Top 50 SaaS Marketing Companies


The Software as a service (SaaS) space is more crowded than ever. With new companies emerging every day in different sectors such as fintech, retail, real estate, marketing, and so much more, the count is almost limitless. The SaaS market is currently growing about 18% each year, and by the end of 2021, 99% of the organizations will be using a SaaS solution for their business needs. SaaS currently represents one of the largest segments of the global public cloud services market. 

Marketing is one of the top SaaS industry segments that has brought a major change in how businesses perceive their marketing strategies. The right SaaS solutions have all the required skills to succeed and bring more profits to a business. It saves time and money, automates mundane and repetitive tasks, tracks and reports analytics, and helps inconsistent lead generation for companies. If you are willing to invest in a SaaS marketing company for your business to streamline your marketing needs, we have compiled a detailed list of the top 50 SaaS marketing companies that made it big in the SaaS industry in 2021. Let’s check them out.

1. Act On


Act-On offers a wide range of SaaS solutions for both inbound and outbound marketing facilities. Some of their services include list management, lead nurturing, email drip campaigns, social media marketing, and many more. They automate all of these services with advanced technical solutions, making it easier for brands to keep their sales funnel flowing. There are many reputed brands associated with Act-On, such as Samsung and Stanford University.

2. ActiveCampaign


Active Campaign offers multiple services in marketing such as email marketing, marketing automation, sales customer relationship management(CRM), etc. Their email marketing services help businesses leverage automation to send regular newsletters and host email marketing campaigns to attract more leads and sales. The platform is highly popular for its beginner-friendly interface and affordable pricing plans, suitable for startups. 

3. Adobe


Adobe is one of the leading enterprise marketing software that offers an extensive collection of applications such as Illustrator, Photoshop, Creative Cloud, Acrobat, and so much more that helps businesses create engaging content for their marketing needs and collaborate across different devices for a smoother workflow. It is one of the #1 solutions for every graphic designing and digital publishing need.  

4. Buffer


Buffer is a comprehensive social management tool that helps businesses save time with their content schedules. One of their services includes creating a content calendar or schedule for businesses since a successful marketing strategy is always dependent on consistent content posting schedules. In buffer, customers can set specific dates and times for each piece of content, and buffer ensures that the content is automatically posted with no extra manual intervention, which also alleviates the user from most of the hard work.

5. Constant Contact


Constant Contact is another very popular email marketing platform that helps businesses with their email marketing needs and social media. Their email marketing tools allow businesses to automate their campaigns and conduct mass outreach automatically to attract more prospects. Their built-in tracker helps track and monitor the performance of the campaigns and offers real-time reports on the insights of the campaigns. This powerful digital marketing solution offers more additional services that help businesses catch the customers’ attention, spark their interest and encourage action that is profitable for the businesses.

6. Cvent


Cvent is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise event management platform that enables businesses to organize or host online events for the business. Starting from the online guest registration requirements to processing payments for the events. They are one of the fastest-growing companies that offer a myriad of services to take care of the events of a business, such as webinars, seminars, etc., which are also a common strategy of inbound marketing.

7. Drift


Drift is one of the most powerful conversational marketing platforms that effectively help businesses focus on their sales reps. Their automatic solutions spend time creating quality conversations with the warm leads to turn them into final customers. Their tech solutions are designed to help customers throughout their buyer journey till the end of the purchase. They connect with the buyers in real-time and reduce the lead qualifying process for businesses which is a major advantage since businesses can focus more on the other core needs instead of wasting time on manual lead nurturing. 

8. Eventbrite


Eventbrite is another SaaS company that offers SaaS solutions for managing business events. It helps businesses create, set up, and host events successfully. Founded in 2006, this business has collaborated with many renowned companies worldwide and has hosted a wide array of events until 2021. With thor assortment of tools and apps, they have every solution that a business needs to create and manage an event community.

9. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is the #1 social media management company that offers business management their social media presence. They have a wide range of solutions that work for different social media platforms, and one can even monitor them from a unified dashboard of Hootsuite. They also have a massive resource hub that assists businesses with their marketing requirements that are also very popular in the SaaS sector. 

