Best Cheap Web Hosting for New Startups


If you are launching an online business anytime soon, you ought to invest in professional web hosting for your website. Web hosting is simply a service offered by different hosting companies wherein they host your website files to make them accessible on the internet. 

Your website is a collection of multiple files and media elements such as photos, etc. The web hosting company offers you a space on the webserver to store all the files and access them whenever required. Your web hosting server provides you with many additional components such as server maintenance support, email accounts, and many tools without the need for any technical skills on your end. Once you have purchased web hosting, uploaded your website’s files and folders to the server, and then choose a domain for your hosting account, your website will be up and running for your customers! 

However, choosing a good web hosting server can be a daunting task, especially when you have so many options available with a single click. Thus, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best cheap web hosting options for new startups that offer excellent services at affordable rates! Let’s 

The Benefits of Web Hosting

Professional web hosting services offer multiple benefits to the user and are an absolute necessity for running an online business. Here’s a breakthrough of a few of the fundamental benefits offered with web hosting services.

Improved website performance

Your website performance can be the ultimate game-changer for your customers. Often customers tend to abandon websites if they are dissatisfied with the website’s performance. Yoru website without a good web hosting server has high chances of lags and glitches that can affect the user experience of your customers. A professional web hosting provider helps improve your website; ‘s performance by providing your website with high load speed irrespective of the website’s contents. 

Pro tip: Make your website more seamless and quick! Apart from choosing a good web hosting server, try minimalistic web design that can help boost the page speed significantly.

Technical support

Like we said, often, websites tend to have glitches or laggy. In such cases, you need instant assistance from tech support; otherwise, you may lose out on your potential customers. Also, disrupting the experience of your site visitors can make them abandon your website forever, again resulting in the loss of potential customers.


Even though professional web hosting services reduce such instances on our website, they also offer real-time and prompt tech support in case of such unprecedented situations. They will analyze all the technical issues and optimize your website accordingly to reduce any such forthcoming instances on your website.

Effective data management

Without web hosting, your content management, layout, frequency of ad posting, and so much more will be limited on your website. A professional web hosting provider gives more freedom to you in terms of adding as many web pages as you want without any restrictions!

Unlimited bandwidth

The best cheap web hosting solutions for new startups offer you unlimited space and bandwidth to accommodate as many visitors as you want within your website. You just need to choose a suitable plan as per your business goals, and your website can easily handle the right amount of traffic without any lags or glitches. 

Higher ranking on SERPs

Investing in a professional web hosting solution also gives you a better edge over your competitors in the SERPs. Websites with a good web hosting providers tend to rank higher due to the improved on-site SEO of their website provided by the web hosting server. Hence, apart from your regular SEO practices, choosing good web hosting can also be a great addition to your SEO strategy.

Enhanced security

As a business owner, your website security should be one of your top concerns. Your website consists of many sensitive data and information such as customer data and brand data. 


Having a secure website will help in building a stronger brand image and develop trust among the customers. Web hosting providers ensure to keep cyberattacks at bay. This is done by maintaining and measuring the website via security audits, virus scanning, necessary OS updates, spam filtering, and so much more. The result is a more secure and reliable website for your customers.

High uptime

Uptime refers to the frequency of your website’s ability to stay online. Often there are days when certain websites go down on maintenance, lags, or even bug fixes. Even though maintenance downtimes are essential, frequent downtimes can prevent the overall user experience of the customers. 

None of your customers would like to face crashed website every time they are scrolling through. Web hosting providers offer immensely high uptimes that can help your website stay online for longer periods without disrupting your customer’s experience. To sum up, the chances of downtimes would be reduced with a web hosting provider.  

The 7 Best Cheap Web Hosting Options to Consider

If you think web hosting plans can go heavy on your pockets, especially since you have a startup, you may need to think twice today. Here is the list of the 7 best cheap web hosting options that offer incredible services at competitive rates. They are worth the investment, for sure. We have considered multiple aspects and features that each web hosting provider offers while curating this list for you. So, hold tight, and let’s check them out.

