CRM, marketing automation & customer service software suite
HubSpot’s comprehensive suite simplifies the management of your customer’s entire lifecycle. From their initial website visit and form submissions to phone calls, email exchanges, quote sign-offs, support requests, and strategic upselling, HubSpot covers it all.

General information about Hubspot

HubSpot’s SaaS software is the ideal solution for savvy business owners like you. As a CRM platform, it offers a host of benefits that can truly transform the way you run your business.

First and foremost, HubSpot allows you to optimize your entire sales process, from creating quotes to managing customer interactions, and even diving into advanced analytics. This is a game-changer for growing startups, as it provides you with the tools to drive success.

By adopting HubSpot, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service teams. This means that you can centralize your business needs, streamline your operations, and break down the silos that often hinder productivity.

What sets HubSpot apart is its versatility. It serves as the central hub for various departments, offering a wide array of features. With HubSpot, you can effortlessly generate leads, schedule appointments, track trouble tickets, optimize your SEO efforts, and even automate essential processes. This diverse set of features empowers you to take control of your business and drive it towards growth.

HubSpot is also adaptable and easily integrates with your existing workflow, thanks to its extensive range of over 200 software integrations through HubSpot Connect. This adaptability ensures that you can unify your business processes and achieve all your goals without disruptions.

If you’re still uncertain, consider this: HubSpot is trusted by businesses in more than 120 countries. It boasts an impressive client roster, including major companies like Reddit, Trello, DoorDash, Subaru, SurveyMonkey, and VMware, with over 177,000 satisfied customers. When you choose HubSpot, you’re in good company, and you can trust that it’s a proven solution for your business’s success.

Hubspot Features

  • Robust Reporting and Analytics: Gain insights with dozens of ready-to-use dashboards and customizable reports. Regain control over your data.
  • Effective Lead Scoring and Segmentation: Identify and prioritize valuable leads using HubSpot’s lead scoring. Segment contacts for targeted marketing campaigns based on lead behavior and engagement.
  • Streamlined Automation and Workflows: Automate repetitive tasks, including social media posts, marketing emails, nurturing, and sales processes to boost productivity.
  • Effortless Content Management: Build high-converting Landing Pages and websites with ease using HubSpot’s drag-and-drop editor.
  • Seamless Integrations: HubSpot natively integrates with hundreds of apps. You can also create custom integrations using the powerful HubSpot API.
  • Intuitive Sales Pipeline Management: Visualize, track, and manage your sales opportunities and deals effortlessly. Set stages and milestones and move deals through the pipeline.
  • Sales Email Tracking and Templates: Send trackable, personalized emails from HubSpot’s CRM. Receive real-time notifications when prospects engage with your emails. Streamline outreach with email templates.
  • Predictive Lead Scoring: Utilize machine learning for predictive lead scoring. Focus on high-potential leads based on historical data and behavioral patterns, improving conversion rates.
Premium Perk

90% off the 1st year (then 50% off the 2nd year and 25% off lifetime)

$7000 savings

Available For:

Eligibility Requirements:

  • You must be a startup company.  If you are a services company or agency, you can benefit from our other 30% off offer for entrepreneurs.
  • A startup with under $2 million in funding – You are eligible for up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% ongoing
  • A startup that has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A – You are eligible for up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% ongoing.
  • You are a new HubSpot customer with no existing account
  • HubSpot for Startups pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise level products. Starter level products are excluded, unless bundled with qualifying Professional or Enterprise purchases or upgrades. Customers may not apply the startup program pricing to existing subscriptions of any level.