can join their website and participate in the process of making these recommendations better, or signup and submit your startup to them to be featured.

In Mind


InMind believes that future unicorns and breakthrough technologies can be born everywhere, hence they help entrepreneurs to get access to investors, experts, and corporate players via our deal-origination online platform, where it doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re are based in. All you gotta do is sign up with them!

Startup Explore


Startup Explore is a premium platform that offers investment opportunities in companies with high growth potential. They are also the largest startup community in Spain and one of the most active in Europe. You can submit your startup to them and connect with investors or become an investor to help entrepreneurs!

Open Startup List


Open Startup List is a company that shares its metrics publicly, metrics like visitor analytics, marketing experiments even revenue. Open Startups List is a directory that features such companies. If you have an open startup, you can share it with them and help them grow their community for free.

Get Worm


Get Worm claims that as early adopters they found that though there are many avenues to promote startups, not many have made attempts to credit one of the most essential factors behind successful startups, which is their early adopters! Hence they want to promote early adoption through their platform. You can submit your startup through their website and get in touch with their team in a few easy steps. 

SaaS Genius


SaaS Genius is a website that helps you find the right type of software for your business. They also allow software startup owners to get their software featured for free. Visit their website now to sign up! 

Tool Salad


Tool Salad is a curated directory of 200+ marketing tools, so if you have a tool and you’re looking for a platform to showcase it, then feel free to send them your startup, tool, or resource. They help you put online marketing tools in front of marketers.



Spectacle helps you see how other companies use video to build their brand, from product videos and customer stories to social media plays. You can submit your video for free on their website if you wish to be reviewed and featured by them. 

Growth Junkie


Growth Junkie is a platform that helps marketers find growth hacking tools that can help them in their business. Do you have a tool that you think can help marketers? Head towards their website now and let them feature it for free!

Promote a Project


Promote a Project’s main focus is to help creative people to speak out to the world and expose their works for free. Their platform has also created a way for entrepreneurs to know new services and projects that would not be easy to find using another way. If you have a link that you’d like them to review and feature on their website, submit it to them!


We did our research and came up with these 100 legit startup directories, where you can submit your startup and help it grow. No crashed links, no invalid websites! The world is in dire need of new entrepreneurs and we’re so here to help them! Check out our latest blogs about All-Things-SaaS and gain more knowledge about SaaS entrepreneurship!

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