15 SaaS Content Marketing Tools for Growth

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Irrespective of the channel you make up your mind to use, you still need the right marketing tools for it. Since the sole objective of every business is to make a profit, it’s important to reach out to ideal customers wherever they are on the web. Your customers are your greatest business asset, whether online or offline. So, let’s look over a few different content marketing tools you can use to help grow your SaaS company.

How to Choose SaaS Content Marketing Tools

The relative youth of SaaS means that most companies are still figuring out what works best for them. Although businesses in all sectors evolve over time, it’s worth paying close attention to what successful companies are doing in the SaaS space. Running your own server to handle your customer’s valuable data requires a huge investment to match the same level of security and reliability that comes baked into services like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud. As such, many SaaS businesses are opting for the latter.

Big data can take over the workload in an increasing number of areas. From customer support and management to marketing, SaaS companies are learning that embracing AI can free their staff up to spend more time with customers. This, in turn, helps reduce churn. Figuring out optimal pricing is always a challenge, but in young industries like SaaS, even the pricing strategies are often experimented with frequently. There is currently a surge in usage-based pricing and other creative pricing strategies. Hence here’s a rundown of the best SaaS content marketing tools in the game right now. Read on to find out!



Triberr is the go-to platform for content, social media, and influencer marketing. Imagine an end-to-end solution that streamlines content curation, distribution, and promotion. Add integrated social media scheduling and analytics, influencer marketing opportunities, and the ability to build your own tribe of fanatical peers. That’s why Triberr is the platform used and suggested by thousands of content creators.



You can make it easy for your listeners to find your podcast on the Podcasts.com directory, drive traffic to your free podcast page, follow directions for submitting to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and other podcasts directories, and of course, share integrations with Facebook and Twitter. Get behind-the-scenes analytics about how your listeners are consuming your content. With running play counts for each episode and much more.

View your podcast’s entire episode history from the first page and get easy access to uploading new audio, previewing existing audio, or editing any episode with just a click. Podcasts.com provides a 100% mobile-ready site for your podcast, which means a great experience for listeners using their phones to listen. It works on both iOS and Android devices with no setup required.

Ahrefs Content Explorer


Karl Kangur, the founder of Business Media, says that Ahrefs’ Content Explorer has been their ultimate secret weapon against other SEO agencies. Whether it comes to finding the most shared content, broken backlink building opportunities, or simply topics you’ve missed – it’s a marketers gold mine. Ahrefs Content Explorer is immensely helpful in discovering trending topics on the Web. What makes it so useful is the fact that you can type in literally ANY subject from ANY niche.

Ahrefs Content Explorer will come up with nice and clean results, including the date and number of social media activities, such as retweets, Facebook shares, repins, LinkedIn shares, and so on. You can use the tool to find the right subject or headline for your content, especially if you narrow your search to a particular period of time.



BuzzSumo allows you not only to find the most popular subject and topics, but also to get familiar with influencers in a given subject area, or your competitors. Its brilliant results are easy to digest, simple, and minimalistic. To get started, simply visit Buzzsumo.com and type in the keyword phrase or subject you want to explore in the box, and click “Go!”. It’s that simple. You can also narrow your search by adding additional parameters, such as timeframe or language, and select a number of filters.

Keyword Tool Dominator


Keyword Tool Dominator is a free tool that can help you target long-tail search queries carried out by your potential audience. To get started:
1) Sign up for the Google Autocomplete Tool (free of charge),
2) Type in a general keyword in the search bar,
3) Hit the green “Search” button.

Viewing returned results lets you come up with article topics and ideas real users actually look for online. Keyword Tool Dominator also offers other great tools, including YouTube and Amazon Keyword Tools.



Quora is a goldmine when it comes to looking for content ideas and searching for new angles on topics you have been working on for a long time. Questions and anecdotes people come up with can be very inspirational, but refer to other resources and check if the information you intend to quote is valid. Keep an eye on recurring questions and the “want answers” feature to identify trending topics.

Content Idea Generator – Portent


Headlines are powerful, but those who produce a lot of content often struggle to find the right ones. You can essentially use a combination of tools depending on the register of the article. Users have been using Portent Content Idea Generator for a while now and it has helped them immensely whenever they want to look for the right angle on a popular subject. Returned results are fun and they often make a reference to celebrities and current events, so they may not be suitable for all types of businesses, but you can surely give them a try.

