The Top 10 Project Management Software


Are you marketers, developers, or digital business owners? We believe that in a SaaS company, there might be scores of different departments and dozens of employees. It can lead to miscommunication and collaboration problems, which can lead to project errors and mishaps. In addition, tracking multiple spreadsheets can be rather time-consuming and challenging. That’s why both startups and leading corporations use project management software to effectively manage their business projects.

Traditional methods of project management will result in a lack of productivity and efficiency in your organization, thereby limiting your opportunities.

In this article, we will discuss how project management software can help you stay ahead of your deadlines and streamline your business processes. We also have created the top 10 project management tools used by SaaS businesses and other digital businesses around the globe. Now let’s get started.

What is Project Management Software?

A project management software is designed keeping the complex workflows of organizations in mind. It helps in improving the efficiency of project management in organizations through various progress tracking and collaboration tools. Backed up by the best technologies, it facilitates a streamlined workflow for both on-premise and remote workplaces. With project management software, businesses of all sizes can attain productivity at a minimal investment.

Benefits of SaaS Project Management Software

Compared with traditional project management solutions, project management software is highly versatile due to its cross-platform compatibility, scalability, and flexibility under an affordable range. This cloud-based software and applications bring tons of benefits. Let’s see what are those benefits are.

Low Upfront and Maintenance Costs

The process of buying expensive hardware/software, allocating resources for the setup, configuration and maintenance can be hefty on the budget, especially for SaaS startups. This is why SaaS project management software comes with subscription-based (monthly, quarterly, or annually) pricing plans, which can be easily set up by the support team of the software. 

Thus, you need not hire an IT expert to integrate the project management solution into your business. Furthermore, every security patch, future enhancement, and update is the responsibility of the software provider. Thus, businesses need not worry about any recurring maintenance costs of using project management software for their businesses, which makes it a sustainable option for long-term growth.

Better Collaboration

Cloud technology is one of the most crucial requisites for convenient remote and hybrid workflow. A SaaS project management software is entirely based on cloud technology which makes it easily accessible from any geographic location and device. It allows every team member to collaborate and work under a central platform. Thus, everyone can track the deliverables from a set of credentials which makes it super seamless and straightforward. 

Flexibility and Scalability

If you are running a SaaS startup, you could be scaling anytime soon. When you invest in project management software, you can also scale and upgrade your services whenever required with just a few clicks. This will help you match the business requirements as your business grows over time. Thus, SaaS project management software offers you the flexibility of scaling on demand and suits your business needs without any hassle. 

Free Trials and Different Pricing Options

In case you are contemplating whether your business needs project management software or not, you can always invest in the free trials provided by the service provider to test out their services. This test drive will help you analyze whether it fits in your IT infrastructure and improves it in the long run.

Another significant advantage of using project management software is pricing options. Almost every SaaS project management software has flexible payment options wherein you can pay as per the features you choose. Next, you can upgrade anytime you want as your business grows. 

Speed and Security

Unlike other hardware, setting up a project management software is quick and easy. You simply need to sign up, and you get instant access to the software. You do not need months to deploy the software in your infrastructure. 

Furthermore, cloud-based systems are highly secure and safe for businesses. Project management software can help in maintaining the confidentiality of your documents and files without any extra charges. Every project management vendor also offers facilities such as encryption, disaster management, and data recovery to ensure the files and documents of the users are completely safe and secure. 


Every project management software provides easy integration to other third-party applications and software through APIs or custom integrations. This allows SaaS businesses to make the most out of the existing systems and improve the efficiency of the workflow.

For example, if you have a CRM in your business that holds all the customer data, you can quickly integrate it with your project management software, and everybody can have easy access to the CRM data right from a single platform. 

Spreadsheets vs Project Management Software

As the competition grows, spreadsheets are no longer the ideal choice. With businesses leveraging automation and technologies, it is never a good idea to spend time in annual entries of spreadsheets anymore. To be swift and adaptable in this competitive world, project management software is an absolute necessity. It helps to streamline communication and track every data within a single platform irrespective of the device and geographic location.

