Best Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots in 2023


Tutorials have become an essential aspect of online learning and training. Whether you’re creating a tutorial for a software application or teaching a new skill, screenshots play an essential role in conveying the information effectively. However, creating a tutorial with screenshots can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, we have the best tools to create tutorials with screenshots has become more manageable, efficient, and effective.

So buckle up because in this blog post, we’ll be highlighting the best tools available for creating tutorials with screenshots. Let’s dive in!

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

Whether you’re a professional trainer, online educator, or content creator, the following tools will help you with creating tutorials with screenshots.

1. Floik

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Floik is a versatile tool for creating tutorials in multiple formats, like step-by-step guides, videos, and interactive demos. Instead of manually annotating and stitching together screenshots, you can automate your documentation process with Floik. 

You can choose from various formats—screen-only video, camera + screen video, step-by-step guides, demos, etc.—and fine-tune the output using advanced editing tools specific to each format. For example, you can generate AI voiceovers in multiple languages for your video tutorials and add contextual information to your guides. 

What’s more, you can collaborate with your team and get detailed analytics to track the effectiveness of your tutorials.

2. Trainual

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

Trainual is a comprehensive training and onboarding platform that simplifies the process of creating interactive tutorials and documentation. It allows you to create step-by-step training materials, quizzes, and assessments for your team or customers.

Trainual provides a user-friendly interface with features like customizable templates, rich media integration, and progress tracking. It also offers collaboration options, allowing multiple authors to contribute to the documentation.

Trainual is particularly useful for businesses looking to streamline their training processes and ensure consistent knowledge transfer.

Price: $5/person

3. Tango

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

Tango is a versatile screen recording and video editing tool designed for creating tutorials and demos. It enables you to capture your screen activity, record audio narration, and add annotations to your recordings. offers a range of editing features, including trimming, cutting, merging, and adding transitions to your videos.

You can also enhance your recordings with captions, callouts, and highlights. supports exporting videos in various formats, making it convenient to share your tutorials or demos across different platforms.

4. Scribe

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

Scribe is an online platform that allows users to create step-by-step tutorials and documentation. It provides a user-friendly editor where you can easily write instructions and add screenshots or images to illustrate each step. offers customization options to format your tutorials and make them visually appealing.

The platform supports collaboration, allowing multiple authors to contribute to the documentation. You can publish your tutorials on and share them with others or embed them on your website or blog.

5. ScreenRun

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

ScreenRun is a tool designed specifically for creating tutorials and documentation with annotated screenshots. It allows you to capture screenshots and easily add annotations, such as text, arrows, and shapes, to highlight important areas.

Screen run offers a user-friendly interface with intuitive editing tools for adjusting colors, sizes, and styles of annotations. You can save and share your annotated screenshots as image files or generate shareable links to easily distribute them.

6. Stepsy

Tools to Create Tutorials with Screenshots

Stepsy is a documentation and knowledge management platform that simplifies the process of creating tutorials, guides, and FAQs. It provides a collaborative environment where multiple authors can create and update content.

Stepsy offers a user-friendly editor with features like rich text formatting, embedded media, and customizable templates. You can organize your documentation into categories and subcategories for easy navigation. Stepsy also provides search functionality to help users quickly find the information they need.

7. SmartCue

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SmartCue is a platform designed for creating interactive tutorials and documentation. It offers a range of features to enhance the learning experience, including quizzes, assessments, and progress tracking.

SmartCue allows you to create interactive lessons with multimedia elements like images, videos, and audio. The platform provides customization options to match your branding and offers analytics to track user engagement and performance.

8. FlowShare

image 6

FlowShare is a screen recording and sharing tool that facilitates the creation of tutorials and demos. It allows you to capture your screen activity, record audio narration, and add annotations in real time.

Flowshare Express offers an intuitive interface with features like video trimming, editing, and exporting in multiple formats. You can easily share your recordings with others or publish them on various platforms.

9. Dubble

image 7

Dubble is a visual collaboration platform that enables teams to create interactive tutorials and documentation. It provides a canvas where users can collaborate in real-time, add annotations, and create interactive hotspots.

Dubble allows you to capture screenshots, add text, shapes, and highlights, and incorporate multimedia elements like images and videos. The platform supports version control and offers seamless sharing and collaboration options.

10. Komodo

image 8

Komodo is a presentation and documentation tool that allows you to create visually appealing tutorials, guides, and slideshows. It provides a range of customizable templates and themes to create professional-looking presentations.