#1 – Hostinger — Best Cheap Web Hosting for Most

Hostinger is one of the top-rated web hosting providers currently that offers highly cheap plans to their customers. Not only do they offer affordable web hosting plans, but they also run multiple discounts and frequent offers, which can be a steal deal considering the performance.


A hosting plan will cost you less than a Starbucks latte every month! Yes. You heard it right. Their hosting plans start at a minimum of $1.39/month. However, it comes to $2.99 when you renew after the first year(For Single Shared Hosting). Additionally, you get a free domain with the Premium Shared Hosting and Business Shared Hosting plan. The Single Shared Hosting plan does not offer any free domain. You may need to buy one separately if you choose this plan. 

The ideal choice as a startup is to purchase the Premium Shared Hosting plan since it offers you free email, Google Ads Credit, SSL certificate, 24*7 customer support, domain name, and so much more. 

Check out the pricing and the offered services below:


The checkout and onboarding process at Hostinger is very beginner-friendly and easy. You can find step-by-step instructions guiding you throughout the entire journey. You just need to select your plan, review your choices, finalize the payment at the checkout, and you can find your website ready in just a few minutes!

Once you receive the confirmation that your account has been created, you need to click on Start Now, and you can find yourself in a myriad of options for themes. Choose the one you like since you can always change them later. You can also view your plugins, add or remove additional domain names, manage your email and do much more with the Hostinger dashboard. In short, there is no way that you can feel left out or clueless during the entire process since the Hostinger has your back.

Now coming to the website speed, nobody likes slow and choppy websites! Hostinger offers a great website speed with a website response time typically under a few seconds. Hence, you can rest assured that your visitors can experience a good high-speed experience on your website with Hostinger.

Hostinger offers 24*7 customer service as claimed. You can avail of their customer support services through live chat, emails, etc., and you can find an expert ready to answer your queries.

Apparently, Hostinger may not have the ideal website uptime since the total downtime of Hostinger is about 2 hours which is comparatively higher than the others mentioned in the list. However, needless to say, this doesn’t really overshadow the other perks of using Hostinger. 

Hosting offers you incredible website speed and other decent features over a mere few dollars every month, which is surely a great deal considering you have a startup and have a limited budget.

#2 – DreamHost — The Cheapest Month-to-Month Web Hosting

Dreamhost offers monthly, no-contract plans that are also pretty cheap, like the noes on Hosteinger. Dreamhost is the ideal choice for businesses just trying out different web hosting servers and looking for suitable ones since it does not bring the risk of long-term investments.

If you do not want to commit to Dreamhost for a year or more, no worries!


Dreamhost offers amazing discounts with no hidden fees and long-term contracts for the services. They offer monthly, yearly, and 3 year plans on their website. The plans start at a mere $4.95 for one month and $7.99 for the domain name, resulting from $12.94 for the first month. Next, it goes to $4.95 for the next two months. Again, the renewal rate increases to $7.99/month from the fourth month, which is quite a larger hike compared to the other options available here.

The monthly plan has no risks of long-term contracts, while the second option is to pay for a complete year which costs a total of $35.40. It includes a domain name and other extensive features such as WordPress pre-installed, WordPress migrations, SSL certificates, customer support, drag and drop WordPress website builder, and so much more. Here’s the pricing breakdown for Dreamhost every month.


Even though the navigation is seamless, yet the onboarding process is slightly tricky with Dreamhost. They often end up adding services automatically, which you do not need without even letting you know, and if you overlook it, you will end up paying for it during the checkout. Some of the extra services they include during the process are DreamShielf Protection for $3/month, DreamHost email for $1.97/month, and many more.

Overall, the checkout process is smooth, and you can expect multiple email confirmations for the creation of your Dreamhost account.

