How to Market Software as a Service


Market software as a service needs a customized strategy. You cannot generalize marketing to one size fits all since SaaS customer expectations would be different with another business. The most important thing in developing a marketing strategy for SaaS products is taking customer needs into account.

What do your customers need and want? How can your marketing provide value to them? Since you have a specific market, make sure to always take that into consideration. Even for two companies that sell software as a service, those questions still apply.

So, how to actually market software as a service? How to make improvements and changes to your marketing strategy for SaaS products? Don’t worry. We have created this guide to help you embrace inbound marketing for SaaS and make them work for you. Let’s get started.

What is Inbound Marketing and Why Should You Focus on It?

In order to drive customers to your site and service, a software as a service (SaaS) marketing strategy should prioritize inbound marketing methods. A customer-centric marketing approach includes helpful and relevant content that adds value to the customer’s experience both on the site and throughout their buying journey. The strategy may include website content, SEO, and also social media content.

Content is the essential tackle to convince your customers to buy your product or service. If your site or social media account doesn’t have valuable content, you won’t be able to encourage them to buy from you. By delivering great content and providing excellent service, your SaaS company can turn those customers into advocates! They will tell their friends, family, and social media followers about what you offer and how their experience with your product or service.

With a well-thought-of software as a service marketing approach, you have the potential to shorten the sales cycle and ensure your buyers are happy during their entire journey.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy for SaaS.

Develop Engaging Narratives and Strong Blog Content

Your website’s content is one of the most important factors to attract visitors and convert them into customers. There is no point in just putting up sales information on your website and expecting people to buy your software. Customers need a reason and they need to trust your company and what you are offering.

Educating the visitors through engaging and powerful narratives is absolutely crucial. You can give them more information about your company and your software, and you can also answer their questions.

You should tailor your content to your readers and the type of information they are seeking. Use the information you obtain to develop your software, which should address some of the problems and questions that people interested in your niche may have. Educate your audiences or readers on these issues through content. By doing so, you provide value to your customers.

You can experiment with many different types of content to determine which one works best for your audience. Among the options are how-tos, reviews, in-depth articles, etc. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Understanding your customers’ needs makes it easier to deliver the right content.

In addition, segment your audience. Segmentation can help you create content tailored to the needs of specific users.

Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field

As a marketer, you should always try to position yourself as an expert in your field. Your role should be that of an expert in your field who has all the tools needed to solve customer problems. Offer knowledge only your company can offer, as well as the experience of your team.

Creating content alone won’t suffice to accomplish this. You should participate in forums, conferences, and/or interviews so that you can gain more content for your site. For SaaS companies, this is very critical due to the intense competition they face. Your prospective customers may view your company as more trustworthy if they perceive you as an expert. Make sure your prospective customers understand how your software can help them reach their goals.

Utilize Traditional and Nontraditional Social Media

For SaaS, social media is an integral part of inbound marketing. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide new ways to promote your site. They can also help with your search engine optimization.

But do not limit your social media usage to these platforms. There are plenty of great, non-traditional social media opportunities available to SaaS companies that should be explored.

You can try YouTube as one of the best options available. You can create tutorial videos to demonstrate how to use the software, create support videos, and any type of video related to your software. See an example from 99Robots’s video below. They made a video about how their Content Resharer Tool works.


Through video interactions, you can communicate with those who view your software and show them how it works in real-time.

In addition, there are also other options like Reddit as well as tech forums to reach out to more potential customers.

Educate and Support Customers through Information and Tools

Your SaaS marketing strategy must go beyond just getting the sales. You need to provide resources on your site for those who have your software. Teach them how to use the software and how they can get the best results from it.

Provide articles or videos on troubleshooting tips and keep everyone up to date on the latest version of the software. Moreover, you have to provide a great support team in place for your customers in case they have questions or problems.

Now you might be wondering – how does this affect marketing?

If your customers are dissatisfied with your software or service, they will submit their complaints loudly and loudly! In contrast, a satisfied customer will end up becoming a promoter for your SaaS, helping you with marketing!

Improve Your Marketing Strategy Continuously

It is important to analyze your marketing efforts for success and failure in order to adjust strategies when necessary. You should always analyze your marketing data. Marketing agility can also help your ROI.

Just as in dance, use certain techniques and different objects to get the best performance look! In the event that you feel those marketing strategies are not working, you can adjust them.

Final Thought

The process of marketing software as a service is not as complicated as it seems. With an effective strategy, you can skyrocket your business and gather loyal customers who may become your advocates and promoters. Always stay focused on your marketing strategy by empathetically understanding your customers’ needs and then fulfilling them to meet their goals.

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