While a spreadsheet can only be used to log data entries, project management software can help you in planning, scheduling, control, communication, collaboration, resource management, reporting, and so much more.

Choosing Project Management Software      

While choosing the right project management software for your business, there are tons of factors you should consider to make the right choice. This will narrow down your search results and assist in settling only on the best choice for your business.

Business Requirements

The first step to choosing a project management software for your business is a clear assessment of your business requirements. Start with analyzing your current solutions and look for any flaws or gaps in your existing workflow. It could be anything such as the time taking data entries or a lack of communication in the project. Analyzing these flaws will help in choosing the right features in the project management software that can benefit the business. This way, you can spend only on the features which are required for the business and not on the unnecessary ones. 


Even though you need to spot the flaws in your existing systems, remember that project management software is additional software that will help in restructuring and improving your existing systems. Thus, while choosing a project management software, look for its features and understand whether it can improve the workflow by integrating with your existing solutions. Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and resources on software that doesn’t work well with your existing systems, resulting in a potential mess in your workflow.


Like we already discussed, you can find a myriad of features in project management software. However, the key is choosing the right features for your business that can be helpful for your business. Thus, list all the features of the project management software. This will help you grade the solutions against each other and choose only the ones that you require in your business. For example, if you are a startup, you may not need advanced integrations and customizations. A simple scheduling and planning feature can be a good start. Creating a checklist of features will help you tick off only the features and solutions you need in the business and pay accordingly. 


Another crucial factor that every business owner should analyze before investing in project management software is the type of users who will be working with the project management software. For example, simple project management solutions will work better with small teams, whereas enterprise or large teams require advanced solutions to monitor and manage the project elements such as ERPs. 

Alternatives Consideration

After you have the outlines of the type of project management software you will need for your business; the next step is to match and compare the service providers as per the checklist. You may not limit yourself to online recommendations. You can ask for recommendations from good project managers and read the SaaS reviews for a better insight into the software before committing to it. Examine the technologies used in the software and how they can improve your business in the long run. 


After you have shortlisted a few options of project management software as per the outlines, the next step is to test the software with free trials. Even though it may sound time-consuming, this one-time effort will end you up with an improved workflow that will bring you even better ROI in your business. Try out the software and integrate it with your existing system to understand if it works well for your business and team members or not. Usually, the trial periods are always long enough to have a good understanding of the software, whether it is a good fit or not for your business.

Cost Evaluation

Last but not least, check whether the payment options are viable and sustainable for your business in the long run. Not only should you consider your existing budget here, but also your future endeavors and the costs required to scale your business. A sustainable and cost-efficient plan for your business will help you continue this software for the long term and bring continuous results. 

Top 10 Project Management Software

You can find countless project management software with just a single click. Here are our top picks in the best project management solutions that are trending in 2021 and have proven to bring excellent results to business, especially in the SaaS industry. Let’s check it out.

1. Confluence


Confluence by Atlassian is a popular project management software that is designed to improve productivity through an open and shared workplace using cloud technology. It supports integration to over 3000 external applications, making it one of the most powerful and our topmost choice in project management and collaboration solutions.

Some of their key features include creating marketing plans and content for businesses which is an additional advantage of using this project management software. You also get assistance in your marketing campaigns from the Atlassian suite. Next, you get project planning, real-time notifications, task tracking, and more that will help you stay updated with your daily and monthly tasks in the business.

Starting Price: $5.50/month

2. Wrike


Wrike specializes in enterprise-grade security. Thus, this project management software is more suitable for enterprises compared to startups with a minimum number of users. Two of the most noteworthy features of Wrike are its Dynamic Request Forms and Wrike Proof tool. The Dynamic Request Forms uses Wrike’s Gantt chart to visualize dependencies, identify conflicts and reschedule tasks whenever required. It also updates every team member of their tasks even before the initiation of the project.

The Wrike Proof tool is great for sharing feedback quickly across different teams and sharing documents and assets for streamlined communication. You can also customize the dashboards to keep only the most important points of the project. Next, the automated task assigning feature helps to get everything done quickly. You can also integrate Wrike with a variety of platforms like Salesforce, JIRA, Slack, and more.

