30 Powerful Buffer Alternatives for Social Media Management


Gone are the days when businesses could only be advertised on billboards and TV commercials. Social media has revolutionized how advertising is done today, making way more sense in an era where advertising has been transformed in the last decade. With social media marketing tools automating this process and making it more effective, more businesses are growing their online presence and thriving.

In terms of social media marketing tools, Buffer is one of the most popular ones used by businesses worldwide. It is a robust tool that can automate businesses’ social media marketing campaigns and make them more effective. However, Buffer doesn’t fit every business. So what’s up?

Let’s explore why Buffer may not be an ideal match for your social media campaign and some amazing buffer alternatives to try. We have listed 30 excellent buffer alternatives that are suitable for diverse types of companies. Here we go! 

Reasons to Consider Buffer Alternatives

In the beginning, we already mentioned that Buffer may not be the right choice for you. Here are some reasons why you may need to consider Buffer alternatives for your business today.

  1. Buffer is typically not a complete social media tool. It requires additional integrations with other tools to make a plausible impact on your business’s social media campaigns. 
  2. Actually, Buffer is a good tool for freelancers or a small group of people. If you are using Buffer for an enterprise, it may not help you achieve your goals well. Moreover, their pricing plans are way higher compared to their efficiency in social media marketing.
  3. The features offered in Buffer’s Instagram and Pinterest services are fundamental. It can surely help you get started but is not feasible for long-term growth.

What is Buffer?

Buffer is a famous social media management tool that assists businesses, especially SMBs, with their social media management requirements. With a customer base of 160,000+ businesses, this social media management tool helps in social media publishing, scheduling, and so much more.  

Their customer engagement tool helps respond to customer queries and comments on social media, while their content team helps curate and post high-quality content on social media. The Buffer analytics tool helps users track the performance of the social media marketing campaigns and create reports accordingly. To sum up, they offer numerous features designed to build and grow a business’s social media presence. 

List of Buffer Alternatives 

While Buffer can be a great option if your business is just starting out, you may want to consider these buffer alternatives if you want to scale further and make a bigger impact on social media. Here is a concise list of the top 30 best Buffer alternatives in 2021 that can help your business grow and earn more ROI from social media campaigns.  

1. Kontentino

Kotentino is an intuitive social media management tool designed to streamline business workflows, such as collaboration and communication. Kontentino offers many beginner-friendly features that help to create, schedule, and publish social media posts. It can also help in rescheduling and repurposing the same content again if required. 


With Kontentino, you can manage multiple clients, collaborate with the best social media influencers for your business, create interactive graphics and engaging content. Trusted by 4,000 brands and agencies worldwide, Kontentino is a great social media management solution for businesses of different sizes and industries. You can also try out their exclusive 14-day free trial to understand if Kontentino works for your business or not before making the commitment. 

Starting price: $59/month

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the leading enterprise solutions for different business needs. The Hootsuite social media management tool allows users to curate, plan and manage content efficiently. It also helps to track the social media marketing ROI for the business and offers detailed reports to have a greater view of the performance. Their social media solutions are catered to different businesses. Thus, be it an emerging startup or an enterprise.


Hootsuite has every social media solution that perfectly suits your business and helps it to grow gradually. Their key features include social media integrations to over 35 different social media networks, a one-click content publishing facility to different social media platforms, Hootsuite analytics to generate regular performance reports about the audience, engagement rates, ROI, etc., and Marketing automation.

Starting price: $49/month

3. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is another popular social media management tool that is also designed to boost business collaborations. Just like the other social media management tools, it helps to schedule, analyze, monitor, and publish posts on the go. Their robust set of features includes a bulk scheduler, publishing calendar, and much more.


You can assist tasks to every team member through Zoho Social and stay updated on your entire social media management campaigns. 

Starting price: $10/month

4. SproutSocial

Sprout Social is another leading social media management tool trusted by some of the most reputed brands like Zendesk, Chipotle, etc., to manage their social media. This social media management tool offers features around marketing, community management, analytics, content management, and everything you can ask for in your social media presence. It can also manage the social media ads of a business and optimize them to grow the ROI of the business.


Sprout Social has its inbuilt CRM, sentiment analysis, and distribution optimization capabilities that are excellent for enterprise owners to streamline their social media management needs. Their 30-day free trial can be a good start if you simply want to test out their features and later upgrade to the paid ones.

