Sex and the Salamander Down on the Farm

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  • Fund $10 and more

    A monthly email report detailing the progress of the project, a personalized shout-out on twitter, the blog, and any presentations based on this data, in addition to my sincere gratefulness!

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  • Fund $25 and more

    An opportunity to provide a name for one of our captive salamanders and a photo of your adopted salamander with the unique DNA pattern of that animal in addition to the rewards above

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    A custom t-shirt with a collage of salamanders and "Sci-funder" printed on the back in addtion to the rewards above

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    A copy of our field notes with hand written explanations of our data, photos of our field collections, and a personalized desk calendar featuring the diversity of Midwest U.S. salamanders in addition to the rewards above

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    A personalized, narrated DVD of the project's findings in addition to the rewards above

  • Fund $500 and more

    Hard-bound copies of all manuscripts with text from the authors explaining the results and significance of the paper, acknowledgements in all manuscripts produced by this project, and all of the above rewards. Also, for those with means to visit Columbus, Ohio, you will receive a personalized tour of our laboratory facilities at OSU.

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