Best Facebook Groups for Lifetime Deals

Social media platforms like Facebook have become popular platforms for individuals and businesses to connect and collaborate. For SaaS founders and lifetime deal users, Facebook groups offer a unique opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and learn from others in the industry. In this blog post, we will explore the Best Facebook Groups for Lifetime Deals. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, these Facebook groups are an essential resource. Let’s go!

Why Joining Facebook Groups is Important for SaaS Owners

Facebook groups can be important for people in the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry for the following reasons:

  1. Facebook groups can be an excellent way for SaaS professionals to network and connect with others in their industry. These groups provide a platform for people to share ideas, ask for advice, and collaborate on projects.
  2. Facebook groups can also be a valuable resource for learning about the latest trends and developments in the SaaS industry. Members can share insights and experiences and offer advice on best practices.
  3. Facebook groups can also be a useful marketing tool for SaaS companies. By participating in relevant groups, companies can raise their profile, generate leads, and build relationships with potential customers.
  4. Many Facebook groups are dedicated to providing support for specific SaaS products. These groups can be a valuable resource for users who need help troubleshooting problems, learning how to use new features, or getting the most out of their software.

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17 Best SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

The following groups offer valuable resources, tools, and insights that can help individuals grow their businesses, connect with others in the industry, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the SaaS world. Let’s dive in!

1. Startup and SaaS Growth by RocketHub

SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: It’s a community of growth hackers, agency owners, startup marketers, top developers & designers, and data-driven SaaS founders of leading companies around the world.

They’ve built multiple successful SaaS companies and Agencies and have seen the ups and downs. Therefore, the mission at is to be 100% founder focused to help them successfully launch their product or service.

Who Owns It: Charlie Patel, CEO of RocketHub

2. Ken Moo SaaS Lifetime Deals

SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: Ken Moo’s LTD community is the most active discussion forum for LTDs on the internet. On average, they have over 1,000 posts and 40,000 comments every month! This makes it the best place for you to research your LTDs and explore use cases.

Members discuss and share insights on LTDs from platforms like Rockethub, Appsumo, and more. They also run weekly raffles to give away free LTDs. It’s overall a great place for SaaS people!

Who Owns It: Ken Moo

3. Alston Digital Marketing, SEO, WordPress, SaaS Lifetime Deals & Giveaway

SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: It stands out from the rest because of its focus on practical digital marketing & SaaS education through videos, and its commitment to providing the best information about SaaS lifetime deals, software giveaways, and more. This community is comprised of business owners, professionals, and digital marketing learners who are there to help each other and share their knowledge on various digital marketing topics. Their goal is to provide step-by-step digital marketing guidance to help grow businesses and increase sales using affordable solutions and free resources.

Who Owns It: Alston Antony

4. LTDee

SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: The group initially set out to use data science to identify the best lifetime deals available. Over time, however, the group’s focus shifted to a wider range of topics. Members began talking about no-code development, software as a service (SaaS), tech, and science related to business, and eventually, artificial intelligence. LTDee became a safe and drama-free hub for members to share and collaborate on all these topics. With its ever-growing knowledge base, the group has become a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and others interested in these topics.

Who Owns It: Felipe Chaves

5. Use your LTD’s Broz and Sisz

SaaS and LTD Groups on Facebook

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This group is owned by a 7-figure business owner, who knows the in and out of the LTD world. According to the owner of this group, the admins who run it believe in LTDs like a religion, hence they love to give every sort of advice to SaaS entrepreneurs.

Who Owns It: Henry Hoe

6. SaaS Launchpad

image 15

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This group isn’t a typical affiliate group as they only promote what they truly believe in. According to them, there is no amount of money you could pay them to promote a bad product. Some of the LTD campaigns they have run have been the biggest campaigns in the LTD space. They value honesty over sales.

Who Owns It: Kartik Sharma

7. SaasWarrior

image 16

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: SaasWarrior is one of those Facebook groups where you can be the first to know about new and beta tools. They are also known as the freebies’ paradise.

Who Owns It: Ankit Sharma

8. Software Deals (LTD)’s & Automation for Business Growth – PANI

image 17

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This group is dedicated to providing valuable insights and information to help people improve their SaaS skills and stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out in the industry, this group is the perfect place to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from one another. They encourage open discussions, constructive feedback, and the sharing of knowledge and experiences to help each other grow and succeed.

Who Owns It: Viswanatha Reddy

9. Sumo Deals

image 18

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: The following factors help this group stand out:

  1. Get the best advice from leaders in the industry with Sumo Deals / Non-Tech Techie’s weekly live streams.
  2. Get valuable feedback on your business concepts from fellow members and founders in their community.
  3. Make the most out of your software investment. The weekly live streams aim to help users to make the most out of their app purchase because they believe that when the users are happy, the more they are likely to refer other the app to others, helping the software’s MRR.
  4. Enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable no-drama atmosphere with Sumo Deals… The banter between the admins and some of the members is hilarious!
  5. Get your software in front of users, live, and get valuable feedback – Improve your software’s features and benefits, and clarify any doubts, via post discussions and live streams.