Advanced Marketing Institute


If you could only read one thing on headline composition, it should be Growth Hacker’s list of 10 Takeaways from an analysis of nearly 1 million headlines. Emotional headlines are huge, and they boost your chance of arousing the interest of your readers.

The tool checks your headlines for Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score based on impact words used in the headline of your choice. It also suggests what quality it appeals to – Empathy, Spirituality, or Intellect. Here’s what your results might look like, As a rule of thumb, when composing headlines or any type of content, think about particular emotions you wish to evoke in your audience.

Tomato Timer


Tomato Timer is not a Content Marketing tool per se, but it has helped a lot of users. You can use timeboxing when researching Content ideas and in the actual process of content production. Another great use of the timer is to sit down for a single timebox and deal with a combination of small, petty tasks which distract you throughout the day. To make sure that you’re always working on the right tasks, you should define your goals using for example a SMART goals template.



Squirrly refers to its plugin as “the SEO plugin for the NON-SEO experts”, and it is exactly that. The purpose of the tool is to create and optimize content for humans and make search engines fall in love with it at the same time. It is every content marketer’s dream come true, isn’t it? SEO Plugin by Squirrly boasts a staggering +285% increase in traffic!

Unamo SEO


Unamo SEO is a content marketing tool for start-ups, e-commerce, and agencies. With Unamo, you can monitor multiple campaigns and their results and keep an eye on your competition thanks to the Competitor Analysis. You can also choose your keywords and monitor exposure in search engines after introducing new types of content. The best thing about Unamo is that it is really simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. You can try them out for free.



Brand24 provides instant access to online mentions across various channels, from social media to other types of publications. The tool allows you to find out what your customers say about you in real-time, as well as search for prospects and generate leads by tuning into conversations. You can monitor buzz around particular keywords, which allows you to produce shareable content your audience will find interesting. If you are looking for user-friendly mentions monitoring software, these guys are doing it right.



Why is visual content an inseparable element of a successful Content Marketing strategy? It’s simply because we are “visually wired”. We suffer from information overload and therefore scan and skim rather than read online content. This may explain the ever-increasing popularity of video according to Forrester’s research, a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words.

Visual.ly is your to-go place for infographics, presentations, and videos. The effects are stunning, but bear in mind it is not a free infographic creation tool. If your marketing budget doesn’t allow you to splash out on their services, consider hiring an experienced graphic designer who can do the job for you.

Google Analytics


You have probably heard it a number of times, but Google Analytics still remains an indispensable marketing tool that provides you with priceless insights into customer data and behavior. There’s a good chance your company already uses Google Analytics, but not to its full potential. How can Google Analytics help your business thrive? There are a number of ways you can choose, depending on your industry, the current state of your website, its landing pages, etc. One of the really good examples of GA success stories is Apmex.

Another idea is to look at the “Queries” report to establish the most popular keywords which may help you define what your visitors are most interested in. Sometimes an old post on an evergreen subject may generate a lot of traffic for a really long time. It is worth considering whether you can tap into the interests of your audience and come up with another popular post of that kind.

WiseStamp Email Signature Manager


The WiseStamp Email Signature Manager helps companies unify their branding throughout their organization’s email signatures. WiseStamp turns your company signatures into a low-cost, high-impact marketing tool that engages your email readers, whether you have an email campaign running or not. The last thing most of your email recipients will see is your company email signature. And with the average small business in the US sending out around 150,000 emails annually, having an effective email signature can be a major contributor to your bottom line.

The email signature manager by WiseStamp really saves you time on setting up a global signature. The tool lets you centrally manage and update your email signatures for all the company’s employees automatically. It comes loaded with templates, features, and apps for disclaimers, banners, social media icons, and so on.


Although the tools presented are designed to perform various tasks, most of them aim at a single thing – tapping into the interests and needs of your audience. The character of the above-mentioned content marketing tools reflects the way the Internet has changed over the years, with the focus shifting from search engines to humans. In the future, SaaS model solutions will be even more successful and many new tools are still underway, so keep your eyes wide open. For more SaaS-related blog posts, head to our blog catalog and surf through it!

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