The Top 50 Artificial Intelligence SaaS Companies


Due to the rapid growth and evolution of technology, there is a digital solution to pretty much every issue right now. According to Statista, the SaaS industry started with a $31.5 billion value in 2015 and is projected to increase to $171.9 billion by 2022. SaaS has been voted as the most effective technology that businesses can use to achieve their goals out of 10 different technologies. Among other things, this includes meeting customer demands, verticalization, and extending functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the all-in-one solution that binds everything together which is why it’s a major marketable asset in the SaaS industry. Let’s explore the top artificial intelligence SaaS companies and learn how the SaaS industry is leveraging artificial intelligence.


artificial-intelligence-saas-companies-C3 is one of the leading enterprise AI software providers that is focused on accelerating digital transformation. They have a comprehensive set of technologies focused on deploying and operating large-scale AI, IoT applications, or predictive analysis for enterprises from every industry.

The suite and applications are proven and tested by the petabyte-scale, designed to solve traditional workplace challenges. Their technologies work seamlessly with an organization’s existing infrastructure and tools while optimizing it simultaneously in a private, hybrid cloud, or multi-cloud environment. 

2. One Concern


One Concern is a SaaS company that offers damage estimates using AI on natural phenomena sciences. Their focused area is machine learning, stochastic modeling, SaaS, and damage modeling.

They deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to the global disaster scientists to bring productive outcomes in different aspects of an emergency management lifecycle, such as preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. 

3. Shift Technology


Being one of the leading cybersecurity platforms, Shift Technology offers IT solutions to solve different business issues. They combine artificial intelligence with the latest mathematical algorithms to curate the most accurate models for businesses.

They also leverage their expertise in data science to automatically identify a potential network of fraudsters or cyber threats in every industry, especially eCommerce and insurance companies. The solutions are then implemented in a SaaS model, which is readily accessible through their cloud platform.

4. Sift Science


Sift Science utilizes real-time machine learning to detect and prevent any fraudulent activities within businesses designed to make customers or users trust the businesses. Sift Science fights fraud or cyber threats with machine learning via statistical patterns and continuously implements new data streams.

With the simple APIs that take a few minutes to integrate into the systems, every business can leverage their large-scale machine learning product to protect their business from cyber theft or fraud.

5. CrowdStrike


CrowdStrike is a cloud-based SaaS enterprise that leverages AI on end-to-end security. Their Falcon platform allows users to identify any potential malicious activities before the breach even occurs. This helps companies take the necessary actions accordingly to prevent data breaches and keep their data safe.

Crowdstrike offers network administrators AI that helps find the threats in real-time to avoid any potential harm to the companies. 

6. Domino Data Lab


Domino Data Lab offers comprehensive SaaS solutions to tech and data professionals. They also test different AI models and other components and gather them for the AI community. They also research different SaaS solutions and create the ideal deployment procedure for companies with the help of artificial intelligence and data science. 


xor-saas-solutions is a SaaS platform that offers solutions in human resource and talent acquisition workflow automation. With cutting-edge technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning, hiring automation, and chatbots, they make the process of recruitment streamlined.

Their SaaS solutions make the most challenging and time-consuming processes in recruitments straightforward and quick.

8. Optalitix


Optalitix develops different data-driven products for maximizing the efficiency of businesses. One of the latest SaaS products they built was Acumen which takes any AI model, especially those built with Python, R, or even Excel, and makes them readily accessible by the API.

9. Domo


Domo offers different SaaS solutions to businesses to accurately monitor business data. Their technology is paired with artificial intelligence that helps retain advanced analytics and a deep understanding of the core data of a business effectively.

Such SaaS solutions are great for marketing businesses wherein the business is mainly dependent on data and analytics. It also allows integration to other applications that can help automate workflows and data scraping for the businesses.

10. TravelPerk


TravelPerk is a travel management organization that uses artificial intelligence to help different travel agencies scale their businesses. Pairing AI with travel technology, they uncover and map various data points and hotel information across many countries for generating user-friendly recommendations.

11. Cvent


Cvent is an event and hospitality management industry that uses AI and other similar technologies to help its customers in various aspects. For example, their chatbots and different similar architectures are paired with AI to make the business more customer-centric and make the right business decisions.

