The Top 50 Fintech SaaS Companies and Startups


The fintech industry is growing every year at a very quick pace. As per PRNewswire, the global fintech market is expected to reach $309.98 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 24.8%. Numerous fintech saas companies are emerging every year to fulfill customers’ needs and shape the upcoming future of finance. As more and more SaaS companies pour into the fintech space, it can be slightly tough to sift through the major players. Thus, we have listed below the top 50 fintech SaaS companies and startups in 2021 that have transformed the industry throughout the years.

1. Shift Technology


Shift technology is one of the leading AI native SaaS solutions in the fintech industry that is focused on helping businesses defeat fraud and automate claims in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Their AI-driven technologies help in making reliable and accurate insurance decisions for their customers.

2. AvidXChange


AvidXchange is one of the leading automating invoice and payment processing companies, mostly for mid-market businesses. Founded in 2000, it carries over $140 billion transactions annually across its network to over 680,000 suppliers. It is one of the prime companies that about 6,000 customers in North America use to pay their bills. 

3. Billtrust


Billtrust focuses on outsourced invoicing, e-billing, EBPP, EIPP, B2B, payment applications, AR automation, and many more. Their financial services are one of the top-rated choices for B2B companies. With a 40+ industry client database, they use AR automation to drive different areas such as supplier-driven payment networks, automatic invoice deliveries, and many more. They have an incredible record of processing more than US$1 trillion invoice dollars in the past few years. Their automation helps in seamless payment cycles for their customers.

4. Built Technologies


Built Technologies is a top-rated construction financial technology provider that connects multiple avenues of businesses such as commercial or customer construction leaders, real estate owners, title companies, etc. they enhance the capital flow in the ecosystem by streamlining the process of withdrawals, compliance tracking, mitigating risks, improve construction payments and customer loyalties. 

5. Ezetap Mobile Solutions


Based in India, Ezetap Mobile Solutions is one of the leading players in the payments, hardware, cloud, and SaaS industries worldwide. Their frictionless data payment ecosystem uses the abilities of SaaS to help brick and mortar retailers, eCommerce platforms, and other enterprises in their finances. They offer different end-to-end solutions for smart payments that can be leveraged for making hassle-free payments. 

6. Khatabook


Khatabook is currently one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies worldwide. It allows micro, small, and medium businesses to securely track their business transactions. Their mobile application offers every online payment method which can be used in every store and outlet for providing more cashless payment options to customers. As per their recent reports, about US$200M worth of transactions is done every day via Khatabook, with countless merchants joining every day. 



MANTL is an enterprise SaaS business that mostly helps traditional financial businesses modernize their payment methods and financial services to grow. They help people open deposit accounts typically from every device in just a few minutes. Their technologies help businesses raise billions of dollars in the core deposits every year worldwide. 

9. Stripe


Stripe is another extremely popular SaaS company with a robust economic infrastructure that helps businesses of any size use their software to accept online payments from any part of the globe. They offer seamless global transactions securely since they adhere to the global regulatory uncertainty and partner closely with many industry giants such as Apple, Google, Twitter, etc.

10. Riskified


Riskified offers e-commerce business fraud prevention SaaS solutions that use machine learning algorithms with AI to differentiate between legitimate purchases from fraud. It also streamlines the process of chargebacks whenever required. Their technologies have rapidly increased bank authorization rates, protection of customer accounts, and helped merchants offer multiple payment options without any risk. 

11. MX Technologies


MX is a SaaS company based in Utah that builds data-driven products for over 2,000 banks, credit unions, fintech innovators, and many more. With over 200 million customers, they offer different SaaS solutions to manage their finances easily. They pull data across extensive databases to offer the best financial solutions to the customers.

12. Payrix


Payrix is a global leader in this industry that offers the facilities of embedded payments to vertical software businesses. With Payrix, clients can eliminate any potential friction, risks, or possibilities of a data breach during their transactions. Used by over 100 SaaS platforms and 35,000 active merchants, Payrix has witnessed a 700+ annual revenue growth in 2021 while driving $60 million as their annual profits. 

13. VoxSmart


VoxSmart is a SaaS surveillance service provider that builds, develops, and deploys robust software solutions to mitigate and manage business risks while adhering to the regulatory requirements of businesses. Their software covers everything, including finance, regulation, business analytics, and many more, which are common problems firms encounter in the financial space. Their technology captures employee communications and turns the subsequent data into useful information for a smooth business operation.