Who Owns It: Fernando Ortiz, Elma Pena, and Aristotle Malichetty

10. SaaS Master Lifetime Deals and WordPress Talk

image 19

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This Facebook group is focused on lifetime deals, updates, and news related to SaaS, PHP scripts, and WordPress. Members of the group can share and discuss different tools and resources related to these topics, and the group aims to create a community where members can connect and collaborate with others in the same industry.

Who Owns It: Jorge Aguilar Avendaño

11. Software Shed

image 20

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: The owner of this group says that what makes the Software Shed different is that they are an open community that is run by its members and that allows other SaaS groups to share in. The Shed is sort of a hub where other groups crossover in. They do not just discuss LTDS but all SaaS tools, tech, and of course AI. One of the goals of the Shed is to keep discussing tools that are no longer on LTD so it may help that tool’s MRR.

Who Owns It: There is no true owner of the Software Shed. The owner says that even though they started the group but it’s run by the Shed members. The core members (admins and mods) are Ruhani Rabin, Ram K, Ankit Sjb Rana, Pamela Li, Lyle Weber, Naz Haque, Alston Antony, Andrian, Samantha Vira, Venkatesh Balasubramanian, Rithvik Podduturi, Wilson Ip, Konstantin Cholev, Josh Van Veen Shah, Tina Stewart, and Tamar Weinberg.

12. Pabbly Connect LifeTime Deal, SaaS Products by Pabbly

image 21

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This group brings together like-minded individuals who are interested in business automation and maximizing efficiency in their workflows. They discuss various strategies and tools that can help streamline your business processes and save time. They also have lively discussions around Lifetime deals and other cost-effective solutions to help grow your business.

Who Owns It: Neeraj Agrawal, Co-Founder, Pabbly

13. Bring Again Buy & Sell LifeTime Deal at Cost or Below Cost

image 22

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: The group is all about buying & Sell lifetime deals at cost. They also do live events with founders to help users understand the tool better and giveaways. Their main goal is to help the community/users with unbiased video reviews for SaaS tools.

Who Owns It: Sam Jesani

14. Download Silo

image 23

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: Download Silo Facebook group is created to provide and share useful resources and information on the latest lifetime deals (LTD), lifetime discounted deals (LTDD), yearly deals, special offers, flash sales, FREEBIES & other goodies on marketing tech tools or digital marketing tools. It differentiates itself from many others as one of the very few FB groups which regularly hosts live events every week to showcase new Saas launches to the lifetime deal community.

Every week, there will be FREE software giveaways for members to participate. This is one of the much sought-after activities in the LTD community.
Who Owns It?

Who owns it: The owner of the Download Silo FB group is Albert Tan. He has organized and hosted more than one hundred Facebook Live sessions (webinars) with various Saas and software founders.

15. Lifetime Deals on Growth Hacking Tools by

image 24

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: This group was established to help people to find Lifetime Deals, Lifetime Subscriptions, WordPress deals, or Exclusive Discounts on Software and SaaS. Nevertheless, this group became a great place to get recommendations, get to know new tools, and share knowledge! LTD Hunt is the world’s biggest Lifetime Deals Aggregator!

Who Owns It: Dan Lourenco and Tayshiro Kudo

16. Buy Or Skip: SaaS Lifetime Deals (LTDs), Software Reviews & Giveaways

image 25

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: If you’re tired of researching and making decisions about the best software tools for your business, Buyorskip has got you covered! Their SaaS reviews provide quick product walkthroughs, key insights about the company, criteria-based evaluation, pros & cons, and FAQs, along with exclusive coupons and offers. They collaborate closely with SaaS founders to further build products that fit customer needs and market demand – all through their competitor research, feature requests, and suggestions.

Who Owns It: Chaitanya Badave

17. MarTech Wise

image 26

Join the Facebook Group here

How is it different: Whether you’re a Digital Marketer, Agency Owner, Entrepreneur, or SaaS Founder, this is the place to be. This group is an open community for discussions on Marketing Technology (MarTech) software, tools, resources, and deals. Our members frequently discuss all the latest and greatest deals.
This group was crafted together by Donald Chan, founder of who is a marketing technology reviews website and consultancy, and run by volunteer admins and mods.

Who Owns it: There are multiple founders namely: Donald Chan, Amber Cockwill, Joshua Lim & Atley Joseph


The above-listed groups provide a platform for networking, sharing knowledge, and building communities around shared interests. From SaaS industry news and trends to marketing strategies and customer support, the best Facebook groups for SaaS founders and LTD users offer a wealth of information and support for their members. So whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, these groups can help you navigate the challenges of the SaaS industry and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for technology and innovation.

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