Starting price: $89/month

5. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is an established social media management tool that helps businesses with lead generation, content publishing, networking, and other social media marketing strategies. Agorapusle offers a unique facility of an Inbox Assistant that manages your business workflow by setting up inbox tags and assigning them to the registered team members. Their key features include social media comment management, social media ad management, reporting, analytics, collaboration, and more.


Agorapluse also has a completely free plan with limited features, which can be a good start for a business that is completely new to this platform.

Starting Price: $99/month

6. Loomly

Loomly is an all-rounder social media management tool that offers services like collaboration, publication, analytics, etc., that help businesses make their social media efforts a success. Their social media management solutions offer content ideas and solutions to businesses that are trendy yet relevant to their business.


Loomly also has multiple built-in workflow features such as approval workflows, scheduling, automated publishing, post ideation and optimization, post previous or mockups, and more. 

Starting price: $35/month

7. Sendible

Sendible is another amazing buffer alternative that is mainly curated for digital marketing companies. It helps agencies to handle their client’s social media campaigns. Thus, they have the facility of managing multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Sendible has a robust base of social media automation services that can help you interact with followers and engage with them better.


Their advanced analytics, influencer identification, and campaign optimization features are the most important aspects of growing a business’s social media presence and making the most out of its campaigns. They also provide follower analysis to learn more about the followers and optimize the campaigns accordingly. 

Starting price: $29/month

8. TweetDeck        

If your main focus is Twitter marketing and you want to establish a strong presence of your business on Twitter, TweetDeck is the right choice for you. TweetDeck helps schedule and optimize your Twitter content and ads for maximum outreach results with data analytics tracking and multiple engagement features. With TweetDeck, you can seamlessly manage multiple Twitter accounts together. Thus it is again great for digital marketing agencies to help businesses to build their Twitter presence.

Starting Price: Free

9. Social Oomph

Social Oomph is an advanced analytics tool that helps businesses get insight into their social media marketing strategies and campaigns. It also offers a content suggestion feature that helps to curate engaging and relevant content for businesses. Likewise, if you are using Social Oomph, you can schedule your social media posts.


Furthermore, you can also delete any outdated information in your social feed and update it with new ones. Their post flood control feature sets a specific limit to your post publishing facility to ensure that your followers are not spammed. 

Starting price: $15/month

10. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is another very popular buffer alternative that is preferred mostly for freelancers and solopreneurs. Meet Edgar has a very simple interface and features for social media marketing which is great for small business owners. Some of their best features include social media engagement monitoring, analytics dashboard, post scheduling, and more.


Meet Edgar automatically pulls the best content from their auto-updating content library and creates variations to post for businesses. Thus, you can find content for different business types easily.

Starting price: $19/month

11. Sprinklr

Sprinklr, being a social media management tool, also doubles as a customer experience management tool. With a robust feature list, they provide access to over 23 social media channels, 11 messaging channels, and universal access to every blog and forum. It utilizes AI to centralize every valuable data and monitor the performance of the social media campaigns, social listening, and user-generated content creation.


They have a strict multi-step approval process to ensure that you post only the best content on social media that is valuable and informative for your followers. It also has chatbot support that offers a consistent customer experience to the customers who choose to interact with the brand for their queries over social media. 

Starting price: You can get a custom quote based on your business requirements.

12. Falcon.io

Falcon.io is an all-in-one tool that helps businesses organize, plan and schedule their social media content. The social media calendar provided by Falcom helps you schedule and preview both the organic and paid posts. In case you are not the best at content creation and scheduling, their senior strategists help in content auditing, creation, and reporting services to help you with it. It also manages the ongoing and upcoming social media campaigns of a business.


The best part about Falcom is the facility of integrating your CRM with the platform to pair up their built-in analytics facilities.

Starting price: $108/month

13. Social Bakers

Social Bakers is an AI-powered platform that helps provide businesses with the most accurate and real-time data and analytics about their businesses. It helps in understanding the social media marketing platforms and analyzing the user journeys accordingly. 


The importance of crafting a buyer persona at the beginning of a marketing strategy is inexplicable. Social Bakers helps businesses build an ideal buyer persona based on the right touchpoints to create tailored content that works well with your audiences. It also helps with influencer marketing by finding the best influencers for your business and bringing them to collaborate with the business. 

Starting price: You can get a custom quote based on your business requirements.

14. Social Flow

Apart from content creation, publishing the content at the right time when most of your audience is active is also a crucial element of the success of your social media efforts. Social Flow helps businesses find the right time to post content via advanced data and analytics.


