20 Best User Feedback Tools for SaaS Companies

best user feedback tools

Are your customers satisfied with your products? Or perhaps, they had a poor experience that can stop them from engaging with your business anymore? If you intend to get answers to these questions, then you will be in need of the best user feedback tools to measure your customers’ experience. This is where this article appears in the picture.

Best User Feedback Tools

Here, we have analyzed some of the best user feedback tools for software companies into three categories – best net promoter score (NPS) software, best general survey software, and product feedback management tools. Dive into this article to get more enlightening details. Let’s dive in!

Best NPS Software

Ever cared about customer loyalty? Well, this is where NPS Software comes in. These tools reveal your customer’s experience while engaging with your business and inform you about the level of their satisfaction. Here are some of the best NPS tools you can use as a SaaS company.

1. Delighted

best user feedback tools

Delighted is an AI-powered survey tool is efficient for measuring the NPS of your brand. Thanks to its key features (random sampling, question piping, etc), you can get good analytics and understand the level of customer satisfaction. For starters, the premium plan costs $224 per month. Meanwhile, the Premium Plus plan costs $449 per month.

2. AskNicely

best user feedback tools

Ask Nicely is a cloud-based survey platform is effective in the collection of customers’ experiences and feedback. It consists of some of the key features (live reports, automated responses, and more) that analyze data based on NPS. Although it is not a free-trial program, its professional plan costs $199 per month to conduct 5,000 surveys.

3. InMoment

best user feedback tools

InMoment allows brands to understand a customer’s journey by revealing key points about a customer’s experience. Thanks to its key features, it is simple and easy to use. Although its pricing details are not available on its website, we got some info that revealed its pro plan to cost $249/m.

4. Satismeter

best user feedback tools

Satismeter is another survey platform that assesses customers’ experience based on NPS. It consists of key features such as basic integration, survey templates, and detecting unhappy users. Its startup plan costs $49/m while its premium plan costs $299/m.

5. Promoter.io

best user feedback tools

Promoter.io utilizes the NPS framework to assess customer loyalty. It is easy to use, has multi-channel features, and consists of powerful analytics. Its starter plan costs $100/m while the enterprise plan costs $225/m.

6. Client Heartbeat

image 16

Client Heartbeat is another easy-to-use NPS tool that measures customer satisfaction for brands. It consists of various vital features that keep you updated with customer service. Its basic plan costs $29/m.

7. Nicereply

image 17

Nicereply allows you to conduct surveys for marketing emails, track customer response, and measure customer satisfaction. Although its mini-plan costs $39/m, its business plan is $239/m which shows you 2,500 responses.

Best General Surveys Software

8. Survicate

image 18

Survicate is an online survey application software that helps to gain customer insight for business purposes. It has various features including sending surveys across many channels. Its Essential plan costs about $89/m while its “Ultimate” plan costs $419/m.

9. Refiner.io

image 19

Refiner.io is another survey platform that obtains customer feedback and insights. Some of its basic features include data segmentation, automated responses, and more. Although its basic plan is $39/m, its premium plan costs $89/m.

10. UserPilot

image 20

UserPilot enhances a business’s growth by allowing users to understand their customer’s journeys and experiences. It consists of distinguishing features that measure customer satisfaction. Although its starting price is $249/m, its premium plan costs $749/m with unlimited features.

11. SurveyMonkey

image 21

SurveyMonkey remains one of the best survey software tools that monitor users’ experience and obtains customer feedback. It is flexible, analyzes text data, includes basic integrations, and more. While its basic plan costs $25 per user, the premium plan costs $75 per user.

12. Typeform

image 22

Typeform is a flexible survey software with distinguishing features that set it apart from competitors. Its basic plan costs $35/m while the premium plan costs $70/m.

13. Zonka

image 23

Zonka is one of the top leading survey software that maximizes user feedback based on NPS. It supports various features and has a basic plan of $24/m. Meanwhile, its “Enterprise” plan costs about $429/m.

14. Landbot

image 24

Landbot is a chatbot builder that targets and converts potential leads from your site. It consists of multiple features such as the creation of engaging surveys, web integration, and other features.

15. SurveySparrow

image 25

SurveySparrow is another optimal survey tool that monitors customer experience and often converts surveys into conversation. It consists of various features that are flexible and easy to use.

Product Feedback Management Tools

16. Savio

image 26

Savio is a powerful and accessible tool that obtains information from the tools your team may have used in the past. It consists of supporting features that are easy to use and flexible for all. Price ranges from $25/m to $49/m for varying users.

17. Aha!

image 27

Aha is a roadmap and management tool that enable you to showcase your products, organize supporting strategies, and collect engaging feedback from customers. Its basic plan costs $59/m. Meanwhile, its premium “Enterprise” plan costs $149/m.

18. Productboard

image 28

Productbird promotes customer-centric products while crowdsourcing feedback and providing helpful tips for business growth. Its Enterprise plan costs $20/m and its scale plan costs $100/m.

19. Canny

image 29

Canny obtains customers’ feedback through its product voting board. Some of its key features include a road map view that you can share with customers, a feature voting board, and more.

20. Pendo

image 30

Pendo is a customer experience solution software that enhances the onboarding of users, provides support, and obtains feedback from customers. Although its pricing is not enlisted on its website, individuals can get a free quote from the company.


Several SaaS user feedback tools exist. Select the of the best user feedback tools for your brand and get optimal results. We have a variety of other blogs that can help you in your SaaS journey. Read here!

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