10. HubSpot


Hubspot is another very popular inbound marketing service provider that has a massive following base. One of the oldest SaaS marketing companies that made a significant buzz with their marketing automation services during 2010. They have a huge collection of fully integrated marketing automation applications such as CRM, lead nurturing, content creation, and many more that fits businesses of all sizes.

11. Mailchimp


By now, everybody has heard of Mailchimp as one of the most popular email marketing platforms. Their top-notch email marketing services include automation paired with high-end technologies that assist businesses with their email marketing campaigns. They help create targeted campaigns and automate the sending and receiving of emails. Being more than 20 years old, Mailchimp is continuously growing with new features integrated every now and then that suit different types of businesses.

12. Marketo


Marketo, a subsidiary of Adobe, is a marketing automation software company that automates inbound marketing, social media marketing, CRM, and other aspects of a business. Headquartered in San Mateo, they mostly help large enterprises, and fast-growing startups create marketing plans and strategies and automate them in full swing.

13. Terminus


Terminus is an Account-based marketing platform that offers services like lead generation, sales pipeline efficiency, expanding existing accounts, measuring business success, driving more revenue, and so much more. Founded in 2014, their services are mostly aimed at synergizing the complete customer acquisition process for businesses. 

14. Chorus


Chorus is another conversation intelligence cloud platform that helps businesses eliminate any guesswork in their marketing strategies and invest only in the most suitable strategies that are guaranteed to bring them revenue. They help make marketing and sales 10x easier for businesses by capturing, storing, and analyzing the team calls, meetings, and much more to compile them into data-driven reports crucial for market research. 

15. Zoominfo


Zoominfo is another popular sales and marketing intelligence company that is a powerful platform for gaining leads and prospects. They gather company and individual data for businesses that help in marketing outreach. Apart from that, they ensure that their database is regularly updated and accurate, which is a major plus point for attracting the right set of prospects.

16. Gong


Gong is another conversation intelligence tool that assists sales teams in giving important insights about businesses and potential customers. They help prospects in the buyer’s journey by sending the right content at the right stages of the marketing funnel. They help improve sales rep performance, develop stronger customer conversations, and so much more that contribute to more sales and revenue to the business.

17. Outreach


Outreach is a sales and marketing engagement platform that offers businesses the right set of tools and software to track sales activities and engage with prospects. Since 2014, they have regularly updated their database to strengthen customer relationships with businesses. Outreach also has many additional tools that help businesses automate their workflow and be more productive as per the business adjectives. 

18. Salesforce


Salesforce, being the heavyweight champion for CRM, needs not a special introduction. Their customer relationship management tools and strategies are top-notch. Salesforce holds one of the highest market shares among other CRMs. With over 40,000 employees working worldwide, Salesforce helps businesses close deals faster and effectively by only focusing on the most qualified leads.

19. Xactly


Xactly is a sales, revenue, and marketing performance management company that offers accurate, rapid, and impactful performance management tools. These tools help gain the most intricate data about the sales and marketing strategies used in a business, which helps understand what’s working for a business and what’s not. Their solutions can be integrated with other platforms to make sales and marketing simple for businesses!

20. NoGood


NoGood helps businesses with their sales funnel requirements. They start with examining the existing sales funnel of a company and optimizing it to unleash the maximum potential and transform more customers. Their data-driven growth helps many global brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, Nike, etc., to boost their sales and revenue over time.

21. Roketto


Roketto offers data-driven inbound marketing and web design solutions focused on maximizing the leads and sales of a business. Some of their services include funnel optimization, wherein they help businesses, especially in the B2B industry, grow and scale their revenue with strategic inbound marketing techniques.

22. Single Grain


Single Grain provides numerous sales and marketing services, starting from funnel optimization to managing PPC campaigns of a business. They help businesses with data-driven insights to determine the ideal areas to spend and invest time and revenue to bring maximum sales for the business. They also help in optimizing social media advertising strategies for businesses. Some of the companies they have worked with are Crunchbase, Alexa, Airbnb, and many more.

23. BAMF Media


The term BAMF means Badass Marketers and Founders. The BAMF Media marketing SAS solutions are curated especially for transforming the cold leads of a business to warm leads and eventually loyal customers. They automate the process of building and nurturing leads wherein they interact, communicate and close deals with other prospects, business partners, and investors. Their unique approach of accelerating business growth has taken a massive leap in the past few years since they mainly focus on email and LinkedIn along with human research, which is backed with advanced technologies that help businesses reach more leads effectively and convert them.