The Social Flow system analyses your comments, shares, likes across the existing follower base and finds their interest and the right time for posting the social content for maximum social engagement. The dashboard in Social Flow is customizable and can be integrated with other marketing analytics tools for higher efficiency.

Starting price: You can get a custom quote based on your business needs. 

15. eClincher

Eclincher provides many social media management services such as customer segmentation, competitor analysis, automated posts, keyword filtering, and more. Their services are not just limited to social media marketing but are also helpful if you are running a digital business and creating blogs for SEO. They can also automate blogs, repurpose old content, and many more using their advanced solutions. 

Starting price: $59/month

16. Tailwind

Tailwind is an exclusive Instagram and Pinterest assistant that automatically schedules, analyzes, and suggests the best content for your social media handles. Their SmartSchedule feature helps you to post your content when most of your audience is active, which proves to be really efficient in improving engagement rates.


The only downside of Tailwind is that it is solely dedicated to Pinterest and Instagram. If you are willing to grow your business on other social media platforms, you may want to consider the other buffer alternatives. 

Starting price:$19.99/month

17. Publer        

Publer helps you to schedule and post your content across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Youtube, and many more. It also helps you repurpose your existing content into fresh content from the in-site media library that connects unlimited RSS feeds.


Publer can even suggest the most relevant and trending hashtags for your social media posts to boost brand awareness with advanced AI solutions. With Publer, you can auto-schedule about 500 posts at once, saving you a significant amount of time and effort in social media publishing.

Starting price: $10/month

18. Coschedule

Coschedule is the #1 remote work management software that also doubles as a social media management tool. It offers a unique social content calendar that allows you to schedule or recycle your social media posts beforehand. The drag and drop scheduling makes the entire process of scheduling posts super simple and quick.


Furthermore, their headline analyzer studio helps with blog headline creation which can be great if you also own a blog for your business. Apart from content, you can also prioritize the tasks with the drag and drop builder to improve the efficiency at your workplace.

Starting price: $29/month

19. Oktopost        

Oktopost is tailored mainly to maintain the social media marketing strategies of B2B companies. It focuses on cheating, scheduling, and posting the best content that helps to attract the maximum number of customers into the business.


You can also sync Oktopost with your existing CRM platform to get deeper analytics and insights about your customer journey and optimize your social media campaigns accordingly. They also offer competitor analysis and follower analysis that helps to contribute to their campaign optimization facilities for businesses.  

Starting price: You get a custom quote based on your business requirements.

20. Social Champ

Social Champ offers advanced sentiment analysis that can help your business build a strong rapport with your customers. It offers features like social listening, social analytics, social ad management that is catered to attract more and more audiences to the social media handle of the business.


The powerful content repurposing facilities are one of the noteworthy elements of this buffer alternative. Here you can simply add the blog links or other content that you want to repurpose, and you are good to go at least for a month or so.

Starting price: $10/month

21. Social Pilot

Social Pilot offers tailored social media features such as content scheduling creation and much more. However, the features are specifically designed to amplify your traffic rate, raise brand awareness and bolster your existing and upcoming social media campaigns. Thus, you may consider it great for businesses at the growing stage since it can significantly help in growth hacking. Also, this platform is great for digital marketing agencies that manage multiple social media accounts of clients.


The social inbox helps you stay ahead of the conversations with your customers. The content recommendations offered by the Social Pilot are great for generating buzz and engagement around your brand.

Starting price: $30/month

22. Gain

Social media content approvals can be tiresome, especially when you have a big team working hard every day to curate the best content for building brand engagement. Gain is a customizable approval workflow tool that helps with both business and social media workflow approvals. Apart from streamlining the approval processes, it also has multiple social media management tools such as social listening, analytics, and more.


This single approval tool can be the ultimate game-changer for your business since it takes care of your business and social media alone. For social media approval, simply draft the social media posts and share them with the team members with a single click. Once everyone adds their comment and approves it, you can quickly post it with ease. 

Starting price: $99/month

23. Salesforce Social Studio

Being one of the most popular CRM of all time, Salesforce Social Studio acts as a great alternative to Buffer since it helps you to create, schedule, manage and monitor your complete social media requirements under a single platform. It also helps with social listening and manages your social media campaigns.


You can integrate it with multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc., and configure custom workplaces. Their built-in advertising and Einstein image recognition which is completely AI-driven can give your social media efforts a better edge over your competitors.

