How To Create A Killer SaaS Marketing Case Study in 2022

SaaS marketing case study

It’s no secret that case studies are powerful tools for B2B SaaS companies to generate revenue. Customers are more inclined to trust non-paid reviews and recommendations, such as customer success stories, than traditional advertising. However, creating a killer SaaS Marketing Case Study is not as easy as it is said! In this article, we are going to discuss what a SaaS case study is and how to create a killer one for your company to generate more revenue.

What is A Case Study in Marketing?

saas marketing case study

The term case study is used to describe any content or document that discusses how past customers have used your product or service to convert leads into customers. In B2B marketing, case studies are important because you can gather data over time and demonstrate how your product made a difference.

The case study should include critical points including the customers’ pain points and how did you identify them, their goals and how you plan to accomplish them, the detailed process, and finally how did the results turn out.

The right case study can help you establish trust, attract traffic to your website, and promote a positive brand image.

How Case Studies Help Leads Become Customers

Try to think of your SaaS marketing case study as an appeal. You use it to entice your prospects to buy by presenting them with amazing results. Let’s look at some reasons to use case studies in your SaaS.

1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

Let’s say you’re a customer trying to decide between two SaaS offering video marketing tools. One company has a marketing case study that illustrates how it helped convert a website visitor into a customer easily and the other company has no case study. Which one do you trust?

A case study can convince your potential leads to partner with you even though your competitor may be offering the same service. Furthermore, a more innovative case study can make you stand out among the competitors, thereby boosting your credibility.

2. Build Trust

Trust is a critical point for every business, not only for SaaS. Almost everyone can agree that building customer trust requires hard work. It’s not as simple as having tons of testimonials on your site and claiming that your product or service works. Case studies can provide your customers with the validation they need that your products work.

3. Boost Search Engine Visibility

A case study can increase keyword ranking to enhance visibility on search engines like Google. The more your products and services solve problems for many customers, the more traffic comes to your site, increasing its credibility and authority. In addition, you might consider building links to your site to improve its visibility.

Following our discussion of case studies’ benefits, let’s look at some SaaS case study examples below.

1. Canva

First, we have a great SaaS marketing case study from Canva. The article provides details on Canva’s digital growth strategy in terms of users and ARR. Did you notice the numbers? Just so you know, readers are more likely to interact with numbers than lengthy texts.

2. Intercom

The second one would be Intercom’s multi-million growth strategy. This case study shows how revenues grew from 0 to $50 million and how the projects were executed from beginning to end. The authors also used visuals to illustrate their story which you can incorporate into your case study!

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is another company with a great SaaS marketing case study. In its inbound lead generation strategy, it reveals numerous techniques responsible for its ARR, ranking position as a website in the online marketing world, and many other benefits.

4. BuzzSumo

As a case study for financial success, BuzzSumo’s story is a great resource. A tremendous amount of money was made within a year after the company was founded by the founders. They utilize compelling storytelling that hooks the audience which you can also do with your case studies.

How to Create a Case Study Marketing Strategy that Converts

Now that you have seen some examples of marketing case studies, how can you build yours? Here are some tips on how to create a SaaS marketing case study that converts. 

1. Pick A Success Story that Resonates with Your Audience

Have you ever noticed that many companies publish various case studies? Well, there is a reason behind that. Each published case study targets a segment of the company’s audience. Why? Targeting a segment of the target audience allows them to resonate with the content and convert your potential leads.

You can do this by choosing a project that has been completed within your company or choosing one that has just begun or is still in progress. Describe the process, provide evidence, and show results.

2. Use Storytelling Approach to Identify Case Study’s Key Points

The first step to doing this is to decide the key points you want to highlight in your case study. It should be reflected in your headline and body text.

If you have several key points, organize your points cohesively to enhance the reader’s flow. For instance, you can talk about your customers’ struggles, give tips on how you approached the situation, talk about the implementation of these tips, and reveal those that worked or didn’t work.

Make sure that your case study is engaging for the readers. Nobody wants a boring piece of writing. You can entice the reader to read the whole case study by including images.

3. Showcase The Great Results

Results are paramount to every case study. It is the defining status that captures the attention of your customers. Once you have grasped your reader’s attention, you are more likely to convert them. 

Highlight the amazing results in graphics or images to make them more eye-catching and appealing to the readers.

4. Incorporate Various Designs

Designs are integral parts of many case studies success. As a result, you have to utilize colors that are attractive and appealing to readers. If you are publishing them in the form of a blog post, you can arrange your texts with proper headings to guide your readers throughout the story. You can also add corresponding images to support your published stories or graphics.

5. Request for Feedback

Feedback is crucial to every published content. Hence, you need to open a forum to get more insights, struggles, or controversial opinions. Invite them to ask questions about your products or services. Also, respond to every comment. The comment section can give you insight into the next case study to publish or enhance conversion by answering questions.


A SaaS marketing case study is vital to the success of any company. Following our discussion and some examples, you will be able to build a standout case study for your SaaS and gain more revenue. Stay tuned for more information-packed content!

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