Fatboy Perfect Putty

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  • Mel McNamara
  • Noel Kennedy
  • Andy Glenn
  • Chris Mac
  • Fund $20 and more

    A SUPER DOOPER "LIMITED EDITION" NUMBERED TUB of Fatboy perfect putty, as well as a personalized hand drawn piece of Fatboy bar napkin art (please add $5 for shipping if you are in the US/NZ /AUS or $10 for everywhere else) *******

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  • Fund $50 and more

    YOUR NAME ON A TUB!  a name of your choice incorporated into the design and printed on the label (such as " MR BOB DOBALINA'S"  Fatboy) as well as an unique and personally hand written Haiku poem on the bottom of the tub ******

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  • Fund $100 and more

    A YEARS SUPPLY OF FATBOY... wow!! as well as an invitation to join the Fatboy crew for a celebratory pub crawl of our favorite dive bars in NYC or Auckland New Zealand (we feel like 6 tubs is more than enough to get you through the year, but if have a need to load up your locks with more fatboy goodness we will hook you up some more!) ******

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  • Fund $250 and more

    TYSON WILL CUT YOUR HAIR!  Ready yourself for a real treat and be assured that he has some mad ass skills with the shears yo!! (yes it is me Tyson writing this) as well as the years supply of fatboy and the invite to the pub crawl...BOOM! ******

  • Fund $500 and more

    A WEEKEND AT HOTEL KENNEDY  you and a friend get a weekend staying at one of NYC's most sought after hot spots... the one and only Hotel Kennedy (Tyson's Place) you can choose from the sofa or the air mattress. You will also will get a tour of my favorite Dumpling joints in chinatown, I guarantee you have never experienced so much satisfaction for under 3 bucks! ! Also the invite to the legendary pub crawl, a year’s supply of Fatboy and a haircut from Tyson! ******

  • Fund $1,000 and more

    A LIFE TIME SUPPLY OF FATBOY PERFECT PUTTY..  Holy smokes you will never again run out of the fatboy goodness! and we will send you the Fatboy life timer card to prove it!. You will also get the haircut with Tyson and an invite to the pub crawl ******

  • Fund $5,000 and more

    I will make you one of my delicious grilled cheese sandwiches.