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Nowadays all businesses have an online presence, no matter how big or small. It is crucial to have a professional website to ease your customers in finding any details about your products or services. A website can open many doors for your business and allow you to tap into the global market easily. 

Aside from providing your business with a steady selling channel, it’s a great way to attract customers. You can also educate them about your product or service. Luckily for you, creating a website can be quite straightforward even for those who are not too tech-savvy. Gone are the days when only programmers and hackers could create a good website. There are plenty of free website builders that allow you to experiment and play with different ideas. You can start a profitable business from the comfort of your home.

The Best Free Website Builders

The beauty of SaaS products is that a lot of them offer freemium packages for users. Almost all SaaS products have this strategy in place because it attracts a lot of customers. This allows any business owner or person to build a website from scratch in just a few hours and have it published and running on the same day.

Since we live in such a highly digitalized world where everyone has access to the internet, it’s almost impossible to run a business and not have a website. There are quite a few website builders available for people to use. Some of them offer significant benefits for free. They can even compare to paid website builders because they offer SEO, marketing, tips, and other tools to help you monetize your new website. 

Because there are so many choices, we’re going to name the best ones we think they’re worth exploring. All of them have free options and can be used by anyone, even those who have zero coding experience. Of course, these website builders have paid options. It also allows you to insert code bits or hire a professional to help you create a customized website.

#1 Wix — Best For Most

One of the most popular free website builders is Wix. If you have a social media presence you’ve probably seen all their ads and tutorials by now. In just a few years they managed to become one of the most used free website builders in the world. The company now has over 170 million registered users worldwide and they’re growing constantly.


Wix offers hosted websites and an easy-to-use drag and drops website builder that is incredibly easy to use and intuitively by almost anyone. For those who are looking for an easier shortcut they also provide multiple free templates, one can use or customize. The free version includes Google Analytics built-in too, so you can have more insights into your new website and other apps. 

As for the customization part, you can change almost anything. From the font, the colors, the images, or the structure of the template. It is up to you what type of website you’re looking to build, a blog, a shop, an online CV, or a presentation website. The beauty of Wix is that with just a few drag and drop elements you can have an aesthetically pleasing and functional website.

For those who don’t quite know what template to choose from or what type of website works best for them, their AI will ask you a few questions and based on your answers will create a website for you. This shows that you don’t need to have a full set of marketing, design, and programming skills to build a website in 2021.

The free versions offer a wide range of apps that will help you rank your website and monetize it. Of course, if you want access to more apps you’ll need to get a paid subscription, but for those who are just starting, Wix is a really good option.  

#2 Weebly— The Best Free Website Builder for Small Business Owners

Another viral free website builder everyone recommends is Weebly. If you haven’t heard about it we strongly suggest you check it out. Just like Wix, and many others, it’s a drag-and-drop builder suited for small business owners who want to create their first online shop or website. 


The templates are incredibly easy to customize allowing you to have an outstanding e-commerce website. Your new website can be integrated with brick-and-mortar stores and payments, or implement pick-up in-store options for your customers.

Weebly allows you to integrate inventory management for free, SEO tools to help you rank your shop, and landing pages to help you with your lead generation efforts. They give you all the resources you need when you’re starting out and don’t have enough knowledge about all the things you need to be successful. It’s like having a team of experts in one place.

To put it in perspective, Weebly is a really good choice for small business owners who want to do digital and don’t have enough financial resources to hire a well-renowned agency to do it. The best part of using Weebly is that their free option is also ad-free.

#3 WordPress — The Best Free Website Builder for Blogging

By far, one of the most popular and most used website builders in the entire world is the one and only WordPress. You can use it for almost any type of website – even for eCommerce. WordPress is the best for blogging purposes because it has all the features you need for it.


As of 2021, there are over 1.3 billion websites worldwide which over 455 million are built with WordPress. That says a lot about the features and stability it offers. From free themes, multiple plug-ins, plenty of forums, plenty of WordPress experts to help you, and features that will help you reach your goals.

One of the best aspects of WordPress is that everything can be set up easily with quick access to your blog and even reliable hosting options. Not all features are free, but if you just want to create your blog and start writing, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

The new blog you just created can have embedded videos, contact forms, and other pages where you can play with all the features they offer. As you can imagine, WordPress is easy to use, and it also offers visual editing extensions such as Elementor or Divi, making the entire process rather simple once you spend a few hours browsing it.

Of course, if you have some programming skills, WordPress allows you to fully customize and design your website just the way you imagine it. To sum it up, if you want to start blogging or experiment with website builders WordPress is your choice. If you want to step up your game they help you get a domain and hosting.

#4 Strikingly — The Best Free Landing Page Builder

Moving on from website creation to landing pages and we find ourselves using Strikingly. Many platforms promise you beautiful and highly performant landing pages, but there is nothing like this one. 


Unlike others, their USP says that you can create a landing page, and website too, in under an hour without having any programming skills. Whether you have a course, a new product, an event, or a start-up, Strikingly provides all the tools you need to create a landing page that will help you sell more.