You can drive unlimited traffic from different sources to your website right from the starting plan, another incredible advantage of choosing Dreamhost. They also offer a very good website speed at this rate. However, their customer support may not be ideal. If you observe contacting their support team, you may witness a delay and slow service, which is surely nothing to be very worried about since you already get many great benefits at such amazing rates.

They also offer a 100% uptime which is definitely one of the best and topmost in this lest right from the monthly pricing plans. Hence, in conclusion, Dreamhost goes way beyond your expectations at such amazing rates. If you are looking to explore with a few web hosting providers, Dreamhost could be your best shot.

#3 – HostGator — The Best for Launching a New Site that Pays You to Promote It

Hostgator is another excellent web hosting provider that offers promotions for the newcomers building websites on their platform. Every newcomer receives credits for Google Ads of $150 and Microsoft Advertising Credits of $100. Basically, here you are getting paid to advertise your website to the audience.


You get three plans with Hostgator: The Hatching Plan, Baby Plan, and Business Plan. These plans start at a rate of $2.08/month. This includes a free domain name, domain transfers, unmetered bandwidth, and so much more. The renewal rate consists of $8.95/month from the second year. However, you are at a profit with Hostgator since they offer you credits initially for advertising. 

Check out the plans below:


The interface at Hostgator is beginner-friendly and smooth. The onboarding and checkout process is smooth too. However, you can always expect some additional services added to your cart during the checkout, which you should look out for. You also get clear-cut tutorials about setting up WordPress and other features. 

Hostgator also offers additional data safety, automatic backups, SEO tools, and so much more to make the most out of your website. 

Hostgator also provides one of the fastest website speeds on the list. Hence, you need not worry about any lags or slow website response times. They also have prompt customer support. You can connect with their team by calling or using their live chat. They also have tons of resources just to help their customers. 

Hostgator offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is another very advantageous aspect you should be looking for. In short, HostGator has pretty much everything you can ask for from a web hosting provider. However, only if their renewal rates can get slightly expensive for some.

#4 – GreenGeeks — The Fastest Cheap Web Hosting

There have been many claims that GreenGeeks offers exceptional website speed. They can load your web pages in just half a second or even less. Their pricing plans may not be the cheapest here but are surely worth the investment. Even though their plans start from $2.96/month, the ideal choice is to choose the Premium plan, which starts at $4.95/month even if you are a startup. You get a free domain name, unlimited email accounts, automatic backups, free SSL certificate, free content delivery network(CDN), and many more with their plans. 


However, the renewal rates can be quite expensive since you will be charged $10.95/month after the first year. Check out the prices here.


The interface is slightly outdated yet works fine. You will not end up completely clueless while checking out on this platform. You get the GreenGeeks setup wizard that helps in the overall process. However, they can always amp up their website a bit for a better user experience. 

They have decent customer support, which is available from 9 am to 12 am EST. They typically respond to emails within a span of just 20 minutes. You can also avail of their live chat or phone call option for assistance if required. They do not talk much about their website uptime, but we are assuming that it is decent, considering the popularity of GreenGeeks. As per our opinions, it is a good investment if website speed is the main aspect you are looking forward to from your web hosting provider. Nonetheless, as we said, if you are willing to scale soon, it is always advisable to invest in the Premium plan and not on the first one.

#5 – SiteGround — The Best for Users Who Need Extra Support

Siteground is popular for sticking to its claims. They offer one on one support for their customers via live chats and phone calls. You may be wondering that all of the other options have the same, so how is this so special? They have real humans answering your queries in over 10 languages which undoubtedly gives them a better advantage over the other options.


Their pricing plans start from #3.99/month, which is one of the highest plans here. It comes down to an average of $47.88. It doesn’t include a domain name. Hence, you need to purchase separately at $17.95/year. All of this can total up to $77.83 during the first year. The renewal rates are even higher. After the first year, you will be charged $14.99/month, which is definitely higher than the other web hosting providers mentioned here. 

