Genopolitics: Your Genes Affect How You Vote!

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    Get a digital copy of the resulting research papers and dissertation, a plain language summary of each, and a shout out on my blog. Also get a link to a test of your own unconscious political attitudes; I’ll email you the results. You might be surprised!

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    Above, plus a SciFund pathtag (a limited-edition coin made only for contributors to select SciFund projects; see middle picture). Also receive a custom, hand-signed thank you postcard in the mail; the image on the postcard will visualize your unconscious attitude data and have the SciFund seal!

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    Above, plus a personal thank you in my dissertation along with a signed print copy in the mail. Also get exclusive regular updates on my progress while it's being written!

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    Above, plus now think of your favorite pass time. Have you ever wondered whether genes affect some aspect of your hobby? I’ll cut through the jargon and write a plain-language report on my blog about how genes affect whatever you’re interested in. I'll also give a 30 minute talk by Skype on the topic to you and your friends, class, or whoever!

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    Above, plus do you know a kid with a budding interest in science? Maybe you're just a kid at heart? What better way to get your scientific juices flowing than by squeezing a hand-knitted double helix (see picture)! The design is adapted with permission from a pattern that is no longer in production by Limited supply; get it while you can!

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    Above, plus think about a cause you really believe in. What idea, group, or issue do you care strongly about? We can find out if genes play a role in that belief or attitude! I’ll work with you to create a set of measures about whatever attitude or belief you’re interested in and include it as part of my study. You will be acknowledged as a key supporter in the published paper on that topic!