12. Apptio


Being a SaaS business, Apptio helps other SaaS businesses with their licensing, planning, and investments through AI-driven insights. The Apptio SaaS model is loaded with analytics derived with the help of AI, which helps in deploying and making the maximum use out of the financial systems of other companies.

To sum up, they use AI to help other businesses make sound investment decisions for their businesses.

13. AlphaSense


AlphaSense offers market management solutions backed with AI that can help businesses tap into thousands of premium business data sources under a single platform. Combining with AI, they offer different data and analytics about every service present in their database.

Starting from the indexed to the searchable ones, every data is easily accessible from the AlphaSense database. They help in giving insights about risk exposure which is exceptionally beneficial for risk management in companies. It also helps streamline the research workflow of organizations with modeling and annotation, which is again combined with AI to make it more efficient. 

14. Salesforce


Salesforce is one of the leading software companies worldwide, has paired with a handful of AI companies to sharpen their AI service, Salesforce Einstein.

This initiative helps in building applications easily. It includes an extensive team of expert data scientists with machine learning to help other company’s employees perform more efficiently at a rapid speed. 

15. Automation Anywhere


Automation Anywhere is one of the most dominant companies in the robotic process automation market. They use AI for their RPA services which are primarily designed to automate the repetitive and mundane tasks of employees while improving their efficiency. They also employ the power of machine learning in their services, which also helps in data monitoring services for companies.

16. Sensat


Sensat applies AI modeling for understanding the parameters of the physical environment and providing relevant reports and feedback. For example, you can use Sensat technologies to find the spatial and volume statistics about a particular roadway that will soon undergo construction. You can also input the infrastructure project of your organization and track it remotely under one single platform.

It offers a wide range of products with the help of AI that helps different types of businesses automate their workspace and other elements of the organization.

17. Phrasee


Phrasee uses AI for caring marketing copies for businesses in natural language. This system helps generate millions of variants of marketing copies that sound just like humans with the help of AI. After the implementation of AI, Phrasee witnessed significant growth, especially in the retail and marketing industries.

18. DefinedCrowd


DefinedCrowd includes human freelancers, AI, and machine learning to derive data that can help in improving the algorithms of different companies. This combination of AI with humans made a great kickstart to their venture since many startups are readily investing in DefinedCrowd for their human-AI solutions for businesses. They also allow building, selling, or making commissions from their AI tools.

19. Rapid7


Rapid7 offers tools that are curated with AI for offering behavioral analytics services to businesses. It provides different AI solutions in security, IT, and DevOps to companies for strengthening their networks with AI and machine learning. They focus on cloud security, vulnerability risk management, threat detection, threat intelligence, and many more to combat the most significant security challenges of other companies.

20. ADP


ADP offers HR and talent management services which are again backed up by AI and machine learning abilities. This platform helps in tracking and monitoring employees and understanding their potential to direct in the right way. It also helps in automating the payrolls of the employees. Based on the parameters received during the hiring process, these companies can recruit intelligent and job-specific candidates for their organization. 

21. Splunk


Splunk is a cloud-based service that offers log management facilities with the help of AI and automation. They use AI to monitor and track data and analytics across different departments in an IT infrastructure. Their cybersecurity and DevOps solutions streamline the security and workflow by minimizing the downtimes in businesses. 

22. Palantir


Palantir is a software company that helps businesses integrate different types of applications for visualization, data analytics, cyber protection, and many more. Palantir curates various software applications such as Gotham, Foundry, Apollo, etc., backed up with extensive machine learning and AI that helps businesses operate smoothly.

23. LogMeIn


LogMeIn is a software company that helps businesses work remotely without any restrictions. They create software applications with AI that help businesses communicate, collaborate, and work from any geographic location. Apart from that, they have a very stringent security backup that prevents data thefts.

24. UiPath


UiPath is another RPA that visually allows users to design their own automation process in a business. Here businesses can take charge of their workflows and automate the processes using visual editors, diagrams, etc. The UiPath robot assists the user throughout the process, whereas the UiPath Orchestrator helps deploy and schedule the automated workflows effectively in an organization. All of it runs with the help of AI since it helps in making the entire process of creating workflows beginner-friendly.