With hundreds of free templates and tutorials, creating a landing page has never been so easy. On the other hand, the biggest downside of this landing page builder is that the free version offers limited bandwidth and a “” extension to your page if you don’t get a paid version. 

For a SaaS start-up company or a marketer, Strikingly is a godsent platform, because it allows you to quickly create a landing page for a giveaway or a new launch, without spending too much time and money on learning how to do it. And because you’ll need to see how well your new landing page is converting leads, Strikingly offers analytics too, so you don’t have to install tags, pixels, and 3rd party apps to see how it performs.

And in case you were wondering, Strikingly allows users to create websites too, not only landing pages.

#5 Site123 — The Best Free Website Builder for Beginners

Another great website builder any beginner can try out is Site123. It might not be as popular as Wix or WordPress, but it sure is just as easy to use. If you feel you have never been interested in a website, Site123 is the best way to do it. What makes it so easy? Because in just 3 steps, you have a website. 


It goes a little like this. The first step is when you’re choosing the type of website you want to create. You can choose from a wide range of websites and templates. It’s all done by Site123, at this point all you have to do is click on the type of website you want.

Then you upload the images you want to have there and your content, and you’re pretty much done with everything. After this step, which can take longer if you don’t have the content ready to go, you can directly publish your website. They estimate that if you have all the information and images in a folder, the entire process can take about an hour.

To have a website ready to go in just an hour, which can even be your lunch break, is fantastic. Site123 can be a great website builder for a plumber, a freelancer, or any kind of small business owner who wants to be seen on Google. You don’t have too much creative control, but if you’re a beginner you shouldn’t spend too much time focusing on your website anyway. It’s simple and effective. They also offer paid plans, for those who want more from their websites. 

Methodology for Choosing the Best Free Website Builder

When you’re researching which website builder is best for your needs you can’t always just trust recommendations. We all have different needs, even though we’re in the same industry. It’s hard to say which one is the best website builder because it all depends on your needs and what you want to achieve with that website. The easiest way to pick one out of so many is by analyzing a few aspects, just like a SWOT analysis. Grab a pen and paper, or an Excel spreadsheet and start taking notes on each one. Go on their website and check out the following:


Depending on what kind of website you’re creating, a good website builder will allow you to customize and design your website as you please. Multiple fonts, colors, sizes, placements, videos, menu options, inserts, stock photos, and whatever you might need should be high on the priority list. It’s quite important to be able to change every little thing so that it fits into your mental picture of that website. 

People want to have choices when it comes to design. Having the freedom to add pictures from your computer or a stock photo archive is incredibly important especially when you’re creating a blog or landing page.

Each of the website builders we mention in this article can be used for a specific or general website. Browse carefully on their websites and choose according to your needs.

Learning curve

Another important aspect a lot of people consider is the learning curve of that platform. It might be easy to use because all software is these days, but maybe it takes a few days to get the hang of it. After all, time is money.

Wix is quite easy to use for almost any type of user, the same goes with Site123. If you’ve ever worked with a Word document you’ll understand how these platforms work. They also provide guides, help sections and tutorials, in case you encounter any difficulties. 

They all claim you can create a website in just a few hours. However, not all of them deliver on that promise. For any non-technician person, all of the website builders presented here are guaranteed to help you create a good website that you can customize as you grow.


Those who want to start an online business in the e-commerce industry have the option to sell their products as soon as your shop is published. Some free website builders offer this option. If you’re looking to start an eCommerce business and have zero budget for a professional shop, choose the free website builder that allows you to do that.

Along with the eCommerce option, some website builders can offer marketing tools that can help you monetize your new business from day one. Wix can be a good option for those who want to start an eCommerce store. They offer a lot of tools and options, and for those who opt for the paid versions even more.


One of the most annoying things a lot of SaaS companies do is pump up the ads for those who choose the free versions. This is the price that comes attached to “Free” things on the internet. We’re not blaming it, we’re just letting you know of it.

Some of them are subtle and some are more aggressive with it. In most cases, if you don’t want to have Wix ads or WordPress ads all over your new website you’ll have to get a paid plan. If you’re comfortable with having their ads or logos on your website, this won’t bother you at all, but those who care about branding and aesthetics might want to check the paid plan options.


Another great feature a lot of people look for is the upgrades. All of the free website builders presented in this list offer monthly upgrades to their users. This helps a lot when you find yourself having a business that is taking off faster than you’ve anticipated and you have other needs. For just a few dollars per month, Wix or Site123 offer you upgrades such as domains, and extensive marketing tools. Fortunately for all users, these paid subscriptions can be canceled at any time since you’re not bound to a yearly subscription if you don’t want to. It’s also a great way to try the features that website builders offer, and if you don’t like them just switch back or try something else.


These were some of the best website builders available today. They’re all easy to use and very intuitive. Since there are so many, each with its advantages and disadvantages, you can explore more than one and see how you feel about it. If you’re just starting, or if you’re curious feel free to explore each one of them. After a while, you’ll know what you need from your website builder and you can get a paid plan or switch to something else. That’s the beauty of it.

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