10 Powerful Headline Generator Tools to Be a Smart Writer

headline generator tools

You can pull countless all-nighters perfecting every content piece on your website. However, if you do not have compelling headline generator tools, your blog post will not get the attention it deserves. If you think your competitor is getting way more traffic and clicks compared to you even after writing half as well as you, it could be the headline-making all the difference. The attention span of humans is a mere fraction of a second which is why most readers usually skim through the headlines and click on only the most captivating ones.

10 Powerful Headline Generator Tools

If you constantly keep on agonizing about creating good and click-worthy headlines for content, we have a handy list of the 10 best headline generator tools for content marketing that will do the heavy lifting for you by sharing amazing headlines with a single click while you focus more on making the content informative and valuable for your readers. Let’s get started.

1. Kickass Headline Generator

headline generator tools

Starting from the most simple yet effective headline generator of all time, Kickass Headline Generator from SumoMe is all you need to create a captivating headline for your blog. Once you land on the website, you will find tons of categories that will craft the most accurate headline for your blog.

Once you input the info as per your blogging goals, this headline generator then splits into a bunch of different formulas, which helps create headlines in various use cases. Thus, you are not just limited to a single keyword here.

Rather, you can go all out and narrow down your search as per your desired outcome, time frame, and other adjectives. All you need to do to use their service is sign up for their mailing list, and you are good to go!

2. Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator        

headline generator tools

Next on our list is Blog Ideas Generator by Hubspot, one of the most popular CRMs worldwide. Even though their services on marketing are impeccable, we will limit ourselves to only their headline generator tool today.

Once you open their website, start by inserting keywords or nouns relevant to the content. You can add up to 5 nouns at a time, and the tool will have a set of fantastic blog titles for you. 

The only downside to this headline generator tool is that this blog title generator will share only 5 blog ideas at a time for free without any signup process. If you want to unlock 250+ more titles in a CSV file, you need to sign up on their website. 

headline generator tools

Upon signing up, you also gain many blogging tips and tricks that can help improve the ROI of your blogs.

3. Portent Content Idea Generator        

headline generator tools

If you want a headline generator tool that creates blog titles out of different angles of your blog, the Content Idea Generator from Portent is an excellent choice. All you need to do with this tool is add the relevant keywords in the space, and you will find an endless list of blog titles.

You can also save them and view them later if required. They break down the words on each part of the title and explain why they selected this title which can be great for the advanced bloggers out there to level up their blogging game.

headline generator tools

4. Topic Blog Idea Generator        

headline generator tools

The Blog Idea Generator from Topic has a unique approach to creating headlines for users. It uses GPT-3, a robust API that uses deep learning to generate the blog titles as if they were generated right from a human mind. Thus, the blog titles here are pretty effective in catching the attention of the readers.

However, to view the headlines, you need to sign up with their website, which can be tedious for people looking to find a set of titles right when they input the keywords.

07 topic blog idea generator example 1

Also, you can get a little backstory or explanation about it. You can also use their technology to curate creative briefs or outlines for your next blog posts. This can help you create content around the right set of keywords, improving your search rankings real quickly.

5. How Engaging Is Your Headline        

08 how engaging is your headline

Suppose you already have a blog title in mind but are not very sure whether it will be effective for your blog or not. In such cases, How Engaging Is Your Headline by Sharethrough can come in handy.

Even though it will not come up with a long list of new blog titles, it will help you rate your existing blog titles or the ones you have in your mind for your next blog post based on 300 different variables.

As per Sharethrough, a combination of the Behavior Model Theory and their in-house researchers determine the scores and grade your blog titles. Apart from the analysis, they also offer some suggestions to make the headline better. 

Here’s an analysis of a headline we tried checking out. 

09 how engaging is your headline analysis

6. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator        

10 seopressor blog title generator

The SEOPressor Blog Title Generator is one of the oldest and strongest players in the market. Simply add a keyword in the search box, and you can find a long list of about 1000 unique blog titles with plenty of options to choose from that will keep you covered at least for the next week or month of blog ideas.

It matches exactly with the keyword. Thus, it ensures that your blog titles are SEO-optimized too. 

11 seopressor blog title generator example

7. FatJoe Blog Post Title Headline Generator        

12 fatjoe blog post title headline generator

Another amazing blog title generator that brings about 100+ blog ideas is FatJoe Blog Post Title Headline Generator. Just like the other options in the list, simply add the right set of keywords, and you will first find a concise list of 10 solid blog titles. Y

You need to sign up with your email address to access more than 10 blog titles.

Here’s what we searched and found on FatJoe. 

13 fatjoe blog post title headline generator example 1

8. Blog about Blog Title Generator        

14 blogabout blog title generator

Blog about Blog Title Generator also has a unique approach to generating blog titles for users. Here you start with adding the keywords, but you do not end up with a long list of generic blog titles. Instead, you get a template to help you create the perfect headline on your own.

It may sound like too much work, but it gives you better control over the blog titles you create, and you can claim the credits too! It’s almost like teaching you about the art of creating blog titles so that you do not need to use a blog title generator any further.

15 blogabout blog title generator min

9. Tweak Your Biz Blog Title Generator        

16 tweak your biz blog title generator

Tweak Your Biz Blog Title Generator is another cool blog title generator that can never let you run out of unique ideas for your blogs! Simply enter the keywords, and you can choose how you want to find the list of blog ideas.

They organize the blog titles into separate categories depending on the type of posts, such as how-to posts, question posts, listicles, and more. 

17 tweak your biz blog title generator example 1

However, you will be bombarded with blog title ideas that are sometimes not even relevant to your niche. This can make it a bit overwhelming and time taking while scrolling through each category.

10. Free Headline Analyzer

18 free headline analyzer

The final entry on this listicle of the best headline generator tools for content marketing ought to be the Free Headline analyzer from CoSchedule. Being one of the most reliable blog title generators, it effectively generates some of the most enthralling blog titles ever.

Here you need to input your blog title and sign up with your details, and it will display a score based on their formula that includes common/uncommon word usage, sentiment, character count, clarity, and more such factors.

19 free headline analyzer example

Final Thoughts

If you are creating blogs for a competitive niche such as SaaS, you need to be ahead of your competitors by paying more attention to the blog title apart from the content. Your blog title is one of the most crucial contributing factors toward the traffic and ROI of your blogs for your business. It acts like a strong magnet that attracts readers right from the search engine result pages.

The list of the best headline generator tools for content marketing can make the process of creating the most eye-catching blog titles easy for you by either providing you with a long list of excellent blog titles or simply a comprehensive analysis of your existing blog titles. Thus, leverage these tools accurately, and you can witness a hike in the traffic, engagement rate, and other metrics in your blogs in no time!

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