Mesothelioma Survivor Paul Kraus Shares His Secrets For Overcoming Your Business Obstacles

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He took the initiative and completely changed his diet and mindset in his journey of surviving this deadly disease.



The Simplest Way To Start Selling Products From Home

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5 Goals Every Startup Should Reach in 2018

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How To Set-Up Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns

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Complimentary Should Mean Free


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The Secret Weapon That Can Solve Your Toughest Sales Challenges



BlockDev Conference 2018

event April 19th, 2018
place Hyatt Centric Fisherman's Wharf 555 North Point St San Franicsco, California 94133 United States

The Social Shake-Up Show 2018

event May 7th, 2018
place Marriott Marquis Atlanta

Facebook Developer Conference 2018

event May 1st, 2018
place McEnery Convention Center

The Definitive Digital Marketing Gathering 2018

event May 1st, 2018
place Utah Cultural Celebration Center


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RocketHub meets Kelvin Avon, Platinum Record Selling Music Producer

"I hated working for someone else. I hated having a boss. That’s why I started my own business."

RocketHub meets Cara McIlroy-Grogan, Entrepreneur & Model

"I'm not sure if anyone really inspired me to become an entrepreneur. I guess, I just always wanted to have my own businesses. I have been driven to do my own things from a young age. Becoming an entrepreneur came natural to me."

RocketHub meets Tom Aikens, Michelin-Star Winning Chef

"The opening of another Tom's Kitchen is always a great success in my career, and having the opportunity to cook for lots of different people, such as former United States President Bill Clinton, was also a highlight in my career."

RocketHub meets Niels Houtepen, Creative Director Just Media Group

"Of course, Richard Branson, Bear Grylls, Al Gore, and Anita Elberse, all have lots of experience speaking in front of a crowd. But for them, this "inspirational night out" is a new concept as well, so it took some convincing from my side to get them onboard."


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The best free tools

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What are the best free tools for entrepreneurs?


Cloud or Hard Disk..

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Hey guys, I have a question for you. I have been working on my Ipad more and more, and started storing everything in some kind of cloud solution, effectively turning my Ipad in a terminal only. What are you doing? Old skool hard disk with backup or straight into the cloud?


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Which entrepreneur / founder inspires you the most?


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