25. Uniphore


Uniphore is a SasS company that offers software applications built with conversational AI technology. This software assists businesses in conversational analytics, conversational security, conversational assistant, and many more. They combine computer vision, voice AI and tonal emotion to bring life to every AI conversation. Companies mostly use such software for enhancing their customer service facilities.



Prevision is an AI management platform that helps build and deliver software that allows business users, data scientists, developers, and others to maximize their business ROI. They also help in deploying the AI models effectively in a business to streamline the workflow. Lastly, after building and deploying the software, they also have real-time monitoring services to ensure that the software works correctly every time. 

27. DataRobot


DataRobot is an enterprise AI platform that utilizes AI to improve the productivity of data engineers and scientists through automation. They use data engineering, machine learning decision intelligence, and AI to automate different software and applications. Their automated tools help businesses deploy different applications to optimize the workflows and give businesses a better edge in every industry.

28. Cresta


Cresta utilizes AI to help other organizations with overcoming their sales and marketing challenges. It delivers the best sales solutions designed to build customer relationships and significantly reduce churn rates. During customer interaction, Cresta assists with the conversations to bring the desired outcomes for the organizations. 

29. Drift


Drift is another SaaS platform that utilizes conversational AI to deliver personalized customer experiences, resulting in maximum ROI to a business. They use AI to answer potential buyer questions for the businesses, which help them through the different stages of the sales funnel and also automate the different modes of communication of a business such as an email, chat, video, etc. They also build specific tools that help in automating marketing campaigns of businesses.

30. CallHippo


CallHippo is an on-demand Voice over Internet Protocol(VoIP) platform that offers different services, including virtual phone systems, call tracking, speech analytics, etc. CallHippo is one of the top choices for startups and businesses for their support requirements. All of their services are built with AI for maximizing sales and smoother business workflows.

31. Saama


Saama Technologies is the #1 clinical analytics platform that uses AI to build big data analytics, business intelligence, and data management services. Their data-driven applications are mostly used in the health industry for research and development, mainly drug designing. 

32. InMoment


InMoment is an all-rounder SaaS platform that offers Voice of the Customer(VoC) technologies and services. Their products facilitate phone or web-activated automated feedback systems, which help in harnessing both customer and employee interactions. InMoment is one of the leading choices across different industries: food, salon, healthcare, financial services, insurance, call centers, etc.

33. Sisense


Sisense is an incredible business intelligence software that offers AI-driven solutions for building custom data analytics and information across different industries. They leverage AI to find the most complex data from both cloud and on-premises platforms and customize it as per the requirements. Later, these data analytics are infused into workplaces with their automation facilities in different organizations.

34. Wix


Wix is a very commonly chosen platform for eCommerce businesses and other industries since it uses AI to create a personalized website for users. Their AI service Wix ADI helps create a complete website with countless features and facilities that are suitable for businesses to operate and work with. They also help make websites mobile-friendly and add other elements to the website to improve the SEO and enhance the ROI of businesses with their website.

35. Pluralsight


Pluralsight is an e-learning platform that uses AI for delivering learning and training employees to serve customers better. With the AI-powered technology of Pluralsight, you can build training programs, especially technologies and languages, focused on harnessing the employees’ different industry-based skills at an affordable rate. They can also automate workflows to make organizations function smoothly.

36. Paycom


Paycom uses a blend of technologies such as AI, ITops, Cybersecurity, blockchain, and so much more to deploy better workflows and optimize the talent management industries. It is also termed as an HR and payroll software that helps in different business requirements such as talent acquisition, talent management, time and labor management, HR management, and many more.

37. Loopme


Loopme is an AI-driven advertising platform that helps digital businesses make the most out of their advertising and marketing efforts. They use AI for analytics and attribution to optimize the media delivery and maximize the sales and ROI metrics for the businesses. Their AI-driven services include everything starting from identifying target customers to finalizing the deals in businesses.

