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Managing work within a team can be difficult especially when it comes to tasks that require group input or consensus. SlackBuddy offers a suite of Slack apps to streamline these processes and boost team productivity.

Slack Buddy consists of 2 apps. Poll Buddy simplifies the creation of polls to gather team input and Approval Buddy helps manage approval requests for a more efficient workflow.

Key Features

Create Engaging Polls

Create polls with Slackbuddy to get quick team input. Choose from templates, enable anonymous voting, and hide results to avoid bias.

Vote Anonymously

Let your team members vote on polls anonymously, keeping outcomes private.

Easy Approvals

Get approvals directly in Slack for documents, designs, etc. Discuss or delay approvals if needed.

Approval Notifications

Always stay in the loop with Approval Buddy for Slack, get notified of everything related to your requests and approvals.

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SlackBuddy is a suite of integrated applications designed to streamline your team’s workflow and increase productivity.

As more and more teams collaborate virtually, SlackBuddy aims to bridge the gap between communication and task management by offering a collection of easy-to-use apps directly accessible through Slack.

Poll Buddy:

  • Create Engaging Polls: With Poll Buddy, you can create polls directly within Slack to gather team input and gauge consensus on decisions.
  • Diverse Templates: Over 10 pre-designed templates are available to get you started quickly on creating polls for various purposes.
  • Anonymous Voting: Increase participation and gather honest feedback by enabling anonymous voting for your polls.
  • Controlled Visibility: You can choose to hide poll results until the voting period is closed to prevent influencing voters and ensure unbiased results.

Approval Buddy:

  • Effortless Approvals: Manage approval workflows seamlessly within Slack. Submit approval requests for documents, designs, or any other online content that requires sign-off from team members or managers.
  • Streamlined Workflow: SlackBuddy facilitates a streamlined approval process by allowing you to track the status of requests, set deadlines, and receive notifications for pending approvals.
  • Enhanced Communication: SlackBuddy fosters better communication within the team by enabling discussions and clarifications to be directly attached to approval requests.

Why Choose SlackBuddy?

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There are many benefits of using SlackBuddy such as:

  • Increased Productivity: By streamlining tasks like polling and approval workflows, SlackBuddy can save valuable team time and effort, allowing them to focus on core job functions.
  • Improved Collaboration: SlackBuddy fosters better collaboration within teams by providing centralized tools for gathering input and managing approvals
  • Enhanced Communication: SlackBuddy integrates seamlessly with Slack communication, allowing for discussions and clarifications to happen within the context of polls and approvals.
  • Simplified Workflows: SlackBuddy simplifies complex tasks like decision-making and approval processes by offering user-friendly apps readily available within the Slack platform.

Who Needs SlackBuddy?

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Slackbuddy can be a valuable tool for any team that utilizes Slack for communication and collaboration. This can include:

  • Remote teams: With geographically dispersed teams, SlackBuddy can provide a centralized platform to gather input and manage approvals, fostering a more cohesive work environment.
  • Project management teams: By streamlining tasks like polling for team decisions and managing approval workflows, SlackBuddy can save valuable time and improve project efficiency.
  • Marketing teams: Slackbuddy can be useful for gathering quick feedback on marketing ideas through polls and managing approvals for design assets or campaign materials.

Use Cases of SlackBuddy

There are several use cases for SlackBuddy…

  • Gather team input and make decisions quickly: Use Poll Buddy to create polls to get team consensus on decisions. With features like anonymous voting and the ability to hide results until the poll is closed, you can ensure you get unbiased feedback from your team.
  • Manage approval workflows efficiently: SlackBuddy’s Approval Buddy helps streamline approval processes by allowing you to submit requests, track their status, set deadlines, and receive notifications directly within Slack. This can save time and improve communication between team members and managers.

Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to SlackBuddy
  • All future LTD Plan updates that map to your plan
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • 30-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason.  No exceptions thereafter

Features Included in All Plans (Poll Buddy & Approval Buddy)

  • Create and post polls in Slack channels
  • Set Reminders
  • Schedule Poll Results
  • Approve/Deny in a click
  • Vote Anonymously
  • Add multiple approvers
  • Set Reminders
  • Notify Approvers Automatically
  • Approve and Deny in 1 click

License Tier 1

Startup Plan
$ 19
One-Time Purchase
  • All Features Above Included
  • 100 Polls/month
  • 50 Approval Requests/month

License Tier 2

Business Plan
$ 29
One-Time Purchase
  • All features above included
  • Unlimited Polls/month
  • Unlimited Approval Requests/month

Frequently Asked Questions

The 2 addons need to be installed separately as they are different stand-alone apps.

You can click Add to Slack button from the following:

You just need to click on ‘Add to Slack’ and they will be added in the respective workspace of your choice. No signup required.

After purchasing you will get a unique redemption code within your Order Confirmation email. It will also contain Redemption Instructions. Simply follow the instructions to redeem your purchase.

We offer a hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee. You can submit a refund request from your My Account dashboard once logged in – OR – you can email – with details and we’ll process the refund as soon as possible. Refund requests AFTER the 30-day period will not be provided.

Yes. To the extent that new features do not have a per-use cost or API usage or substantial hardware or bandwidth cost to our company, they will be included in the respective plans. Our lifetime deal plans map to our standard plans on the website. Like any business, we may update pricing, limits, and/or names of our public plans in the future but will always honor the plans and limits as shown here for lifetime deal license holders.

At the time this deal was launched, RocketHub does not support changing or upgrading your plan after purchase.  LTD’s purchased via RocketHub also currently doesn’t support combining or stacking purchase codes.  We recommend purchasing the tier that your business can grow into.

Founder Details

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Sushant Shekhar


Quick Links

Letter From the Founder

Namaste Rocketeers👋,

In today’s fast-paced business world, efficient communication and decision-making are crucial. Teams need seamless ways to manage approvals and gather opinions quickly.

We found other tools cumbersome and poorly integrated with Slack. That’s why we built SlackBuddy, a suite of powerful Slack Bots for effortless Approvals and Polls!

With SlackBuddy, you get:

  • Easy Approvals: Create and approve requests directly in Slack.
  • Instant Polls: Gather team opinions quickly.
  • Custom Notifications: Never miss important updates.
  • Detailed Poll Options: Including anonymous polls.
  • Integrated Workflows: Maintain productivity.
  • Automated Reminders: Keep everyone on track.
  • Analytics and Insights: Make informed decisions.

We’re on a mission to enhance team productivity and collaboration with SlackBuddy. 🚀🌟

– Sushant Shekhar, Founder, SlackBuddy

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