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In the midst of thousands of SaaS companies registering every day, it is extremely difficult to choose the best SaaS solution for your business without reviewing reviews and testimonials. A company’s reviews and testimonials establish a strong foundation of trust since they offer insight into how it operates and its location. It’s more common for B2B buyers to conduct their own research rather than relying on what the company claims.

Popular reviews can be found on Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. However, you can also find authentic and detailed reviews about different SaaS companies on SaaS reviews sites. Since these reviews are verified by other professionals, you are assured that the information you receive is genuine. Let’s take a look at the top 15 SaaS review sites you can trust.

What are SaaS Review Sites?

SaaS reviews sites are certain online platforms or directories which consist of details about the leading SaaS companies. It varies from listing the features to providing customer reviews and testimonials. Each listing is regularly updated with the latest details by the SaaS vendors. All information is listed and verified by professionals to ensure users receive accurate info about the company. 

How do SaaS Products Get Reviewed?

There are different ways SaaS products get reviewed. Some of them include:

  • Users can self-volunteer their reviews based on their experience.
  • SaaS companies give away free gifts or discounts to users who post reviews
  • Customer reviews are requested on these SaaS review sites by the SaaS company.

Users can review the SaaS companies with a star rating from 0 to 5 and also provide an additional review or testimonial describing the experience with the company.

How to Determine whether Reviews are Genuine?

In case you’re wondering whether the reviews on these SaaS review sites are real or not, you’ve come to the right place. All of the SaaS review sites listed below verify every review that is published on their platform, but it is always better to cross-check it yourself. We have provided some tips that will help you distinguish between real and fake reviews on SaaS review sites and make the right business decisions.

  • Photo-less profile or excessive generic names. If you see too many generic names in reviews or too many profiles without photos, you may want to give the platform another look. A generic name might be common, but if you see them in bulk, they might be associated with reviews by a company.
  • Analyze the posting time. While viewing the reviews, pay attention to the posting time. Too many reviews in a short period of time are likely fake reviews made by bots.
  • Observe phase reputation. Every writer has their own style. Compared to others, they might use specific words too often. As you read the reviews, you may notice some similarities in the writing style. In cases such as these, you can be confident that a single person is paraphrasing reviews to maximize a brand’s reputation.
  • Check spelling and grammar. Since most SaaS reviews are written by B2B buyers and sellers, you are unlikely to find too many grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

3 Examples of Real Trusted Reviews

Now that we have discussed some tips for identifying real and fake reviews on SaaS review sites, let’s take a look at three examples of genuine reviews. In the next section, we will look at examples of fake reviews.

  • Verified profiles. The reviews published in the below-mentioned SaaS review platforms are always verified with either a tick on the side of the name or any other sign that signifies that the platform has verified the user’s profile.
  • Comprehensive analysis. Since B2B buyers or purchasers post the reviews, they are likely to explain their entire experience briefly on the platform. They may include their services and the strategies used by the particular SaaS company. 
  • Proof of profit. Business users usually write a review about the SaaS company when it has helped them gain good ROI from the investment. Thus, genuine reviewers may also mention the profit margin they gained by working with the SaaS company. This can be a good sign of trust in the company.

As you can see in the image above, Christine W is one of the Triberr users who was invited by G2. The review has also been validated.

3 Examples of Clearly Fake Reviews

After checking the list of the 3 examples of real trusted reviews, let’s check out some instances wherein you can claim that the reviews are clearly fake and biased.

  • No social profiles attached. While reading a review, always look for their social media handles, preferably LinkedIn or Facebook. In case if you don’t find any, you may want to pass it since it is a clearly fake review!
  • Too many positive reviews. While checking the company reviews, you can be assured that it is completely fake if you find it filled with only positive reviews. There is no company that doesn’t have any bad or negative reviews. Even the rarest negative reviews can count here.
  • Too much promotion. You can easily distinguish between a person sharing their experiences with a company and someone trying to promote a company. There is always a thin or subtle line of difference that you can easily spot. It is a fully paid review if you see them talking about the latest discounts and offers running on the company or similar such elements.

In the example below, someone from Korea left a negative review about a SaaS product.


It can be seen that the profile has no photo and no information about the issue being experienced by the reviewer. Real reviews, even if they are negative, contain more information that helps people know what to consider before using a particular SaaS product or service.

