13 Best AI Copywriting Tools

Best AI copywriting tools

Every copywriter knows that copywriting is more analytical than creative, it’s why we obsess over every single word and punctuation mark. And getting all the words to work together is crucial in influencing the reader’s decision to bounce or buy. Since much of copywriting is about finding the word combinations with the highest conversion rates, it makes sense to rely on robots that actually know which words perform best. Instead of telling you what to expect from an AI writer, we’ll show you the 13 best AI copywriting tools that you can use right now.

What is an AI Copywriting Tool?

AI copywriting is performed by a computer algorithm that analyzes information and produces a copy. When you use it for writing content, you’ll never have to stare at a blank screen again. The AI algorithms are advanced enough to generate content in response to user input and the computer’s historical knowledge. Most artificial intelligence programs have “read” significant amounts of the content on the internet.

Most of the software on this list uses OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model to power their content production. However, there are still a variety of differences between them created by the goals of each business owner and the creative ideas implemented by their dev team.

Pros and Cons of AI Copywriting

Let’s start with the pros. One of the great things about copywriting is that you can work for a company directly, or you can freelance. While a corporate position can offer a lot more stability in your career, freelancing provides more flexibility. You can work from home, which means your potential net of customers is much larger because you don’t have to commit yourself to a single business. You can also adjust your hours accordingly if you don’t want to work full time, only want to work once a month, or suddenly decide to take a year-long sabbatical, you can do those things.

Particularly as a freelance copywriter, you have to be able to make yourself work. This isn’t always easy, especially if you work from home. If you don’t have the dedication to keep yourself on task, (freelance) copywriting may not be a good choice for you.

Now, let’s move on to the cons, Particularly as a freelance copywriter, you have to be able to make yourself work. This isn’t always easy, especially if you work from home. If you don’t have the dedication to keep yourself on task, (freelance) copywriting may not be a good choice for you. On the other hand, copywriting is not for people with a tendency to become stressed. You may be working with heads of departments or companies who are obnoxiously egotistical bosses.

When you have a project deadline coming up, you may have to put in a lot of long hours. Not everyone is comfortable selling themselves, but if you want to find jobs, you have to. For naturally reserved individuals, this can be the hardest part. But what’s perhaps the hardest part for everyone, is that if the work just isn’t there, you’re going to have a lot of trouble making money.

13 Best Al Copywriting Tools

Now that we’ve discussed what copywriting tools are and how they can benefit you, let’s go through the rundown we’ve created of the best AI copywriting tools available!

1. Jasper

best ai copywriting tool

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) is like human copywriters; it is easy to use and user-friendly. It offers a variety of features that help in generating engaging content that is high in quality. Jarvis can be used to create blog posts, emails, banner ads, content for blog posts, and sales pages. It is a platform that uses advanced and cutting-edge technology to create quality content at high speed while maintaining a human touch.

2. Writesonic

Screenshot 2022 04 06 224449

Writesonic is another one of the best AI copywriting tools that can help generate copies within seconds. It incorporates AI that has a human touch. This copywriting software can save you time, energy, and money. Writersonic takes a short period to create copies. After logging in to this site, select your topic. Then choose from the given ten subject ideas for your copy. Simply select the most outstanding. With a title, intro, and customized outline, you can instruct the AI to generate a copy within seconds.

3. Copysmith

Screenshot 2022 04 01 121425

Next on the list of the best AI copywriting tools is Copysmith. It is a content-generating and marketing AI tool that assists in engagement. AI powers it with a trained high processing copy to grow at a high and unprecedented speed. This tool is used by entrepreneurs, content writers, and many others to write content for their websites. It’s powered by GPT-3, which is among the most powerful artificial intelligence models.

4. Copy.Al

Screenshot 2022 04 01 121523

Copy.AI is next on the list of best AI copywriting tools. It uses GPT-3 by OpenAI to create copies. Although, it offers many options once a user creates an account. It focuses on digital ad copy, sales copy, e-commerce product descriptions, social media posts, blog content, and website copies. Using the content generated, you can increase your conversion and, ultimately, your revenue. Once you choose the copy you want to write, you then describe your product, and the tool will create the entire article for you.