14. HighRadius


HighRadius is a fintech SaaS company that utilizes autonomous systems based on artificial intelligence to assist businesses and companies in automating their bank accounts. Businesses can now receive and process payments automatically with the solutions from HighRadius. This can help businesses get paid faster, reducing the time consumed from billing to the final payment by at least 10%. 

15. Clearco


Based in Toronto, Clearco offers an impressive suite of performance finances technologies for businesses for their organizational development. They are one of the leading fintech firms in the burgeoning alternative finance industry, mobile applications, giving revenue reflective advances for startups, and many more. Their software facilitates payments which raised a profit of $680 million in investment capital for the businesses.

16. nCino


nCino is a cloud-based banking software that offers technologies for deposit accounts, retail banking, mortgage loans, SME banking, etc. They simplify bank operating systems for both employees and customers in loan life management cycles, customer onboarding, credit assessments, collateral management, and many more.

17. GuideWire


Guidewire is another cloud-based fintech SaaS solution that is renowned in the property and casualty insurance industry. Their products help in insurance claims, billing, underwriting, policy administration, etc. Their AI-based solutions help in product launches, predictive risk analysis, sales, and many more for other businesses.

18. Jumio


Jumio is an AI-driven KYC and AML company that offers SaaS solutions to other businesses for customer onboarding, identity verification, translation monitoring, SMS-based authentication, fraud protection, and many more to keep potential thefts and frauds at bay. Their financial solutions also help other businesses, especially financial institutions, telecommunication, retailers, etc., to adhere to their financial regulatory measures and guidelines.

19. Anaplan


Anaplan is a cloud and AI-based ERP solution that helps supply chain planning and financial requirements for businesses. Their supply chain planning, forecasting, demand planning, modeling, predictive analysis, budgeting, performance management, etc., are highly valuable in different sectors such as banking, life sciences, retail, etc. Apart from financial services, their solutions are also designed to improve the sales of businesses simultaneously.

20. Capitolis


Capitolis utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence for trade management services for investors. Their technologies help in predictive market analysis and address every capital market constraint in equities, foreign exchange markets, and more. Their services help investors optimize their portfolio, identify the right investments, execute trade strategies, workflow management, etc.

21. Featurespace

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 at 20.01.09

Featurespace offers analytics-based fraud prevention solutions to different businesses. Their technologies are designed to detect potential fraud or risk in businesses with behavioral analytics. They monitor transactions, in-session behaviors, and more to ensure the safety of the finances of both the customer and the business. Next, they help in mitigating and management of fraud or risk to the finances of businesses. Their software is well known in different sectors such as gaming, insurance, and many more.

22. Bitsight


Bitsight is a leading cloud-based cyber risk management company that offers fraud prevention and security solutions to businesses. Some of their services include cyber risk management, insurance underwriting, data management, etc. Their solutions strengthen the security of the finances of the businesses and assist them in making informed financial decisions that are profitable for both the business and its customers.

23. Zeta

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 at 20.06.23

Zeta is a cloud-based payment and banking solution mostly for banks and enterprises. Their SaaS solutions have incredible benefits that can help in the workflow of businesses. They work for employee payments management, payment collection from customers, and so much more. They also offer services for card issuance systems, virtual wallets, payment authentication systems, and everything one can ask for. 

24. CoreLogic


CoreLogic is a SaaS company that offers different data and analytic solutions for real estate companies. They mainly focus on sales, licensing, mortgage, credit reporting, fraud management, property information, collateral risk management, and many more. They also offer services for property taxes and property data and monitoring, underwriting, claims management, and every other solution in the insurance industry too!

25. StartEngine


StartEngine is the leading OPO (Online Public Offering) SaaS company that helps consumers invest in private companies on public platforms. They also help in crowdfunding and other causes. Until now, they have raised over $450 million across the world. Their technologies help make constructive investing decisions for consumers and provide them with a safe platform for investing in startups.

26. Blend


Blend offers services that are designed for consumer lending. They partner with different banks and lenders for providing consumers with frictionless, completely compliant, and accessible lending strategies and mortgages. Founded by a group of Palantir engineers, they raised over $100 million in just the first few years, and it’s improving every year gradually.