Needless to say, you also get many benefits from each plan which is listed down below:


The onboarding and checkout process was simple and straightforward. They give you the option of either starting a new website or migrating your older one. After which, you will be guided with instructions throughout the complete process, making it a very streamlined journey for the users. They offer unlimited traffic and good website speed. 

We have already discussed their impeccable customer support, which is available for their customers 24*7. Siteground may be slightly expensive, but it definitely offers you great value.

#6 – Bluehost — Best Cheap Web Hosting for WordPress

No web hosting provider list can be complete without Bluehost. It is the all-time favorite choice of businesses and individual consumers out there. If you are building a WordPress website, Bluehost should be your ideal choice. The integration and installation are seamless. Their plans start at $2.95/month, but it is most suitable for bloggers. Since we are talking about startups, you can choose the Online Store plan worth $12.95/month, definitely not the cheapest here.


During renewal, you need to pay $9.99/month after the first 12 months. These plans include a free domain name, CDN, domain privacy protection, and many more. Here are the pricing plans:


The onboarding and checkout process at Bluehost is also easy to follow. You may observe some upsells, but apart from that, you can find clear instructions guiding you throughout the entire process.

Bluehost offers a decent website speed and server uptime. They also offer 24*7 customer support for their users. You can immediately find yourself connected to their support team in no time. Considering all the factors, Bluehost is one of the reliable and well-built web hosts that can provide you with many features which can be fruitful to your startup. Of course, not to forget that the plans are expensive. 

#7 – A2 Hosting — The Best for Sites that Focus on Europe and Asia


Ending our list with A2 Hosting, another very fast and high-performing web hosting provider worldwide, especially in Europe and Asia. their pricing plans start from $6.99/month, which is the highest on our list. They do not offer free domains, which you can buy from A2 hosting at $14.95/year. The domain protection costs about $9.95/year, and the list keeps on building. Check out the pricing plans below.


Their renewal prices are $8.99/month from the second year of hosting. You get free emails, SSL certificates with the plans, though. 

Next, the onboarding and checkout process at A2 hosting may not be the best since you can witness continuous upsells with no accurate guidelines. However, they offer great website speed, customer support, and uptime which covers their high prices.  

Honestly, this web hosting provider is a better choice if you are thinking of long-term growth with your eCommerce website. They might have expensive plans, but they provide a good deal of services too!

How to Choose The Best Cheap Web Hosting

Now that we have discussed so many best web hosting providers for startups at affordable rates, you might still be confused about the right choice. Here are a few aspects you can consider while making a choice:

  • Pricing plans: Look for pricing plans that are sustainable and suit your budget. Remember, you have other expenses while building a startup too.
  • Renewal costs: Renewal costs go higher every year. You need to choose a platform that again offers you a sustainable renewal plan. 
  • Contract terms: All the web hosting providers can seem irresistible considering their pricing plans. However, it is always advisable to review their contract terms to prevent any hassles in the future.
  • Domain limits: Different platforms offer you different domain limits. All of it depends on the number of websites you want to build for your startup. 
  • Additional tools: Many platforms offer you additional tools as a part of their plans. Look out for the ones that can benefit your startup and choose accordingly.
  • Server uptime: It is always preferable to choose the platforms which offer the highest server uptime. You won’t really want to lose out on any chances of converting a potential customer.
  • SSL certificates: Ensure that the web host provider you are investing in offers you either a SSL certificate. It can be free or the paid one. Without an SSL certificate, you may witness troubles during your endeavor. 
  • Hidden charges: It is always recommended to cross-check before proceeding to the final checkout.
  • Customer service: During downtimes, customer support is your ultimate savior. Look out for options that offer 24*7 prompt service for quicker resolutions.


Choosing a suitable web hosting provider is one of the toughest and the most determining decisions for your startup. For starters, you can list out your requirements and then choose the one as per your business needs. You may witness a lot of trial and error before you find your ideal choice. The key here is to look out for the crucial aspects and ensure that it meets the value of the investment you are about to make. It may take slightly longer than usual, but the choice you make today for your startup can make an enormous impact on your business in the long run.

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