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  • Fund $7 and more

    Why 7 you ask? Because 7 is my favorite number! Fuel us at this level and you'll get a PDF version of the ENTIRE book! Super-cool! You will also get a hand-written, signed THANK YOU from either Kevin, Oliver or Phillip. You pick.

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  • Fund $11 and more

    There was this girl I had a crush on in high school. Her favorite number was 11. So it sort of became my other favorite number, too. ;) At $11, you will get a FREE digital version of the story in your knowonder! app as soon as it's published. But that's not all, we are also going to send a personalized & autographed Croco Thank You card! Choose to have that card come from either Oliver or Kevin. And you get the whole PDF version from #1.

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  • Fund $20 and more

    You are my Superhero! You will get digital copies in the new knowonder! app of the first 5 books we publish! (And the other stuff from above. But you already knew that, right?)

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  • Fund $50 and more

    FUEL us at $50 and you will receive your very own, first-print-run, limited edition, hard cover copy of the WHOLE book (shipped anywhere in the U.S. Add $10 for anywhere outside the U.S.) And all of the above!

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  • Fund $77 and more

    AHA! Good Karma is cooking today! Lucky numbers are always winners! (7x11, get it?!) Because we are now going to give you free digital access thru our new app to the first 10 books knowonder! ever publishes in addition to all the above-mentioned coolness. This is literally worth $50 just in and of itself, people!

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  • Fund $100 and more

    100 fuel cells is a BIG DEAL. You know it, and so do we! So in addition to all the above-mentioned coolness, you will also get an autographed poster of any scene from in the book. You choose which picture, and Oliver and Kevin will BOTH sign this one. A true collector's piece. And you will get the first 20 books we make in the knowonder! app for FREE. Rock on!

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  • Fund $250 and more

    You are the epitome of Master Yoda's wisdom, "Do or do not. There is no try." And by golly, you have gone and done it! So we are going to do it right back to you by giving you FREE digital access to the first 50 books knowonder! ever publishes. And we'll tell you what the 3rd "secret" delivery method is that we are patenting! After you sign an NDA, of course. :D

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  • Fund $500 and more

    WOWSERS! You are the MAN/WOMAN! You know we love you, right?! :D 500 smackers gets you everything previously mentioned, PLUS, you get to to have your child and one of his/her toys custom drawn into one of the Croco scenes and turned into a poster which Kevin and Oliver will both autograph. And you get to have you and your child spend 2 hours with Oliver for a personal art lesson or Kevin for a writing session! (travel exp not incl. We suggest skype).

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  • Fund $1,000 and more

    We are most sincerely, gratefully and honestly humbled. At this point, you have exceeded any expectation we could have hoped for and you are truly doing this because you believe wholeheartedly in the project. To show our gratitude, we hereby grant you forever free access to ALL digital content knowonder! EVER publishes. As well as everything mentioned above, of course. And you will be forever remembered on our "Founders" page on our website.

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  • Fund $5,000 and more

    Do we dare even go there? At first we said "no" because we don’t want to seem like we are asking for this much from just one donor. But we know how passionate people are about literacy and we have already had donations in the thousands of dollars in the past. So, if you feel it is appropriate, then we are your most humble servants. We will do whatever we reasonably can for you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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