List of SaaS Review Websites

There are tons of SaaS review sites available. However, the key is to find the most authentic ones. We have listed the best SaaS review sites with a comprehensive description of each to help you understand which site offers the best advantages for both buyers and business owners. Let’s check them out.

#1 Capterra

Capterra is one of the top-rated platforms for finding reviews for both B2B and B2C companies. You can search for a suitable company based on industry, company, or software type using the internal search engine with specific keywords or a short description of the product type. 


Capterra has a “compare to” functionality which allows you to compare up to four different businesses side by side to get a better view of the reviews in various areas such as ease of use, customer support, etc. This will help you quickly discover the right software that meets your needs without the need to list out the potential companies in a spreadsheet and make the comparison manually. 

With Capterra, you can be sure about the authenticity of the reviews. To write a company review on Capterra, users have to register using their LinkedIn profile, ensuring zero bot reviews in their platform. 

#2 G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is the next big tech marketplace that business professionals, buyers, and investors use to compare different software products and services based on the peer reviews by other users. 


Even though the timeline of publishing a review at G2 Crowd can go as long as 2 years for the verification and checks, the tech advice and solutions provided here are way more accurate and comprehensive compared to the other SaaS review sites. G2 Crowd brings the reviews from the most legitimate and unbiased sources to the customers to give them a broader perspective on the software companies and their products. Their proprietary algorithm is also an additional measure to prevent spam or fake reviews from the company’s employees or competitors. 

#3 SaaS Genius

SaaS Genius is one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies directories. You can either browse through their directory for free without any restrictions or trust their recommendations. Their search engine helps in generating the best recommendations of suitable Saas companies as per your requirements. With such a robust search mechanism, finding the right SaaS companies and their reviews.


However, if you are ever stuck with finding the ideal match or having a problem with navigating, the customer support team is very prompt and is always available to serve their customers. Considering the authenticity, their reviews are completely authentic, and they also have filter measures to remove the fraud or fake reviews regularly from their website.

#4 Software Advice

Software Advice has one of the most robust Search engines that helps you with more than 390 detailed software guides to help you find the ideal software company for your requirements. Their software recommendations are matched by different criterions such as digital needs, budget, and much more. Also, their search engine is super fast. You can find yourself a good software company with a set of original reviews in less than 15 minutes as claimed by their officials. 


This free and personalized SaaS review site offers unbiased reviews over 300 market categories, including HR, marketing automation, CRM, and more. They also have the facility of getting one-on-one support from their personal advisors to help you save time and money from the search. 

#5 TrustRadius

TrustRadius is an online community of SaaS professionals offering business technology insights based on selection, procurement, and implementation. Even though the database is massive, the search functionality is not the most effective of TrustRadius. To keep the reviews unbiased, genuine, and valuable, TrustRadius checks the LinkedIn profiles of the members during the review of their review submissions.


They also ensure that the reviews are done on only the purchased product by the members. Also, to stand out from the rest, TrustRadius gives away some amount of money to users for writing genuine and informative reviews.

#6 GetApp

GetApp is mostly used to locate, compare and choose from different business solutions organized into specific categories based on the business needs and demands. With a comprehensive search function, you can filter and narrow your results to even a single vendor or enterprise-grade software. However, it is mostly suitable for small businesses. 


Considering the authenticity of the reviews, GetApp has a team of experts that manually examines and verifies the reviews written on their website. Also, they check the sources thoroughly and equally regardless of the vendor or the rating. However, a major downside of using GetApp for SaaS site reviews is its interface. Even though the interface is user-friendly, it is not the fastest. You may witness some lag while searching within their huge database. However, their customer support facilities are just up to the expectations and are always ready to solve customer queries quickly. Also, the website has too many ads, which can sometimes get annoying. 

#7 Finances Online

Finances Online is a rapidly growing SaaS review website that has over 2.5+ million monthly visitors right now. Thousands of reviews are collected every month, thoroughly checked, and verified via LinkedIn to ensure the authenticity of the reviews. Also, they have a comprehensive survey to get a better look at the user’s profile before they review. 


Since their product pages rank high on Google SERPs, it can be a great advantage for businesses to boost their brand visibility if they get a genuine review on that website from their users. Their market analysis helps you make the right business decisions, while the authentic reviews help gain confidence over the same decision.  