Starting price: $1,000/month

24. Later

Initially, Later was just an Instagram marketing tool in 2014. However, later they expanded their features and can now manage almost every social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more. Their core expertise is around visual scheduling, marketing, analytics, and media management. Later works great when you are working on only a single brand and not multiple accounts as agencies do.


Apart from scheduling the posts on social media, you can also schedule the Instagram stories beforehand for your convenience. Later also finds the most suitable hashtags for the business that can improve the brand discoverability and bring more engagement to the social media posts. Brands like Hippeas have witnessed great growth on their social media just by partnering with Later. Thus, Later is indeed an excellent alternative to Buffer, which is suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. 

Starting price: $8/month

25. MavSocial

MavSocial is the ultimate social media management tool that can help you with the basics, from content curation to the final analysis and optimization. They also have a humongous library of stock images. Thus, you need not worry about investing in graphic design software to create engaging graphics for your social media content. Their AI-driven social listening feature can help understand what the audience feels about your brand to optimize accordingly.


They also have additional features like asset management, team collaboration, and more that are not present in Buffer. Handling multiple social media campaigns simultaneously can be a tedious task. These features can be highly helpful in handling multiple social media campaigns and enhance their efficiency.

Starting price: $19/month

26. Apphi

Apphi, just like other social media management tools, is focused on scheduling social media posts. However, their main expertise is Instagram. Instagram is undeniably one of the best places to advertise your brand in the current era. Apphi can help you build and boost your customer base with the best Instagram marketing tactics. However, now they have also branched to other popular social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, but Instagram management still remains as one of their best services. Scheduling posts with Apphi is easy since the visual planner makes it completely beginner-friendly. 

The advanced analytics and reports offered help to comprehend the performance of the social media marketing campaigns. Compared to Buffer, their social media analytics are way more detailed and comprehensive. It gives a deeper insight into your audiences which is one of the main reasons for choosing Apphi over Buffer.

Starting price: $15/month

27. StatusBrew

StatusBrew offers tons of features for social media management. For starters, it offers a centralized social media inbox that helps you to streamline communication within your teams. Next, it offers a complete social media management suite that covers every feature you will require to boost your brand revenue in the long run. Backed up by advanced social intelligence, it nurtures leads through content and creates a strong bond with the followers. 


You can schedule the social media posts and post them across diverse social media channels with just a few clicks. The sentiment analysis feature of StatusBrew helps in understanding the sentiments of the prospects. This AI-driven feature identifies positive or negative feedback on the brand’s social media and responds accordingly. Nonetheless, the list of features of StatusBrew is limitless. It can be the ultimate social media management tool that can cover every social media requirement for a business and help it grow its social media presence.

Starting price: $129/month

28. PromoRepublic

Apart from the standard scheduling and publishing, PromoRepublic is more inclined towards the designs. If you want to make the most captivating and eye-catching social media posts, PromoRepublic is a perfect choice.


With PromoRepublic, you can create the most beautiful social media posts without the requirement of any other software like Canva. It caters to all times of business and is a decent buffer alternative that can help you boost brand awareness with high-quality content.

Starting price: $19/month

29. Postify

Postify allows you to quickly schedule up to 10 social media posts in just a fraction of seconds. It helps you with content scheduling and automatic publishing across different social media platforms. Some of their additional features include social media graphic editor, post inspiration, snippet creation, and more.


However, you cannot really preview your social media posts before posting, which can be a potential downside. Apart from this, they have a decent range of features that are utmost suitable for startups.

Starting price: $14.99/month

30. Content Studio

Last but not least, Content Studio is the final social media management tool that has many exciting and unique features for businesses. Not only do they provide the most detailed and in-depth data about your social media, but they also highlight the portions which showed improvement and the ones which went at a declining rate. This makes your data analytics effort even simpler.


You can simply spot the gaps and fill them up without having to mess with the reports all night long and configure it yourself. You can also create, recycle and schedule content on your social media, which Content Studio will automatically post to lessen your burden. Overall, Content Studio is great for optimizing your business and making it more customer-centric.

Starting price: $49/month

There You Have It!

There are many more buffer alternatives that you can find on the internet. However, these are top-rated ones that have been tried and tested by the best brands globally. Choosing the right tools that offer you every feature useful in your social media management venture is crucial. Since managing a business social media account is not a game, you need to analyze your social media requirements and choose the best one among the top 30. The key is to make your workload less stressful and maximize the social media ROI in the forthcoming years with the best Buffer alternatives. 

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