The Top 15 Linktree Alternatives


Many businesses and influencers are using the Linktree links to drive their followers and audiences to specific content or site. However, what if Linktree doesn’t work for some businesses? As technology advances every day, there are many brand-new products and software emerging on the market with more efficient, affordable, easy to use, and latest features. There are also several reliable Linktree Alternatives that might fit better with your business.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 Linktree Alternatives that offer every feature you need to drive your followers and audiences to the right content and promote your business.

What is Linktree?

Linktree is a tool that allows you to create a landing page containing multiple links to different web pages. In Instagram marketing, Linktree is used to drive traffic to different types of content, websites, or other social media accounts.

List of The Top 15 Linktree Alternatives

There are a bunch of good Linktree alternatives available on the market. However, we have narrowed down the choices to just the top 15 to make it easy for you to decide which one to go ahead with. Thus, you can pause your search for the best Linktree alternative today since we have the right list for you. Let’s get started.

1. Shorby


The first Linktree alternative is Shorby, a social media tool that simplifies the complete process of sharing links with your audience. Here you can add unlimited links to your landing page, which was not the case with Linktree. You also get many added features such as unlimited clicks, personalized URL, pixel integration, and more to track the analytics from the landing page.

You can add any link starting from the eCommerce platforms to the messengers without any hassle. You can either have a custom background image with the drag and drop editor or choose a theme from their database which will be captivating for the viewers.

Starting price: $15/month

2. Pallyy


Pallyy is another unique Linktree alternative since it goes beyond the standard link in the bio tool. Here you get many core functionalities that help create social media landing pages, customizing them with the links to your website or other pieces of content. You can also customize the design of your page and have every data and information in the Pallyy dashboard to monitor the clicks, redirects, and other such analytics.

Apart from this, you can leverage their reporting, comment management, and other facilities, which makes the complete link management super easy and comfortable. If you want a specialized tool with additional social media management features apart from being a simple landing page with links, Pallyy is the way to go.

Starting price: $15/month

3. Tap.Bio


Tap.Bio allows users to create a personalized mini-website filled with suitable links to other social media channels or websites. Being one of the most affordable Linktree alternatives, it has an exceptionally simple user interface and is mobile-friendly for users who open your Tap.Bio link from their smartphones.

They also offer powerful CTAs catered to increase the number of clicks on the link, an additional advantage of choosing Tap.Bio over Linktree. You can create multiple CTAs with multiple links with different cards available in Tap.Bio. You can also monitor the results with the stats and analytics dashboard offered by Tap.Bio.

Starting price: $3/month

4. Lnk.Bio


Lnk.Bio is another great Linktree alternative that helps you cram as many links as you want without any restriction. You can currently choose from over 40 social icons that you can use to link to your online profiles or websites. Like other Linktree alternatives that offer a unified CTA for the links to different web pages, Lnk.Bio has a different approach. Here you can set CTAs for each link in the landing page, such as Spotify, eCommerce shop, blogs, and more.

Also, the landing pages that are created from Lnk.Bio is easy to navigate and mobile-friendly. Their free plan allows you to add unlimited links, but it is always better to switch to their paid plans for the added benefits. Also, the paid plans cost way less than the other Linktree alternatives in this list.

Starting price: $0.99/month

5. ShortStack


ShortStack specializes in creating campaigns of contests and giveaways which are more suitable for Instagram marketing. This way, you can market your products and services on Instagram and other social media platforms well. Their features in marketing campaigns include randomly selecting an entry with their entry selector for the contests, identifying the right hashtags and the information used in the content to participate, capturing the tweets and posts to find the winner, and so much more.

Aside from just embedding links to your bio, if you want a tool that helps with your frequent social media giveaways, retweet contests, etc., that are meant to increase your brand awareness and sales.

Starting price: $99/month

6. Leadpages


Even though Leadpages is already one of the top-rated landing page builders in the market, it also has a solely dedicated Instagram landing page creator wherein you can easily create high converting landing pages and add your links without any hassle.

Trending pages are designed keeping the conversion rates and engagement rates in mind. Thus, when you create a landing page with their drag and drop builder, you automatically create one focused on improving these metrics for your business. Apart from this, you can run A/B testing to find which variant of the landing page yields the maximum clicks and engagements.