#8 TrustPilot

Trustpilot is another very resourceful and reliable SaaS review site that gets over 1 million new reviews every month. Here, users create free accounts and share their experiences with different SaaS businesses. Being one of the most popular SaaS review websites, their operations are completely ethical, and so are their reviews. They also offer reporting and analytics about the companies for a better understanding.


According to the Trustpilot transparency report, they have a robust fraud detection and prevention system. They have removed over 2.2 million fake reviews in 2020 and are regularly updating their database to strengthen their security protocols. Even though their website is easy to navigate, many users have complained of their systems being prone to viruses or malicious elements from their website. Thus, this is something you should consider while visiting the website. 

#9 IT Central Station

IT Central Station is the next best SaaS review site that enterprise tech enthusiasts most prefer. Most of their reviews are based around cybersecurity, DevOps, IT, etc. IT Central Station offers in-depth reviews about every SaaS product and service listed in their database to help make the right business decisions.

The reviews mentioned in IT Central Station are written by only real users that are verified by a triple authentication process, including LinkedIn verification, community policies, and human oversight.

#10 GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a B2B research platform that uses cutting-edge technologies for industry-wide evaluation and rankings to help customers locate the right software company for their business needs. Hier software and services are divided into multiple categories such as blockchain, eCommerce, HR, CRM, marketing automation, and more to streamline the process of finding software reviews.


Their reviews are manually filtered to maintain the efficiency and value of the reviews posted for their customers. Lastly, the user interface is beginner-friendly since it is easy to navigate through the site and find the desired SaaS company to read their reviews.

#11 CrozDesk

CrozDesk connects buyers and companies of business software and services via their advanced algorithm. This algorithm helps in evaluating every review posted on the platform and maintains its authenticity. The ratings given for each platform are robust. It is based on different factors such as functionality, popularity, cost, reputation, and more which will help you to judge the business well.


With over 290 distinct software categories, there is a wide range of industries to choose from and look for their reviews on the platform.

#12 SoftwareSuggest

SoftwareSuggest is another B2B software discovery and recommendation platform with listings of SaaS companies across 435 categories. You can also find detailed guides, comparisons, and live assistance to help you make the right business decisions. The reviews are thoroughly verified every time whenever they are posted. Also, they ensure that only reviews that are valuable or insightful are posted on their platform. This helps to avoid spam reviews that give less to zero information about the company as a review.


Their directory is regularly updated with the most relevant pricing, guide, and comparison to provide only the most accurate information about the company. 

#13 Serchen

Serchen is one of the largest review platforms for cloud services and business software. With over 300 categories such as CRM, accounting software, collaboration software, and so much more, you can simply scroll through the list and find the most suitable options for your business. If you are willing to invest in cloud services for your business, this is the right platform to find the most authentic reviews on cloud-based services.


Serchen also has a big directory of resources and guides that helps businesses choose the right software and service based on their requirements. Every review at Serchen is checked via automation to ensure no duplication, fraudulent, or spam reviews in the platform. They regularly filter reviews to ensure that their database is updated and consists of only the most relevant information.

#14 Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews have a completely different approach compared to the long lists offered by the other platforms. They start with narrowing down your options based on your business needs, resulting in only the top ten solutions for your business, making most of the tedious tasks easy for you.


With a wide variety of categories starting from software to electronics, you can efficiently save time from the initial investigation and jump right onto the top ten picks that are the most suitable for your business. Their reviews are again very well checked before it is published on the platform, so you have access to only the right information about the software you incorporate in your business.

#15 TechnologyAdvice

Technology Advice, owned by Gartner, is very similar to Capterra and GetApp. Their platform has a question and answer framework that finds the best quality reviews about a company.


Trusted by more than 600 companies, they offer valuable and reliable reviews about the latest software and services. They also offer multiple SaaS solutions to businesses which are an additional advantage in case you want to invest in their services.


SaaS review sites are some of the most reliable spaces to find the experiences of other similar businesses that have worked with their company. However, the key is to be aware of the reviews you are trusting. With the useful tips mentioned above, you can easily confirm whether the review is legitimate or not. Apart from this, these platforms also have their own systems and processes to ensure you get access to only the most trustworthy and authentic reviews about every SaaS company. Thus, ensure to always have a look at these websites and check the proficiency and expertise of the SaaS company before making any crucial business decisions.

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