Top 40 Platforms to Get Free Vector Images


Every SaaS company requires creative images and visuals to market its products in this digital era. Suppose you are adding images to make your website homepage design stand out or creating social media posts for your business. In that case, you might have encountered issues like quality loss, the image looking pixelated while adjusting the file, and so much more. Such issues mostly occur when you work with the raster image formats such as jpg, png, etc. 

Thus, the best alternative is choosing vector images. Vector images are highly manipulable. It can be resized to any infinite size without any quality loss. It is open to a wide range of creative options and customizations. Furthermore, the file sizes are smaller compared to the raster image formats. While a 50 x 50 raster file saves about 2500 pixels of information, a vector image only needs to know the real coordinates of the width and height. 

However, designing vector images can be a tough task when you are not a pro at graphic design. Thus, vector stocks are the way to go. So, where to buy stock images for your website? We have curated this handy list of the top 40 sites where you can find awesome vector images for your future projects. Let’s check them out. 

40 Places to Get Awesome Free Vector Images

There are tons of websites for vector images. However, the key is to find the ones that offer high-quality vectors at zero or reasonable costs. Let’s dive into the list of the best 40 platforms for vector images right away.

1. Freepik

Freepik offers vector images for both free and paid. However, the free vector images require attribution of the source. You need to add the reference of the Freepik link of the designer wherever you use the images. Apart from vector images, you can also download stock photos and PSD files with just a few clicks. With millions of images in their database, top companies like Amazon, Spotify, FedEx use Freepik for their visuals.


If you are looking for only free vectors, simply set the filters based on your requirements. You can also narrow down your vector choices to specific colors and orientations. If you do not want to attribute, you can join their Premium plan, which is about $9/month.

2. VectorStock

VectorStock offers free EPS vector graphics and illustrations. Launched in 2007, this website has millions of vectors in its library right now, with top designers contributing to updating it every day. If you create vectors, you can also sell them on VectorStock.


If you want to use the vector images without attribution, simply pay $0.69 per image on subscription, and you are sorted.

3. offers you both free and premium vector images sourced from different websites. Currently, you can choose within the 92,000 databases of free vectors on their website.


Their vector library is updated every day with at least 3,000 new vectors for their customers. Thus, you can get new vectors every time you check their website with a free account. You can only download five vectors a day. The charges for the premium plan are $8/month.

4. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is tried and trusted by some of the most popular brands like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Apart from vector images, you can also download stock photos and videos for your business. Their professionally designed images and a beginner-friendly user interface are the ultimate showstoppers of Vecteezy.


You can filter your choices and edit them if required with just a single click. To avoid attribution of the free vector images, get their monthly plan at $14/month or the annual plan at $9/month.

5. Flaticon

Owned by Freepik, Flaticon is another very popular source for vector icons and stickers, which you can get in various formats such as SVG, EPS, PSD, etc. Most of the vectors on their database of 5.4 million are free. You can filter your vector choices based on the vector style, such as gradient, black filled, multicolor, linear color, and more.


Note that you only get vector icons here, which sets it apart from its sister company, Freepik. Their premium plan costs around $11/month.

6. VectorPortal

Founded in 2005, VectorPortal is one of the oldest vector sites in this list. It offers many top-notch vector images and invites designers across the world to contribute to their website. As a result, their vector database has been perpetually growing since thin. You can find your favorite vectors across the 25 categories available and filter them to narrow down the results.


Since this website uses the Creative Commons Attribution License, you need not attribute the vectors if you use it in the public domain(CCO). However, you need to attribute the images while using them on the web, print, merchandise, video, and apps. Also, there is no premium plan available here. 

7. 123freevectors

123freevectors features about 62,000 free vector files. These vectors are great for using background images on websites. You also get free brushes and photoshop actions which help in image customization.


Simply visit the website and pick out your favorite vectors. No account creation is required. You can attribute if you want to. Thus, you get better leverage with 123freevectors.

