Best Email Autoresponders for SaaS Companies


Did you know that the global email marketing market is projected to increase to $17.9 billion by 2027? Email marketing is one of the top digital marketing strategies, so the need for email responders is growing too as businesses transition to email marketing. With an email autoresponder, you can automate your email marketing campaigns and create more effective campaigns.

A reliable email responder can help you automatically connect with your customers or target audience without spamming them too frequently. On that note, we will walk you through the most effective email autoresponders for SaaS companies that can maximize the ROI from your email marketing campaign with the least manual intervention.

Benefits of Using Email Autoresponders

An email autoresponder comes with plenty of benefits. It can make the ultimate difference in your email marketing campaigns that have held your business from making the highest profits this year. Let’s discuss a few benefits of using email responders to get a better view of this.

Eliminates the Load

Your email marketing efforts start right from persuading your prospects into subscribing to the email newsletters on your website in exchange for lucrative incentives. Next, you have to start sending out regular emails with loaded content as per each stage of the buyer’s journey and maintain a regular follow-up which takes a significant amount of time and effort.

With an email autoresponder, you only need to have a specific way of getting more email signups and then schedule it with the list of emails, then you are good to go! Email autoresponders are highly flexible. Once you compose all the messages beforehand and specify the date and time to the software to send the emails on the subscriber’s list, you need not worry about it anymore. It saves up the extra time and efforts you previously used to spend on the mundane tasks, which can now be reinvested to other core business requirements that need more attention.

Build and Nurture Relationships

While email autoresponders reduce the effort and time required in email marketing, they also increase efficiency over time. The personal touch is deemed essential to every marketing tactic today. Once you schedule the emails beforehand, you can ensure that every customer receives personalized emails from your business regularly without worrying about executing them yourself. This way, you can build and nurture relationships with your prospects effortlessly.

Gain More Sales

Not only does an email autoresponder streamline the complete email marketing strategy for a business, but it also helps in obtaining more clicks on your website and increases the repeat sales reps for higher profits. Use the email autoresponders to remind customers of any expiring sales or promotions, shopping carts they abandoned midway, or upcoming releases on your website. With such reminders sent automatically, you can witness a great rise in click-through and open rates.

Monitor Performance

Many email autoresponders have the feature of monitoring the performance of the email marketing campaigns regularly. This saves you from the extra expense of getting email monitoring software. The email autoresponder monitors and records the statistics about the performance of the email marketing campaigns by identifying the most crucial metrics such as number of emails opened, number of new email subscribers, number of email subscribers that have unsubscribed, and many more.

With such vital data in hand, you can optimize your email marketing campaign to bring maximum efficiency to your email marketing efforts. Using an email autoresponder, you get to explore a wide range of opportunities that can fine-tune and enhance your email marketing efforts in the right direction.

Automate Follow-ups

Email marketing is not just about sending a one-time email to your subscriber and letting that go. Regular follow-ups are essential to convert them into loyal customers. By using an email autoresponder, you can automate the entire follow-up process by simply setting up a specific date and time in the software. This way, the follow-up emails will be sent automatically, and you will never miss a single customer or prospect that subscribed to your list.

Best Email Autoresponders

Now that we have discussed the potential benefits of investing in an email autoresponder for your business, let’s jump to the list of the best email autoresponder for SaS companies that have been proven to bring the best results to businesses automating their email marketing campaigns.

#1 Sendinblue


Sure, email marketing is indeed one of the most crucial digital marketing strategies for a SaaS company that helps score customers, but there are other important ones. If you are looking for an all-rounder email autoresponder that also automates the live chat, A/B testing, Facebook Ads management, and other such marketing strategies, Sendinblue is the best choice.

Their drag and drop builder makes the entire process of automating emails easy and quick. You can gain access to real-time statistics of your email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and signup forms, advanced contact segmentation, lead management, and so much more.

The list of features offered by Sendinblue is limitless, and all of this comes at a very affordable rate. You may begin with the free plan, which includes 300 emails a day, and upgrade the paid ones later. This way, you will gradually get the hang of the software and understand how it works before you invest.

Starting price: $25/month

#2 HubSpot


HubSpot is the #1 CRM software that needs no special introductions. Beyond the CRM features, Hubspot also offers an advanced email marketing tool that consists of an email autoresponder. As the CRM guides the leads through the funnel, the email autoresponder ensures that your emails are sent at the right stage simultaneously. With their free plan, you send about 2,000 emails per month automatically. Some of the additional facilities include integrations to different applications, contact management, real-time email tracking and notifications, list segmentation, drag and drop builders, and so much more.

Thus, the free version comes with a myriad of features for you to get started. It can also be a great choice for startups who are not looking to invest in an email autoresponder just yet. You can upgrade to the paid plan with just a few clicks. It also has advanced targeting features. Hence, personalization can go a level higher with the HubSpot email autoresponder tool.

Even though you can always purchase the email autoresponder plan only for your email marketing needs, it is always recommended to pair it with their CRM software and other marketing automation tools for the maximum benefit.

Starting price: $45/month

#3 Constant Contact


Constant Contact consists of a wide range of automation tools that cover your complete email marketing needs and requirements. From creating an email list to segmenting it into a per drop campaign to setting up custom triggers and automating it. You can get a massive bundle of features with their paid plans.

The robust features of the Constant Contact email autoresponder help to curate a long list of the most highly qualified leads that have high chances of converting. Subsequently, they capture more leads to keep your sales funnel filled throughout the month.

Simply integrate Constant Contact’s signup forms into your website and landing pages. You can even customize it and set custom fields for information from your prospects. Similarly, you can also customize it and set behavioral triggers for your prospects to subscribe to your email newsletter.

