7 Best Facebook Messenger Marketing Ideas for SaaS

Facebook Messenger marketing ideas for SaaS companies

Aside from being a straightforward messaging tool, business owners and marketers can utilize Facebook Messenger to boost their marketing strategies and grow their businesses. In this article, we provide reasons why SaaS businesses should consider using Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool, as well as some ideas about how to Facebook messenger marketing. Let’s read on.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Originally built as Facebook Chat in 2008 and got rebranded in 2011 as Facebook Messenger, this app is an instant messaging app that allows Facebook users to communicate with each other. Facebook Messenger app allows users to send photos, audio, and files, interact with chatbots and make video and voice calls. In the beginning, Facebook Messenger was limited to its users. Nevertheless, the app now allows users to interact with other Facebook-owned companies such as Instagram and Oculus VR.

Reasons to Use Facebook Messenger as A Marketing Tool for SaaS

In case you are still wondering why you should use Facebook Messenger as a marketing tool, here are some benefits that may convince you to try it out.

Reaches Your Target Audience

Facebook Messenger make it easier for you to reach your target audience, since Facebook has earned a reputation for being a friendly, fun social media platform. The fact that Facebook has 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook Messenger is undoubtedly a fantastic way to win a competition by increasing brand awareness and engaging in conversation with your target audience.

Customer Support

Nobody wants to wait for a long period to have their needs met or their issues resolved. In this case, Facebook Messenger bots take the top spot with their 24/7 availability. Consider a scenario in which none of your support teams are available, and Facebook Messenger already calms down your customers by giving them the basic information they need before passing it onto you for more comprehensive resolution.

Handle Transactions

In the e-Commerce world, chat bots can be a beneficial addition to handling some basic transactions on the company’s behalf. Facebook Messenger makes it easy for you to create customized automatic responses to suit your website.

7 Facebook Messenger Marketing Ideas

Following is the list of Facebook Messenger marketing ideas that will help you in your social media marketing strategy.

1. Comment Guard on Facebook Posts

Comment Guard is a private auto-responder messaging bot that pops up on organic Facebook posts. As a brand, it is practically impossible to respond to all users by yourself. As a result, you can utilize this tool to respond to various organic Facebook posts and close a potential lead. In other words, when someone comments on any of your posts, they will automatically get a private message in their inbox from you. Here is an example of the concept.

As a brand, it’s nearly impossible to respond to all users on your own. However, being responsive is an essential aspect of marketing. You can use Comment Guard to respond to organic Facebook posts and close a potential lead. Comment Guard is a Facebook Messenger marketing tool that adds new contacts to your contact list when they comment on your Facebook posts.

You can see how Comment Guard works in the example above. When you are using Comment Guard, everyone that leaves comments on your Facebook posts will get an automatic private reply in Messenger. Once they engage with this reply, they will be added automatically to your Facebook Messenger contact list. If you want to try out this idea, you can try Mobile Monkey’s Comment Guard tool to get started.

2. Facebook Messenger Chat Blasting

The next idea is Chat Blasting. Chat Blasting allows you to send a message to your entire Facebook Messenger contact list within minutes. You can also use this tool to schedule chat blasts, send bulky messages, segment your audience, and so much more! Chat blasting is useful for automating drop sequences to increase customer engagement, segmenting your audience, and creating special promotions, among other things. Even though no promotional content is allowed, it is still an effective way to engage your audience.

3. Click on Messenger Ad

A Facebook Click to Messenger Ad works very much like a regular Facebook advertisement. The difference is that you can send people to a Facebook Messenger bot sequence rather than a landing page. See how it looks in the example below.

As soon as the person starts Facebook Messenger, they become a lead. Afterward, a chatbot will guide them through the conversion funnel. A chatbot could be programmed to ask users questions and then send them offers based on their responses.

Click to Messenger Ads often work more effective rather than the regular Facebook Ads to get better results from prospects.

4. Chat Widget

The power of a website chat widget is so obvious, but it’s surprising that not so many websites have utilized it. You can use the Facebook Messenger Website Chat Widget to start a conversation with your audience while they are on your website. If they are logged in to Facebook in the same browser, the chatbot messenger will display a “continue as [Facebook Profile Name]” button.

The chat widget is free and is available 24/7 to respond to customers immediately, ensuring excellent customer service!

You can use messenger links on external sites such as your website to initiate conversations with your customers on the messenger app. With the link, a chat window will open and give them the chance to type your message or perform other activities. These messenger marketing tools are efficient in terms of personalizing experiences and increasing conversion rates.

For instance, imagine you pre-order products through Facebook ads, the original link could lead consumers to the specific landing page. However, a messenger link allows users to pre-order products within the messaging app, give the sellers the necessary details about the buyers, and make the whole process faster and easier for everyone.

6. Messenger Drip Campaign

It has been proven that a Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign is more effective than other forms of internet marketing. As opposed to a regular email drip campaign that takes days or weeks to complete, Facebook Messenger Drip Campaign gets done within minutes or hours. You see how potential it is to interact with your customers at a higher rate, don’t you?

7. Pull Email Address

Nowadays, building an email list is a challenge. Even if your content upgrade is appealing, asking for someone’s email address is like asking for their SSN. Thankfully, Facebook Messenger marketing got you covered. It is easy to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot that asks for an individual’s email address. All they need to do is click a button to pre-fill their address and let Facebook handles the work for you.


Successful marketing cannot be standardized because each industry and company has unique characteristics. Our above Facebook Messenger marketing ideas have been proven effective for many SaaS companies. However, you will need to experiment with different ideas to discover what works best for your company.

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