The Space Shuttle Movie! Fuel Our Youth

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  • Ended 08/22/12

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  • Michael D'Angelo
  • Rafe Needleman
  • Nicola Sarzi-Amade
  • Morten A. Salvesen
  • Fund $10 and more

    Digital Download in HD (2D) of the completed film - awesome to watch on your laptop or mobile device!

    10 Funders

  • Fund $20 and more

    DVD (2D) of the feature-length film (for shipping outside of the continental US please add US$9)

    7 Funders

  • Fund $35 and more

    Same as $20 plus you get the MISSION PATCH for the movie!

    6 Funders

  • Fund $50 and more

    BLU-RAY HD Disc in 3D/2D of the feature-length film signed by the director, and a MISSION PATCH! (for shipping outside of the continental US please add US$9)

    8 Funders

  • Fund $100 and more

    We supply up to ten (10) copies of the DVD, along with instructions/guidelines/tools for educators, to your school! Versions of the educator information will be provided appropriate to grade school, middle school and high school levels, and a limited-edition "T-Minus" poster by RODNEY LOUGH JR. for the classroom! (for shipping outside of the continental US please add US$40)

    4 Funders

  • Fund $200 and more

    You get a Blu-ray copy signed to you personally by the director, a Rodney Lough Jr. poster, and Thanks in the actual credits of the movie! PLUS you get a very-limited-availability plush SHUTTLE BEAR (these are the last of the Shuttle Bears which were made to commemorate the closing of the Space Shuttle program by NASA employees)! (for shipping outside of the continental US please add US$40)

    7 Funders

  • Fund $500 and more

    You get all of the $200 level items plus an invite to a special large-screen viewing (the film is for home & school showing, so these screenings will be rare). These will be held in various cities during early 2013 and you will be thanked as part of the event, both live and in the program!

  • Fund $750 and more

    LUNCH WITH AN ASTRONAUT! You & your Guest will be invited to lunch with an actual astronaut - this is your chance to spend time with a true hero and have that once-in-a-lifetime discussion (logistics/details to be provided for Fuelers selecting this Award)

  • Fund $1,000 and more

    COME TO A SPACE LAUNCH. You get all of the $500 level items and... Associate Producer Credit in the film! Plus you will be invited to accompany the Director to an upcoming private space launch!

  • Fund $5,000 and more

    For this level, a limited number of Fuelers will receive Executive Producer credit in the film, and a full-school showing of the film for up to 500 students. Copies via digital download or DVD will be given to all of the students and faculty members. You will be invited to attend a space launch and meet some of the amazing people involved - come be a part of Space History!