27. Socure

Screen Shot 2022 03 01 at 20.13.19

Socure is the leading digital identity verification technology across many countries. Their high-end technology offers the most accurate predictive analysis backed up with artificial intelligence and machine learning. They use these technologies for verifying identities in real-time. They also help in onboarding employees in organizations. They offer quick approval windows with genuine verification to ensure authenticity. Their company has served different industries, namely gaming, telecom, eCommerce, and many more.

28. Addepar


Addepar is a wealth management company that uses technology for reporting and analyzing markets, portfolios, client data, and so much more. They provide asset owners the rightful information about the long-term financial picture of an investment which helps them make sound financial decisions. 

29. Reggora


Reggora is a cloud-based modern appraisal workflow technology that helps streamline the lengthy appraisal processes for mortgage or appraisers. Their software helps simplify the manual processes of appraisals to fully automatic order allocation with extensive quality control with decreased time and effort for the consumers.

30. Behavox


Behavox is a data analytics company that works on analyzing the behavior of individuals. They use AI to help compliance, regulations, sales, customer management, investment firms, and other sectors make smarter and more secure financial decisions. They reveal different previously undetectable insights about both structure and unstructured data, which helps maximize the company’s revenue generation. They assist in improving the performance of the teams with the customer service accordingly. 


pilot-bookkeeping-startup provides services that take care of the bookkeeping of companies completely with automation. They help run the finances of the companies. The books get delivered monthly with all the data compiled with their expert team and automation that ensure no chances of errors. They also offer advanced financial CFO support to help businesses upscale whenever required.

32. OpenFin


Open Fin is the largest global financial company that helps in simplifying workspaces. Their technologies are built for securing rapid deployment, native experience, and desktop interoperability. They are trusted by the world’s largest banks and trading platforms for deploying their desktop applications. Some of their investors include J.P Morgan, Nyca Partners, Bain Capital Ventures, and many more.

33. Signifyd


Signifyd is a fraud protection technology provider that helps businesses prevent fraud or cyber threats. They solve financial challenges for eCommerce businesses, such as billions of dollars lost in chargebacks, mistaken declines, manual transaction investigation operation costs, and much more. Their guaranteed payment protection offers online retailers a full machine learning optimized fraud prevention that helps businesses increase their sales while reducing the potential of risks in business.

34. TrueLayer


TrueLayer helps build universal APIs that allow other companies to securely and efficiently access customers’ bank accounts to make payments, validate, identify, share financial data, etc. Their API will allow companies to capitalize on the new Open Banking initiatives and improve the banking infrastructure. They can also help meet quick security requirements, comply with the regulatory compliances and gain access to the required data and payments. 

35. Venminder


Venminder has an expert team that significantly reduces vendor management workloads for businesses. They address the tactical challenges such as collecting compliance documentation, analyzing vendor financial health, possibly deploying paralegals, and many more that can help in approving vendor contracts quickly. They also review vendors’ SOC reports, monitor their cybersecurity postures, etc., to safeguard them from any risks. Their software solutions do all the heavy lifting, including task management, risk management, and meeting regulatory compliances.

36. Personetics


Personetics is an AI-driven platform for banking and other financial requirements. Trusted by millions of customers, they offer a unique combination of financial services domain expertise paired with a cognitive application framework using AI, predictive analysis, machine learning, and many more. All of these technologies are combined together for offering customers a personalized experience in managing their finances better. They help understand the customer needs with advanced cognitive capabilities and communicate in a conversational or personalized manner to help with their finances. 

37. Ocrolus


Ocrolus is a fintech SaaS company that automates data verification and analysis for bank statements and other similar financial documents. Their technologies help examine different e-statements, scans, smartphone images of the documents during financial situations with 99% accuracy. It replaces the tedious manual efforts with AI-driven sharp analysis. This modern review solution helps in maximizing productivity while reducing the time spent on it.

38. Dataminr


Dataminr discovers every possible critical and high-impact information before it’s out on the news. Their customers are the first ones to know about these events and information, which allows them to act faster and be a step ahead. It uses AI and machine learning for this groundbreaking technology to detect and classify public information’s significance in real-time. 