Starting price: $49/month

7. Milkshake


Milkshake is another amazing Linktree alternative that goes beyond the standard link in the bio facility. Here you can create separate cards or pages and customize them by adding your favorite texts, images, GIFs, videos, links, and more. Thus, you can unleash your creativity while creating your landing page.

Their integrated dashboard helps analyze the analytics of the landing page’s performance. You can always optimize it based on this data.

Starting price: $0

8. by Later

later-linkin-bio by Later is a full-fledged Instagram marketing platform that offers users a wide range of facilities to schedule their posts and gain analytics over their performance.

Their mini-website builder for Instagram allows you to add links from your Instagram posts which can help in increasing the engagement rate on your Instagram. Their landing page looks a lot like the regular Instagram feed, but it just has the posts linked to it.

Starting price: $8/month

9. Campsite


Campsite is another Linktree alternative that allows you to attach unlimited links to the landing page. However, their customization facilities make it stand out from the rest. You can customize the color, image, font, logo, and so much more with the drag and drop builder. It also creates entirely mobile-friendly landing pages.

Last but not least, you can also find the analytics of the number of people who clicked on your link in the dashboard.

Starting price: $7/month

10. Everlinks


The next Lintkree alternative that we will discuss is Everlinks. This robust social media management tool allows users to create landing pages attached with links, videos, texts, or custom code. The custom code option is an added advantage since you can easily connect your own domain here without hassle.

Other additional features offered by Everlinks are link scheduling, link animation, team management, and more. All of it with a smooth and user-friendly interface that is seamless to navigate and work with.

Starting price: $7/month

11. Link in Profile


Link in Profile is another easy-to-use Linktree alternative that allows you to quickly create a landing page and add any links you want. Most people use Link in Profile to link to their Instagram posts or eCommerce website to bring more traffic and sales to their business.

This is a better Linktree alternative since you can integrate with other platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, WordPress, Shopify, etc. This is great if you are an eCommerce business owner. It also allows you to monitor the performance the most for the other Linktree alternatives in this list. Even though this can be slightly expensive compared to the other Linktree alternatives, it is definitely worth a try if you’re into eCommerce businesses.

Starting price: $9.99/month

12. Tapkit


Tapkit is the next powerful Linktree alternative that combines the features of Linktree and Canva. Here you can build the most captivating and alluring landing pages that can turn your visitors into confirmed customers.

If you are in no mood to customize your landing page, you can also choose from their set of pre-built templates, and you will be good to go. Being a cloud-based application, you can access it from any device or geographic location without any hassle.

Starting price: $19/month

13. by EmbedSocial


FeedLink is designed to maximize the engagement in your social media profiles, especially Instagram. Here you get a unique link to each Instagram post, which you can link to the feed link landing page. It almost creates a clickable Instagram feed for the users.

It is completely mobile-friendly and loads up the web pages in a fraction of seconds! It is highly customizable and is great if you are solely dedicated to improving the metrics on your Instagram real quick.

Starting price: $19/month

14. ContactInBio


The next Linktree alternative, ContactInBio can help you create micro landing pages, which are great for linking multiple pages to your bio on social media platforms. You can choose the premade templates from the platform and customize them as per your interests to suit the brand. It creates the most pixel-perfect elements, blocks, and other elements on the landing page.

Every landing page created here is SEO optimized, along with the facility of integrating a wide range of tools and software. The analytics feature helps you keep the count of the clicks and other metrics.

Starting price: $4.55/month



Our final Linktree alternative has to be Being one of the best digital media aggregators, it helps to create the best landing pages for directing visitors to other platforms. is also used to collect emails, GIFs, polls, links, and more insights about your existing audience.

Even though they have a wide variety of pre-made templates, which makes it easy to work with, you can always customize the image, fonts, and colors to your convenience. 

Starting price: $5/month


Linktree offered a helpful facility for helping users integrate multiple links to a single landing page. Even so, it is not the most ideal option when compared to its alternatives. The key to choosing the most suitable Linktree alternative is to assess your business requirements and the platform you would want to add the links to. Considering these two factors, you can settle your final choices on the best Linktree alternatives today and watch the engagement rates and sales explode via your social media accounts.

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