24. Deviate Labs


Deviate Lab is a growth marketing consulting agency that helps businesses of every industry, starting from bootstrapped startups to MNCs, grow and scale their business. They basically leverage the existing and emerging marketing tactics into helping businesses be the star of the show in their industry. Their client base includes many successful companies like the Dollar Shave Club and many more.

25. Directive


Directive is a SaaS marketing company that works with the sales teams of their customers to optimize and manage their social media requirements. They automate different aspects of marketing for businesses such as SEO, PPC, SMM, demand generation campaigns, and so much more. They help find the right opportunities for the businesses to grab and close more leads to achieving the business objective.

26. By Leaf Digital


Bay Leaf Digital is another SaaS marketing company that has a working experience of 30 years with the best brands such as Citigroup, Travelocity, and many more. Their SaaS analytics data and other insights help find optimizing marketing strategies for businesses such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, etc.

27. Metric Theory


Metric Theory is a very popular SaaS digital marketing agency that has over $275MM+ ad spend for over 500 businesses as their customers. They specialize in the B2B industry wherein they help customers with their closing more leads, guiding customers through the buyer cycle, managing drip campaigns, etc. their personalized services are very hyped since they assign a separate team for every client, which ensures that their customers have customized marketing strategies that can make them stand out in a crowded market.

28. Ladder


Ladder is an award-winning SaaS digital marketing agency that is mainly focused on maximizing the ROI of businesses with a combination of many unique marketing strategies. With over a customer base of 200, they have helped both startups and Fortune 500 companies to utilize tech-driven data and promote their services. 

29. Inturact


Inturact is a consulting and marketing agency that helps businesses leverage the latest technologies to reach, engage with more customers, and drive maximum revenue. Some of their services include B2B SaaS growth consulting and product marketing, inbound marketing, web design and development, content marketing, graphic designing, data analytics, and many more. Thus, it got every marketing requirement covered for every business.

30. HookLead


Hooklead develops different SaaS marketing solutions for companies that are focused on growing and scaling. Their services include many data-driven marketing and sales solutions that help businesses have a consistent flow of high-quality leads and conversions flowing with the least manual intervention.

31. SimpleTiger


SimpleTiger is a SaaS marketing company that specializes in SEO and content marketing services. Their SaaS solutions are focused on driving quality traffic to businesses and increasing conversion rates with the right set of strategies and techniques. From startups to enterprises. Their high-quality technology-aided solutions have helped thousands of businesses thrive in their industry.

32. Kraftblick


Kraftblick is a SaaS digital marketing agency, especially for tech companies. Some of their services include free trial signups, driving more traffic and customers via content marketing, SEO, PPC, and many more. Their team helps in maximizing brand awareness and visibility. They even help their clients get mentions from high-ranking platforms such as Forbes Magazine, The Next Web, etc.

33. DigitalCurrent


Digital Current is the leading SEO and PPC agency that helps businesses of all industries optimize their marketing campaigns. With over 17 years of experience. They are the leading SEO service provider that has helped multiple businesses reach their sales goals. They manage the front-end and back-end SEO to quickly improve the search engine result pages’ ranking.

34. From The Future


From The Future is a boutique marketing company that helps businesses transition from regular and boring marketing campaigns to the advanced ones that attract the most customers. They optimize the SEO and SMM tactics of businesses as per the latest trend with automation and offer customer-centric services that help to nurture relationships with businesses.

35. HeyDigital


HeyDigital is a SaaS marketing company that takes care of paid advertising campaigns and conversion rate optimization tactics. They mostly help B2B companies to gain highly qualified leads through different digital marketing strategies. They also help in attracting customers by focusing on the buyer’s journey. They strategically curate content based on different stages of the buyer’s journey that significantly improves conversion rates. 

36. Cobloom


Being a SaaS marketing company, Cobloom helps other SaaS companies to scale and grow with the right marketing tactics. They have incredible experience and knowledge to help businesses grow with the help of data pulled from advanced technologies. They have raised thousands of qualified and engaged leads by now for businesses and are growing every day.