39. Trulioo


Trulioo has one of the most robust and comprehensive global identity verification solutions. Their portal/APIs assist companies with their AML/KYC identity verification requirements by providing secure access to a massive database of 4 billion identities. To sum up, their main goal is to solve online identity verification challenges, especially for SMEs, and allow secure payment options for customers.

40. Access Fintech


Access fintech is the hub of innovative risk management technologies, specially curated for banks and buy-side firms. Their technologies are designed for tracking complete trad lifecycles and give a predictive analysis of any possible risks across the systems. They combine fintech providers and in-house technology for creating a single visual display of the risk of transactions in a global sharable view.

41. Taulia


Taulia works closely with businesses for offering high-end capital solutions to accelerate payments, improve supply chain health, etc. Their pioneering technology currently powers a massive network of 1.5 million businesses across 168 countries with more than $80 billion accelerated payments. Their AI-powered platform helps businesses choose how they can get paid and makes the process of payment for both buyers and suppliers quick and easy.

42. Onfido


Onfido uses machine learning for online ID verification. They have worked with over 1,500 companies worldwide with over $60m funding from world-class technologies investors such as Salesforce, Microsoft, etc. They work with global companies such as Square, LendingKart, BBVA, etc., to verify the authenticity of a user’s documents and compare them with facial biometrics. Their AI-driven technologies help to identify fraud and prevent any cyber thefts or fraudulent activities.

43. Cloud9 Technologies


Cloud9 Technologies utilizes cutting-edge technologies for their voice collaboration and analytics for financial markets and traders worldwide. Their advanced voice analytics, transcript solutions, and trader communication services help businesses make intelligent trading decisions at the right time.

44. OpenGamma


OpenGamma is a fintech SaaS company that is proficient in data analytics. Their technologies are designed to minimize the costs of trading derivatives by offering unique yet actionable recommendations in risk and treasury. Their quantitative understanding of the CCP margin and capital models paired with cutting-edge cloud-based technologies helps in defining the most lucrative opportunities that bring maximum returns.

45. SirionLabs


SirionLabs is the leading SaaS provider that helps in reducing the costs of supplier governance by automating every hefty procedure across the key governance disciplines of contract, financial, risk management, etc. Their advanced automation builds trust, transparency, and authenticity in the transactions for reducing value leakages and improving performance analytics.

46. TrueAccord


TrueAccord, founded in 2013, provides the world’s first data-driven debt collection services. Their patent machine learning platform is one of the most innovative innovations that have a unique data-driven approach to collecting debts and reduces contact frequencies to adapt to the consumer’s behavior. Their omnichannel approach serves customers at the right time and channels with the right payment methods to make the process simplified.

47. Fenergo


Fenergo offers client management lifecycle solutions for financial companies. Starting from regulatory onboarding, data integration to counterparty data management. Their SaaS solutions streamlined end-to-end CLM processes. Their in-depth financial services with the out-of-the-box engine are highly popular across many industries such as private, retail, business, commercial banking, etc. They also use artificial intelligence, robotics process automation, and machine learning technologies for their ability to extract information and expedite the compliances accurately.

48. Kyriba


Kyriba offers award-winning solutions on cash and risk management, payments, supply chain finance, and so much more. Their 100 percent SaaS enterprise platform helps in superior bank connectivity and tackles even the most complex financial situations for businesses. Their technologies are used to streamline key processes, protect against losses, frauds, financial risks, and accelerate growth with their risk management capabilities.

49. Silverfin


Silverfin is an online financial platform that simplifies accounting. They combine extensive knowledge of international accountancy with advanced technology to guide different financial firms towards a convenient digital transformation. Their technologies automate the internal workflows and the entire reporting process based on the requirements.

50. Homebot


Homebot is a client for life portal that helps consumers build wealth through homeownership. They connect potential real estate agents with customers and deliver a personalized and actionable plan for the entire lifecycle to every client and prospect. With an over 50% monthly engagement rate, Homebot helps lenders and agents be the only trusted ones for real estate or other asset purchases.


The financial industry is constantly attracting the best tech companies to transform financial services for both businesses and consumers of how they save, spend, borrow or invest. The growth of the SaaS fintech industry has been quite surprising. With every financial institution making tech-driven changes, more SaaS fintech companies are expected to rise in the upcoming years, paired with the latest technologies for convenient financial services to consumers and businesses.

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