Another major benefit of using Constant Contact is their AI-driven website builder. If you are starting from scratch and are completely novice about the procedures, this AI-driven builder can do the heavy lifting for you. It can help curate and customize landing and website pages to drive the maximum leads to your email newsletter subscriptions.

Starting price: $20/month

#4 Moosend


If you want to choose an inexpensive email autoresponder for your startup, Moosend has some amazing affordable plans for you, which are loaded with many useful automation tools. Tested by renowned brands like dominos, TedX and Gucci, Moosend offers a wide range of services beyond a regular email autoresponder.

Their drag and drop builder of Moosend helps to design the best landing pages and email campaigns, whereas the A/B testing facility helps to find the high-performing variants across others. It consists of everything you will need to connect with your audience well and nurture the relationship, such as visual automation editor, website tracking tool, email list segmentation, email list management, GDPR compliant forms, advanced personalization, etc.

In addition to that, their solutions are segmented based on industries such as travel, bloggers, SaaS businesses, eCommerce, etc. Thus, you can be assured of getting personalized automated solutions for your business as per the industry.

Lastly, apart from having a beginner-friendly user interface that is easy to navigate and work with, they also have tutorials as a part of the resources to help users utilize the software to its full potential.

Starting price: $10/month for 1,000 subscribers

#5 Omnisend


The next addition to the list of the best email autoresponders for SaaS companies is Omnisend. According to Omnisend, their automation solutions produce 335% higher conversation rates than traditional email marketing campaigns, which is quite a significant claim. Their services include but are never limited to automatically sending personalized emails and follow-ups to nurture the leads. You can also get their SMS communication facilities by paying for the higher plans.

Their email autoresponder is tailored to help customers in different stages of the buyer journey. They offer a broad range of services such as behavior-based triggers in the landing pages or emails, landing page builders, visitor tracking, order confirmations, visual sales automation builder, advanced list segmentation, cross-sells, upsells, and so much more.

Their one-click integration with other applications ensures that you can work with other applications under a single platform which simply makes the entire process even more convenient. This platform also streamlines workflows with automation which is another major benefit of choosing Omnisend since you need not invest in project management software separately anymore.

Starting price: $20/month for 1,000 subscribers

#6 GetResponse


GetResponse is undeniably one of the most popular email marketing platforms specifically built to serve all your email marketing requirements. With a customer base of 100,000+ businesses, they have a robust list of features in their automation tools.

They offer multiple features as a part of their paid plans, including data analytics, signup forms, email list management, mobile optimization, automated customer journeys, behavior-based triggers, sales funnel management, and more.

With GetResponse, you need not worry about your email marketing campaigns since they typically create everything from scratch and execute it automatically without any manual requirement. They also have services segmented and tailored as per your business objectives, such as lead generation, engaging customers, boosting online sales, etc., to personify the experience. If you just want to try out their services, you can use the free version, which allows email automation up to 500 subscribers only. Later, upgrade whenever you decide to invest in this platform.

Starting price: $12.75/month for 1,000 subscribers

#7 SendPulse


Another very affordable email autoresponder option for SaaS startups is SendPulse. This platform offers different forms of communication such as mail, web push, SMS, chatbot, and Viber to connect with your customers and close more deals. With over 1.3+ million users worldwide, this multi-channel email marketing platform offers many services such as A/B testing, reporting, analytics, advanced list segmentation, visual automation builder, CRM, and more.

You can automate the emails sent to your prospects about their abandoned carts and remind them of the purchase they left midway. Similarly, you can automate email confirmations of the orders placed, retarget emails, etc.

The best part of choosing SendPulse is that you will spend only the communication channel you choose. Suppose your business doesn’t require any other forms of communication channels except email. In that case, you only pay for the email services, and you are sorted. Of course, you can always try out their different communication channels with their Free version and later pay for only the useful ones.

Starting price: $12/month

#8 Convertkit


As a SaaS owner, you may run a blog designed to direct more traffic and lead to your website. Convertkit is another popular email autoresponder that is designed mostly for blog websites. Apart from being an exceptional email autoresponder, Convertkit is proficient in streamlining complex email automation challenges of businesses such as sending out content based on sales funnel, effective behavioral triggers in the emails, and many more.

Their visual automation builder is one of the easiest tools to use to quickly curate the most intricate landing pages and emails with a dash of creativity. Their services include building landing pages, email design, email automation, etc. You can also integrate other applications to maximize the functionality of the platform.

The free plan of Convertkit offers up to 1,000 subscribers, which is great for startups. However, for enterprise owners, paid plans are a far better option.

Starting price: $29/month

#9 VerticalResponse


Last but not least, VerticalResponse has a free plan which includes 10,000 emails per month which are incredible for SaaS startups who are slightly tight on the budget yet want to integrate email automation in their business. Once your business grows, you can scale and upgrade to the paid plans as per your business requirements. 

Just like the other email autoresponders in this list, VerticalResponse is no less since it offers every possible feature you will need for your email marketing campaigns, such as drag and drop email editor, customization popup forms, automated workflows, contact list management, landing page builder, data analytics, A/B testing, advanced reporting, automated follow-ups and more.

The best part about choosing VerticalResponse is that you can send unlimited emails right from the first paid plan itself. Thus, even if you only upgrade to the first paid plan instead of the highest one, you are still sorted with your email marketing campaigns for your life. 

Starting price: $11/month


With technology evolving every day, integrating automation into your marketing strategies can significantly improve the outcomes and help you to quickly reach your business goals. Investing in and incorporating an email autoresponder can be the ultimate game-changer for your business. With no manual efforts other than setting up the systems, it can help your business score leads and increase sales. Make sure to analyze your business requirements and judge the features offered by the platform. Decide on the best email autoresponder for your business and watch your revenue grow automatically.

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