37. Wallaroo Media


Wallaroo Media is a SaaS SEO and content marketing agency that utilizes a combination of digital marketing strategies and tactics that maximize the benefits of PPC campaigns for businesses. Their services include data analytics, web design, SEO, lead management, and many more.

38. Earnezt


Earnezt is an award-winning SaaS creative agency that simplifies marketing for B2B companies. They start with creating effective brand strategies customized as per their business paired with data analytics by the most advanced technologies and end with content and influencer marketing. They are the one-step solution for any marketing needs of a business. Some of their notable clients include Mastercard, Canon, Samsung, etc.

39. NinjaPromo


NinjaPromo is a social media marketing and content marketing company that helps build and harness customer relationships with businesses. They tap into their tech-creative minds to create the most engaging and effective campaigns designed to bring success to businesses. They are dedicated to differentiating your business from your competitors by focusing more on customer loyalty and increasing qualified leads and sales.

40. SmartBug Media


SmartBug Media is a renowned inbound marketing company that helps businesses improve the ROI of their inbound marketing strategies. They help with content development, sales enablement, web development, PR, marketing automation, and more. With over 10 years of experience, they help businesses close leads and build brand loyalty with the right strategies. 

41. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is the leading social media management software that helps businesses with their social media marketing requirements. They start with creating a robust social media presence of the business, followed by conceptualized campaigns, detailed analytics reports, and so much more. With Agorapulse, companies can serve the target customers well since they work mostly on accurate data and information sourced by Agorapulse.

42. Sprinklr


Since digital marketing has a lot to do with customer engagement rates, Sprinklr provides robust technologies that assist in creating engaging advertisements, offer customer support, engagement with the customers across different social media platforms, email marketing, and other strategies. To sum up, they offer every service directly related to customer interaction and building customer loyalty for the business.

43. AdRoll


AdRoll is a SaaS marketing company that helps companies of any size create personalized ad campaigns for their business. They firstly source different data and analytics from different platforms, which they compile to curate the ideal business profile. While creating that, they start with the ad campaigns and ensure that it matches the brand voice and style to maximize the conversion rates.

44. Intercom


Intercom is the leading communication platform that helps businesses communicate well with their existing customers. Their cloud-based solutions help mostly retain customers since it targets the existing customers with email marketing and other services to make them repeat purchases from the same business.

45. Mobiniti


Since text marketing is a crucial digital marketing strategy, Mobiniti offers exclusive SaaS business solutions to businesses that create user-friendly and customized messages for customers. They also offer email marketing and CRM services to promote the business effectively.

46. Trackmaven


Trackmaven is a cloud-based marketing analytics software that helps businesses to design well-informed and data-driven campaigns. Data sourced from multiple channels help them to curate the most accurate buyer persona, which then results in better content creations and advertising of businesses.

47. Mixpanel


Mixpanel is a user behavior tool that helps businesses analyze and monitor customer experience with their business. Their SaaS solutions help collect different sets of data which are then created into a robust report. Such reports help businesses optimize their services and market them more effectively to generate more happy customers in the long run.

48. New Relic


New Relic is also a SaaS data analytics tool that tracks the marketing challenges of a business and creates personalized applications for the same. They also offer objective reporting and performance analysis to track the performance of the marketing metrics and optimize everything accordingly with customized software.

49. Okta


Okta is a popular identity and access management software that allows businesses to secure and manage their customer experiences by connecting with the right people at the right time. They help businesses authenticate customers during payments, signups, and other areas to ensure that they focus only on the qualified leads that can be fruitful for the business.

50. Pendo


Pendo is a SaaS product cloud tool that helps businesses curate software focused on enhancing customer experiences with the businesses. Businesses can track, analyze and monitor user activity on their website and other platforms. This way, they can find any loopholes or requirements that need to be optimized to maximize the conversion and customer retention rates.


Even though there are more and more SaaS marketing companies emerging every day, each one of them is focused on only a few goals – improving the sales, revenue, and ROI of businesses. They are focused on growing and scaling other businesses and generating their profit from the investment. As more and more companies in other sectors are rising, the demand and need for SaaS marketing companies will grow even further in the upcoming years. 

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