38. Twilio


Twilio recently introduced the Twilio Autopilot, which helps bridge the gap between bots and humans through conversational AI. It helps in curating personalized conversations with customers to transform customer experiences. Their cross-channel communication helps handle customers across different platforms under a single cloud hub which makes customer interactions easy.

39. Hubspot

39 Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the very popular CRM platforms for inbound marketing and sales. They have an incredible resource hub and multiple services which are backed up by advanced AI. It helps businesses reach their marketing goals and provides them with the best data and analytics to improve their content optimization and score better sales. 

40. Github


Github, the ultimate hub for developers and coders, offers multiple services, including version controls, project collaboration, and everything related to SaaS model deliveries. They use AI to help companies maintain their software and other repositories. Their largest software package registry is filled with tons of resources for developers to refer to create their own software easily.

41. Adobe

41 adobe

One of the oldest and indeed the most successful SaaS companies, Adobe actively leverages AI, machine learning, deep learning, and other technologies for personalizing and segmenting content and other elements. They offer multiple services such as cloud-based storage, graphic designing, UI/UX designing, illustrations, and many more using advanced technologies. 

42. Slack


Slack is one of the top-rated SaaS companies that streamline business communications globally. With the help of AI, SaaS simplifies different communications channels and helps every member stay in the loop irrespective of the geographic location. It improves the productivity and efficiency of employees by combating the communication challenges and keeping everything in sync.

43. Ghost


Ghost is a nonprofit open-source publishing platform strengthened by AI and other advanced technologies that help in content management throughout the platform. It is one of the leading companies chosen by mostly bloggers and publications for its simplistic resource hub. They help businesses grow by publishing and sharing content that can boost their sales. Ghost also provides services for automating email newsletters to the customers of the businesses.

44. LastPass

44 lastpass

Lastpass is another very popular cybersecurity platform that protects businesses from cyber attacks. Starting from dark web monitoring to securing online transactions at every website. Their AI-driven enterprise management services help businesses implement risk adaptive authentication and similar other features to keep every data safe and secure. 

45. LogicMonitor


LogicMonitor is a fully automated cloud-based IT infrastructure that monitors enterprise data and services. Their full-stack visibility into the networks, clouds, servers, and other elements from a single dashboard makes tracking and monitoring simplistic. It is focused on securing any third-party security protocols that may be implemented to scale businesses. 

46. Clarifai


Clarifai is an image recognition platform that allows users to organize, create, filter or search their media. It involves vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to learn different types of objects as displayed in a piece of media. It helps to find the broken or incomplete pieces of information in the form of images, videos, etc., to form complete and presentable data for businesses.



NVIDIA, originally a PC gaming market, is one of the leading graphics processing corporations that power different types of AI-enabled devices and software. They use a combination of different advanced technologies along with GPU to even curate robots, self-driven vehicles, and many more. 

48. Osaro


Osaro is one of the leading industrial automation platforms that utilize AI to help companies access the best robotic devices in their industrial production requirements. Their software includes an integrated perception and different control capabilities that help complete the industry’s everyday work and tasks. It is regularly updating the facilities of the robots to make data-driven decisions for businesses.

49. Neurala 


Neurala is a deep learning neural network software that offers visual quality inspection services. It builds different everyday devices such as cameras, smartphones, drones, etc., smarter and more technologically advanced. Their AI-driven solutions are already used in millions of devices and trusted by the most reputed organizations such as NASA, Huawei, Motorola, DARPA, etc. Their software is also designed to reduce any quality errors, production downtimes, etc., in different industries.

50. Vidado


Vidado offers Artificial intelligence-based services to pull data from any virtual channel, including handwritten documents or other paper files and folders. Their software is designed to smoothen the transition from paper to digital workflow with maximum speed and accuracy. Companies like New York Life, FDA, Metlife, and others actively use this cloud-based platform for their business requirements.


Artificial intelligence is one of the leading emerging technologies out of all is finally being implemented in different industries, including SaaS. These 50 SaaS companies made it big in 2021 with the implementation of AI to bring the best outcomes to their customers. In the upcoming years, AI will inevitably be a prerequisite in every basic day-to-day need of businesses. With automation, every complex process can be simplified with an improvement in the efficiency of workflow. 

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