8. Humaaans

Humaaans is a brand new vector collection website that offers modern and beautiful vector illustrations of individuals. It has a vast collection of characters which are great for demonstrating processes with illustrations.


You can customize different elements of the vectors to create your own unique scenes for your projects as long as you attribute the same.

9. Ouch!

Ouch is another new platform that offers a good collection of free vector illustrations. It comes in a variety of categories including, eCommerce, finance, eCommerce, and more.


Ouch! allows you to filter your choices based on your niche too and find more relevant illustrations more easily.

10. UnDraw

UnDraw offers a massive collection of creative vector illustrations, which are usually available in SVG format. The customization procedure is beginner-friendly. You can easily customize the colors, scale without affecting the quality, which is one of the best parts of using UnDraw.


To top it off, you need not attribute while taking vector images from Undraw!

11. Subtle Patterns

Subtle Patterns is the go-to site for every web designer. It covers every possible vector you can ask for. It mainly contains vector patterns that are free to download with the required attribution.


Again, these patterns are great for adding some colors to monochrome websites.

12. Vector Me

Vector Me consists of countless exclusive vectors for individuals and businesses. They also have many interactive logos, clip arts, patterns that are free to use with attribution.


Their vectors are highly detailed and intricate. Thus, if you are looking for such vectors, Vector Me can be a great option to choose from.

13. 1001 Free Downloads


1001 Free Downloads has a fabulous collection of graphic resources. With a beginner-friendly interface and a robust search engine, you can find your way through their collection of vectors, photos, icons, wallpapers, brushes, styles, patterns, textures, and clipart. The list goes long with 1001 Free Downloads.

14. offers many cute and fun illustrations for both commercial and personal use. Their vector database gets updated every week.


You can find the latest added images by scrolling their homepage. Even though the vectors are free to download and use, check with the author to be on the safer side.

15. Free Design File

Free Design File has over 30 categories, which you can easily segment and find your most suitable vectors by searching with the keywords on the search tab.


If you are going to use the vectors from the site, make sure to mention the author of the vectors to acknowledge them.

16. Vector 4 Free

Vector 4 Free offers numerous vector graphics in different formats such as EPS, PDF, SVG, etc., to suit different requirements.


Their search engine does the entire search for your vector easily, while their huge database gives you ample options to choose from.

17. Pixeden

On Pixeden, you can find high-quality and large vector images. You can even download them in packs to save your download data.


Even though you can use their vectors for free with attribution, it is always better to get their Premium plan if you use their vector resources daily.

18. Vectorish

You can mostly find lone vector graphics on Vectorish. Even though it can be slightly tough to navigate on their website, you can download the vectors with just a single click.


To simplify it, you can also choose to move through the header menu for the search.

19. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is popular for its wholesome community of top artists and designers globally. You can find tons of free vector resources which are updated every day.


Simply head to their search box on the top and get started with it. Super simple!

20. Spread

Spread offers free vector resources in different categories such as backgrounds, design elements, illustrations, frames, ornaments, postcards, templates, and so much more.


This platform is great if you are looking for vectors for illustrations in different niches.

21. Dryicons

Just like Flaticon, Dryicons is mostly famous for its extensive collection of vector icons. Even though it has a huge database of vector icons, it is not regularly updated.


However, you can obviously find suitable ones from their list easily. All of them are free to download with a single attribution. 

22. Free Vector Maps

The name of this platform is self-explanatory. Free Vector Maps offers vectors of different world maps. You can choose any country and find a detailed map of the same with just a few clicks.


You can find 3D maps and even different colors of the world maps.

23. Pixabay

Pixabay is the leading repository for outstanding public domain images and free vectors. Their vectors are great for illustrations and vibrant enough to catch the attention of the users.


Apart from vector images, you can also find vector icons and backgrounds to adorn your website.

24. Vexels

You can find your favorite vectors on Vexels across different categories and tags. Their premium plan costs $13/month, which allows you to use their vectors without attribution.


However, you can always find their premium plans at great discounts during the holidays. 

25. Dribble

Dribble is another excellent platform that has a huge community of amazon artists and collaborators across the globe.