Starting Price: $9.80/month

3. Zoho Projects


Zoho Project, another great option for startups, comes with mainly the basic features at affordable rates. Some of their features include issue tracking, timesheet approval, task dependency, Gantt chart, and more that are suitable for enhancing the workflow of the organization.

You can integrate Zoho Projects to maximize productivity with other solutions such as Google or Microsoft applications. Lastly, you can also try out other applications such as CRM, social media post automation, etc.

Starting Price: $4/month

4. Evernote Professional


Another very popular project management software, Evernote Professional, allows teams to share notes and documents in real-time. It helps in bringing more transparency and visibility in a workspace which is important for an error-free and smooth workflow. You can also use it to brainstorm ideas and note them down to ensure you have everything stored and secured.

Their key features include AI-suggested content generation, customizable notes creation, integration with different applications like salesforce, slack, workflow management, real-time editing, and tracking, etc.

Starting Price: $7.99/month


monday-project-management-software offers an extensive range of features apart from their top-notch project management solutions. It doubles as a CRM, planning software, productivity software, and so much more. Monday provides a good scope of customization of workflows which will help you mold the software as per your workflow.

However, customization is super simple and suitable for beginners. This intuitive project management software helps project managers and teams with racking, collaborating, and sharing data across different devices with ease. Some of their features include session management, time tracking, audit log, advanced search, a map view, and so much more.

Starting Price: $8/month

6. Trello


Another software from the Atlassian suite, Trello is one of the oldest project management software widely adopted by businesses of all sizes. The Kanban board of Trello allows businesses to create tasks as cards and assign them to the right members.

Since it is a popular app on Zapier, this means that you can create and automate your workflows with other applications. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to track and manage multiple software easily. Also, their security measure of 2-factor authorization makes their platform one of the safest options in this list for businesses.

Starting Price: $5/month

7. Basecamp


Launched in 2004, Basecamp is one of the largest and most experienced project management software out there. With a massive customer base, they have a broad range of powerful tools that makes it easier to manage and track numerous tasks under a single platform. It helps to simplify different channels of communication under a single screen which makes it easy to stay updated with the latest changes in the workflow.

You can also get reports of the performance of the workflow weekly or monthly from Basecamp, which can help you understand the improvement. They have a single pricing plan which offers all of their features to the businesses.

Starting Price: $99/month

8. Microsoft Project


Another old and experienced player in the project management market is Microsoft Project. This project management software uses one of the best and reliable cloud technologies and comes with many features, but the price point can be a bit higher for the startups. Thus, it is mostly suitable for enterprise owners.

It helps in simplifying and managing complex projects with powerful reporting tools. You can simply schedule, assign, prioritize, track and manage projects with Microsoft Project. Similarly, some additional features include portfolio management, Gantt charts, project health monitoring, advanced analytics, and more that helps to boost the efficiency of your overall workflow.

Starting Price: $10/month

9. Jira


Another one from the Atlassian suite is Jira which is the best option for SaaS companies. Apart from the standard project management features, this powerful tool helps in software development with developer tool integrations. It also makes project planning, customization, tracking, releasing, and reporting super simple and easy.

The software is frequently updated with the latest technologies that ensure you have the best solutions for your business.

Starting Price: $7.50/month

10. Teamwork Projects


Teamwork Projects is an incredible project management software that includes every possible tool you will need to track the development and progress of a project. The beginner-friendly and flexible user interface make navigation easy for every user. Next, their features like task management, milestone management, messaging, file storage, time tracking, and more help teams connect and work accurately.

It also helps visualize the projects with the help of the marked calendars, Gantt charts, set up reporting, and more.

Starting Price: $10/month


The best project management software for SaaS can help in transforming the entire workflow of your business. When you have a productive workflow, only then can you invest more time and energy into giving your best on the projects and making more profits in the business. Thus, don’t fret over complex workflows in your organization any further. Invest in the best project management software today and witness the boost of productivity in your business.

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