5. Rytr

Screenshot 2022 04 01 121711

Rytr is a new tool in the world of AI copywriting tools. This tool is also specialized in creating sales copy while simultaneously increasing engagement through catchy content. Rytr assists in various types of content, blog posts, creating sales copy, email subject lines, Google ads, and Facebook ads. The tool is easy to use with a user-friendly interface and several other features making copywriting easy and intriguing.

6. Smart Copy by Unbounce

Screenshot 2022 04 01 121953

Smart Copy by Unbounce (Formerly Snazzy AI) is the next best AI copywriting tool on our list. It is a new tool powered by GPT-3. It is used to create content for ads, landing pages, product descriptions, etc. The content seems like human-written content. Websites and businesses can use it to generate ideas quickly by providing your business’s name, keywords, target audience, and description of your product or service.

7. Scalenut

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122110

Scalenut is a bit different inclusion on our list. It is a market workplace where businesses can get desired content writing services at reasonable rates. Scalenut helps to connect businesses with talented professional writers who deliver top-notch quality service. One of its standout products is GenerateAI, which makes content creation a cakewalk. You just select what type of content you want, enter your business name, a brief description, and it will generate multiple content copies for you using the power of artificial intelligence.

8. Headlime

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122348

Headlime is another tool on the list of best AI copywriting tools in 2021. AI powers this tool, and it makes marketing content readable and intriguing. It also makes headlines and Facebook ads interesting, which makes them engaging for people. The AI tool is powered by PowerAI (GPT-3).

9. Article Forge

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122517

Next on the list of best AI copywriting tools is Article Forge. Article Forge is an AI-powered writer. It automates high-quality content with a human touch. All articles are created by the deep learning AI and are 100% unique, ensuring that they are not copied or plagiarized. This platform takes your input while creating unique content within 60 seconds. Isn’t that cool? The content generated is highly readable and intriguing for the readers.

10. Frase

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122635

Frase is primarily an SEO platform, but it recently introduced its brand of AI writing assistant. Even though this tool is not as diverse as others, it specializes in SEO content writing. The average content marketer’s primary obstacle with AI content generation is its lack of personal touch of including all the right keywords. Frase is looking to make that obstacle a thing of the past. With a copywriting assistant that can emulate multiple writing styles, you can generate content ideas or churn out paragraphs of keyword-rich writing.

11. Automatic Script

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122725

Automatic Script is next on our list of best AI copywriting tools that automate the process of creating your sales letter with creative ideas. Automatic Script, like the name suggests, automates the writing process, giving you action-driving sales copy that would have otherwise cost you a lot of money and time in trial-and-error. By helping businesses create impressive sales letters, this software helps them make more sales on their digital and physical products.

12. Kafkai

Screenshot 2022 04 01 122838

Kafkai is a machine-learning algorithm created to generate content for marketers and bloggers. This tool is specially designed for online writers and high-volume websites that have unique content every day. Content can be generated in 7 different languages.

13. Shortly Al

Screenshot 2022 04 01 123022

Last but not least on the list of best AI copywriting tools is Shortly AI. It works as a professional copywriter and is a great content generator. This tool is designed to provide a service to train an AI writer for any project like blogs, novels, and short stories. With the assistance of this AI copywriter tool, bloggers don’t have to worry about deadlines and topic ideas, giving readers unique content every day.


From the list of best AI copywriting tools, you’ll find all the tools mentioned are quite outstanding. And they are still on the verge of providing new features for their users. So, investing in any of them will save you time and money. However, the content created by these tools isn’t 100% perfect. There’ll be a need from your end to modify and edit some minor errors from the text or retouch them.

If you liked this article then we’re sure our blog about the 21 Call to Action Examples for SaaS Startups will help you too. Stay tuned for more informative content. Until next time!

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