Their repository gets updated regularly, and you can find many engaging vectors for your visuals at Dribble for free with attribution.

26. Light Stock

Light Stock is a popular stock photography website that offers many unique vector graphics to individuals. You can also get many intuitive videos and other elements.


You can try out the 14-day free Light Stock trial, after which you need to get enrolled with their paid plans that start from $15/month.

27. Vectorian

If you like vintage vector illustrations for your website, there is no better platform than Vectorian. Their vector repository is filled with many unique and beautiful vectors which have an amazing aesthetic.


You can also check out their vintage fonts and style guides to design your website and give it a vintage look.

28. 365psd

365psd is a popular vector graphics website that offers many freebies to designers too. Thus, if you are a designer, you can enroll here and contribute to their website.


With over 55,000+ vectors, you can easily explore and find some good options for your website.

29. Public Domain Vectors

In Public Domain Vectors, you can find countless vectors in different formats under the public domain or the CC0 license.


You can copy, modify, use and distribute the vectors from the website without any restrictions. 

30. Vector Stock

Vector Stock is one of the top-rated websites for free vector graphics. With over 220,000+ royalty-free vectors and design elements, a filter option should have been present.


Either way, their website is easy to navigate and work with.

31. Pimp My Drawings

Pimp My Drawings offers a high-quality vector of models which are created by the best architecture students. Their CAD and DWG library is filled with many intricate graphics of human silhouettes, cars, trees, and more.


Even though these vectors are free to use, you simply need to attribute them with the link provided while downloading them.

32. Shutterstock

Being one of the oldest and the most renowned graphics platforms, Shutterstock offers many stock images and vectors.


Their repository consists of over 70 million vector images. You can also find many video clips for free, which can make your website more engaging. 

33. Stockio

Stockio is a fantastic platform that offers many creative and professionally crafted vector graphics and icons.


It collects the best vectors from different sources on the internet and allows you to download them for free with attribution. You can also edit the default vectors to add your dash of creativity to them.

34. Wow Patterns

Like Subtle Patterns, Wow Patterns also features a vast collection of intricate patterns and designs for websites.


With over 3000+ unique patterns that are free to download, you can easily choose between the range of different textures and styles that suit your requirements.

35. Openclipart

Openclipart is one of the largest communities of the best artists across the world. Apart from clip arts that are self-explanatory from the platform’s name, you can also find many vector images in their collection.


The vector images have been updated regularly since 2004. This ensures that you always have access to their latest designs.

36. The Noun Project

The Noun Project has an excellent collection of more than a million free vector images.


You can easily customize the vectors as per your interests with their inbuilt editor and make your illustrations more unique. With attribution, these vectors are entirely free for commercial usage.

37. Streamline Icons

If you are looking for some adorable vector icons to add to your website, Streamline Icons has over 100,000 free vector icons for you, including minimalists, geometric designs, bold glyphs, and more.


You can either download in sets or choose separate icons that match your mood.

38. DepositPhotos

DepositPhotos is a great source for premium quality stock photos, vectors, images, and videos for users. Here you can find over 200 million gorgeous vector backdrops, editorial materials, videos clips, and more.


With over 100,000 contributors, it is one of the fastest-growing vector repositories that surpassed over 10 million vectors within the first 4 years of launch. You can also try out Crello, their new tool that helps users create their own vector images.

39. Pexels

Pexels provides 20,000+ free vector graphics and photos that can be downloaded for free.


Make sure to always acknowledge the creator or author of the vectors you are using.

40. Unsplash

Unsplash is another popular vector graphics platform that has an extensive collection of the best vector images.


Their high-definition images ensure that you have the best quality graphics on your website. You can simply download it and attribute the designer to use it for commercial purposes like others. 


With so many amazing websites available, you would never need to worry about where to buy stock photos. These vector websites have been the most trusted choices of most SaaS companies and in other industries. Thus, simply choose any website, mention the keywords on the search or navigate through the menu bars to find the best free vector images for your website.

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