Komodo offers features like text formatting, image and video embedding, and animation effects. The tool allows you to collaborate with team members and export your presentations in various formats for easy sharing.

11. Guidde

image 9

Guidde is a documentation platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing tutorials, user guides, and knowledge bases. It offers a user-friendly editor where you can create content with text, images, and videos. Guidde provides features for organizing and categorizing your documentation, making it easy for users to navigate and find information.

The platform also offers collaboration capabilities, allowing multiple authors to contribute to the documentation. Guidde supports customization options, including branding and styling, to match your organization’s requirements.

Addition Tools to Help You Document Your Tutorials Using Screenshots

We have listed below are few more tools that’ll help you with your documentation journey, especially if you need to capture screenshots.


Snagit is a powerful screen capture and image editing tool that is widely used for creating tutorials and documentation. It allows you to capture screenshots of your entire screen, specific windows, or selected regions. With Snagit, you can add annotations, callouts, arrows, and other shapes to your screenshots, making it easy to highlight important areas.

The tool also offers video recording capabilities, allowing you to create screen recordings with audio narration. Snagit provides an intuitive interface and a wide range of editing options to enhance your captured images and videos.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a comprehensive e-learning authoring tool that empowers users to create interactive tutorials and simulations. It offers powerful screen capture capabilities, allowing you to capture screenshots or record your screen activity. You can enhance the captured content by adding interactive elements like quizzes, buttons, and click-and-reveal interactions.

Adobe Captivate provides a rich library of pre-built assets and templates, making it easier to create engaging and immersive learning experiences. The tool supports publishing to multiple formats, including HTML5, SCORM, and AICC, enabling seamless distribution and integration with learning management systems.


Camtasia is a popular screen recording and video editing tool designed for creating high-quality tutorials and instructional videos. It allows you to capture your screen activity, including audio narration and webcam footage.

With Camtasia’s video editor, you can trim, cut, and merge captured footage, add transitions, effects, and annotations, and even incorporate quizzes and interactivity. The tool offers a range of audio enhancements, such as noise removal and voice narration adjustments.


Loom is a cloud-based video recording and sharing tool that simplifies the process of creating and sharing tutorials. It enables you to capture your screen, webcam, or both simultaneously, making it ideal for creating instructional videos with a personal touch.

Loom provides features like trimming, editing, and adding callouts and captions to your recorded videos. It also offers real-time sharing options, allowing you to instantly share your tutorials with others via a shareable link. Loom’s cloud storage provides a convenient way to organize and manage your video library.

StepShot Guides

StepShot Guides is a documentation software specifically designed for creating step-by-step tutorials with screenshots. It automates the process of capturing screenshots and generates instructional documentation from them. You can easily annotate the screenshots, add descriptions, and organize them into a logical sequence.

StepShot Guides also allows you to export your tutorials in various formats, such as PDF, Word, and HTML, or even publish them directly to a knowledge base. This tool streamlines the creation of software guides, standard operating procedures, and other process documentation.

TechSmith Capture

TechSmith Capture (formerly known as Jing) is a lightweight screen capture tool that allows you to capture screenshots or record short videos of your screen activity. TechSmith Capture provides a simple and user-friendly interface, making it quick and easy to capture and share visuals.

It offers basic annotation features, such as text boxes and arrows, to enhance your screenshots. Once captured, you can save the screenshots or videos locally or share them directly via or other platforms.


Zight is a versatile tool that simplifies the process of capturing screenshots, recording screen videos, and creating GIFs. It offers a user-friendly interface and provides easy-to-use annotation tools for adding text, shapes, and arrows to your screenshots.

Zight allows you to instantly share your captured visuals by generating shareable links or embedding them in emails or documents. It also offers additional features like password protection, customizable branding options, and integration with popular collaboration tools.


Greenshot is an open-source screenshot tool available for Windows. It offers a range of capture options, including capturing the entire screen, a specific window, or a selected region. Greenshot provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it quick to capture and edit screenshots. It offers basic annotation features such as text, shapes, and highlights.

Greenshot allows you to save screenshots locally or upload them to various image hosting platforms. It also provides additional features like capturing entire web pages and supports customizable hotkeys for efficient screenshot taking.

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Wrapping Up

Creating tutorials with screenshots can be a great way to help users understand complex concepts or processes. With the tools discussed in this post, you can easily capture screenshots, annotate them, and create step-by-step guides that anyone can follow.

So why not give them a try and see how they can help you improve your tutorials today?

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